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Classes of the 1930s


Updated December 20, 2016 5:02 PM

1930s Unknown Year

Elizabeth Battersby,


James Andrews, Robert Morris Coupe, Nellie Evans, Stanley Goldstraw, Major Hamer, Dora Handley,
Harold Hernys, Edith Holland, William Kemp, Jane Mason, Bertha Matthews (Westall), Harold Morgan,
Alice Robinson, Frank Scott, Doris Timms, John Harold Tinsley, Annie Walsh, William Warburton,
James Winward, William Wright,


Ellen Atherton, Florrie Cook, Jesse Cottrell, May Greenhalgh, James Hargreaves, James Hazelbrook,
Thomas Heaps, May Holt, Enid Humphreys, Helen Lees, Edna Lythgoe, George Alfred McGovern,
Harold Rishton, Charles Edward Robinson, Frederick Rollinson, Irene Swain, Ralph Whittaker,


Marjorie Ashton, John Briscoe, Lydia Charlton, Henry Chorlton, Irene Colderley, Winifred Edlington,
Mary Alice Fletcher, Laura Greenhalgh, James Hailwood, Annie Hall, James Hodgkiss, Frederick Kinder,
Lillah Leyland, Gladys Lucas, Ivy Lucas, Sarah Jane Moore, Florence Mullineaux, Robert Newton,
Ernest Harold Owen, Edna Rishton, Eric Rostron, Lily Rothwell (Wilson), Laureen Sampson,
Edmund Smethurst, Margaret Nina Smith, Harold Thomasson, Bernard Tierney, Phyllis Tomkinson,
Arthur Tomlinson, Ernest Wilson, Elizabeth A Wynne,

Some of the pupils names at St Mark's. Marjorie Ashton, Ivy and Gladys Lucas, Laureen Samson, Laura Greenhalgh, Arthur Tomlinson, Eric Rostron.
Lilian Dale Class of 1932 Jun 2008


W. Feeney
K. Pollitt

Harold Atkinson, Frederick Aughton, Lily Bailey, Winifred Barnes, William Beardsworth, Thomas Butler,
Genevieve Dodd, Ernest Earp, Winifred Feeney, Jack Goldstraw, Mary Goodhead, Lillian Howarth,
Thomas Mason, Amy Massey, Muriel Matthews, May McGovern, Emily Mellor, Walter Nelson,
Susannah Norris, Mildred Oakes, Arnold A Parker, Kenneth Pollitt, Harry Roscoe, Margaret Rushton,
Joseph Settle, Joseph Edwin Shuker, William Smith, Vera Waters, James Whittaker, Louise Winward,


R. Bentley
C. Cartwright
A. Chorlton
J. Hargreaves
E. Hodson
S. Walmersley
H. Wheatley

Florence Elizabeth Andrews, Alice Ashton, Fred Bailey, Florrie Bateson, Robert Bentley,
James E. Biddle, Henry Bridge, John Bromiley, Cyril Cartwright, Doris Chadwick, Robert Chadwick,
Albert Chorlton, Ivy Critchley, Amelia Daniels, John Darlington, Horace Dearlove, Ruby Dickinson,
Thomas William Edlington, Harry Elliot, Alan Glover, Mary Greenhalgh, Kenneth John Hardcastle,
Joseph Hargreaves, Edith M Healy, Walter Heyes, Emily Hodson, Irene Horrocks,
Irene Florence Ince, Mary J. Leach, Amy Lofthouse, Irene Elizabeth Maloney, Thomas Mather,
Doris Morgan, Marjorie Norris, Isabella Peake, Ivy Pickvance, Bertha Rawsthorne, Walter Robinson,
Anthony Tierney, Stanley Walmsley, Jack S Walsh, Helen Wheatley, Anne Whittaker, Robert Whittaker,
Elsie Woods,


J. Archer
H. Atkinson
L. Bellis
T. Bailey
J. T. Booth
H. Culshaw
O. Dagnall
R. Edlington
E. Egerton
J. Gardner

H. Handley
H. P. Hennesey
A. Hogarth
F. Lythgoe
T. V. Marshall
H. Oakes
G. Rothwell
H. Scott
A. Tomkinson

Jack Archer, Selina Ashworth, Edith Atkinson, Horace Atkinson, Thomas Bailey, Walter Bailey,
Leonard Bellis, John T. Booth, Elizabeth Britton, Harry Colderley, Harry Culshaw, Oswald Dagnall,
Lilian Dale, James Darrock, Harry Eaves, Robert Edlington, Ephrain Egerton, Irene Entwistle,
Agnes French, James Gardner, Ivy Gregory, William Gregory, Harry Handley, John Hargreaves,
Herbert Philip Hennesey, Albert Hogarth, Joyce Holt, Joan Latchford, Francis Lythgoe, Doris Lunn,
Thomas V Marshall, William E. Marton, Arnold Newton, Harold Oakes, Edith Peers, Alfred Potter,
William Richardson, Robert Rostron, Henry Scott, Gladys Shuker, John Smith, Frank Stuart, John Sykes,
Alice Taylor, Emma Timms, Arthur Tomkinson,

My dad is in the 1935/35 football team photo (SM035). His name was Oswald Dagnall and he's on the middle row far right. He's also in another photo of the 1934 team (SM036), front row second from the right.
Linda Oldham

I was looking at the St. Marks website and discovered myself on the Class V and VI photo of 1932. I am the little chap on the extreme right of the front row.
I was also a Wolf Cub, in the St Marks Scouts and was a member of the church choir, for a couple of years. As a reward for being in the choir, Mr Moss, the vicar, used to take us for an annual day out, to Southport, giving us all a slap up meal, in a posh restaurant.
Arthur Tomkinson Class of 1935


T .Cunliffe
L .Egerton
W. Hargreaves
J. Hodson
W. Holland
J. Kearsley
M. E. Leaver
M. McDonna
N. Morgan
A. Nelson
G. Roscoe

Isabella Barns, Alice Chorlton, William Frederick Coppard, Thomas Cunliffe, Mary Davenport,
Lloyd Egerton, Harold Fletcher, Irene M Glazebrook, Alice Glover, Irene Hailwood, James Hamer,
Walter Hargreaves, Elsie Heaton, Hannah Hodkinson, Joyce Hodson, William Holland,
William Humphries, Jack Kearsley, James Leach, Margaret Ellen Leaver, Mary McDonna,
Norman Morgan, Albert Nelson, Hannah Peake, Gordon Roscoe, Frank Shuker, Denys C. Smith,
Lillian Smith, Elizabeth Vickers, Annie Wiltshire, John Wood (Mullineaux),


R. Heap
D. Parsisson-Smith

Annie Ashton, Doris Aughton, Harry Ball, Arnold Banks, Eric Bradshaw, Annie Connolly,
Clifford Crompton, Ronald Earp, Sampson Elliot, Lily Elvidge, Vela Entwistle, Mary Howarth,
Hilda K. Jackson, James Marshall, Leonard A Oakes, Doris Parsisson, Jenny Sawyer, Thomas Scowcroft,
Dorothy Shrigley, Norman Slater, Leslie Squires, William Talkington, Norman Taylor, Lavinia Timms,
Stanley Walsh, Thomas Woods, James Wynne,


Edith L. Ashworth, Hector Aspinall, Thomas Bailey, Mona Burtonwood, Joyce Colderley, Hilda Crompton,
Jean Dearlove, John Eagles, May Egerton, Sidney Gray, Nellie Hampson, Ronald Horrocks, Jack Howarth,
Winifred Howarth, Irene Hughes, James Kinder, Anne Joan Kitchen, Mona Lythgoe, Ada Miller, Harry Miller,
Gladys Newton, Leonard Oakes, Lily Pickvance, George Ramsden, Kenneth Rigby, Olive Roscoe,
George Rothwell, Irene Sharples, Jenny Shuker, Kathleen Sweeney, Frank Taylor, Kenneth Taylor,
William Taylor, Frederick Tomkinson, Fred Whittaker, John Worswick, George Wynne,


V. Duxberry
E. Leaver
F. Worsley

Alice Anderson, James Anderton, Ellis Bailey, Lois Pauline Barnett, Muriel Best, Leah Margaret Bradshaw,
Ethel Britton, William Edward Brookfield, Edith Clarke, Thomas Crompton, Annie Daubney,
Vera Duxbury, Bob Edge, May Edge, John Thomas Fazakerley, Joyce Glover, Edward Grant,
John Greenhalgh, Dorothy Joan Gregson, James Patrick Hailwood, Kenneth Hart, William Holt,
Roy Kearsley, Robert Lawson, Ethel Leaver, Harold Lofthouse, Walter Longworth, Lilian Lythgoe,
Ivy Massey, Katherine Massey, Constance Molyneux, Lilly Parsisson, Frank Peake, Arthur Pennington,
Dorothy Pritchard, John Kirby Roberts, John Joseph Rothwell, Ethel Shrigley, Doris Smith, Alice Taylor,
Alice Thorpe, Irene Vickers, Joan Wallwork, John Wallwork, Norman Wilson, Frank Worsley,
Roy Worsley, Iris Wykes,

Daniel Crompton age 24 was convicted of the murder of Frank Worsley in 2014 (ex St Marks pupil Class of 1939), Frank was age 87
Roy Worsley always seemed so neat and tidy and his stockings were never around his ankles. He wore a blazer but most of us had just a jersey.
Norman Wilson Class of 1939


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