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Classes of the 1950s


Updated December 20, 2016 5:37 PM


G. Beardsworth
J. R. Brockhouse
J. Burrows
D. Crowther
D. Dean
J. Kirfoot
A. Miller

Stanley Addison, Jean Armitage, Harold James Barker, Geoffrey Beardsworth, Geoffrey Bowes,
Thomas Britton, John Robert Brockhouse, Alice Brooks, Raymond Brown (Watson), John Burrows,
Harry Colderley, Derek Crook, Derek Crowther, Walter Cummins, Roy Daniels, June Dawson,
Doreen Dean, Dorothy Draper, Patricia Ellison (Neary), Enid Fisher, Doreen Gill,
George Frederick Grundy, James Hall, Cecil Hawksworth, Gail Hawksworth, Thomas Houghton,
Harry Kay, John Kirfoot, Audrey Miller, Kathleen Moore, Joyce Morris, Patricia Morris,
Jack Keith Neary, Brian Orrell, Alice Peake, Dorothy Quinn, Shirley Robinson, Joan Rushton,
Iris Sharples, Joan Sharples, Jean Stevenson, Audrey Stuart, Joyce Taylor, Edward Tillotson,
Barbara Lilian Vase, Mildred Wood,


J. Addison
G. Egerton
W. Holt
R. Knott

Jack Addison, Jean Atkinson, Roy Baines, Alan Calderley, Mary Derbyshire, Joan Dunn,
Gordon Egerton, Eveline Fincham, Brian Fitzsimmons, Brenda Hall, Gerald Philip Harris,
Kenneth Harvey, Walter Holt, Ron Knott, Ann Matthews, Freda Pickles, Brian Seddon, Jean Sharples,
James Gavin Thorn, Margaret Woodcock,

It was good to remember some of the kids and teachers when I was at the school. I remember Mr Brickles in particular the Head. I vividly remember the top class teacher a My Hodgson he had the nickname Tricky Dicky. He was a member of the Royal Airforce during the war a pilot I think.
Ron Knott Class of 1951


In this year the school changed this year to a primary school,
most pupils age 11 and over were moved to other schools,
so therefore these names could have been spread about in 4 to 5 classes

J. Ashcroft
P. Birch
R. Clarke
R. Clegg
D. Gill
H. Gregory
C. Hadfield

P. J. A. Hadfield
R. Hall
D. A. Halliwell
G. Heney
R. Knott
B. Matthews
B. Parsisson
J. A. Robinson

Andrew Arpino, June Ashcroft, Sylvia Ashcroft, Bernard Bentley, Bryan Bentley, Peter Birch,
Raymond Clarke, Ronald Clegg, Harry Colderley, Irene Crompton, Vivienne Ruth Davies,
Lloyd Egerton, Sheila Glazebrook, Hindle Gregory, Christopher Hadfield, Paul J. A. Hadfield,
Robert Hall, Dorothy Ann Halliwell, Maureen Hawksworth, Gilbert Heney, James Humphrey,
Raymond Knott, Bernice Matthews, George Murray, Harold Parkinson, Brenda Parsisson,
Harry Parsisson, Keith Powter, Albert Riley, Joyce Ainsworth Robinson, Sheila Royce,
Bernard Schofield, Jack Scott, Sheila Scott, Maureen Sharples, Joan Winterbottom,
Derek Wolstencroft, Margaret Woodcock,

l remember sitting next to June Ashcroft in Standard 3 when she had just had an operation on her ear !
l remember Miss Booth being horrible and other teachers who were nice, Mr Heyes who they used to call 'Gabby Heyes'.
l was very friendly with Jean Popplewell.
Sheila Scott Class of 1952 Nov 2007

Some of the names of people that left in 1952 I remember. Hindle, Peter Bitch. Derek Birch I remember as a server at church rather than as a pupil. I think there was a boy who left to go to Canada and then returned. If this wasn't Lloyd Egerton I am sure he was called Murray. Others I remember: Alicia Lee, Joan Deakin about whom I have stories. There were twins: Jackie and Sheila Scott, Maureen Sharples, Joyce Taylor, Billy Lyle, though I'm not sure if they were all at school.
Paul J A Hadfield Class of 1952

Hello David
I've remembered some other names, Arnold Winder, Albert Waring (he was my boyfriend ah!) he wrote me some really lovely letters, wished I'd kept them.
Joyce Taylor Class of 1952 and Former Victoria CP Pupil

I recall Joyce Taylor having a wart on her finger and having a bit of fun she touched my face saying you will get a wart now, and I did!!! I had it for two years, my mum used to wet a matchstick and rub it on the wart. And I've still got a small mark to this day where the wart was.
Lloyd Egerton Class of 1952

Hi David.
I remember so many of the names of pupils, teachers, and head Mr Brickles My sister Sylvia cousins Brian, Doreen, and Peter Fitzsimmons.
June Gill nee Ashcroft Class of 1952

Hi David
I remember there was a very important football match and it was important that Gordon Egerton played, but he and either Ernie Matthews or Jimmy Jackson had misbehaved and got on the wrong side of Mr Hodgson, who made them stay in school and make ink for the inkwells instead of playing football. We lost the match.
Hindle Gregory Class of 1952

All the leavers from this year on were aged around 11


B. Fletcher
M. Kirfoot

Ann Blackledge, Josephine Cornwell, Nathan Crook, Brian Fletcher, Valerie Fletcher, Keith Godding,
Derek Gregory, Margaret Ann Grimshaw, Donald Humphrey, Myra Kirfoot, Kathryn Lough,
Mary Eileen Matthews, Marlene Murray, Albert Oldbury, Margaret Oldbury, Cynthia Popplewell,
Faith Side, Keith Taylor, Roy Woodcock,

Below is some information regarding the Morris Shield that St Marks won in 1944.
The match was played at St Thomas' Holy Harbour in April or May 1944. The team as far as I know was as follows.
Jimmy Clarkson, Reginald Timms, Ernest Orrell, Frank Coward, Alan Woodcock, Wilfred Shuker, Ronald Brookes, Derek Evans, Frank Horrocks and Brian Hales.
Roy Woodcock Class of 1953
Roy's Email has been updated on the Contacts page

I have a few extra names from my year. Valerie Fletcher, Lloyd Egerton, George Murray (Cannock) and his sister Marlene, Twins Albert and Margaret Oldbury, Ann Blackledge and Nathan Crook. I also found my brother Bill Kirfoot in the photo SM 011
Myra Kirfoot Class of 1953


William E. Barlow, Marylyn Birchall, Robert Daniels, Alan Fazakerley, Brenda Howcroft,
Doris Robinson,


C. Shaw

Marilyn Barlow, Barbara Cooper, Alan Jepson, Michael David Ramsden, Christine Shaw, Sylvia Taylor,
James Tillotson,


J. P. Bond

Jennifer Powton Bond, Ian Charles Brown, Mary Howcroft, Marion Isherwood,

I saw lots of names I remember and even my cousin on a photo. I must have started at school in 1950 and enjoyed every minute. I remember Miss Warhurst, Mr Brickles, Mr Snape and his adam's apple and of course Gordon Halliwell he once gave me the strap on my hand, I think it was for talking I still liked him.
Do any of you remember the line you had to stand on in the small hall where you stood if you had done something wrong and I stood there one day, (probably for talking that time as well)
Marion Almond (Nee Isherwood) Class of 1956 Nov 2004


J. Thompson

Carol Armitage, Jean Barnforth, Gordon George Entwistle, Graham Godding, Marjorie Hilton,
Chung Yin Hwa, Walter Jepson, Harry Kenyon, Susan Joyce Howard Knowles, Gilbert Lever,
Norma Sandra Monks, Peter Peacock (Snape), Joan Thompson,


John Bates, Kathleen Brooks, Christine Brown, Christopher Brown, Kevin Burns, Rona Burnside,
Roy Calderbank, Jean Crompton, Susan Pamela Cumisky, Keith Davis, Audrey May Gallagher,
Eileen Hart, Patricia Haslam, Glenys Ann Hetherington, Patricia Mary Hilton, Christine Hindley,
Margaret Ann Houghton, Stephen Colin Howarth, May Ling Hwa, Diane Jamieson, June Jolley,
Jean Moezerad, Joyce Morris, Margaret Oldbury, Barbara Pover, Margaret Pover, Linda Doreen Ramsden,
Joan Rawlinson, Stella Robinson, Glenys Sharples, Jeanette Sharples, Janet Smith, Fred Spencer,
Robert John Taylor, Albert Tomlinson, Angela Walsh, Jacqueline Wood, Christine Woods,


J. King
B. M. Rothwell

Joyce Allen, Thomas Bailey, Ann Barlow, David Berry, Harry Birchall, Keith Thomas Bond,
Paul Noel Bromiley, Paul Brooks, William David Cook, Sylvia Dewhurst, Michael Drew, Lynn Dunleavy,
Ian William Fazakerley, Peter Ford, Roy Fox, William Spencer Gresty, Michael David Grundy,
Ronald Hampson, John Hargreaves, Paul Haslam, Avril Higham, James Thomas Hughes, Margaret Jackson,
Alfred Jepson, Julia King, Linda Howard Knowles, Alfred Liles, Lawrence Robert Longthorne,
Eric Patterson, Marlene Olga Pollard, Anne Richardson, Brenda Margaret Rothwell, Peter Sorah,
George Swift, Christine Tattersall, David Michael Thomas, Rose Ann Tillotson, Brian Uden,
Brenda Walker, Graham Wallwork, Pamela Margaret Walton, Lynn Webb, Lynn Wood, Melvyn Wood,
Lynda Yates,


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