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Head Masters/Mistresses Diaries

Updated December 11, 2017

Staff = *, Pupils = ^

These are some extracts from the Head's Diaries

*John H. Norris, Headmaster Boys School 1863-1866
*William Webster, Headmaster Boys School 1866-1892
*Jabez Darricotte, Headmaster Boys and Girls School 1892-1903. (b1865-d1959)


*John H. Norris
Headmaster Boys School 1863-1866

21 Aug 1863 A complaint against Pupil Teacher *Edment Thorn of ill using ^William Haywood during the Master’s absence. The charge is investigated, Thorn is found guilty and cautioned.

11 Sep 1863 Children taken to the Bolton Flower Show.

12 Sep 1863 Several Boys pass full time, which much discourages the Master who, mentioning the circumstance to the Rev Joseph Lowe, is strongly advised to retain their names on the register and to solicit them on the inspectors visit to present themselves for examination.

21 Sep 1863 Boys generally dull in arithmetic, a circumstance which I attribute to the weather.

30 Sep 1863 ^John Dunn a Class I boy who is incorrigible is reasonably punished and expelled, The mother is remonstrated with for taking his part, he is re-admitted in October.

16 Oct 1863 Several boys in Class II found copying in Arithmetic lessons are publicly exposed and suspended from the class for one week.

19 Oct 1863 Uncleanliness very noticeable: several boys sent home to wash themselves.

06 Nov 1863 The Pupil Teachers put in charge of boys in the playground to report any irregularities that may occur during the Master’s absence.

09 Nov 1863 An unusual number of children late this morning and the master has recourse to corporal punishment.

25 Nov 1863 Pupils on leaving school are to show their clean slates at the door, some were found to have completed their homework in school time and were cautioned, this practice was repeated many times.

26 Nov 1863 ^James Heywood shows signs of insubordination: being a very sensitive boy - the master speaks with him privately.

30 Nov 1863 A Bazaar is held to liquidate a debt incurred from the building of the school.

18 Dec 1863 ^William Hurst is caned today, after frequent cautions for coming untidy to school.


04 Jan 1864 School duties resumed, numbers low; both Pupil teachers (*Triffit and *Thorn) present.

11 Jan 1864 Numbers on the increase - which is attributable, no doubt to the enquiry of cause of absence made in preceding week.

19 Jan 1864 ^James Heywood again shows signs of insubordination and is reasoned with privately with satisfactory results.

25 Jan 1864 ^Charles Kay in his desire to avoid Home Lessons leaves his slate at home and is caned.

02 Feb 1864 The Master stations himself at the upper end of the room, the boys reading at the opposite end to obtain distinct enunciation.

03 Feb 1864 Slate writing too angular in Class II - and the defect is pointed out on the blackboard.

11 Feb 1864 ^James Newsham plays truant and is punished at the request of his mother.

08 Mar 1864 Boys in Class I commit to memory the nine blessings and the names by which our Lord designates his Disciples.
Staff :

*Mr John H Norris a certified teacher of the second class (Boys).
*Mr Edward Triffitt a Pupil Teacher 2nd year (Boys).
*Mr Edment Thorn a Pupil Teacher 1st year (Boys).
*Miss Mary Alice Seddon (Infants).
*Miss Martha Shippobottom (Infants).

15 Mar 1864 The children very tidy today and the Master commends them.

18 Mar 1864 ^Robert Greenhalgh insubordinate and disobedient to *Thorn is remonstrated with, the master hears this boy was formally expelled from Darcy Lever Schools.

31 Mar 1864 The mother of one of the boys in Class IV complains that her child is not allowed to go out of school - where as in reality he had never asked, the matter is attended to.

04 Apr 1864 Pupil Teacher *Edmund Triffitt is told to teach with greater energy - as he is altogether too dull and slow in class.

14 Apr 1864 *Triffitt is ill in the afternoon and will be for more than a week; his class is taken over by a monitor.

21 Apr 1864 ^James Ridley and ^Charles Wilkinson allege, as an excuse for not doing evening works, that their slates were broken the previous night: the Master sends to their parents to ascertain the truth of this.

13 May 1864 Weather is hot the children correspondingly tiresome.

26 May 1864 Two boys from Class I are sent into Infant School to teach as *Miss Mary Alice Seddon and *Miss Martha Shippobottom are absent.

30 Jun 1864 Children have Sweetmeats and Nuts in the afternoon and break up for Midsummer holidays.

02 Aug 1864 The Rev John George Doman visits the schools.

16 Aug 1864 Rather congested by infants coming into boy’s school while the Organ is being built.

31 Aug 1864 Half day holiday for the Deane Agricultural Shows.

15 Sep 1864 Half day holiday for the Bolton Flower Show.

12 Oct 1864 Holiday for the visit of the Chancellor of the Exchequer William Gladstone.

09 Dec 1864 ^William Gray being refractory is punished.

22 Dec 1864 Children provided with nuts and oranges out of a penny contribution, are dismissed at 3 o'clock.
Christmas Holidays 22 Dec 1864 - 9 Jan 1865.


11 Jan 1865 Thorn as usual is pushing and energetic - but speaks rather too loud!.

17 Jan 1865 Three boys go to Trinity School because of dislike to their teacher - *Triffitt.

15 Feb 1865 The two Atkinson boys away - sent after and the mother says "too cold for them to come".

14 Mar 1865 Weather cold which naturally affects the writing.

Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*Mr John H Norris certified teacher of the 2nd class (Boys).
*Edward Triffitt Pupil Teacher 3rd year (Boys)
*Edment Thorn Pupil Teacher 2nd year (Boys).

24 Apr 1865 ^William Kay sent home to wash himself and detained after school hours.

04 Apr 1865 ^Richard Bouncey plays truant today and his mother having punished him rather severely brings him late in the afternoon.

21 Apr 1865 Attendance:
Average attendance 126
Presented for examination 90
Passed in Reading 90
Passed in Writing 87
Passed in Arithmetic 89

25 Apr 1865 Mrs Matthews complains that her son John is frequently punished - the matter is explained to her.

15 May 1865 ^Charles Turner sent home for his school money.

16 May 1865 ^Thomas Booth late both yesterday and today is caned and detained after school.

22 May 1864 ^Robert Taylor complains that ^Charles Bridge annoys him during play time - Bridge is punished.

02 Jun 1865 Mrs Matthews complains that during the Masters absence, *Thorn ill used her boy. The matter is investigated and Thorn judged blameless.

14 Jun 1865 ^Charles Turner sent home for three weeks school money and he returns with 9d.

25 Jul 1865 ^Charles Windward plays truant today and his mother expresses a wish that he shall be punished.

26 Jul 1865 Children are today addressed by a Lecturer on Electricity.

17 Aug 1865 Boys sent out to play this morning as a reward for their very good behaviour.

30 Aug 1865 ^James Maloy plays truant again today and the Master writes a note to the mill.

31 Aug 1865 ^Charles Turner sent home again for his school pence, his mother promises to pay on Monday.

06 Sep 1865 Mrs Hamer follows ^John Thomas Grimshaw to school and complains that he threw a large stone against her door. The boy is punished and the school is told the folly and the consequence of such a mischievous acts.

07 Sep 1865 *Thorn is obliged to go home in the afternoon him being very unwell; he is to stay away for two weeks.

17 Oct 1865 ^Charles Turner sent home again for his school pence.

26 Oct 1865 Chalk marks in front of school washed off by ^John Thomas Grimshaw and ^Richard Southern.

01 Nov 1865Election of town council therefore a half holiday is given.

06 Nov 1865 Children dismissed at 2:30 in afternoon to compensate for no holiday on Gunpowder Plot.

04 Dec 1865 ^Robert Southern punished for copying during arithmetic lesson. Children spoken too by the Master specially and warned against copying

15 Dec 1865 Children have an animal lesson today, just for a change.

21 Dec 1865 Children provided with buns and coffee and dismissed for Xmas holidays.


15 Jan 1866 ^Charles Turner sent home for school money and returns with it.

19 Jan 1866 ^John Gregson punished for idleness during lessons.

29 Jan 1866 A boy in class III calls out talkers: and the children struck with the novelty are very quiet.

30 Jan 1866 Several mill boys late in the afternoon and upon enquiry the Master finds them faultless - in as much as they had been detained at the factory.

05 Feb 1866 A boy in the bottom class loses his cap and the parents complain about it!

16 Feb 1866 The weather is very cold and classes sit round the fire

16 Mar 1866 ^Joseph Charlton it seems has spent his week’s school money and his mother is sent for before whom the Master investigates the case. The money is refunded.

04 Apr 1866 ^William Ridings is sent home for four weeks school money - his Aunt puts in a plea of poverty, where the Master, having every reason to believe her decides that the boy shall come free, but cautions him against telling any one, lest others should claim the same privilege.

18 Apr 1866 ^Robert Entwistle attempts to play truant in the afternoon, but is carried to school at 2:15 by another pupil ^Joseph Charlton.

24 Apr 1866 ^Cain Wigham loses his school money, and in the afternoon the Master hears of various purchases which ^John Aspen has made during the day, to which the charge of finding the money is most clearly traced. His mother is therefore sent for and she promises that the boy’s father shall administer a most severe castigation.

01 May 1866 ^Thomas Cluse loses his cap, and the mother sends a message of such a nature that the Master fears the boy will be withdrawn: - the cap is found in the afternoon.

02 May 1866 Reverends Joseph Lowe and John George Doman visited the school in the afternoon and then again during the evening. They report that the Master should not teach during the evening lessons, but the Pupil Teachers should be instructed to do this, if the Pupil Teachers do not, then they should consider their position carefully, They must either comply with the code of 1860 or the engagement of Pupil Teachers in this school will cease to satisfy act 32 of the revised code.

Signed: John George Doman, Manager

07 May 1866 ^Samuel Monks plays truant, and instead of inflicting corporal punishment, the Master admonishes and gives a little salutary advice. The boy seems affected and promises not to repeat the offence.

09 May 1866 The Master, present at the opening of the Bazaar for the erection of a Parsonage House, is absent from school from 11am to 12am, and the Pupil Teachers are in sole charge.

30 May 1866 Mrs Winward complains that ^Arnold Winward has been bleeding from the eye, an enquiry into the cause is instituted, the result of which is that no one is culpable, except the boy himself, who, in trying to put himself beyond the reach of his Teacher, had fallen down the school steps.

04 Jun 1866 ^Walter Ashton is refractory in the morning and ^Robert Greenhalgh plays truant both morning and afternoon, Greenhalgh is severely dealt with next morning.

21 Jun 1866 Painters and Plumbers are engaged about the school.

29 Jun 1866 I must again advert to the order of the school - which I am bound to say is excellent throughout. The Pupil Teachers have assumed a command which I had not previously given them credit for.

01 Jul 1866 *Mr William Webster is the newly appointed Headmaster and will take full charge in November.

02 Aug 1866 ^Thomas Gallamore punished this morning for attempting to run out of school. His mother came in the afternoon and created a great disturbance, she also went to see the Rev John George Doman to complain of the punishment he received. Rev John George Doman came to the school to speak about the punishment.

24 Aug 1866 Reverend John George Doman visited the school today and promised to order new reading books for Standards I and II.

13 Sep 1866 Today is Bolton Flower Show, half holiday in the afternoon.

18 Sep 1866 ^William H. Denton had to be brought to school this morning by his mother to prevent his truanting.

20 Sep 1866 Two boys caned today for laughing during prayer.

18 Oct 1866 *Triffitt caught reading a penny periodical instead of hearing his class read.

24 Oct 1866 A woman came to complain that *Thorn had been beating her boy. On investigation, found he had been fighting with another boy and that Thorn had not beat him.

26 Oct 1866 The number of children at school is much lower this week with many children away ill with Scarlet Fever and other ailments being prevalent in this neighbourhood.

31 Oct 1866 A deputation from Bury consisting of three gentlemen, came to visit the schools, Being about to build new schools they were desirous to obtain a good plan, and for that purpose were visiting the different schools in the town.

05 Nov 1866 Arrival of the newly appointed *Master Mr William Webster.

End of entries by *John H. Norris

1866 continued

*William Webster
Headmaster Boys School 1866-1892

06 Nov 1866 The new Master appointed in July took charge of the school this morning, found the boys very unruly and extremely dirty.

The Master gave an address to them on punctuality, regular attendance, good behaviour and cleanliness. The Rev John George Doman visited the school, spoke to him about the great want of apparatus - promised to try and remedy the evil. ^Thomas Walsh a factory boy returned once more to the school.

13 Nov 1866 *Triffitt stayed at home today on the sick list - went on quite as well without him as with him - he is not much good, the afternoon being wet and dark the gas has to be lighted during prayers and the whitewashers also being in the room, the children were noisy. This week the school is being white-washed and painted.

19 Nov 1866 ^Thomas Morris began teaching a little as he intends being a candidate next.

23 Nov 1866 A man called at the school today who desired to show a ‘Magic Lantern’.

27 Nov 1866 The Scripture lesson was disturbed by one of the infants screaming through the folding doors, I find the infant school a cause of great annoyance continually.

03 Dec 1866 Master not very well owing to deafness in the right ear caused by a cold, ^Joseph Charlton brought to school by his mother as he had been truanting twice last week: she wished the Master to deal very severely with him.

05 Dec 1866 Very good attendance at prayers this morning, the mother of ^Charles Swinby came to complain that he is constantly playing truant, he is so bad that his father’s frequent beatings have no effect upon him, the Master is given full power to try and conquer him.

06 Dec 1866 ^Charles Swinby brought to school by his mother this morning his attendance has to be registered in a small book and taken home every day.

07 Dec 1866 *Miss Pye came to speak about the factory books; the Master wanted her to help him in forming a plan to do the books with more economy in regard to time. She would rather keep her old way.

14 Dec 1866 As it was a wet morning the children learned a new school song "Come To School" instead of recreation in the playground. *Triffitt has been very careless and non-attentive to his work this week, no doubt owing to the short time he has to stay in school. *Edment Thorn and *Thomas Morris have done their work with credit.

17 Dec 1866 Two factory boys (from Marsdens) ordered by the manager to attend Fletcher St School.

18 Dec 1866 ^James Charlton a factory boy brought to school by his mother: he was truanting on Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon, she wished him to be severely punished.

20 Dec 1866 *Edward Triffitt has finished his apprenticeship today, he does not intend to follow the profession of a schoolmaster, ^*Thomas Morris a Monitor will replace him.


15 Jan 1867 The uncle of ^Ernest Orme sent word that his nephew had run away from his house on Sat 12th.

29 Jan 1867 The Master helped to investigate a case of theft in the Infants, two infants named ^Borsey and ^Wood had stolen a few pence for the school drawer.

31 Jan 1867 The Mayor of Bolton Dr Fergus Ferguson came to complain to the Master for not allowing a boy named Borsey to go home soon the previous day to fetch his mother's medicine, he said the boy had asked and was denied and in consequence it was enough to cause the poor woman's death.

On investigation both at the school and the Borsey house it was found that the boy did not attend this school but went to Wesleyan School in Fletcher St, Rev John George Doman is made aquatinted with this and he promises to write to the Mayor rather sharply.

05 Jan 1867 The Master puts himself in communication with Mr Dailey of Fletcher St Schools and Mr Moore of Emmanuel School about the children who attend there but who have made their attendance at St Marks.

14 Jan 1867 Reverend W. H. Tundell visited the school. ^Joseph Hardy unruly with the Pupil Teacher, many children late this afternoon through the bell not being rung, the rope having broke

25 Jan 1867 The Report of H.M Inspector arrived on the 24th and is as follows

"This School is well taught and does credit to the Master."

Signed; John George Doman.

29 Jan 1867 ^Thomas Winward being sent in the class room to stay after school hours went home through the window. His mother promised the Master that he would be punished and that such conduct would not take place again.

29 Mar 1867 *Thorn and ^*Morris absent from early lessons this morning, both gave reasons 'that they overslept'

04 Apr 1867 The front gates are chained during school hours for the final time.

10 Apr 1867 ^James Charlton a factory boy played truant this afternoon. He has been warned several times by the Master, his mother brought him to school saying she could do no good with him and wishing the Master to punish him. He is punished after school hours, when he's promised not to do the same again.

29 Apr 1867 The Master was at school 6:45 till 7:05am waiting for *Thorn and ^*Morris to have their lessons no-one turns up and therefore the master had to return, on enquiry at 9:00 they gave the answer 'that "they were not sure whether there were any lessons on not" (paltry excuse).

01 May 1867 ^Charles Whittaker had a severe reprimand from the Master for changing his Standard IV reading book for a new one out of the cupboard. No boys will be allowed to go to the cupboard in future while new books are there.

31 May 1867 All the school taken together by the Master in repeating Catechism. ^Robert Aspinwall punished severely this afternoon for being impertinent to the Master.

13 Aug 1867 Reverend John George Doman and the Master had conversation today about the best method of having water for the use of the children, as they are restless today owing to the great heat.

18 Aug 1867 ^James Charlton a factory boy has been truanting again.

23 Aug 1867 Monitor ^*Thomas Morris ceases to be a Monitor today gone to start a job as a Moulder.

27 Aug 1867 Advertised for an assistant master for the Day and Night Schools.

30 Aug 1867 Pupil Teacher *Edment Thorn absent from his lessons again this morning, the Master gave him a severe reprimand for his conduct during the week.

02 Sep 1867 The Master received a very insulting letter from L. Scowcroft the brother of a boy in school.

04 Sep 1867 Barlow's father came in an insulting manner to complain that his son was sent home for his two weeks school pence, he was very impudent and said he would not pay. ^Barlow was sent home until he paid his school pence or agreed to pay.

13 Sep 1867 A brother of ^J. Scowcroft came to school to complain that the Master had sent him home for a slate, he was shown how absurd he was in his complaint and returned home a wiser man.

27 Sep 1867 ^Thomas Makin a factory boy at Mr Hollins has been working the whole day against factory rules. The Master sent word to the manager with ^Robert Aspinwall.

09 Oct 1867 Mrs Reeve gave an interesting lecture accompanied with specimen of Natural History to the children of the school.

18 Oct 1867 Three factory boys away from school due to the Spinners being on strike.

12 Nov 1867 ^Robert Aspinwall and ^William Bee (factory boys) ran away from school during play hours, they have been punished by the Master, next day ^William Bees mother brought him to school complaining of his wilful disobedience, the Master talked with him after school hours, ^Robert Aspinwall did not turn up for school that day either, they both truant on and off all week.

19 Nov 1867 Mr Shepherd brought his children to school having frightened them by ordering a policeman to call at his house, the master says the fault of their frequent absence is caused by the parents not insisting on their attendance.

13 Dec 1867 *Edment Thorn finished his apprenticeship today having to sit for a Scholarship at Battersea Teacher College on Tuesday next; he leaves with the kind feelings of the Master and the children.


06 Jan 1868 *Mr Thornley from Ince near Wigan starts his duties as Assistant Master today.

21 Jan 1868 *Thorn heard today that he had obtained a first class scholarship at the recent examination for students entering training college.

28 Jan 1868 A woman came to grumble against the Assistant for correcting a boy without cause. The true case was shown to her and she was satisfied.

17 Feb 1868 The Master went to Ince this afternoon to make enquiries about *Mr Thornley the Assistant Teacher, *Mr Thornley's duties finished on the 21st the decision was communicated to him by Reverend John George Doman.

24 Feb 1868 *Mr Joseph Hayes commenced work in school this morning.



*Mr William Webster - Certified Teacher of the 4th Class.
*Mr Joseph Hayes - Certified Teacher of the 4th Class.

13 Mar 1868 Two boys were fighting after school hours (^Robert Jackson and ^William Haworth) ^Haworth twisted ^Jackson's arm out of joint.

16 Mar 1868 The master enquired about the accident which happened on Friday, ^Robert Jackson's mother came in the morning and ^William Haworth's mother.

24 Mar 1868 ^David Bentley got his finger hurt this afternoon by the Yard Door - caused by his own carelessness.

25 Mar 1868 Today I found that ^*Alice Booth a Pupil Teacher in the Infant school yesterday kicked the fingers of ^David Bentley when under the Yard Door. She was severely reprimanded by John G. Doman, Vicar.

01 May 1868 The Master took the majority of the boys to see an entertainment on views of North America, the children were not pleased.

19 May 1868 ^John Darwen punished and severely reprimanded for continued obstinacy in not doing his lessons.

20 May 1868 ^J. Phethean caught playing truant in the fields and brought to school by 1st class boys; he is reprimanded and made faithful promises.

06 Jul 1868 The Master and Assistant took the boys to the Recreation Ground this afternoon.

09 Jul 1868 Children very restless due to the hot weather, school will close today for the Midsummer Holidays until 3rd August.

16 Sep 1868 Mr Gillies agreed with the master for his boy to be a candidate for Pupil Teacher.

23 Sep 1868 Teacher *Mr Hayes is allowed to stay away from school today, being unwell.

23 Oct 1868 ^James Pickering left school this week because discipline of the school was too strict. The Master explained to his parents the folly of allowing him to have his own way, but without effect.

05 Nov 1868 Closed the school at 3:45pm owing to Gunpowder Plot.

12 Nov 1868 ^William Bee severely punished for smoking in the school and denying the charge. He is also sent home

20 Dec 1868 Very poor attendance – many children sick.


22 Jan 1869 During the week a disturbance took place with Mrs Grimshaw whose boys J, Grimshaw and T. Grimshaw had been beaten by the Assistant Master.



*Mr William Webster - 4th Class Certified.
* Mr Joseph Hayes - 4th Class Certified.

12 Mar 1869 Above average attendance for February is 163.8 because of children drafted from Infant School.

25 Mar 1869 Teacher *Mr Hayes finished his duties at St Mark’s today.

05 Apr 1869 *Mr William Charles Brown commenced his this morning as Assistant Teacher.

06 May 1869 ^William Bee a factory boy truanted from school - promised not to do the same again and was forgiven.

10 Jun 1869 ^Alfred Gothard truanting.

17 Jun 1869 ^Thomas Bretherton reprimanded for kicking and hurting other boys.

05 Aug 1869 The children taken to the Recreation Ground this afternoon.

30 Aug 1869 The Master had to attend his brother’s (Joseph Webster) funeral in Lancaster, the Assistant *Mr Brown had charge of the school for two days, average attendance for October is 180.

30 Sep 1869 *Mr Goulding helped in school this afternoon.

01 Nov 1869 School holiday as the school is being used for the municipal election.

11 Nov 1869 *Mr Goulding took a class in Reading and also on the 18th.

27 Nov 1869 Five of Ainsworth's factory boys left without orders because of punctuality being strictly enforced by the Master of this school.


18 Jan 1870 The Master visited the parents of two boys who had left school – the answer received was they were persuaded to go to Wesleyan School by other boys.

07 Apr 1870 Geography lesson on the Mountain System of England.

13 Apr 1870 The girls occupied our class room this morning as the girls school is undergoing a thorough washing, the boys attentions are not on their work.

28 Apr 1870 Mr Williamson showed some foreign curiosities to all the children - the children were highly delighted.

02 May 1870 ^Jonathan Halliwell found guilty of stealing his school money for the past 4 weeks, he is severely punished by orders of his parents.

11 May 1870 ^Jonathan Halliwell again found guilty of stealing 1/- from a persons table – his parents are sent for and he is put into their hands.

31 May 1870 ^L. Shippobottom expelled for irregular attendance.

01 Jul 1870 Ainsworth’s factory is broken down many factory boys are absent all week.

15 Aug 1870 *Mr Kemp commenced his duties at the school today after being sanctioned by the police constables office.

31 Aug 1870 Three boys ran home at 3:30pm, ^Eli Seddon truanting.

05 Sep 1870 ^John Mort ill with Scarlet Fever.

07 Sep 1870 *Mr Shepherd assisted in the school this afternoon, he commenced his full time duties 4 days later.

29 Sep 1870 The higher class reprimanded for attempting to begin a fight, the ringleaders are punished, Grecian Mill boys attending St Marks making a much larger register.

27 Oct 1870 A note from Thomas Taylor’s Grecian Mills stopping all the half timers from attending these schools, the children had all left the Victoria Wesleyan School and were admitted here in every case with the free consent of their parents.
Reverend John George Doman answered the note complaining of the arbitrary measure.


12 Jan 1871 Thomas Walmsley Esq, Mayor of Bolton visited the school wishing the boys to be informed of the measures taken by the Magistrate with regard to sliding in the streets.

30 Jan 1871 Drawing began on paper in the higher classes today.

09 Mar 1871 The Master took ^John Henry Sunderland to Trinity School this morning to be examined by the Government Inspector in Geography.

27 Mar 1871 *Mr Thomas Robinson commenced his duties as Assistant Teacher today.

25 Apr 1871 School closed today owing to the Consecration of St Marks Church.

15 Sep 1871 ^Daniel Bell brought back to school by his father after being away 3 weeks.

20 Oct 1871 Such diversion of the school working very well, besides Small Pox and Scarlet Fever being prevalent.


28 Mar 1872 *Mr Kemp finished his notice and asked for a half day holiday under false pretences, being refused he absented himself without leave.

02 Jul 1872 Teacher *Mr Robinson reprimanded for his inattention to duty, he has been absent without leave during the last two week.

09 Aug 1872 *Mr Robinson took his departure from school and Home on Thursday the Master received a most scandalous letter accounting in some way for his departure.

16 Aug 1872 Mrs Robinson the mother of *Mr Robinson came from Tyldesley to see the Master about her son - his conduct is thoroughly bad - she knew nothing of him since the 7th.

21 Aug 1872 *Mr Jonathan E. Parr begins his duties as Assistant Master


Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*William Webster (Master)
*Mr Jonathan E. Parr (Assistant Master)
*John Fell (Pupil Teacher)
^*William Hardie (paid monitor).

29 Oct 1872 Many boys away from school through sickness, ^William Martin and ^Robert Martin ill with the Small Pox, ^John Halliwell gone to America and ^Thomas Partington working full time.

01 Nov 1872 *Mr Parr allowed leave of absence owing to his having the toothache.

22 Nov 1872 Scarlet Fever still prevalent in the area many absent.

06 Dec 1872 Pupil Teacher *John Fell absent from school three days through sickness, as are many boys in the week.


06 Jan 1873 The school reopened after the Christmas Holidays most of the children present, coffee and buns given to the children, over 200 present.

07 Jan 1873 Over 30 children absent with the sickness.

04 Apr 1873 Boys examined in Religious knowledge by the Reverend Pritt.

07 Jun 1873 Whit week, school closed on Wednesday night owing to the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

22 Aug 1873 The third class begin to write in exercise books.

12 Sep 1873 ^Charles Shaw summoned before the members of the School Board for irregular attendance.

10 Oct 1873 The Head Inspector of Factories for this district (Mr Coles) visited the school and made a few enquiries of the attendance of the factory children.

24 Oct 1873 The first class begin lessons in Vulgar Fractions.

12 Dec 1873 Scarlet Fever prevalent amongst the children, average attendance 186.

19 Dec 1873 Scarlet Fever prevalent amongst the children.

22 Dec to 05 January two weeks holiday.


23 Jan 1874 Attendances poor Scarlet Fever amongst the children.


The Government Report as follows:

"The order and teaching are both good and testify to the Master's ability and diligence"


*Mr William Webster - Certified 2nd Class.
* Jonathan E. Parr - Certified 2nd Class.
*John Fell - Pupil Teacher 2nd Year.
*William Hardie - Pupil Teacher 1st Year.

27 Mar 1874 30 infants drafted from the Infant school over 6 years of age.

24 Apr 1874 Several boys left school to work full time in the factories.

16 Jul 1874 Thursday, School closed until August 10th for Midsummer Holidays 3 weeks.

14 Aug 1874 *John Fell and *William Hardie passed 1st class in all four subjects at the Diocesan examination in June.

03 Sep 1874 The Bolton Flower Show today several half timers played truant.

18 Sep 1874 Several of the half timers came to school both morning and afternoon owing to many of the mills being closed through the Spinners strike against the proposed reduction in their wages of 5%.

02 Oct 1874 Several boys left school and gone full time to the factory, ^William Miller left for Mr Haworths Commercial School.

24 Dec 1874 *Mr Jonathan E. Parr left the school to commence duties at Altringham.


16 Jan 1875 *Mr William Robert Buckley commenced his duties as Assistant Master.

19 Feb 1875 *William Hardie absented himself from school for three days through an affair which took place in Sunday School and which had nothing to do with Day School, the Reverend John George Doman took the matter in hand he returned to his duties on the fourth day.

26 Feb 1875 The school has been open four hundred and fifty two times.

23 Apr 1875 The Government Report arrived.

Boy School: The order is very good and the teaching very creditable and intelligent - The Room wants more light.

Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*Mr W. Webster 2nd class.
*Mr Robert Buckley Assistant Teacher.
*John Fell Pupil Teacher 3rd year.
*William Hardie Pupil Teacher 2nd year.

14 May 1875 The Headmaster wrote a sharp note to Mr Hilton about the irregular attendance of his stepson ^James Morris.

28 May 1875 Pupil Teacher *William Hardie allowed leave of absence from school this week through an accident happening to his father and mother at Blackpool on Whit Friday, he is to stay away for a total of 11 weeks.

04 Jun 1875 All Half Timers Certificate Books returned to the Mills to have their names written in, the employers refused to do it.

11 Jun 1875 The employers still refuse to fill in the names of their Half Timers in the Certificate Books.

21 Jun 1875 ^George Denton and ^Thomas Denton sent home for school pence and caught in the street by the School Board Officers.

26 Aug 1875 Half day holiday due to the Bolton Flower Show.

20 Sep 1875 ^William Heald attendance is cancelled; he was sent home for school pence at 10am and did not return.

01 Nov 1875 School closed for use of Municipal Elections.

06 Dec 1875 *Mr Buckley allowed leave of absence this morning and the whole of the week to enable him to sit for Government Certificate at Chester College.

13 Dec 1875 The Master noticed that the schools were very dirty and badly swept and not dusted - the case was reported to Reverend John George Doman who administered a severe reprimand to Crompton the cleaner.


04 Feb 1876 The average attendance this year so far 221.

11 Feb 1876 Mr Cramp the Sub Inspector of Factories visited the schools to confer with the Master on the Education Certificate for boys over 13 years of age wishing to be employed full time.

19 Apr 1876 The Government Report arrived this morning:

"The School is in excellent order - the standard work is done with great accuracy and in good style, and the precision with which the boys sing and do their physical exercises is remarkable. Poetry was well said.
There should be some provision both in the Boys and Girls Departments for ventilating the room higher up in the roof than any of the windows which open at present".

Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*William Webster Certificate 2nd class.
*Robert Buckley Certificate 4th Division.
*John Fell Pupil Teacher 5th year.
*William Hardie Pupil Teacher 4th year.

07 Jul 1876 *William Hardie absent from lessons on Wednesday morning 'in bed too lazy'.

14 Jul 1876 *Mr Robert Buckley absent from school on Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri through the death of his sister.

21 Aug 1876 *Mr Anderson Rushworth commenced duty as Assistant Teacher; average attendance is now at 247.

22 Aug 1876 ^*James Gregory began teaching as a monitor today.

01 Nov 1876 Holiday as the school used for the Municipal Elections.

17 Nov 1876 Scarlet Fever is again prevalent amongst the children and their families.


19 Jan 1877 Several boys punished for aiding and abetting ^Giles Rudlan and ^George Heaps in fighting.

09 Feb 1877 ^Joseph Halliwell at home with Scarlet Fever, ^Henry Mather with a broken arm and ^John Berry and ^Robert Berry at home through Scarlet Fever being in the house.

23 Feb 1877 Admitted two boys from British School, Mawdsley St. Average attendance this school year 245, number on the books 332.

28 Feb 1877 End of school year – *John Fell appointed Assistant Master at Eagley British Schools to commence duties after the Government Examination on March 12th, 13th and 14th; he leaves St Marks on the 16th March.

Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*Mr William Webster - 2nd Class.
*Robert Buckley - 4th Class.
*William Hardie - 5th Year.
*James Gregory - 1st Year.
*Mr Anderson Rushworth - Article 79 Assistant Master.

Ex Pupil Teacher *John Fell is now qualified under both Articles 50 and 79.

11 May 1877 Scarlet Fever and Measles amongst children – several boys home because their brothers or sisters are ill.

22 Jun 1877 *Mr Buckley’s notice expired today – he has been appointed Master at Bramhall Moor Boarding School, Stockport.

06 Jul 1877 *William Hardie at Chester all week sitting for Scholarship.

20 Aug 1877 *Mr George William Wilson and *Mr George Hayhurst commenced their duties at the school as Assistant Teachers.

07 Sep 1877 All Half Timers to attend school both morning and afternoon during the strike.

12 Oct 1877 Several Half Timers have left the town until the strike is over.

19 Oct 1877 ^Samuel Perks played truant several times during the week.

23 Oct 1877 *William Hardie received notice that he had gained a Thomasson Prize of £5. On the 2nd November he also received notice of his success at the late Scholarship Examination and enters College on the 29th January 1878.

16 Nov 1877 ^James Alexander (Std I) dismissed from the school for irregular attendance.

20 Dec 1877 *William Hardie has now completed his term of apprenticeship as Pupil Teacher.


11 Jan 1878 *Mr John Fell returns to St Marks as an Assistant Master, ^Robert Warburton and ^George Albert Tonge received Certificates as having passed Stan IV.

08 Feb 1878 Scarlet Fever still prevalent in a few houses locally.

22 Feb 1878 End of school year for 1877-8 average annual attendance 261.

29 Mar 1878 ^William Henry Horrocks entered Grammar School.

08 Apr 1878 The Masters Certificate has now been raised to 1st Class.

12 Apr 1878 ^Alfred Edward Woolton from Std I truanted three times this week.

18 Apr 1878 ^Alfred Edward Woolton truanted all week.

29 Apr 1878 ^*William Hardie passed the examination for the Queens Scholarship and therefore brought 60 shilling grant to the school.

The Government Report Arrived:

"The boys are in good order and the standard work was well done throughout.
The Grammar was well done throughout the School and was particular intelligent in the upper standards.
The Geography was good but in parts of the school was hardly equal to the Grammar.
Altogether the school has improved and is thoroughly efficient",VI am to state the *William Hardie having been placed in the 1st Class in the examination for Queens Scholarships is considered to have passed well the examination required by Article 70, and is therefore qualified to bring a Grant at the rate of 60s under Article 19e to the school for the part of the year during which he served there.
^*James Gregory has passed fairly.


*William Webster - Certified 1st Class Head Master.
*Anderson Rushworth - Assistant Teacher Art 79.
*George William Wilson - Assistant Teacher Art 79.
*George Hayhurst - Assistant Teacher Art 79.
*John Fell - Assistant Teacher Art 79.
*James Gregory - Pupil Teacher 2nd Year.

31 May 1878 ^John Connell passed full time

13 Jun 1878 ^James Gregory received answer that his application to sit at the Thomasson Prize Examination was received too late, *Mr George Hayhurst received leave of absence until after the Scholarship Examination (3 weeks).

05 Jul 1878 ^James Gregory received a note from F. Filzey Esq on Thursday to say that he had passed 2nd class in Magnetism at the late Science Examination.

23 Aug 1878 ^Giles Rudlan dismissed for constant unruly conduct – he has been a source of trouble and bad example for some time.

18 Oct 1878 ^John Martin and ^Robert Martin received ‘Child Books’ as they are leaving the neighbourhood, weekly average attendance 284.

22 Nov 1878 The Headmaster away from school for a portion of the day to attend the funeral of Reverend John George Doman’s daughter 'Mary Ernstine Doman age 7'.

Assistant Master *Mr John Fell allowed leave of absence to sit the ‘Drawing Examination’ at Chester.

29 Nov 1878 Rev John George Doman introduced Rev W. George MacPherson into the schools.

13 Dec 1878 Much poverty and sickness cause a less attendance this week.


06 Jan 1879 *John Thomas Spencer commenced duties as an Assistant Teacher, *Mr William Hardie returns to help at the school for four half days.

17 Jan 1879 *Mr William Hardie again assisted for three half days.

*Mr George Hayhurst leaves to enter the Saltley Training College.

28 Feb 1879 End of school year average weekly attendance 277, on books 335.

01 May 1879 Several boys absent on Thursday afternoon owing to the ‘May Day’ processions.

23 May 1879 The Reverend John Lewis took a class for a bible history lesson.

04 Jul 1879 The school has more boys that the accommodation will allow, the Master was desired by the Reverend Doman to not admit to the boy’s school from the Infants the following:-
^John Doyle; ^Benjamin Jones; ^Henry Hunt; ^James Lomax; ^Fred C. Shalman; ^James Stewart; ^Robert Kirkman; ^Peter Calderley; ^John Crook; ^Robert Unsworth; ^Seth Rothwell; ^Richard Boydell; ^Henry Bleasdale; ^Samuel Grimshaw; ^Joseph Whitter; ^Raymond Ward; ^Thomas Halliwell; ^Thomas Crompton.
The whole of the above with the exception of ^Thomas Halliwell were later admitted from the Infant school

31 Oct 1879 Holiday to allow the work for building of the new class room.

07 Nov 1879 Workmen began to pull down the wall on the North side.

05 Dec 1879 Many boys away with the sickness, Measles is very prevalent.

07 Dec 1879 Holiday in the afternoon to allow men to connect the hot water pipes.

18 Dec 1879 A week extra holidays is given to allow the schools to be whitewashed, painted and scrubbed and the new class room to be completed


23 Jan 1880 Many boys returned to school after the Measles Epidemic.

20 Feb 1880 The Headmaster examined the different standards during the week, a few failures – Dunces to have extra work.

19 Mar 1880 Sixty infants drafted from the infant school. The School Pence was raised this week as follows, all children (day and half timers) in all standards above standard I to pay 4d per week, Standard I to pay as before 3d.

28 Apr 1880

Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*William Webster - Headmaster Certificated Teacher 1st Class.
*John Fell - Assistant Certificated Teacher 2nd Class.
*John Thomas Spencer - Certificated Teacher 3rd Class.
*Anderson Rushworth - Assistant (Article 79).
*George William Wilson - Assistant (Article 79).
*James Gregory - Pupil Teacher of the 4th year.

14 May 1880 The attendance registers copied by school board clerks, weekly average 304.

17 May 1880 Mr Brewer the Sub Inspector of Factories came to school to ask for the attendances of ^ George Albert Hawksworth and ^Peter Southern for week ending 19th March.

18 Jun 1880 Pupil Teacher ^*James Gregory attended the Thomasson Prize Exam at Pikes Lane Board School.

03 Sep 1880 Holiday, St Marks Flower show.

29 Sep 1880 *Mr John Fell left the schools to change of school near Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

03 Dec 1880 *Mr Joseph Whalley a Pupil Teacher at Portwood Wesleyan School, Stockport date of birth 10 Nov 1861 appointed Assistant Teacher who commenced duties on November 29th

17 Dec 1880 ^William Andrew Nelson sent home for his school pence by the headmaster, he returned with a message to say that his father said he must leave. He was told to take his books home.
Fred Nelson, brother to the above came to school with a very dirty face and hands and was sent home by his Teacher (Mr Spencer) to wash. His father sent him back without having been washed saying “He is clean enough” – The headmaster sent him again to clean his hands and he did not return.


25 Mar 1881 48 Boys drafted into the school from the Infants Department.


Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*William Webster - Certificated Teacher of the 1st Class.
*John Thomas Spencer - Certificated Teacher of the 3rd Class.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certificated Teacher of the 4th Class.
*George William Wilson - Assistant Teacher.
*Joseph Whalley - Assistant Teacher.
*James Gregory - Pupil Teacher of the 5th Year.

29 Apr 1881 Reverend John George Doman visited the schools and paid the salaries due to the Teachers from the Government Grant.

22 Aug 1881 *Mr George William Wilson finished duty today. *William Hurst Albinson is appointed Pupil Teacher from St Thomas’s, Stockport.

07 Oct 1881 ^Samuel Britton dismissed from school for constant truanting.

21 Oct 1881 *Mr Joseph Whalley left these schools after serving a 4 weeks notice.

09 Dec 1881 Sickness in the lower classes – principally colds through the fog.

22 Dec 1881 *Mr William Hurst Albinson finished his duties today.


09 Jan 1882 School reopened, *Albert Rushton, late Assistant Teacher at Victoria Wesleyan School Bolton and *Edward Wilson, late Assistant Teacher St Mary’s Windermere commenced duties this morning.

17 Jan 1882 *Mr James Higson Certificated Teacher late student at Chester Training College commenced duties.

24 Feb 1882 Scarlet Fever has been the reason why so many boys have been absent during the past two months.
School Year ended today.

20 Mar 1882 The Master is very ill and is confined to his room he is to stay away from school.

24 Mar 1882 ^*James Gregory who finished his apprenticeship on Feb 28th left for another appointment today.

27 Mar 1882 The School Board opened Slaterfield Wesleyan School as a board school.

06 Apr 1882 The Master took charge of the school this week having recovered from his late illness.

17 Apr 1882 *Mr Edward Wilson absent without leave during the whole of the week.

24 Apr 1882 No news of *Mr Wilson his late employers and the Council Office acquainted with his departure.


Staff: at St Marks Boys School

*William Webster Certificated Teacher 1st Class.
*James Higson Certificated Teacher 1st Class.
*John Thomas Spencer Certificated Teacher 3rd Class.
*Anderson Rushworth Certificated Teacher 4th Class.
*Albert Rushton Assistant (Article 79).

26 May 1882 *Mr John Thomas Spencer finished at these schools. He has been appointed to Joseph Williamson Endowed School, Parton, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

12 Jun 1882 *Mr George Fred Haslam Pupil Teacher from St George The Martyr, Daubhill, Bolton, appointed Assistant.

21 Sep 1882 Reverend John George Doman visited the schools to say that he had arranged with the Reverend Scott to examine the schools the second week in December, As the schools have not had a Diocesan examination for 7 years the news was of course received with great joy !!!!!!!.

07 Dec 1882 Morning was very inclement – the snow lying a foot deep – several of the younger boys were absent from school.

21 Dec 1882 Teacher *Mr Albert Rushton finished at these schools today and was paid his salary to the end of the month. He enters Chester College after the vacation.


08 Jan 1883 *Mr Robert Foulds, late Pupil Teacher at Brownlow Fold Board School commenced his duties.

26 Jan 1883 Mr J. D. Briscoe a member of the Bolton Board School visited the schools.

02 Mar 1883 Half Time attendances copied in separate register for first the time.

21 Apr 1883 The school report arrived.

Boys “The boys are steady and quiet at their work, Reading, Writing and Spelling are generally good; Composition is fair in the fifth standard and good in the sixth standard.
Arithmetic is good except in the fifth standard which is poor.
The Repetition was well said and Grammar and Geography are well taught”

Staff: in the Boys school

*William Webster - Certified 1st Class.
*James Higson - Certified 2nd Class.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified 4th Class.
*George Fred Haslam - (Article 79).
*Robert Foulds - (Article 79).

01 Jun 1883 *Mr Rushworth allowed three days leave of absence to attend his father’s funeral in Yorkshire.

09 Jul 1883 *Mr George Fred Haslam allowed leave of absence from school to sit at Chester College for the Scholarship examination.

13 Aug 1883 *Mr Robert Foulds finished at these schools during the holidays. *Mr Thomas Wild ex Assistant Teacher from St James’s St School, Heywood commenced duty today.

25 Oct 1883 ^Major Kay and ^Thomas Kay were taken away from school because they were sent home for their school pence which amounted to 2s 6d.
^Thomas Perkins Std V had his arm broken accidentally in the school yard during dinner vacation.


18 Feb 1884 *Mr William Hurst Albinson, late Assistant Teacher at St Thomas’s, Stockport and Assistant at Barnes Home, Manchester appointed as Assistant in these schools and notified to the Education Department.

12 Mar 1884
The Headmaster was away from school in the afternoon attending the funeral of Mr S. Ogden the late Headmaster of Christ Church, Bolton.

10 Apr 1884 *Mr William Hurst Albinson left this school.

09.05 *Mr Wild allowed leave of absence to attend a funeral.

13 May 1884 The school report arrived this morning and is as follows:-

Boys “The order is very good and I have classed the school as excellent, the strongest points the Arithmetic and Spelling as well as the Composition of the sixth standard. The Reading generally needs more finish and the Geography in the second and fourth standards needs strengthening.
The boys sing well from notes, the door between the boys and girls yards should be kept locked.

*Mr Higson will shortly receive his certificate.

Staff: in the Boy’s school

*William Webster - Certified 1st Class.
*James Higson - Certified 2nd Class.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified 4th Class.
*George Fred Haslam - (Article 50).
*Thomas Wild - (Article 50).

11 Jul 1884 *Mr Thomas Wild sits the Scholarship Exam.

28 Aug 1884 Holiday in the afternoon for the Bolton Flower Show.

18 Sep 1884 Mr Councilor Broughton visited the schools in the afternoon.

26 Sep 1884 *Mr Higson allowed leave of absence to go to Prescott Grammar School.

01 Oct 1884 *Mr Joseph Causey commenced his duties as Assistant Teacher article 50.

31 Oct 1884 The Reverend Doman visited the schools and paid the Teachers their salaries for the month. *Mr Thomas Wild salary is raised from £45 to £50 per annum.

13 Nov 1884 *Mr George Fred Haslam passed 2nd class in the late scholarship examination. He has arranged to enter Carnarvon College on February 1st 1885.


*Mr George Fred Haslam ceased his duties.

05 Jan 1885 *Mr Sydney Stott commenced duties today

17 Mar 1885 Inspections by the Reverend F. F. Cornish, number of pupils inspected 285 with exception of 5 these being the following:-

^W. E. Harrison Std V, - Consumption, away from home
^John Britton Std V, – Obvious dullness
^Edward Barnes Std V, – Delicate health
^John Robert Rosewell Std IV – Small Pox in the house
^John E. Atherton Std I – Medical certificate
^Joseph Lever Std V – Medical certificate

21 Apr 1885 The school report arrived this morning and reads as follows:-

“The order is very good and the work is on the whole most credible. There is, however, a little weakness in the fifth standard, and the Reading and Writing which are correct, would be improved if style were more distinctly aimed at. The number of passes and percentage of sums done correctly are almost exactly the same in the Boys and Girls Departments."

Staff: at St Marks Boys department are as follows

*William Webster - Certified 1st Class.
*James Higson - Certified 2nd Class.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified 4th Class.
*Thomas Wild - (Article 50).
*Joseph Causey - (Article 50).
*Sidney Stott - Certified 3rd Class.

Reverend John George Doman visited the school today and made inquiries into the case of a boy named ^Herbert Foster who it was alleged had been roughly used by *Mr Wild the Assistant Teacher in Standard I. It was proved to be an accident and not intentional.

29 Jan 1885 The Headmaster left the school at 2:30pm in the charge of the Assistants while he attended the funeral of Mr McAdam the late Headmaster of St Paul’s School, Halliwell.


Mr Vere Foster (b1819-d1900) paid a visit to the school
Born in Copenhagen into a privileged anglo-irish family with estates in both England and Ireland he devoted his life to the social betterment of the Irish poor. Foster used his vast personal wealth to pay for the building and equipping of schools, both Catholic and Protestant, designing his own Vere Foster Copy Books to improve literacy among the poor, his copy books remained in use until the 1950s.
This selfless and generous man died on December 21st 1900 and there was scarcely a dozen people at his funeral, his devotion to humanity will be remembered in the name of the "Vere Foster Medical Centre" and he is realised to be one of the most remarkable unifying figures in the history of Victorian Ireland.

14 Nov 1885 Pupil ^Alfred Ray from Std V met with an accident in the factory and had his arm taken off.


08 Mar 1886 Mr Brewer the Sub Inspector of Factories visited the school to make enquiries about pupil ^John Lomax and others.

17 Jun 1886 *Mr Joseph Causey had been excused from attending his duties at school from May 3rd for his wife to be seriously ill, it was later found to be untrue, he was dismissed.

28 Jun 1886 Clarendon St Board School was opened for the first time this morning - Several boys left this school to go there.

02 Jul 1886 Borough Elections - The school were taken for Polling Stations as in previous years and therefore they had to be closed.

06 Jul 1886 *Mr George Fred Haslam, late Assistant of these schools, but at present a student in Carnarvon Training College assisted this week due to Headmaster being absent from school and in Lancaster.
Also today *Mr Thomas Wild is allowed leave of absence from today till Friday, to sit for the Queens Scholarship.

25 Jul 1886 The Drawing Grant arrived today £12.19s.0d

01 Aug 1886 *Mr Robert Hall commenced his duties, he is a late Pupil Teacher of St Johns, Radcliffe.
03 Aug 1886 *Mr James Higson left this school on 3rd Sep, having been appointed Headmaster of Rainhill Church School near Liverpool.
27 Aug 1886 *Mr John Waywell commenced duties here today late Assistant Teacher at Croft Board School, Warrington, his last situation was at Rastrick Common Board School, Brighouse, Yorkshire.

07 Oct 1886 *Mr Wild was informed that if he wished to stay as an Assistant, he must alter his late attendance in the mornings and come by the earlier train.

23 Nov 1886 Holiday today in honour of Miss Helen Doman (Reverend Doman's daughter) marriage to Mr William Newton.

10 Dec 1886 Headmaster away from school yesterday through death in the family.


14 Feb 1887 The Headmaster absent from school on Friday 11th through an attack of Neuralgia. The school was carried on satisfactory by the Assistants.

25th Songs for 28th Feb 1887
Group I. Standards I, II, Division II.

The Busy Bee
Music In The Morning
Summer Song
Come Soft and Lovely Evening
The Sparrow
Group II. Standards III, IV, Division III
At My Work
Up Now Lads
Let It Pass
At Dawn Aurora
Come Follow Me (Round)
Group III. Standards V VI, Division IV
Where The Beauleous Flowers
Fire Brigade
At My Work
Lovely Mary
A Southerly Wind (Round)

Mr Haslam Assistant inspector took the singing on the day.

01 Mar 1887 The Headmaster was absent from school today attending a funeral in Rochdale.


Staff: at St Marks boy's department

*William Webster - Certified 1st Class
*Sidney Stott - Certified 2nd Class.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified 3rd Class (Lower Division).
*Thomas Wild - (Article 50).
*Robert Hall - (Article 50).
*John Waywell - (Article 50).

27 Jun 1887 ^Robert Hardman and ^Albert Nelson (Std III) both truanting today. Notices sent out for the parents of poor children to apply for school fees for the coming quarter.

08 Jul 1887 Two Assistants, *Wild and *Hall had leave of absence this week to attend the scholarship examination - *Wild went to Carnarvon, *Hall to St Marks, Chelsea.

18 Aug 1887 *Mr Stott allowed leave of absence today to attend his friends wedding at Heywood.

09 Sep 1887 ^R. Hardman Std III punished with the cane for truanting four half days this week, he is an old offender and makes many promises, which he often breaks.

09 Dec 1887 Many boys absent this week for the past 2 or 3 weeks through having Measles in their homes.


13 Jan 1888 School reopened after school holidays - many boys absent through sickness. Measles, Fever. *Mr Charles Herbert Field and *Ralph Ashcroft commenced their duties on the 9th.

14 Jun 1888 *Mr Stott allowed leave of absence for today and tomorrow on the occasion of his marriage.

06 Jul 1888 Three boys admitted this week from Victoria Wesleyan school through change of Master at that school.

01 Nov 1888 School closed as they are used for Polling places at the Municipal Elections.

28 Nov 1888 School closed for our Bazaar at the Town Hall.


27 Apr 1889 *Mr Sidney Stott left this school today.

22 May 1889 *Mr James Tattersall commenced this morning as an Assistant in these schools.

30 Aug 1889 *Mr John Waywell leaves this school today after serving a months notice, he has engaged as an Assistant at St Marks Schools, Worsley, he leaves with the good wishes of myself and Teachers.

04 Oct 1889 Reverend John George Doman paid the salaries of the Teachers on the 3rd, He said he had no information as to an Assistant, This is the fourth week without one.

18 Oct 1889 A little uneasiness this week especially on Monday with a few of the elder boys - a little punishment carefully administered settled the affair.

01 Nov 1889 Two boys namely ^George Pearson (Std VII) and ^W. A. Lord (Std VI) went to work full time this week. Also two boys from Std VI, ^Aaron Edge and ^William Taylor has to change from this school through change of work.

09 Dec 1889 *Mr Field and *Mr Ashcroft allowed leave of absence at 12 o'clock noon today until Friday noon the 13th to enable them to sit at the Certificate Examination at Manchester.

19 Dec 1889 The schools closed at 4pm for 2 weeks holiday.


06 Jan 1890 The schools reopened this morning after Christmas holidays - many boys absent through sickness.

24 Apr 1890 Reverend John George Doman commenced this morning 11:30 to 12 to give religious instruction to Standards V, VI, and VII after an absence of about 7 years.

01 May 1890 Holiday this afternoon, May Day

Staff: at St Marks boy's department.

*William Webster - (1st Class).
*Charles H. Field - (2nd Class).
*James Tattersall - (2nd Class).
*Anderson Rushworth - (3rd Class).
*Ralph Ashcroft - (Article 50).

29 May 1890 School closed at noon until Monday June 7th.

20 Jun 1890 The children of Mr Entwistle of 70 Mill St and Mr Duncalf of 7 Boundary St are excused from attending school through Scarlet Fever in the house.

11 Jul 1890 Monthly returns sent to Mr Longworth of 7 boys attending irregularly from Great Lever.

24 Jul 1890 School closed this afternoon for the Midsummer Holidays, July 24 to Tuesday Au 19.

19 Aug 1890 Tuesday, School reopened after the holidays Reverend George Frederick Eyes visited.

04 Sep 1890 Mr Councilor Yates, Bolton visited the schools this morning, expressed himself pleased with the work - he also addressed two divisions of the school Std IV and Std V VI VII. and gave the boys some practical advice in regard to their future life.

24 Sep 1890 *Mr Ashcroft allowed leave of absence from 11am for the remainder of the day.

25 Sep 1890 Mrs Gaunt of 36 Back Pump St the mother of ^William Gaunt and ^Herbert Gaunt came to school today and informed the Master that both ^William and ^Herbert must go back into Standard IV her husband was very decided in the matter. ^William had been very unwell, eruptions for some time and was a delicate boy and the work of Std V was too much for ^Herbert. The Master promised to attend to the request and ordered the boys to Std IV.

03 Oct 1890 Reverend John George Doman took Standards V, VI, VII in the Catechism on Thursday morning from 11:30 to 12 he also informed the Headmaster that *Mr Field had sent his resignation and to cease his duties on Friday Oct 25.

24 Oct 1890 *Mr William Henry Hatton appointed as an Assistant in these schools.

27 Oct 1890 Reverend John George Doman visited the school.

15 Dec 1890 *Mr Ashcroft allowed leave of absence from noon for the remainder of the week to enable him to sit for Certificate at Manchester.

18 Dec 1890 Prize Distribution by Alderman Nicholson, the schools closed for the Christmas Holidays - to reopen on Monday.


05 Jan 1891 The schools reopened after the Vacation.

06 Jan 1891 The Approximation Papers for the Drawing Exam arrived today and were returned to Captain Royse on the 8th.

30 Jun 1891 A visit without notice. Registers found to be correct by Thomas Holland.

10 Feb 1891 Holiday this afternoon. Shrove Tuesday.

17 Feb 1891 Drawing Examination at 10am and 1:30pm conducted by Captain Royse R.N local inspector.

27 Feb 1891 End of school year 1890-1

13 Mar 1891 Reverend John George Doman visited the schools - the Headmaster complained about the schools not being clean.

18 Mar 1891 *Mr Ashcroft allowed leave of absence this day to attend his mothers funeral.

Songs for year ending Feb 28 1891:-
Division II
Music in the morning
Tis the pleasant spring time
Jolly little clacker
Naughty boy
Graves of a household
Division III
Come soft and lovely evening
Join ye in our singing
Tis the pleasant spring time
Pluck the rose
Away among the mountains
Division IV
The shades of night
Wanderer on moor
Spring time
There's a boy
Glide along

25 Mar 1891 and 26 Mar 1891 Annual Government Examnination by Reverend F. F Cornish and William Hallam,

26 Mar 1891 School closed at noon until Tuesday 31st for the Easter Holidays.

21 Apr 1891 The Drawing Report arrived this morning and the school was classed as excellent.

30 Apr 1891 The school report arrived this morning:- The order is very good and a most credible examination has been passed - *Mr Tattersall will receive his certificate in due course.


*William Webster - Certified.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified.
*Ralph Ashcroft - Certified.
*James Tattersall - Certified.
*William Henry Hatton - Certified.

01 May 1891 Half holiday

08 May 1891 *Mr James Tattersall left these schools today after serving a months notice.

01 Jun 1891 *Mr George Grant appointed as Assistant in these schools.

18 Jun 1891 Reverend George Frederick Eyes and Councilor James Horrocks visited the schools.

10 Jul 1891 *Mr Ralph Ashcroft left this school after only serving a fortnights notice - He left in opposition to the wishes of the managers and myself and against his agreement to serve a months notice - The secretary Mr Finney wrote to him demanding his return to his duties.

24 Jul 1891 It is a fortnight since *Mr Ashcroft left his duties, he has taken no notice of the secretary's letter.

06 Aug 1891-31 Aug 1891 Midsummer Holidays.

31 Aug 1891 Reopened school, very good attendance, no Assistant for Standard II.

11 Sep 1891 The school is suffering from want of staff.

01 Oct 1891 *Mr Joseph Bell commenced his duties as an Assistant Master in these schools.

02 Oct 1891 The Headmaster was absent from school today through sickness.

19 Nov 1891 The schools closed today owing to the School Board Election - the rooms were required for the election.

09, 10, and 11 Dec 1891 A Sale of Work was held in the schools on these days and therefore they were required to be closed.

23 Dec 1891 The Christmas and New Years Holidays commenced, the schools closed at 4 o'clock.


11 Jan 1892 The schools reopened after the holidays.

15 Jan 1892 *Mr Bell absent from school all this week through sickness.

26 Feb 1892 *Mr Jabez Darricotte (b1865-d1959) begins duties to become new Head Master in April.

04 Mar 1892 Many children still absent through sickness and the severe weather.

08 Mar 1892 A note received from Reverend John George Doman asking for the Log Book to be sent to Mr Finney's house by 12 o'clock noon, it was forwarded on the 8th (Tuesday) and was not returned until the 18th (Friday). although the log book is not allowed to be out of school during school hours, and of course no entry could be made during the interval.

21 Mar 1892 Mr Wadsworth examined the singing this morning.

31 Mar 1892 The Headmaster *William Webster finished his duties in these schools this evening after a service of 25 years and 9 months, he was appointed in July 1866.

The schools will be in future conducted as a Mixed - Boys and Girls School under a Master.

Jabez Darricotte
Headmaster Boys and Girls School 1892-1903

01 Apr 1892 Holiday - *Jabez Darricotte the new Headmaster met the Assistant Teachers by arrangement to talk matters generally and to overhaul stock etc.

04 Apr 1892 Commenced duties as Head Teacher most of the day was spent in organisation.

Staff: at St Marks.

*Jabez Darricotte - Headmaster - 1st Division.
*Joseph Bell - Untrained Artificated Assistant Master.
*William Henry Hatton - Trained Artificated Assistant Master.
*George Fred Grant - ex Pupil Teacher.
*Anderson Rushworth - 4th Division.
*Miss Sarah E. Dickinson - ex Pupil Teacher - Assistant Mistress.
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Untrained Certificated Assistant Mistress.
*Miss Alice Duckworth - Untrained Certificated Assistant Mistress.
*Miss Mary Ellen Crook - Assistant Mistress Article 68.
*Catherine Hamer - 1st Year Pupil Teacher.

Work is being carried out by means of a trial time-table.

14 Apr 1892 Dismissed for Easter Holidays - School to re-open on Tuesday morning 19th.

19 Apr 1892 Was away all day owing to having some business to attend to in Bradford, *Mr Bell conducted the school in my absence.

25 Apr 1892 A great deal of disorder is caused daily when dismissing school owing to there being no cloak room accommodation and owing to the infants having to use the same exit as the girls.

27 Apr 1892 Submitted the recitation for 1892-93 to M. Pole Esq H.M.I. at Clarendon St Board School.

02 May 1892 Commenced taking Pupil Teachers lessons at 8am, Half Holiday for the May-Day processions.

06 May 1892 Weekly attendance average is 509, several scholars away with Scarlet Fever.

20 May 1892 Did not take Pupil Teacher lessons this morning and left at 11:45 and did not return, as I was too ill to attend to my duties.

23 May 1892 *Miss Richardson, Teacher of Std III girls away sick for a week.

01 Jun 1892 *William Peacock commenced duties as a First Year Pupil Teacher.

06 Jun 1892 *Florence Leach - 1st Year Pupil Teacher in the Infants dept joined the Pupil Teachers in the Mixed dept for the purpose of morning lesson.

09 Jun 1892 Dismissed at noon for Whitsuntide holidays.

20 Jun 1892 Re-opened, many children did not come to school this morning.

04 Jul 1892 Holiday owing to the school being used as a Polling Station for the Parliamentary Election.

25 Jul 1892 Received reports of several cases of Scarlet Fever.

28 Jul 1892 The Senior Division - Std's IV - VII took physical exercises in the yard from 10:30 to 11:30.

01 Aug 1892 *Miss Maude E. Taylor - ex Pupil Teacher commenced duties as Assistant Mistress.

03 Aug 1892 *Mr William Henry Hatton - Certified Assistant in charge of Std V - left school this morning.

04 Aug 1892 Closed school at noon for the Summer holidays 4th-29th.

29 Aug 1892 Many children are await, *Mr Grant is in charge of Std V for the present, as no one has yet been appointed by the managers to take *Mr Hatton's place.

06 Sep 1892 Received notice of the date of the Pupil Teachers examination - Oct 22nd at 9am - Pikes Lane.

07 Sep 1892 I have had reason to complain to the Curator several times about the closets not being clean. He alleges that outsiders climb over the rails at night and uses the closets generally leaving them in a filthy state.

08 Sep 1892 W. Northrop visited the school without notice at 9:20am.

26 Sep 1892 *Mr Bell away sick. Headmaster taught Std's VI VII.

03 Oct 1892 The new Assistant Master should have commenced duties this morning, but has not come.
Later I received a Medical Certificate saying that he is ill with Fever.

19 Oct 1892 Was not present at Pupil Teachers lessons this morning owing to sickness in the house.

24 Oct 1892 *Mr Charles Dickinson - Certified Assistant commenced work with Std V this morning.

25 Oct 1892 - 29 Oct 1892 *Miss Maude E. Taylor away owing to her mothers illness.

31 Oct 1892 - 04 Nov 1892 *Miss Taylor has asked permission to stay at home this week owing to her mothers death.

07 Nov 1892 *Miss Taylor still away.

08 Nov 1892 Found out that on Friday afternoon a boy named ^Dean in Std III had been marked as present when away. Ordered the mark to be cancelled and showed the Teacher the seriousness of such a mistake being made

09 Nov 1892 *Miss Taylor recommenced duties after a fortnights absence.

11 Nov 1892 Many children still away owing to the prevalence of Measles and Scarlet Fever.

23 Nov 1892 The Time-Table is now changed so as to be in accordance with the new opening regulations.

28 Nov 1892 Many children away owing to Measles, Scarlet Fever and Chicken Pox. *Miss Crook is away sick.

07 Dec 1892 *William Peacock 1st year Pupil Teacher away - Measles in the house.
143 children away this morning - mostly owing to Measles and other sickness.

08 Dec 1892 155 children away this morning.

09 Dec 1892 Sent to the Medical Officer of Health a list of 50 houses, where scholars are away through sickness.

16 Dec 1892 Closed school owing to the Measles.


09 Jan 1893 Re-opened school after Xmas holidays but a great many children are still away owing to Measles and Scarlet Fever.

13 Jan 1893 The Boys offices (Toilets) are again in a very dirty condition, On several occasions I have found the Infants using the Girls Yard , instead of going to the offices, My wife has mentioned the matter to the Infants Mistress.

20 Jan 1893 12 more cases of Measles and 2 of Scarlet Fever reported.

23 Jan 1893 *William Peacock 1st Year Pupil Teacher left without notice.

27 Feb 1893 Dr Howarth examined the children of this school to see whether Vaccination has been properly performed.

Recitation for 1893-4 (for approval)

Std I
The Beggar Man (Aiken)
Gentleman John (Weatherly)

Std II
The Lost Lamb
The Dog at his Masters Grave (Sigourney)
The Sale of the Pet Lamb (Howitt)
The Death of the Old Year (Tennyson)

Lay of the Last Minstrel (Scott)
Battle of Stawford Bridge (Wardell)
Pipes at Lucknow (Whittier)

Std IV
Poor Fisher Folk (Victor Hugo)
Paul Revere's Ride (Lougfellow)
Spanish Champion (Heinans)
Balaclava (Sir F. H. Doyle)

Std V
Rokeby (Scott)
King Robert of Sicily (Longfellow)
Selections from King Lear
The Revenge (Tennyson)
Excalibur (Tennyson)

Std's VI - VII
Selections from King Lear
Selections from Henry IV
Selections from Henry IV Hotspur
Dora (Tennyson)

05 Apr 1893 *Mr Grant as not yet returned, having been allowed two extra days.

12 Apr 1893 At the request of the parents of ^James Colderley and ^Harry Woodhouse, they were punished this morning for playing truant yesterday.

17 Apr 1893 Holiday in the afternoon owing to the school being required for the Children's Concert Rehearsal.

24 Apr 1893 Many children are away today - some of them having gone to the sea-side on trips.

27 Apr 1893 The School Report came to hand:

Mixed Dept: The school has changed into a mixed under a master who took charge of it less than a year ago, and has had much difficulty to contend with including an outbreak of sickness at a critical time of the year.
Order is well maintained but there is too much difficulty in securing general attention from the children.
The results are uneven and there are weak points in the work of all classes, especially in the 5th and 6th Standards.
The needlework of the girls should improve,
Miss Crook is continued under Art 68 of the code.
Catherine Hamer, Geography and History, the special attention of the Managers is requested to the small print to Art 37 of the code in her case.

Staff: 1893-1894.

*Jabez Darricotte - Headmaster - Trained 1st Division.
*Joseph Bell - Untrained Certificated Assistant Master.
*Charles Dickinson - Untrained Certificated Assistant Master.
*Anderson Rushworth - Untrained Certificated Assistant Master.
*George Grant - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Alice Duckworth - Untrained Certificated Assistant Mistress.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Untrained Certificated Assistant Mistress.
*Sarah E. Dickinson - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Mary Ellen Crook - Article 68.
*Catherine Hamer - 2nd year Pupil Teacher.
*Maude Ellen Taylor - Ex Pupil Teacher Assistant Mistress.

17 May 1893 I Left school at 11am as I had some important business to transact in town

25 May 1893 School closed at 11:15 for Whitsuntide holidays.

05 Jun 1893 Re-opened school - *Mr Dickinson away all day - no reason assigned.

12 Jun 1893 No news of *Mr Dickinson so I have today advertised for another Assistant.

06 Jul 1893 Holiday in honour of the Royal Wedding, 35 of our scholars went by the children's trip to Lytham.

12 Jul 1893 *Miss Taylor sent home ill.

13 Jul 1893 *Miss Taylor sent home ill.

14 Jul 1893 *Miss Taylor sent home ill.

18 Jul 1893 *Miss Taylor still away ill.

21 Jul 1893 *Alfred Ainscough a 2nd year student in Chester Training College came to act for a fortnight as Temporary Assistant in Std V, *Miss Taylor still away ill.

24 Jul 1893 *Miss Taylor recommenced duties.

03 Aug 1893 *Miss Crook away sick, *Mr Ainscough finishes his duties today.

28 Aug 1893 *Mr William Hodgkiss a Certificated Assistant commenced duties with Std V, *Mr Bell did not put in an appearance, he having left without proper notice, advertised for two Assistant Masters.

04 Sep 1893 *Mr Thomas Smith a Certificated Assistant came on supply for a fortnight.

15 Sep 1893 *Mr Thomas Smith - temporary Assistant finished duties.

20,21,22 and 23 Sep 1893 Another Sale of Work at St Marks for the Church Tower Collection.

26 Sep 1893 Re-opened school after the Sale of Work. *Mr Richard William Owen commenced duties.

28 Sep 1893 Many children away this past week some having Fever.

16 Oct 1893 *Mr Jesse Smith ex Pupil Teacher late of Atherton school commenced duties.

20 Oct 1893 Weekly average attendance is 479.

27 Oct 1893 School closed as it was wanted for Municipal Election purposes.

14 Nov 1893 *Miss Dickinson away in the afternoon owing to her mother being ill.

15 Nov 1893 School closed for Extraordinary Municipal Election.

22 Nov 1893 *Miss Richardson away owing to sickness at home

30 Nov 1893 Attendance very bad due to Scarlet Fever in the area.

18 Dec 1893 *Miss Duckworth away through illness

19 Dec 1893 *Miss Duckworth and *Mr Owen away, both returned on the 20th

21 Dec 1893 Closed for the Xmas holidays.


11 Jan 1894 Many children have been late this week owing to the darkness.

09 Feb 1894 *Mr Owen left after a fortnights notice, he having been appointed Headmaster of a school near Carnarvon.

01 Mar 1894 *John William McCann a certificated Assistant in place of *Mr Owen commenced duties.

16 Apr 1894 A Pupil Teacher must not be allowed to serve in school for more than 25hrs a week as specified in Part 1 of agreement.


Mixed School Staff: 1894-1895

*Jabez Darricotte - Head Master - Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Duckworth - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Alice Duckworth - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Mary A, Richardson - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Sarah E. Dickinson - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Maude Ellen Taylor - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Jesse Smith - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Catherine Hamer - 4th Year Pupil Teacher.
*Mary Ellen Crook - Article 68.

08 Jun 1894 During the past week I have re-arranged the Staff so as to meet the Class Staffing requirements of the new Code.
The only change necessary was for one of the Certified Teachers for Std III to exchange classes with the Pupil Teacher from Std II.

27 Jun 1894 Miss Maude Ellen Taylor was granted leave of absence to see a friend depart for America, Holiday in the afternoon on the occasion of the marriage of Rev John George Doman's son 'George Herbert Doman and Martha Ann Ryder' at Holy Trinity Church, Horwich.

03 Sep 1894 Found the offices in a dirty condition, through being used by outsiders who get over the rails at night. On mentioning the matter to the Vicar, he promised to propose at the next Managers Meeting, that a door be placed to prevent outsiders using them.


18 Feb 1895 Commenced giving free dinners to the poorer children.

22 Feb 1895 Holiday for Teachers Bazaar.

01 Apr 1895 Reported about 40 fresh cases of Measles this morning to the Medical Officer of Health, today we have only 481 out of 656, Measles seems to be much on the increase.



*Jabez Darricotte - Head Master Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Rushworth - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Alice Duckworth - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Untrained Certified Assistant.
*Sarah E. Dickinson - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Maude Ellen Taylor - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Jesse Smith - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Catherine Hamer - 4th Year Pupil Teacher
*Mary Ellen Crook - Art 68.

08 May 1895 Two cases of Scarlet Fever and several fresh cases of Measles reported.

27 May 1895 - 03 Jun 1895 *Miss Dickinson away owing to the death of her sister.

24 Jun 1895 *Amy Bury entered on duties as Pupil Teacher.
Admitted a girl ^Annie Dean aged 12 who has been in Canada for the past 6 years, On examining I find she is about sharp enough for Std 3 only - Having no knowledge whatever of our Money Tables and according to her own account not having attended school for the past 3 years.

15 Jul 1895 School closed - it being required as Polling Station for the Parliamentary Election.

30 Aug 1895 *Mr Jesse Smith who has been an assistant here since 16 Oct 1893 left to enter Training College.

02 Sep 1895 *Mr William Leivesley late of St Paul's, Halliwell commenced duties as Assistant Master.

13 Dec 1895 *Miss Catherine Hamer a 4th Year Pupil Teacher granted a week's leave of absence in order to attend the Scholarship Exam at Whitelands Teacher Training College.


02 Mar 1896 *Miss Ada J. Holden Ex Pupil Teacher entered upon duties - notification sent to the Department.

30 Mar 1896 *Miss Catherine Hamer has been engaged as Ex Pupil Teacher by the Managers - she having completed her apprenticeship on Feb 29th.



*Jabez Darricotte - Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified Assistant.
*William Leivesley - Certified Assistant.
*Alice Duckworth - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certified Assistant.
*Ada J. Holden - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Sarah E. Dickinson - Ext Pupil Teacher 1st Year.
*Catherine Hamer - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Amy Bury - 2nd Year Pupil Teacher.
*Mary Ellen Crook - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 68.

12 May 1896 *Miss Jane Vose entered upon duties in place of Miss Dickinson who is absent through sickness.

30 Jun 1896 *Miss Jane Vose ended duties as temporary assistant.

14 Jul 1896 *Mr Anderson Rushworth away through his wife's sickness.

17 Jul 1896 *Mr John William McCann away owing to an accident on the Cricket field having caused slight concussion of the brain.

02 Oct 1896 My Doctor has advised me to go away to North Wales to regain strength, left the school in charge with Head Assistant.

12 Oct 1896 Resumed full duties at the school.

13 Nov 1896 Several cases of Scarlet Fever have been reported to me this week, attendance will be very thin.

30 Nov 1896 Owing to bricklayers working in one of the cloak porches the children, whose clothes usually are put there, had to bring their hats and coats into school.


04 Feb 1897 This morning I have been obliged to send ^John Blackburn a Std 3 boy home with a request that his parents will send him to some other school, this owing to his bad habits which I find are having a great influence upon his class mates.

13 Feb 1897 A collection on behalf of the Indian Famine Fund is being made this week throughout the school, Amount raised was £6 15s 0d.

31 Mar 1897 *Miss Alice Duckworth terminated duties.

01 Apr 1897 *Miss Florence Mary Leyland commenced duties, *Miss Crook (Art 68) transferred to Infants and *Miss Elizabeth Mary Eccles from Infants to Mixed.



*Jabez Darricotte - Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified Assistant.
*William Leivesley - Certified Assistant.
*Alice Duckworth - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certified Assistant.
*Ada J. Holden - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Sarah E. Dickinson - Ext Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Catherine Hamer - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Amy Bury - 3rd Year Pupil Teacher.
*Mary Ellen Crook - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 68.

26 Apr 1897 *Miss Agnes Simm a Certified Assistant commenced duties

April-May Many cases of Measles reported in the area.

11 May 1897 The Medical Officer of Health for the Borough visited this school and ordered it to be closed until 24th May owing to the prevalence of Measles.

24 May 1897 Re-opened school - 505 present - many children still away owing to the Measles.

23 Jun 1897 Re-opened after Whitsuntide and Jubilee holidays, over 100 scholars absent owing to being out late watching bonfires.

28 Jun 1897 *Mr Hodgkiss attending the funeral of one of my late Assistants - *Mr Smith of Tottington.

08 Oct 1897 *Miss Agnes Simm finished her duties here - she having resigned owing to ill health.

18 Oct 1897 Two assistants (*Miss Southern and *Miss Naomi Lawton) have been appointed to commence duties on Nov 15th.

12 Nov 1897 *Miss Ada J. Holden finished duties here.

22 Nov 1897 *Miss Amy Bury returned to school after 38 days absence through Scarlet Fever.

02 Dec 1897 Left the school in charge of Head Assistant at 2:30pm to visit two of my Scholars who are in the Infirmary.

15 Dec 1897 Allowed parents to see the school at work and to inspect the toys brought by Scholars as Xmas gifts for the Infirmary.


31 Jan 1898 *Miss Southern finished duties.

01 Feb 1898 *Miss Agnes Simm returns as Temporary Assistant.

07 Mar 1898 Left the school at 10am in charge of Senior Assistant in order to attend the funeral of the late Mayor of Bolton.

Sir Benjamin Alfred Dobson



*Jabez Darricotte - Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified Assistant.
*William Leivesley - Certified Assistant.
*Florence Mary Leyland - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certified Assistant.
*Agnes Simm - Certified Assistant.
*Sarah E. Dickinson - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 52.
*Naomi Lawton - Ext Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Catherine Hamer - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Amy Bury - 4th Year Pupil Teacher.
*Elizabeth Mary Eccles - 2nd Year Pupil Teacher.

24 May 1898 Everyone dismissed at 4pm (Queen Victoria's Birthday).

23 Jun 1898 Both Pupil Teachers away for Science Exams.

22 Jul 1898 Gave *Miss Hamer a holiday so as to have a week-end away from home, owing to her being worn out through the strain of the recent Certificate Examination.

13 Sep 1898 *Mr Anderson Rushworth granted leave of absence for 3 days in order to attend the funeral of a sister who died in Middlesex, the funeral was delayed a day and he returned on the 19th.

28 Sep 1898 Advertised for a successor to *Miss Dickinson whose notice expires on the 31st Oct.

13 Oct 1898 *Miss Naomi Lawton not at school - owing to the serious illness of her sister.

21 Oct 1898 Again advertised for an Assistant as no applications having been received.

31 Oct 1898 *Miss Sarah Dickinson terminated engagement in this school - no successor yet appointed.

07 Nov 1898 *Miss Mary Yates - All Saints School Moses Gate has been appointed to fill the vacancy, but she will not be able to commence duties until after Christmas holidays.

14 Nov 1898 *Mr William Leivesley away from school owing to the serious illness of his sister at Chester.

19 Dec 1898 Lecture on "Alcohol" given to the upper Standards form 3pm to 4pm by Mr Morris.

22 Dec 1898 *Miss Naomi Lawton terminated her engagement.


09 Jan 1899 *Miss Annie Patterson Barwise (Art 50) commenced duties in place of *Miss Lawton, *Miss Mary Yates (Art 52) commenced duties in place of *Miss Dickinson.

26 Jan 1899 During the week the Measles epidemic has spread at a very quick rate.

03 Feb 1899 *Mr William Hodgkiss receives a salary increase of £10 p/a.

10 Feb 1899 *Miss Leyland terminated her engagement at the school, *Miss Yates transferred to *Miss Leyland's class on the 13th.

28 Feb 1899 For the fifth year in succession less than 90 scholars are being received from the Infant Room, of the 88 being drafted up to 17 are either 7 years old or over and therefore presumably should have been sent into the upper scholl a year ago.

22 Mar 1899 *Miss Elizabeth Gatrix starts today for a months trial as a Monitress.

29 Mar 1899 *Mr William Hodgkiss will be in charge as Senior Assistant during anytime I am absent from school for any reason.



*Jabez Darricotte - Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified Assistant.
*William Leivesley - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certified Assistant.
*Agnes Simm - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Yates - Art 52.
*Agnes Pattinson Barwise - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Catherine Hamer - Ex Pupil Teacher Art 50.
*Amy Bury - Ex Pupil Teacher.
*Elizabeth Mary Eccles - 3rd Year Pupil Teacher.
*Maggie Kirkman - Monitress.
*Elizabeth Gratrix - Monitress

25 Apr 1899 Closed for the afternoon school owing to the rooms being required for a Conversazione.

12 Jul 1899 Closed for two days owing to workmen being busy on Ventilation and putting in a new cloak room.

28 Jul 1899 As the holidays approach the average attendance is seriously diminished owing to mainly the parents going away early in order to escape the rush and crowd.

14 Sep 1899 Many children away owing to Measles, Fever and Diarrhoea.

02 Oct 1899 *Annie Wrigley commenced as Probationer.

01 Dec 1899 School closed - Sale of Work.

08 Dec 1899 Measles, Scarlet and Typhoid Fever much on the increase.
Gave the scholars a warning about rushing across Fletcher St in front of the Electric Cars, and cautioned them to look both up and down the street before crossing.

12 Dec 1899 Sent *Maggie Kirkman to assist in the Infants Room for three days during the absence of the Infants Mistress *Miss Leatham.

14 Dec 1899 Miss Doman and Mrs Heywood, lady members of the Management Committee of Group 2 of Board Schools, visited the school to enquire into our welfare of securing cleanliness, punctuality and regularity of scholars.


15 Jan 1900 *Miss Barwise, *Miss Bury and *Miss Hamer away through illness, the two Pupil Teachers being at the Pupil Teacher Centre causes us to be 5 teachers short this morning.

25 Jan 1900 *Miss Bury still away - with the Rev Doman's approval I have written to her father asking for a medical certificate to lay before the Managers.

29 Jan 1900 Mr Barlow - Local Secretary of the Children's National Guild of Courtesy visited the school in the afternoon and addressed the scholars on the subject of the work and benefits of the Guild.

01 Feb 1900 Received following telegram from *Mr Leivesley:

"Ill - influenza - will write"

16 Feb 1900 Lecture on "Jamaica and the West Indies" given by a negro schoolmaster from Jamaica.

12 Mar 1900 In response to an appeal from me, a large number of scholars contributed a copper to a fund to purchase wool - the older girls having consented to knit some useful articles for Bolton soldiers in South Africa.

18 Mar 1900 Rev Doman's daughter Helen Maude Doman-Parker dies age 34.

16 Mar 1900 *Miss Amy Bury finished duties.

19 Mar 1900 *Miss Alice Aves commenced duties as Ext Pupil Teacher in place of *Miss Amy Bury who finished duties on the 16th.



*Jabez Darricotte - Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Certified Assistant.
*William Leivesley - Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified Assistant.
*Agnes Simm - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Yates - Certified Assistant.
*Catherine Hamer - Art 50.
*Agnes Pattinson Barwise - Art 50.
*Alice Aves - Art 50.
*Elizabeth Mary Eccles - 4th Year Pupil Teacher.
*Elizabeth Gratrix - Art 33
*Maggie Kirkman - Monitress.
*Annie Wrigley - Monitress.

19 and 20 Apr 1900 Left school in charge of Senior Assistant, visiting Derby, Birmingham and Leicester Technical Schools as a member of a deputation appointed by the County Borough of Bolton Technical Committee.

28 May 1900 All the scholars assembled in the yard for half an hour to observe the progress of the Solar Eclipse - a capital object lesson and followed with deep interest by the scholars.

21 Jun 1900 *Elizabeth Gratrix away owing to the death of her brother James Richard Gratrix.

11 Jul 1900 School closed - Poor children's trip to Lytham.

16 Jul 1900 Our esteemed Vicar and Chairman of the Managers (The Rev Canon Doman) died this morning at the Vicarage in High St.

19 Jul 1900 School closed in the afternoon - funeral of our late respected Vicar.

01 Aug 1900 *Miss Elizabeth Mary Eccles allowed to commence her holidays 2 days earlier in order that she may proceed to Cambridge with a party of Pupil Teachers from the P.T. Centre.

28 Aug 1900 *Miss Barwise has not returned to school to having met with an accident to her foot.

08 Oct 1900 By special resolution of the Managers I am allowed to leave this school in charge of the Senior Assistant Master (*Mr Hodgkiss) during my absence on a deputation appointed by the Bolton Town Council to visit Technical Schools on the Continent.


21 Jan 1901 ^George Bennett (Std VII) and ^Lily Partington (Std III) having been voted the best-behaved members of the Guild of Courtesy, by their fellow members have been presented with a Silver Medal each.

04 Mar 1901 Many scholars who previously paid us school fees have started to pay voluntarily, owing to the parents knowing that the school was in need of greater financial support in order to keep it efficient.

18 Mar 1901 *Elizabeth Mary Eccles a Pupil Teacher in this school obtains a 1st Class in the Queens Scholarship Examination, she should be informed that she is now qualified under Art 50 and 52.
*Annie Wrigley is now recognised under Article 33.



*Jabez Darricotte - Trained 1st Division.
*William Hodgkiss - Certified Assistant.
*John William McCann - Certified Assistant.
*William Leivesley - Certified Assistant.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certified Assistant.
*Agnes Simm - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certified Assistant.
*Mary Yates - Certified Assistant.
*Catherine Hamer - Art 50.
*Agnes Pattinson Barwise - Art 50.
*Alice Aves - Art 52.
*Elizabeth Mary Eccles - Arts 50 and 52.
*Elizabeth Gratrix - 1st Year Pupil Teacher
*Annie Wrigley - Art 33.

23 Apr 1901 *Mr Rushworth away - attending his mothers funeral.

24 Apr 1901 Left school at 10:30am to attend the funeral of *Mr Alderman Finney who was Manager of this school.

28 May 1901 Many absentees (129) due to the Measles.

14 Jun 1901 I have been ordered to the sea-side to regain strength after an illness, I leave the school in charge of the Senior Assistant.

17 Jul 1901 A number of scholars are away today - it being the Tradesmen's Annual Holiday.

22 Jul 1901 Admitted 2 new scholar, ^Clegg from Russia and ^Gohl from Holy Trinity - both very backward.

27 Aug 1901 Admitted 7 new scholars, 3 of whom are Italians not knowing any English.

09 Dec 1901 *Annie Mitchell came on trial as Monitress.

18 Dec 1901 *Miss Agnes Simm terminated her engagement as a teacher in this school.


13 Jan 1902 *Annie Wrigley - Candidate - Passed.

27 Jan 1902 ^Rose Ethel Thwaites (Std VIII) and ^Gertrude Marsh (Std III) awarded the Silver Medals presented by the Children's National Guild of Courtesy.

25 Apr 1902 St Mark's Day - holiday in the afternoon in consequence of the Dedication of the Canon Doman Memorial Tower.


12 May 1902 The "Stanley" Shield offered by Lord Stanley for competition amongst the Bolton and District Elementary Schoolboys - football season 1901-1902 was won by this school on Saturday last - St Mark's Boys defeating Central Higher Grade Boys by 3 goals to 0.

05 Sep 1902 Distributed 299 certificates to "Never Absent" scholars for the past quarter.

22 Sep 1902 *Miss Alice Aves of St II B Class has been appointed Head Mistress of a Mixed School near Durham - to commence her duties on the 1st Nov.

30 Oct 1902 *Miss Alice Aves terminates her duties.

10 Nov 1902 *Miss Mary Stuart commenced duties as a Pupil Teacher, to sit for 2nd year exam next April, *Miss Lydia Cornall who should have commenced duties this morning in place of Miss Aves has been unable to begin owing to the Vicar of the parish she at present teacher in refusing to allow her to terminate duties in St Luke's School Witton-Blackburn - until end of this week.

17 Nov 1902 *Miss Cornall (Art 50) commenced duties.


26 Feb 1903 Left the school in charge of Senior Assistant as I have to appear before the Bolton Technical Committee as one of the selected applicants for the post of Supervisor of Primary Education, it is 11 years ago today since I began duties here.

27 Feb 1903 The Vicar gave the children a whole holiday today in honour of my appointment of Supervision of Primary Education under the new authority of Bolton.

24 Mar 1903 "Never Absent" photographs taken today, so much are these photos appreciated that the number of children gaining them has risen from 15 in 1895 to 170 this year (1903).

Unknown Date

Unknown Date

27 Mar 1903 *Mr Frank Smith the newly appointed Headmaster spent the whole of today with me in school.

30 Mar 1903 *Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle entered duties as a Probationer, until July she will attend the Higher Grade School half days instead of going to the Pupil Training Centre.



*Jabez Darricotte - Trained 1st Class.
*William Hodgkiss - Certificated.
*John William McCann - Certificated.
*William Leivesley - Certificated.
*Anderson Rushworth - Certificated.
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated.
*Mary Yates - Certificated.
*Lydia Cornall - Art 50.
*Catherine Hamer - Art 50.
*Agnes Pattinson Barwise - Art 50.
*Elizabeth Mary Eccles - Arts 50 and 52.
*Elizabeth Gratrix - 3rd Year Pupil Teacher
*Mary Stuart - 2nd Year Pupil Teacher, Probationer.
*Annie Wrigley - 2nd Year, Probationer.
*Annie Mitchell - 1st Year Pupil Teacher, Probationer.
*Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Art 33.

31 Mar 1903 I terminate my duties as Headmaster of this school today after having held the post for exactly 11 years, tomorrow I commence my new duties as Supervisor of Primary Education for the County Borough of Bolton.

Jabez Darricotte 31 March 1903

Frank Smith
Headmaster Boys and Girls School 1903-1911

01 Apr 1903 (Frank Smith) Entered on my duties as Head Master of these schools.
The Vicar was present at 8:55 and opened school, he addresses the children on the position of the school with regard to the Local Education Authority under whose control we pass to-day, also warmly welcomed me.

13 May 1903 Last evening the School Football team were again successful in winning the Challenge Shield of the Elementary Schools Athletic Association (the gift of Lord Stanley), St Mark's 1 - Central Higher Grade 0.

22 Jun 1903 *Mr J. H. Stott commenced duties as a "Supply Teacher"

29 Jun 1903 ^Frank Darricote and ^Robert Dunlop attending examination for scholarships at the Bolton Grammar Schools, 50 Scholarships are on offer, 5 are successful from this school:- Robert Dunlop 5th, Annie Kenyon 6th, Elizabeth Lewis 7th, Violet Calverley 15th, Frank Darricote occupied 1st place.

01 Sep 1903 *Marie Donnelly commenced duties as Pupil Teacher this afternoon.

26 Oct 1903 *Mr Rushworth given leave of absence owing to the death of his brother.

16 Dec 1903 Fire Drill this morning at 10:50 without notice of any kind, this exercise was carried out with every room clear in 1min 10 sec.


11 Jan 1904 Re-opened school, *Miss Mary Elizabeth Nuttall a Certified Teacher and *William Hellaby a Pupil Teacher commenced duties.

26 Jan 1904 Mr H. Tyrer of St Bartholomew's School brought 20 of his girls to give us an Entertainment last evening, A crowded audience of delighted children gave them a enthusiastic welcome.



*Frank Smith - Trained 1st Class.
*William Hodgkiss - Certificated.
*John William McCann - Certificated.
*William Leivesley - Certificated.
*Anderson Rushworth
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated.
*Catherine Hamer - Certificated.
*Elizabeth Mary Eccles - Certificated.
*Mary Elizabeth Nuttall - Certificated.
*Lydia Cornall - Art 50.
*Agnes Pattinson Barwise - Art 50.
*Elizabeth Gratrix - Art 50.
*Mary Stuart - Art 68.
*Annie Wrigley - 3rd Year, Probationer.
*Annie Mitchell - 2nd Year Pupil Teacher.
*Margaret Dilworth Entwistle.
*William Hellaby.

02 May 1904 *Miss Margaret Woan commences duties.

13 May 1904 Received notice that the Infant School will be closed for 3 weeks, owing to the prevalence of Whooping Cough.

17 May 1904 First detachment of boys attending High St Baths for instruction in swimming, girls on the 19th.

19 May 1904 Master absent this morning attending late John Pennington Thomasson's funeral as Teacher's representative.

29 Aug 1904 *Miss Elizabeth Gratrix leaves us this evening to take up residence in Whitelands Training College.

26 Sep 1904 In the upper standards the oral work particularly that of the half timers must suffer, owing to the frequent absences for Cookery, Swimming and extended time for physical exercise, whilst fully convinced of the usefulness and importance of the above, I make this note in justice to the teachers, and suggest that the curriculum of the girls be lightened by reducing the requirements in some of the subjects of little practical use to the great majority of girls.

21 Nov 1904 Admitted ^Albert Whittaker b09 Mar 1895, does not know his letters perfectly, cannot copy a line of writing.

05 Dec 1904 Was compelled to dismiss Std I II and III owing to the failure of electric light at 4pm.

20 Dec 1904 Attended my sister's funeral in London.


09 Jan 1905 *Miss Annie Wrigley late Pupil Teacher here as Art 50 Supply Teacher sent to St Simon and St Judes temporarily.

06 Feb 1905 *Miss Annie Wrigley still assisting at St Simon and St Judes.

13 Mar 1905 *Miss Laura Leatham admitted ^Mary A. Parrish b20 Oct 1898 and ^John Yates b11 Jul 1895 from Coe St.

22 Mar 1905 The following children have passed the preliminary Thomasson Examination:
^James Atherton
^Alfred Parkinson
^Maud Morris

03 Apr 1905 Out of 496 on roll only 403 present, over 50 absent due to Measles at home.

01 Aug 1905 Fire Drill: Time taken 50 seconds.

04 Sep 1905 *Miss Margaret Entwistle and *Miss Clarice Howarth commenced duties as pupil teachers.

09 Nov 1905 ^Fred Crompton reported to Chairman of Managers for uncleanliness and dismissed, the boys condition was a menace to the health of his fellow scholars.


28 Feb 1906 Dr Parker commenced examination of children's eyesight.

25 Apr 1906 The "Stanley" Challenge Shield won by our School Football Team on St Mark's Day, St Mark's 3 - Central Higher Grade 1.

04 May 1906 *Miss Mary Stuart to assist at Victoria for a 10 days owing to sickness amongst the staff there.

16 Jun 1906 *Mr Jabez Darricote asked for *Miss Mary Stuart to assist at St Paul's Deansgate.



*Frank Smith - Trained 1st Class.
*William Hodgkiss - Certificated.
*John William McCann - Certificated.
*William Leivesley - Certificated.
*Anderson Rushworth
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated.
*Catherine Hamer - Certificated.
*Elizabeth Mary Eccles - Certificated.
*Agnes Pattinson Barwise - Uncertificated.
*Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated.
*Mary Stuart - Uncertificated.
*Mary Kirkman - Uncertificated (Supply).
*William Hellaby - Pupil Teacher.
*Annie Mitchell - Pupil Teacher.
*Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Pupil Teacher.
*Clarice Howarth - Pupil Teacher.

02 Jul 1906 *Miss Annie Mitchell Ex Pupil Teacher transferred to St John's School

15 Oct 1906 *Mr William Hodgkiss absent owing to a fall from a tramcar.


18 Jan 1907 *Mr Anderson Rushworth called at school to report that his doctor has ordered him to remain at home for a time to rest an inflamed leg.



*Frank Smith - Trained 1st Class.
*William Hodgkiss - Certificated.
*John William McCann - Certificated.
*William Leivesley - Certificated.
*Anderson Rushworth
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated.
*Catherine Hamer - Certificated.
*Agnes Pattinson Barwise - Uncertificated.
*Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated.
*Mary Kirkman - Uncertificated (Supply).
*William Hellaby - Pupil Teacher.
*Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Pupil Teacher.
*Clarice Howarth - Pupil Teacher.
*Robert Dunlop - Ex Pupil Teacher.

10 Jul 1907 Holiday v- Porr Children's outing to Lytham.

23 Oct 1907 Our School Swimming Team (in competition with eight other schools) won the "Haslam" Shield this evening at the Bridgeman St Baths.


03 Feb 1908 *Miss laura Leatham and I agreed that the following children are not suited for promotion:

^Robert McCann, ^Stanley Tonge, ^James Hamer, ^Harold Dawson, ^John Ashton, ^Harry Rawsthorne, ^Harry Booth, ^John Regent, ^John Chorlton, ^William Burtonwood, ^Fred Miller, ^Phyllis Walker, ^Mary E. Brown, ^Alice Taylor, ^Alexander Bennett, ^Emily Higham, ^Clara Newton, ^Alice Sinclair, ^Bertha Harrison, ^May E. Higham.

04 Feb 1908 Supplied Inspector plan, dimensions and accommodation of each room in the building on 8ft basis, also on 10ft basis.

01 May 1908 *Miss Ellen Occleshaw (Uncertificated) commenced duty as assistant during *Miss Cornall's absence.

07 May 1908 Our boys Football Team won the "Stanley" Shield for the 5th time - third time in succession this evening.

29 May 1908 *Miss Annie Pattison Barwise leaves us this afternoon, *Miss Ellen Occleshaw replaces her position.

31 Jul 1908 *Mr Robert Dunlop leaves today.

03 Aug 1908 The following children are for various reasons unfitted to enter the Mixed Dept this time:

^Edward Fearnley, ^Robert Parrish, ^Joseph Cooper, ^William Burtonwood, ^Harry Holmes, ^Elizabeth Howard, ^Lily Edgington, ^Clara Newton, ^D. L. Naylor.

24 Aug 1908 *Miss Elizabeth Lewis and *Francis Sewarl commenced duties as Student Teachers this morning according to approved scheme.


20 Apr 1909 Dr Moffatt examined one of our girls ^'Hilda Hunter' at wish of her parents.

24 May 1909 'EMPIRE DAY' The children were assembled and a short address given by the Master on the meaning and object of the celebration, all saluted the Flag as they marched round the school to the yard when patriotic songs were sung.



*Frank Smith - Head 1st Class.
*William Hodgkiss - Certificated.
*John William McCann - Certificated.
*William Leivesley - Certificated.
*Anderson Rushworth
*Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated.
*Catherine Hamer - Certificated.
*Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated.
* Annie Mitchell - Uncertificated
*Mary Kirkman - Uncertificated (Supply).
*Elizabeth Lewis - Student Teacher.
*Francis Sewarl - Student Teacher.
*Ellen Occleshaw - Uncertificated Assistant.

30 Jul 1909 *Miss Elizabeth Lewis and *Miss Francis Sewarl, Student Teachers leave today having completed their term.

02 Aug 1909 *Edith Fallows and *Annie Parkinson commenced duties.

20 Dec 1909 A severe snowstorm sadly interfered with the attendance.


11 Jan 1910 *Miss Francis Sewarl commenced duty.

15 Mar 1910 *Misses Edith Fallows and *Annie Parkinson absent this morning attending Medical Exam: preparatory to admission to Training College.

25 Apr 1910 *Miss A. Heap commences duty.

19 May 1910 *Miss A. Heap sent to assist in Infants due to staff off sick.

21 May 1910 *Miss A. Heap sent to assist at Derby St School, she returns on the 23rd.

31 May 1910 *Miss Catherine Hamer leaves us today, she was a Scholar, Pupil Teacher and Certificated Assistant in our schools, Presentation on behalf of Scholars and Teachers.

01 Jun 1910 *Miss Mary Foote commenced duty.

13 Jun 1910 *John William McCann absent owing to the death of his mother Margaret McCann (67).

24 Jun 1910 *Miss Francis Sewarl leaves today.


Ave Attendance 468: Rate per hd 21s 4d = Grant £449 4s 0d plus Fee Grant @ 10s per hd.

Staff: 1910-1911

*Mr Frank Smith - Certificated Head.
*Mr William Hodgkiss - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr John William McCann- Certificated Assistant.
*Mr William Leivesley - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Anderson Rushworth - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Catherine Hamer - Certificated Assistant. (left)
*Miss Annie Mitchell - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Kirkman - Supplement.
*Miss Ellen Occleshaw - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Edith Fallows - Student Teacher.
*Miss Annie Parkinson - Student Teacher.

31 Oct 1910 *Miss A. Heaps leaves here today.

07 Sep 1910 *Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle commenced duty.

31 Oct 1910 *Miss A. Heaps leaves here today.

02 Nov 1910 *Miss Edith Fairbrother commences duty this morning.

21 Nov 1910 Left the school in the hands of Senior Assistants to visit the Tuberculosis Exhibition at the Co-Operative Hall.


10 Jan 1911 *Mr Herbert Baxendale commenced duty, Four Students from the Training College reported themselves this afternoon:- *Miss L. Westbrook, Miss May Rushton, *Miss C. Penny, *Miss B. Falk.

01 May 1911 *Mr Thomas Smith commenced duties as Head Master of these schools.

12 May 1911 Holiday in the afternoon for all (attained attendance record).

14 Jun 1911 Instructions from Education Committee: all children marched to Heywood Park to practice the Coronation hymns and songs.

22 Jun 1911 Celebrated the Coronation of George V, school closed 22nd and 23rd.

Summary of Annual Grant payable for year ended 28th Feb 1911.

Mixed: Attended 511: Rate per hd 21s 4d:

Grant £545 2s 4d, plus Fee Grant @ 10s per hd.

Staff: 1911-1912

*Mr Thomas Smith - Certificated Head.
*Mr William Hodgkiss - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr John William McCann- Certificated Assistant.
*Mr William Leivesley - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Anderson Rushworth - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Mitchell - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Kirkman - Supplementary Assistant.
*Miss Mary Foote - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Uncertificated Assistant.

04 Aug 1911 *Miss Edith Fairbrother leaves here today.

06 Sep 1911 *Miss Evelyn Wood commenced duties here this morning.

20 Nov 1911 Mr Wilkinson (Director of Education) paid a visit to school this afternoon to see if anything could be done to relieve the congested state of the playground during playtime.
A slight alteration of time table Senior and Junior school took their recreation separately, Mr Wilkinson suggested a three day trial to be given.

23 Nov 1911 Reported to Director of Education that the playground experiment on the whole has been successful.

07 Dec 1911-08 Jan 1912 *Miss Cornall absent with Rheumatism.


26 Jan 1912 Attendance at 91% very poor - many cases of Influenza, Mumps and Ringworm.

04 Mar 1912 Student Teachers each placed in charge of small class, *Mr William Weaver class IV and *Mr Walter Grisdale class V.

01 May 1912 A series of 'Health' lessons given throughout the school each day for one week, the teachers co-operated splendidly and the children were intensely interested, Ave attendance this week 95.5%.

07 May 1912 The teachers of this school wish to place on record their mixed feelings of sorrow and joy on hearing of the approaching removal of their friend the Vicar Mr Edwin Wolfe.
He has been almost daily with us and we wish him to know how deeply we have appreciated his help and advice in our work.

30 May 1912 *Miss Evelyn Wood leaves us today to take up duties at Eagley.

04 Jun 1912 *Mrs Worthington on supply commenced duties.

06 Jun 1912 The gold medals won together with the "Morris" Challenge Shield were presented to our football team today.

Summary of Annual Grant payable for year ended 28th Feb 1912.

Mixed: Attended 501: Rate per hd 21s 4d:

Grant £534 8s 0d, plus Fee Grant @ 10s per hd.

Staff: 1912-1913.

*Mr Thomas Smith - Certificated Head.
*Mr William Hodgkiss - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr John William McCann- Certificated Assistant.
*Mr William Leivesley - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Anderson Rushworth - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Mitchell - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Foote - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Kirkman - Supplementary Assistant.
*Miss Evelyn Wood - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Mr Walter Grisdale - Student Teacher.
*Mr William Weaver - Student Teacher.

29 Jul 1912 Admitted 62 children from the Infants Dept, three children over the age of six and half years kept down after joint examination by myself and *Miss Leatham.

30 Jul 1912 *Mr William Weaver and *Mr Walter Grisdale finished their years training here today as Student Teachers.

01 Aug 1912 *Miss Annie Bradley commenced duty today as a Student Teacher.

09 Aug 1912 *Mr William Leivesley leaves here today.

09 Sep 1912 *Mr Harry T. Tonge a Certificated Teacher commenced duties this morning.

30 Sep 1912 *Mrs Worthington on supply finished today.

01 Oct 1912 *Miss A. Sharman supply teacher commenced duties, she stays for the remainder of the month

25 Oct 1912 Half day holiday for 95% attendance record.

04 Nov 1912 *Miss Annie Waddington a Certificated Teacher commenced here this morning (her appointment date was 1st Nov).

02 Dec 1912 *Miss L. Nelson a Certificated Teacher here till the 9th during the absence of *Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle.

18 Dec 1912 *Mr William Weaver sent for to assist due to absent staff.


06 Jan 1913 *Miss A. Sharman and *Mr William Weaver on supply due to staff sickness.

10 Jan 1913 Attendance this week poor due to Measles, Infant school closes on 14th for one week.

08 Jul 1913 This afternoon the whole of the children in this dept marched to the Wholesale Market where, a full rehearsal for the King's visit was gone through

10th and 11 Jul 1913 Closed in honour of the King's visit.

Summary of Annual Grant payable for year ended 28th Feb 1913.

Mixed: Attended 475: Rate per hd 21s 4d:

Grant £506 10s 0d, plus Fee Grant @ 10s per hd.

Staff: 1913-1914.

*Mr Thomas Smith - Certificated Head.
*Mr William Hodgkiss - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr John William McCann- Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Anderson Rushworth - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Harry T. Tonge - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Mitchell - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Foote - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Kirkman - Supplementary Assistant.
*Miss Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Bradley - Student Teacher.
*Miss Annie Waddington - Certificated Assistant.

31 Jul 1913 *Miss Annie Bradley finishes her year's engagement here today.

01 Aug 1913 *Miss Dorothy E. Fletcher and Miss Florence Fairhurst, Student Teachers commenced duties today, but they finished on the 3rd due to them not completing their Oxford Local Exams.

01 Dec 1913 In spite of the efforts of the Managers who have installed some ventilating fans, it is still difficult to keep the air fresh. Arrangements for lighting are also somewhat defective since two rooms get their main light from above and several classes lack a good left hand lighting. In four instances there are two taught in the same room while the partitions separating the various rooms are not sound proof, at least three of the rooms are passage rooms.

23 Dec 1913 Closed the school foe Xmas holiday.


03 Feb 1914 *Mr Anderson Rushworth has been absent since the 07 Jul 1913 with leg trouble.

17 Mar 1914 *Mrs M. Harrison a supply teacher reported for temporary duty this afternoon, she returns to her own school on the 23rd.

20 Mar 1914 *Mrs Bertha Bishop reported for temporary duty this morning.

20 Apr 1914 After 38 years of faithful service in these schools *Mr Anderson Rushworth retires on his breakdown Superannuation - owing to continued ill health - his resignation taking effect on the 31 Mar 1914.

Summary of Annual Grant payable for year ended 28th Feb 1914.

Mixed: Attended 447: Rate per hd 21s 4d:

Grant £476 16s 0d, plus Fee Grant @ 10s per hd.

Staff: 1914-1915.

*Mr Thomas Smith - Certificated Head.
*Mr William Hodgkiss - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr John William McCann- Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Anderson Rushworth - Certificated Assistant (now retired).
*Mr Harry T. Tonge - Certificated Teacher.
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Mitchell - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Foote - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Waddington - Certified Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Uncertificated Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Kirkman - Supplementary Assistant.
*Miss Lydia Cornall - Uncertificated Assistant.

22 May 1914 Celebrated Empire Day according to custom of former years.

26 Jun 1914 Closed this noon for Operatives Holiday, ^Annie Kenyon wins Council Scholarship.

10 Jul 1914 *Mr Walter Grisdale formerly student teacher here commenced duties as Assistant Master.

31 Jul 1914 *Mrs Bertha Bishop finished her duties as temporary teacher.

03 Aug 1914 Admitted 66 children from Infants Dept this morning, *Miss Gladys Holding commenced duties as Student Teacher.

06 Aug 1914 *Mr Walter Grisdale ordered to join his regiment in London by the first train, he was wished God speed by the assembled school, *Miss Tomlins a supply teacher will be his replacement.

09 Sep 1914 *Miss Dorothy E. Fletcher commences duties as a Student Teacher, *Miss Bertha Bishop returns on supply.

14 Sep 1914 *Miss Hilda Eatough commences duties on supply.

02 Nov 1914 During the past week the children of this dept have, by selling patriotic flags (17 gross) realised a sum approaching £4 with this money, wool has been purchased and the knitting of woolen goods for our soldiers has been commenced by our senior girls.

19 Nov 1914 *Miss Hilda Martin on supply, *Mrs Bertha Bishop writes to say she will not be able to attend again therefore *Miss Hilda Eatough now on staff.


11 Feb 1915 Head Master *Mr Thomas Smith left school on 3 months leave of absence to take up duties as Sergeant Instructor with 10th Battalion, South Wales Borderers.

19 Feb 1915 *Rev H. R. Tomlinson, the Vicar commenced to give first lesson, Religious Knowledge, to the whole school and will continue same each Friday morning during the Season of Lent.

30 Mar 1915 Two serious accidents reported to Mr Wilkinson Director of Education which occurred in playground at 3:05pm, the sufferers being ^Gilbert Mann and ^Sidney Monks.

18 May 1915 *Miss Hilda Martin (on supply) left this school this noon.

13 Jun 1915 *Miss Margaret Kirkman a teacher in these schools for many years and much loved by the teacher and scholars - passed away.

31 Jul 1915 *Miss Gladys Holden and *Miss Dorothy E. Fletcher finished their period here as Student Teachers.

Summary of Annual Grant payable for year ended 28th Feb 1915.

Mixed: Attended 425: Rate per hd 21s 4d:

Grant £453 6s 8d, plus Fee Grant @ 10s per hd.

Staff: 1915-1916.

*Mr Thomas Smith - Certificated Head.
*Mr William Hodgkiss - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr John William McCann- Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Harry T. Tonge - Certificated Teacher.
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Mitchell - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Foote - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Waddington - Teacher Certified.
*Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Uncertified Assistant.
*Miss Gladys Holding - Student Teacher.
*Miss Hilda Eatough - Uncertified Assistant.
*Miss Margaret Kirkman - Supplementary Assistant.

02 Aug 1915 *Miss Dorothy Heywood student teacher from Infants working temporarily in Mixed till the 6th.

09 Sep 1915 *Miss Mabel Eckersley commences duties as certified teacher.

13 Nov 1915 A collection in school (Overseas Club for providing soldiers) realised £1 11s 2d


29 Feb 1916 Claimed Attendance Holiday, Ave for 4 weeks at 94.1%.

11 Apr 1916 *Mr Harry T. Tonge left school today for Military Service.

13 Apr 1916 *Miss E. Bleakley commenced duties today.

08 Jun 1916 *Miss Annie Waddington absent for 15 days she has a scalded foot.

10 Jul 1916 A "Bolton Scholarship" value £60 won by ^Harry Peers of this school.

19 Jul 1916 *Miss L. A. Cheetham commenced duties as temporary assistant.

31 Jul 1916 Admitted 60 children from Infants Dept.

10 Aug 1916 *Miss L. A. Cheetham and *Miss E. Blakely finished duties here today.

11 Sep 1916 *Miss Gladys Minnie Hall commences duties as a certificated teacher.

12 Sep 1916 *Mrs Lawson commences duties as temporary assistant till 24 Nov 1916.

14 Nov 1916 *Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle called away by urgent telegram to Coventry (brother sick).

22 Dec 1916 School closed for Xmas holidays.


01 Feb 1917 A collection on behalf of the Infirmary realises £1 7s 6d.

13 Mar 1917 *Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle absent - her father Thomas has died.

24 Feb 1917 *Miss Cunliffe commenced duties.

30 Apr 1917 *Miss Annie Waddington finishes here today.

31 May 1917 *Mr William Hodgkiss absent in the afternoon (In Tram accident) his last encounter which involved a Tram was in 1906.

09 Jul 1917 A Municipal Secondary Scholarship won by ^Sidney Monks of this school at the early age of 10 years.

30 Jul 1917 58 children transferred from Infants Dept.

11 Sep 1917 *Miss Gladys Minnie Hall absent after learning of the death of her fiance, who was killed in action.

02 Oct 1917 *Miss Hilda Eatough severs her connection as a teacher today, taking up duties as a hospital nurse.

03 Oct 1917 *Miss Helen May Bignell commenced duties as a supply teacher.

11 Oct 1917. Accident today to *James Crook the caretaker, whilst winding up the school clock he broke his collar bone and suffering from shock.

12 Oct 1917 School doctor attends to examine children who will leave during 1918, having attained the age of 13.

12 Nov 1917 *Miss Doris Coleman a supply teacher commences duties in place of *Miss Helen May Bignell who finished today.

21 Dec 1917 *Miss Doris Coleman finishes work here today.


07 Jan 1918 *Miss Helen May Bignell returns (On Staff).

25 Feb 1918 *Miss Helen May Bignell absent (sprained ankle).

27 Mar 1918 *Miss Elizabeth Alice T. Cunliffe finishes her duties here today.

02 Apr 1918 *Miss M. E. Smith commenced duties (on supply), finishing on the 30th.

01 May 1918 *Miss Ada Mary Salt commences here (on supply).

27 May 1918 Received new scale of salaries in which is stated school is now in Grade 3 - de-graded from Grade 2.

27 Jun 1918 ^May Greenhalgh of this school wins an Education Scholarship value £60, whilst ^Walter Hughes who was in Std IV in Aug 1917 is awarded a Municipal Scholarship of £14, ^Annie Fletcher also obtained a Municipal Scholarship.

08 Jul 1918 Opened school, Many children away sick with the prevailing epidemic, On Roll 400, present today 309.

12 Jul 1918 Closed school on account of Influenza epidemic.

29 Jul 1918 59 infants were promoted to Mixed Dept.

Summary of Annual Grant payable for year ended 28th Feb 1918.

Mixed: Attended 392: Rate per hd 21s 4d:

Grant £418 2s 8d, plus Fee Grant @ 10s per hd.

Staff: 1918-1919.

*Mr Thomas Smith - Certificated Head.
*Mr William Hodgkiss - Certificated Assistant.
*Mr John William McCann- Certificated Assistant.
*Mr Harry T. Tonge - Certificated Teacher. (on active service)
*Mr Walter Grisdale - Certificated Teacher. (on active service)
*Miss Mary Ann Richardson - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Annie Mitchell - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mary Foote - Certificated Assistant.
*Miss Mabel Eckersley - Certificated Teacher.
*Miss Gladys Minnie Hall - Certificated Teacher.
*Miss Helen May Bignell - Certificated Teacher.
*Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle - Uncertified Assistant.
*Miss Elizabeth Alice T. Cunliffe - Uncertified Assistant.

28 Oct 1918 Closed school again on account of the Influenza epidemic.

12 Nov 1918 Whole day holiday on signing of Armistice yesterday.

09 Dec 1918 Xmas Term Test commenced in all classes.

20 Dec 1918 *Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle terminates her duties as Assistant Mistress.


06 Jan 1918 Opened school after vacation, attendance poor, no teacher sent to take *Miss Entwistle's position.

15 Jan 1919 *Mr Harry T. Tonge (Sergeant A.G.S.) resumed duties after his army service, *Miss Ada Mary Salt leaves here today for All Saints CofE School.
Also today The Education Authority decided that the school must be worked as a nine class department. Consequently a composite class has been formed from 2A and 3B classes - to be called and worked as III transition, 2B and 3A receiving additions from the dismantled classes.
This reduces the number of assistants and to 9.

30 Jan 1919 School closed for Bazaar.

10 Feb 1919 *Miss Mabel Eckersley absent owing to the death of her father.

Registers correctly marked.

J. Darricotte Supervisor of Schools.

18 Feb 1919 Closed school till the 24th on account of Influenza epidemic.

06 Jun 1919 Seven of the senior boys and girls were sent to the Hall i'th Wood Museum, unaccompanied to stimulate their powers of observation.

09 Jun 1919 Whit Monday holiday.

23 Jun 1919 ^Gerard Thomas Smith aged 9 is awarded a Foundation Scholarship by the governors of the Bolton School, for term of school life covering all fees and books, in July 1924 ^Gerard was awarded Senior Honours at Cambridge.
^Gerard or Corley as he was known, is remembered chiefly for his work in protecting the unique environment of the Galápagos Islands and his support for the Charles Darwin Foundation, established in 1959.
However, Corley Smith before 1959 had a long and distinguished career in Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service.

More at Gerard Thomas Corley Smith.

27 Jun 1919 ^Ellen Mather, ^John Birch and ^Harold Tonge awarded Municipal Secondary Scholarships for 4 years.

09 Jul 1919 *Mr McCann absent this afternoon by permission (attending 'Mayor' Lord Leverhulme's Garden Party as a Steward).

15 Jul 1919 A boy suffered an accident in yard (broken arm) he was sent to infirmary, reported the case to the Director.

28 Jul 1919 *Miss May Stringfellows commenced duties today.

01 Aug 1919 *Miss Margaret Alice Grisdale and *Miss Eveline Phillips commenced as Student Teachers here today.

26 Sep 1919 *Miss Gladys Minnie Hall absent 'sick' (Diphtheria), resumed duties 19 Nov 1919.


19 Apr 1920 *Miss May Stringfellows has been appointed to another school, her Class is now taken by two Student Teachers under the supervision of *Miss Helen May Bignell.

22 Apr 1920 Mr T Callis member of Education called and asked to be shown through the school.

12 Jul 1920 *Mr John G. D. Close age 28 from Lancaster Training College commenced a fortnight's training here.

29 Jul 1920 School closed all day - Visit by Duke of York (future King George IV) to the town.

Photo courtesy of The Mayors of Bolton

30 Jul 1920 *Miss Margaret Alice Grisdale and *Miss Eveline Phillips finish their year as Student Teachers here today.

02 Aug 1920 *Miss Edna Buck and *Miss Elsie G. Hodson commence here as Student Teachers.

06 Aug 1920 *Mr John William McCann absent by permission - holiday in Canada, resumed duties 21st Sep.

10 Aug 1920 *Miss Helen May Bignell left school 9:15 a.m. feeling faint.

04 Nov 1920 Owing to the complete breakdown of the schools heating apparatus and by order of Lancashire Education Authority the school is closed this a.m.

From this date much of the information written in the Head Diaries contain references of absenteeism, holidays and general notes relating to the Staff of St Marks, very little is relevant to the pupils but what is written has been recorded from this point.


01 Aug 1921 *Miss Mary W. Pye and *Miss Nellie Hampson commenced duties as Student Teachers today.

12 Dec 1921 Term tests throughout the school, written papers from every child in Arithmetic (3 papers Problems, Mechanical, Mental), Composition, Dictation.


28 Feb 1922 Holiday all day - Wedding of Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood.

24 May 1922 Empire Day Celebrations. Owing to the upper school being present at the opening of Haslam Park and by the command of Director of Education the registers are not marked.

29 Jul 1922 ^Thomas Hughes awarded a scholarship tenable at Municipal Commercial School.

31 Jul 1922 *Miss Mary W. Pye and *Nellie Hampson finish their year's training as Student Teachers today, also *Miss Mary Ann Richardson retires today from the teaching profession after spending 40 years in this school, beginning as a pupil teacher and retiring as assistant mistress.

11 Sep 1922 *Mr Harry Thomas Tonge wrote to say he has been appointed assistant at White Bank Central and commencing today. No teacher has been sent in his place.

12 Sep 1922 *Mr H. J. Lowe reported here for temporary one day duty.

13 Sep 1922 *Miss Emily Helen Peeks commenced duties this a.m. and appointed on permanent staff 01 Oct 1923.

18 Nov 1922 *Miss Grace H. Tyson attended here on supply for half day only.


26 Apr 1923 Duke of York's wedding day, school closed all day.

23 May 1923 *Miss Mary Farrar attended on supply, finished 01 Jun 1923.

04 Jun 1923 *Miss Grace H. Tyson attended here on supply, finished duties 24 Jul 1923.

28 Sep 1923 *Miss Helen May Bignell finishes here today.

From 02 Nov 1923 to 12 Feb 1925 nothing is entered in the Heads Diaries


12 Mar 1925 *Mr William Hodgkiss is absent (sick), he retires on a breakdown pension on 31 Mar 1925 after 32 years service in this school, sadly he dies on the 08 May 1925.

01 Apr 1925 *Mr A. Hodkinson commenced duties, he finishes 29 May 1925.

02 Jun 1925 *Mr James Mason commenced duties.

22 Jul 1925 *Miss Dorothy Tootell commenced duties from St Mary's Cheltenham.

16 Sep 1925 *Miss Elizabeth Thornber commenced duties today, she leaves 26 Jul 1926 for Manchester Training College.

11 Nov 1925 Celebrated Armistice Day.

30 Nov 1925 *Miss Mitchell absent - accident on tram car.


25 Jan 1926 Boys and Girls of top class visited Mere Hall Museum this morning, leaving school at 10:15 in charge of *Mr McCann and *Miss Mitchell.

17 Feb 1926 *Miss Mary Foote absent with permission of Director of Education (without salary), resumed 19 Jul 1926, *Miss Mary Strickland attended here temporarily 16 Feb 1926-17 Mar 1926.

17 Mar 1926 *Mrs Mary Barlow commences duties today till 30 Apr 1926.

30 May 1926 *Miss Bertha Shepley commenced duty today, she is moved to Infant Dept early in July.

26 Jul 1926 *Miss Elizabeth Thornber leaves here today and *Miss Bertha Shepley returns from Infant Dept.

29 Jul 1926 ^John Massey age 11 is awarded Entrance Scholarship at Church Institute covering fees and books for life.

10 Aug 1926 The Mayor, Percy Knott visited the school, saw each class and heard the children sing and joining in evening prayer.

Percy Knott
Photo courtesy of Links in a Chain, The Mayors of Bolton

02 Nov 1926 *Miss Mary Foote commences duties at another school today and is taken from the staff of this dept (31 Oct 1926).

22 Dec 1926 ^Harold Tonge former pupil of these schools awarded commercial scholarship at Victoria Manchester, 27 Jun 1919 awarded scholarship at Municipal Sec School, 1929 B.A. Victoria University Manchester in Political Economy, 1931 came 1st in all of England of the final exam at the Institute of Chartered Accountants.


16 Apr 1927 Extensive alterations to the school premises commence.

24 May 1927 Observed Empire Day as in former years.

06 Oct 1927 Crompton Centenary Week, school closed, working under great difficulties through alterations.

22 Jun 1927 ^James Bate awarded scholarship at Bolton Minicipal Secondary School.

20 Jul 1927 Registers not marked due to visit of the King of Egypt to Bolton.

17 Oct 1927 *Mr Harold S. D. Bonser commenced duties today.

21 Oct 1927 *Mr James Mason leaves here today - transferred to Wolfenden S.C.


31 Jul 1928 *Mr J. W. McCann finishes here today, retiring after more than 34 years work in this school on a pension.

01 Aug 1928 *Mr Harry Brickles commenced duties here this morning.

06 Aug 1928 Children of the upper standards were conducted by their teachers to view the Bayeux Tapestry, on exhibition at the Chadwick Museum.

Opened 1884, Demolished 1956
Photo courtesy of Links in a Chain, The Mayors of Bolton

According to some sources when the Chadwick Museum was demolished some artifacts were still in the basement, these will more than likely still be there

June 1929 ^Gerard Thomas Smith a former scholar of this school is awarded Senior Scholarships examined at Emmanuel College Cambridge, also ^Robert Gee awarded Scholarship.

Less and less information is being entered into the Diary from this point mostly being sickness days and dates of school shutdowns.

26 Jun 1930 ^Margaret Nina Smith awarded Foundation Scholarship at Bolton School also Elizabeth Battersby awarded Commercial School Scholarship.

08 Sep 1930 *Miss Florence Owens commenced duties here today she is taken on permanent 01 Mar 1931.

20 Feb 1931 23 Children in Std VII visited the "Changing China" exhibition in the Albert Hall.

17 Nov 1931 Owing to epidemic of Measles and Influenza (63 pupils absent) the school is closed by Medical Officer of Health, to re-open 10th Dec.

02 Jun 1932 Inspector Gledhill of Bolton Police addresses the children on "Safety First".

22 Jun 1932 ^Lilian Dale, ^Doris Lunn and ^Alfred Potter awarded Scholarships at Municipal Secondary Schools.

23 Nov 1932 Prince of Wales visted Bolton today.

24 Jul 1933 ^James Hamer awarded Scholarship Municipal Secondary Schools, ^Denys C. Smith award Major Scholarship at Bolton Grammar.

20 Dec 1933 *Miss Bertha Shepley leaves today - to be married.

10 Jan 1934 *Mr William Edward Molyneaux commenced duties her today (he leaves 29 Mar 1934).

06 May 1935 School closed for King's Silver Jubilee.

01 Aug 1935 As from this date the Infants Dept is amalgamated with the Mixed Dept under the control of the Head Master, *Miss Clarice Haworth retires today.

No more entries in the Diary



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