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Classes of the 1940s


Updated December 11, 2017 5:22 PM


J. Horrocks
V. Nicholson
G. Vickers
S. Woodhead

Jean Anne Alexander, Daisy E. Ashworth, Annie Derbyshire Atherton, Samuel Bateson,
Olive Boardman, Edna Bolton, Elizabeth Irene Bramily, Edward Brown, John Holt Burtonwood,
Albert Colderley, Irene Cotton, Dorothy Critchley, Edith Davenport, Bertie Edwards,
Robert Stanley Egerton, George Elliot, May Fletcher, Jessie French, Hilda Gill, Stanley Handley,
Joseph Spencer Harding, Lily Harvey, Frederick Haynes, Margaret Holden, Joan Horrocks,
Brian Johnson, Doreen Knowles, Phyllis Lawton, Lillian B Litherland, Ella Lunn, George Mason,
Hilda Mason, Joan Clearly Moss, Violet Nicholson, Barbara Pendlebury, Albert Rushton,
Ronald Slater, Graham Smith, Arthur Victor Southworth, Rhoda Timms, Ronald Tonge,
George Vickers, Nellie Vickers, Hannah Walch, Jack Wilson, Walter Alfred Wiltshire,
Stanley Woodhead, Winifred Wynne,


Mary Bird
Arthur Cunliffe
Harold Foster
Jane Hamer
Stanley Holden
Thomas Holt
Albert Shepherd Hooton
Albert Longworth
Betty Makin
Lilian Nelson
Edward Roscoe
Liliam Ross
Joan Royse
Vera Samson
Benjamin Shuker
Donald Whittaker

Mary Bird, Edna Ruth Carre, Mary Joyce Charlton, Gladys Critchley, Arthur Cunliffe, Gordon Daubney,
Geoffrey Roy Dickinson, John Egerton, Irene Entwistle (Morris), Harold Foster, James France,
Moreen French, Nora Gillibrand, Ronald Gregson, Charles Grimes, Barbara Guffog, Joyce Hailwood,
Jane Hamer, Herbert Dennis Hamilton, Joyce Hampson, Margaret Hampson, Nellie Hampson,
Henry Hargreaves, Nellie Hart, Jack Heyes, William Hill, Stanley Holden, Thomas Holt,
Albert Shepherd Hooton, Joan Isherwood, John Isherwood, Stanley Leach, Ronald Liles,
Albert Longworth, Joyce Longworth, Betty Makin, Joyce Middleton, Eric Molloy, Irene Murray,
Lilian Nelson, Florence Edna Ormandy, Winifred Parsisson, Paul Parton, George Peake, Jack Riley,
Edward Roscoe, Lilian Ross, Joan Royse, Vera Samson, James Saville, Frances Shrigley,
Benjamin Shuker, James Frank Smith, Fred Talkington, Margaret Taylor, Peter Marsh Thomson,
John Tonge, Joyce Wallwork, Donald Whittaker, Arthur Woods, Rose Wynne,


W. Egerton
G. Nicholson

George W. Ashworth, Dorothy Atkinson, Robert Billington, William Frederick Birchall,
Terence Leighton Boys, Gordon Clarke, Dora Colderley, Doreen Crowther, Nellie Davenport,
William Egerton, May Elliot, Jack Flitcroft, Ernest French, Alexandra Frank Gardner,
Robert Gibbons, Kenneth Green, Constance Gregory, Alan James Gregson, Eunice Hampson,
Christopher Holmes, James Horrocks, James Knight, James Lawson, Joseph Lawton, Doreen Lythgoe,
Mavis Lythgoe, Ronald Monks, Albert Morgan, Gordon Nicholson, Renee Nicholson,
Raymond Thomas Orton, Ronald Pickvance, John Ramsden, Frank Reed, Rebecca Roberts,
Frank Charles Rose, Constance Ross, Margaret Elizabeth Samson, May Schollick, Derek William Sharples,
Eveline Jessie Smith, Kenneth Smith, Robert Smith, Harry Tate, Kenneth Taylor, Olwen Taylor, Ivy Todd,
Joyce Vickers, Kenneth Ernest Vickers, Ernest Walsh, Alice Walton, Doreen Warwick, Irene Westall,
Ronald Whaite, Dorothy Wilson, George Wilson, Irene Wiltshire, Lilian Woodhead, John William Wykes,


F. Earp
M. Myers

Edward Bateson, Joyce Berry, Robert Birch, Peter Bramily, Bernard Leslie Brookfield, Eric Butler,
Joseph E Camberry, Gordon Careful, Rose Vera Charlton, Gordon Collins, Alice Connolly,
William Crompton, Joan Diggle, Frank Earp, Edith Edwards, Ronald Fairhurst, Nora Fazakerley,
Colin France, Janice Frederick, Robert Gee, Harry Gregory, Brian Grundy, Terence Spilsbury Guffog,
Harold Hague, Dorothy Olive Hampson, Phyllis Handley, Leonard Harper, Selina Hartley,
Albert Horrocks, Joyce Howes, Edward Kennedy, Eric McKeon, James Mellor, William Menzies,
James Molyneux, Jean Morris, William Morris, Robert Dewar Morrison, Alan Moss, Marjorie Myers,
Walter Newton, Leslie Nolan, Thomas Orrell, Joseph Osbaldeston, William Parsisson, Louis Peake,
Easter Audrey Furnival Ramsden, Vera Ramsden, Annie Riley, Constance Ross, Joseph Rothwell,
May Saville, Jean Sharrocks, Harry Shrigley, Lorna Shrigley (b1929-d2016), George Smith,
Denis Edward Southworth, Joan Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Derek Venables, Joan Walton, Constance Westall,
Herbert Winward, Mavis Yates,

Early in 1939 the cellar of St Marks was made into an Air Raid Shelter. There was four passages running parallel with Fletcher St , with three linking passages at St Marks St , and Lever St , ends and one at the centre.
The entrance was down steps in the girls yard. The four passages were divided with solid brick walls three to four feet thick, these were the foundations that held up the centre of the school. These walls were lined either side with wooden slatted seats, the passages being about five feet wide. At the St Marks St end was a sink and a water heater and a large storeroom. One day I remember a large van arriving loaded with dozens of very shiny one gallon tins and some flat tins. We unloaded the van by human chain, passing the tins from boy to boy, from St Marks St , through the yard and down into the shelter. I was with Mr Brickles in the shelter storeroom stacking the tins. He told me some of the tins contained concentrated orange juice and others cod liver oil and the flat tins Horlicks tablets.
The shelter was used during school hours by the pupils and the rest of the time by the general public.
Sometimes when there was a raid on and we had been down the shelter a long time, the teachers would hand around the Horlicks tablets, these were always well received.
I spent many nights down in the shelter, from christmas week 1940 when the bombing started on Manchester and Liverpool, the German bombers used to fly over Bolton, you could hear the engines droning, people would say "he's got a full load on somebody is going to catch it tonight." But by about May 1941 people got used to it and gave over using the shelter and just stopped in bed.
In 1946 I met Jimmy Grant the local ragman pushing his cart up Lever St , on the cart was about 10 very rusty tins. He called me over saying "just look at these" he opened one of the tins, inside it was all shiny and full of cod liver oil. jimmy stuck his finger into the can then put it in his mouth sucked it and said "lovely stuff" he said there's loads of these down in the school shelter. Mr Brickles said I can them all if I will shift them. I asked him what he was going to do with them, he said he was going to see the Chemist at the corner of Holden St , he might give me a few shillings for them. If not I'll bottle it and give it to my customers, I never saw Jimmy again but I often wonder if he sold or bottled it.You have done a great job on the web site David.
Brian Grundy Class of 1943


Phyllis Armitage, Edna M. Ashworth, Irene Atkinson, Norman Banks, Catherine Olive Barnett,
Lilian Beech, Jean Alexandra Bell, Gordon Vincent Burrows, May Cain, Marjorie Chilton,
Lillian Colderley, Joyce Cooper, Elizabeth B. Crompton, Audrey Crowther, Joan Crowther,
Alice Eagles, Edna Eatock, Harry Evans, Mary A Gibbons, Margaret Goldstraw, John Goodwin,
Doreen Hardman, Lillian Maude Heney, Frank Higginson, Lily Hogarth, Clifford Jones, Robert Jones,
Freda Alyce Kay, Doris Kearsley, Lucy Killeen, Ethel R Logan, Irene Mason, Dorothy Massey,
Lily Mather, John McGrail, Harry McTool, Annie Nelson, Beryl Orton, Ethel Owen, Joyce Palmer,
Jack Parsisson, Mary Parsisson, Phyllis Ethel Perry, Lucy Roberts, May Scholes, James Sharples,
William J Short, Wilfred Shuker, Ethel Simpson, Irene Slater, Iris Smith, James Edwin Stallard,
George Stansfield, Phyllis Talkington, Thomas Harper Thompson, Mavis Alice Thornton, Reginald Timms,
Joseph Turner, Dorinda Waterhouse, May Waterhouse, Jean Winterbottom, Kenneth Wolstencroft,
Louie Wood, Alan Woodcock, Audrey Worsley, William Yates,


D. Birch
L. Nicholson

Wilfred Bancroft, Emily Biggs, Derek Birch, Joan Brierley, Dorothy Brindle, Ronald Brookes,
Beryl Jean Brown, Margaret Burtonwood, James Clarkson, Gerald Clough, Clarice Veronica Connolly,
John Henderson Cornwell, Frank Coward, Harold Crompton, Mildred Crowther, William Davenport,
Thomas Dootson, Dora Fairbrother, Marian Gardner, Roy Gregory, George Grundy, Pauline Hailwood,
Joan Hill, Ruth Holt, Frank Horrocks, Gordon William Laidlaw, Kenneth Lamb, Doris Leaver,
Doreen Martindale, Dorothy Mason, James McTool, Mary Miller, Ivy Morrison, Edris Audrey Moss,
Harold Moss, Lily Nicholson, Ernest Orrell, Joyce Peake, Douglas Alexander Peters, Jessie Roscoe,
Rita Mary Smith, Nora Stanton, Margaret Walsh, Jean Ward, John Whittaker, Alfred Wilson,
Olive Wiltshire, Frank Woodcock,


J. Dixon

Albert Bailey, Alice Bailey, Francis Barlow, William Bentley, Edith Biggs, Joan Birch,
Doris Mary Bond, Moreen Britton, Colin Burrows, Margaret Nora Caroll, Alan Clarke, Fred Crompton,
James Crook, Elizabeth May Cuerden, Jack Dixon, James Elliot, Derek Evans,
William George Grundy, Brian Hales, Kenneth Hales, Thomas Hall, Harry Handley, Jean Harris,
Christopher Heney, Alice Higson, Laura May Howarth, Jesse Owen Liles, Frank Longworth,
Jean Marshall, Walter Brian Matthews, Jean McArdle, Margaret McCutcheon, Frances McGregor,
Henry Miller, John Stanley Morris, Andrew Palmer, Jean Margaret Pickles, Elizabeth Pickvance,
Joan Mavis Furnival Ramsden, Mary Robinson, Brian James Frederick Salmon, Lily Stallard,
Margaret Thornley, William Thomas Thornton, Harry Trepass, Annie Turner, Donald Alfred Wallwork,
Gordon Wynne,


V. Nicholson

William Bibby, Walter Colderley, Gordon Fairclough, Robert Gillhard, Jean Longworth, Vera Nicholson,
Joan Parsisson, Lilian Riley, Florence Taylor, Edith Vickers, Peter Vickers,


W. Kirfoot
E. Wislon

Gordon Bird, Alan Bovin, Doreen Clarkson, Derek Clegg, Elizabeth Cornwell, Norman Edwin Cornwell,
Dorothy Goldstraw, Leslie Hall, Anthony Edwin Harris, Margaret Harrison, Frederick Haslam,
William Goodram Heney, Hettie Horrocks, Jean Jameson, William Kirfoot, Harry Kirkman,
Harold Lawson, Freda Lowe, Eunice Lythgoe, Derek Mason, Jean Middleton, Herbert Miller,
Malcolm Morrison, Sheila O'Brian, Alice Parkinson, John Peacock, Doreen Florence Pickvance,
Joan Pollitt, Norman Robinson, Edwin Rushton, Brenda Seddon, Edna Shuker, Hugh Swain,
Florence Vickers, Matthew Walton, Ernest Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Ruth Woodcock,


D. Gill
E. Dixon

Marian Anderton, Arnold Bailey, Harry Barlow, Jean Birch, Marian Bond, Sheila Brown,
Graham Brown (Watson), Ernie Byron, Malcolm Calvert, Julia Crompton, Doris Cross, Eric Dixon,
Harry Dugdale, Wilfred Dunn, Doreen Eatock, Elizabeth Price Edwards, Annie Fletcher, John Brian Grundy,
Evelyn Hampson, William Hilton, Wallace Hindley, Olive Holme, Derek James Holt, Ann Houghton,
Marion Howcroft, James Jackson, Francis Roy Kearsley, Ernest Matthews, Derek Owen,
Eva Parsisson, Louis Peake, Eric Haslam Pickering, Robert Riley, Edith Roberts, Fred Roberts,
Brian Grant Ross, Frank Scott, Doreen Sharples, George Henry Shipman, William Smith, Roy Stickland,
Annie Talkington, Trevor Tomlinson, Constance Marlene Walton, Joyce Willett, Malcolme Winward,
Ronald Yates,


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