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Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were. What were their names ? Where did they live ?, Where did they come from ?, Who did they marry ?, Where are they buried ?.

All the Family Tree's I have completed have been well received and have enriched their knowledge of their ancestor's, many recipients have gone on to visit their ancestors addresses, churches, graves etc, from the information supplied.

Testimonials in order of last received
These do not include my friends or relatives testimonials, only commissioned Family Tree's


Completed Dec 2017

Awaiting testimonial in Jan 2018

Some Tree Statistics

People 924
Baptisms 376
Marriages 338
Burials / Cremations / Memorials 255
Probates / Wills 54



Completed Jul 2017

Awaiting testimonial in Jan 2018

Some Tree Statistics
959 People
267 Baptisms
331 Marriages
368 Burials / Cremations
61 Probates / Wills



Completed Oct 2016

Hi David

This is long overdue but I wanted to say a great big thank you for all the hard work you have done on completing my family tree, a huge task considering that my father was one of 19 !!!. Its been a real pleasure looking through the massive amounts of information and finding out about my heritage - I still havnt got through all of it - its quite amazing !!. It is all compiled and presented professionally too in a very handy leather folder.

Thank you so much once again for all your hard work ..
Kind regards

Some Tree Statistics

864 People
313 Baptisms
269 Marriages
315 Burials / Cremations / Memorials
23 Probates / Wills



Aug 2015

I want to say thank you so much for doing my family tree it was well worth the wait and I have been totally over the moon with it. I love the frame of it to, I took it to show my mum and she was excited at looking at it because there was lots of things that she didn't know even the family names.

I am really thrilled with it.

Some Tree Statistics

866 People
211 Baptisms
241 Marriages
86 Burials / Cremations / Memorials
18 Probates / Wills



May 2015

"David Dixon's meticulous researches have reached into my family history all the way back into the mid-18th Century, with results that are still fascinating myself, my brother and our children. He works fast, diligently and for extremely reasonable rates.
I cannot recommend his services highly enough."

Some Tree Statistics
820 People
343 Baptisms
281 Marriages
143 Burials / Cremations
123 Probates / Wills

Mr Holden received a digital version of his family tree, for him to print at his leisure, so did not include a framed chart or binder.


Apr 2015

Hi David,

Thank you for your quick response. Sorry for my delayed response. Once again you amaze me with how much information you are able to obtain even from the USA. I also appreciate the email addresses you forwarded in regards to my Father's service in the RAF. I plan to follow through with this research. Allow me to express my deepest gratitude for all your efforts, skill and attention to detail, also your patience in the long haul of doing both sides of my Family. What a journey this has been, with some surprises, some humour. The detail is more than I ever expected, and something I will always cherish and pass down to my Family.

Highly Recommended

Some Tree Statistics

601 People
124 Baptisms
180 Marriages
17 Cremations / Burials / Memorials
10 Probates / Wills



Dec 2014

Dear David.

Thank you so much for my "Family "Tree. I was so excited to receive it and every time I open it, I find something new, sometimes happy, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. I now feel I know my ancestors.
Thanks again for your hard work, and attention to detail.
Our very best for the festive season to you and Anne.

Some Tree Statistics

481 People
149 Baptisms
139 Marriages
63 Cremations / Burials / Memorials
22 Probates / Wills



Nov 2014 (email received May 2015)

Hi David,

Thank you very much for the detailed Family Tree with many family members and relations I didn't know I had a very interesting history.
I'm still reading through it all at the moment and been to many locations mentioned, I'm still looking to see if I can find my Grandfathers Military Records as he signed up at Silverwell Street Barracks according to my Mother who I took on a tour of her past relations abodes, 'which made her day!.

Some Tree Statistics

514 People
148 Baptisms
154 Marriages
149 Cremations / Burials
23 Probates / Wills


Sep 2014

Hi David
Thank you for my "Family Tree" I was amazed at how much detail you have put in it was not only a great pleasure to open it and start reading about my ancestors it was as though they had come back to life both Janet and I were more than delighted with it we both got quite emotional reading the information, some of it quite amazing and surprising.
Once again thank you for the hard work that you must have put into this, Janet can't wait for her very own "Family Tree".
Best Regards

Some Tree Statistics

654 People
328 Baptisms
198 Marriages
90 Burials / Cremations
16 Probates / Wills


Jun 2014

Hi David,

What can I say ...........absolutely wonderful, I now know people who were Dads relations, and who I had no idea about before, which gives a whole new concept to the Thompson family.

We looked at it over the weekend, and feelings ranged from amazement, to laughter, particularly about the sailor lol, and his 'problem'.

Its fantastic David, and once again I cant give enough thanks, for all the hard work, It has set off another trail of gravestone searching, and the suitcase with the old pics in has got to be gone through, as I can put pics to quite a few of the people, excitement all round, and I can't wait to take it further.

We will keep sending bits and bobs that we find, if that's ok.

Many Many thanks for an amazing tree,

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date before 1748
822 People
183 Baptisms
213 Marriages
220 Deaths
5 Burials/Cremations
25 Wills/Probate
178 Surnames
7 Generations



Feb 2014

Dear David

My Family tree that you have just completed is far beyond what I expected, I never imagined you would find so many people and going back to the 1700's.
The detail is more than I ever expected, its something I will treasure and be able to pass down to my children.
For me its about remembering all those people that once lived, they mattered then and still do now, and I can see who they where and the relationship they are to me.
The framed family Tree, that I have on my wall to the leather Book with all my relatives in it, 604 people in total, even cousins and where family is buried, is amazing.
I felt that my Dad ( who died when I was 24yrs ) would have wanted me to have found out where he came from, especially as I'd never met my Grandparents, his Mother and Father.
Your help in finding their grave was so kind of you, and I now see I have lots of family buried at the same cemetery.
You did both sides, my Mother and Father's side.
Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated,

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date before 1770
604 People
189 Baptisms
170 Marriages
192 Deaths
128 Burials/Cremations
12 Wills/Probate
142 Surnames
7 Generations



Dec 2013

Hi David,

Just to let you know that the parcel has been delivered, thank you so much. Obviously I have opened it and had a look, and I am literally in tears, its absolutely wonderful, I was expecting something really really good, but this far exceeds that expectation. I cant wait to see Allen's face when I give it to him. From going to not knowing much about his family, to having all this information, I cant begin to imagine his reaction. He now has his 'own' history, and knowing Allen he wont just leave it there, he will be off tracking things down.
I really cant express enough how fabulous this is, (for me never mind Allen) and I cant thank you enough for everything you have done, many many thanks once again, its absolutely wonderful,

PS I will let you know how the surprise goes

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date before 1758
561 People
182 Baptisms
159 Marriages
169 Deaths
42 Burials
13 Wills/Probate
142 Surnames
8 Generations



Please allow me to express my deep appreciation for the Allen Ward family tree compiled and presented by yourself.

With the little information Janet managed to wheedle, coax and glean from me, due to my only having the sparest contact with a mother whom I only met occasionally during my RN leave periods, and thereafter from a less than forthcoming aunt and an uncle, I think it is truly remarkable how a family ancestral line has been navigated from such sparse initial information. My father I never met, and the only grandparent was a tired and very quiet grandfather (who simultaneously aroused my wonder and inquisitiveness, but eluded all explanation or comprehension) and who went and died in 1967 in a bed behind the downstairs sofa at my aunt's!

Needless to say it has force-fed my own deep interest in the social and working history of the textile-industrial north; first formed from once living in, and patently studying the full deeds, life history's and certificates of, a 17th Weavers' Cottage at Guide, near Blackburn. I hope it comes of interest to yourself (as much as a complete mystery to me) upon discovering that on finally returning north from a naval career - one similar property in Padiham (my first ever visit to this typical mill town) that I was drawn to, actually stood in, and attempted to purchase, (I got gazumped) - happens to be a dwelling originally used by a Blacksmith family in the tree. And they say that strange things happen at sea?

Similarly, a step-relation is living three doors from another family tree address, now, in our town of Darwen. With her being born (white) in Nairobi and having a childhood in Sussex and Cornwall she is no longer feeling herself the "misplaced refugee" amongst her dialect-ridden terrace - as my ancestral relations were one of the first to move into the terrace in 1899. Most of her neighbours have now been appropriately informed: northern humour to the fore! To yourself probably another of many such responsive surprises, but ones I expect you are able to appreciate considering how amazing things can result from your genealogy searches.

With my gratitude, it will come as no surprise to yourself I feel sure, that with a new "past" there are now numerous enough old family addresses, northern landmarks and of course cemeteries in which to indulge myself further. And what a pleasantly warm feeling to be descended from fairly-sound-appearing, working-class grafters! Janet knows how much I value the attractive presentation case and document file that now takes pride of place on the bookshelf. Thank you once again - from us both - for the effort, the long haul, the patience and understanding and most of all: your skill.

With all best regards,

Nov 2014

Hello again David (hello Anne!),

Thank you again for your uplifting reply and the welcome inspiration!

I haven't managed to find any statues, municipal buildings or even streets that are named after my lot!! There is a street lamp manufacturer by the name of Ward whose stencil mark adorns some back lanes in Burnley, but safest is to say that a high percentage of the humble dwellings of my lineage, were disposed of in some sort of scorched-earth policy under the 1940's Housing Improvement Act!

For your web-page - please spare 5 minutes lol - whilst I outline a few of the many, many adventures that my ancestry has taken me on. You will recognise a familiar "ring" to it all, I am sure. Otherwise, just a mental stimulation for others to pick up their (David produced) files... and to "get out there"...!!

Newspaper cuttings:
1. Finding Grandfather in 1922, having being fined £6 for driving his charabanc at a breakneck 16mph through Preston. It would probably have been closer to £4 if he hadn't wasted the courts time contesting the method by which the two police constables at either end, had synchronised their pocket watches and white handkerchief waving... a difference to him of some 30 seconds!

2. Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather's (a Gamekeeper) 1820's court appearance in Lancaster assizes, as a witness following an overnight search, for the culprits' in a murder case involving the death of a neighbouring gamekeeper's assistant? After reading the complete transcript of the court case, I was waiting to see how my ancestor played his courageous part..... however, according to his statement in court he "heard nowt, saw nowt and knew nowt". Somehow, that figures.

3. Discovering the 1924 newspaper announcement that my Gr-Grand-Aunt and her husband were retiring and handing over the Stewardship of the town's Liberal Club after twenty-two years in the job. The announcement included Joseph's role in the canvassing for the local Liberal MP's successful election - and also the fact that Joseph was a renowned bass soloist in the town choir. I still have some difficulty erasing the 'picture-thought' of Gr-Grand-Aunt Mary Jane scrubbing Gr-Grand-Uncle Joseph's back in their tin bath, by a roaring fire,.... whilst he growls out "The Land" (song) in his deep bass voice!

4. Various BMandD announcements from nineteenth-century newspapers of your ancestors. Much the same as now, they read those final hours as a choice (if you had one at all?) of having "died peacefully", "died suddenly", "fell asleep" - or having just "passed away". Not much has changed lol.

Church Graveyards
1. Discovering an 1880's gravestone of an ancestor, with a verse carved upon it that signifies mournfully the grief at his wife's passing. The verse could not be traced as a biblical source or to any recognisable poem or borrowed lament, and thus seemed to be "home made" and therefore yet all the more poignant? As explained to Jan... my romantic streak comes from "somewhere"... but I haven't noticed her acknowledgment yet!!

2. Finding a barely readable, and strangely unrecorded, 1870's ancestry headstone, leaning badly and covered in lichen and algae moss, in a Rocester graveyard for two (Ward) sons aged 21 and 17.. It read for the first son "In Affectionate Memory Of" (which, by itself inflicts a distant and remote tone) but the mystery is more pronounced to find the younger of the two "who was accidentally killed at Langley, Derbyshire (date). Age 17". The dates are given on the headstone. No church records for the first son mentioned and no records of local mining, tunneling or mill workers (etc) accidental deaths around Langley, at that time! It turns out that the first son is very, very likely buried in an army grave in India, having died of dysentery there.... and the accidental death (via his death certificate) shows the younger son was run down by a coal merchant's horse and cart on the Langley Turnpike road, dying almost instantly (my sister, following the current trend for historical court cases,... wonders if we can perhaps "do" the cart driver for speeding?)

3. Three ancestors - father, mother and youngest son - sharing one grave and all dying at comparatively early ages. Curiosity, morbid perhaps, and the fact they all lived in and operated the same town public house, lends you to believe that Tetleys Ales were partly responsible (!) only to discover that the father died of a heart problem leading to high blood pressure, the son similar but related to low blood pressure... and mother died having fallen off her stepladder. In the last case, perhaps Tetleys did play a part!!

4. A (Xmas) wreath-style ornament placed on an ancestors grave. That seems to signify that there is someone "out there" related, in some way, to yourself for sure!! I found them and the story that went with it.

5. Pre-census dated gravestones that, quite unexpectedly, list the spouses and other family members in the same grave. What an absolute "treasure" of a find! Then the proof-photos, and the rush home to get those "gaps" in the files filled in!

1. Discovering that an ex-Blacksmith's home and external forge, now a private dwelling and former listed building, that you once harboured with a view to purchasing..... (we got gazzumped) ..... is exactly the same one that is in your ancestry record!! To think that you stood in it. To realise that the blacksmith was your Gr-Grand-Uncle? Priceless! And ever so hauntingly "eerie" too!!

2. Discovering that your family ancestors lived in a house - brand new in 1898, as the date stone above the window shows - that is three doors down, from your now living relatives! And trying to imagine what it must have been like in there, with Thomas and Alice and their eight kids, in that two-up / two down?

3. Standing in the town's cobbled street-ways. Being aware that your Gr-Gr-Grandfather (and later his son) was the Council Foreman Pavior, and who would have shared some responsibility in the laying of those very cobblestones? The church and the school that the family will have attended? The chip shop on the corner that was functioning at the same time? Hmmm.

4. "Google Earth" doesn't get everywhere; and so on a visit to a particular address to get a photo of the house, the current owner invited me in and, having delved under their bed for the house deeds, showed me where Gr-Grand-Uncle George had signed the building's very first mortgage document. £280 for a three-bedroomed, end-of-terrace, in 1889. Strewth.

1. The wryness of discovering an ancestor who joined up to fight in WW1. This one, a former insurance agent who was unable to continue as a cotton weaver because of his terribly poor eyesight - was placed as a gunner in the Royal Artillery. Realising eventually that his jam-jar spectacles were more of a hindrance than any benefit in displacing the Kaiser, the army - in their wisdom - placed him instead under a new service number in the Pioneer Corps. Noticing that his military record showed him receiving a disability and a one-off annuity, I wondered what part of the Somme or Paschendale offensive he was wounded in... it turned out to be a hernia. Still, .... he did his bit?

There are countless other tales... more no doubt as the search widens. Thank you again!


Sep 2013

Hi David

Love it...It is brilliant, I can't tell you how pleased I am It is certainly a thorough account of my Father's Family.

A Big Heartfelt Thank You David.

Seattle USA

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date before 1701
364 People
123 Baptisms
100 Marriages
93 Deaths
32 Burials
13 Wills/Probate
87 Surnames
8 Generations



May 2013

Hi David
I would just like to say a big thank you for all the hard work you did on my family tree.
When I contacted you I was really stuck and the information you have found is fantastic, there are names I didn't recognise but you got back to 1701 and I couldn't believe it.
I was also impressed at how its presented in the beautiful folder.
Greatly appreciated and many thanks

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date 1701
990 People
219 Baptisms
201 Marriages
175 Surnames
10 Generations



Aug 2012

June Ashcroft's family tree extra research completed.

Sadly, June passed away in 2014, we had communicated from the very start of St Marks web site and June will be sadly missed by everyone who knew her.



Jul 2012

Hi David
I am really happy with my tree, I was going round in circles and getting stuck and hadn't got any time to try and sort it out. I love the binder and the finish of my tree its really professional and has been well worth the cost.
Thank you

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date abt. 1750
520 People
124 Marriages
103 Surnames
10 Generations



Mar 2012

Hi David
I am absolutely thrilled with the finished tree and the professional finish to the whole file, I am amazed at how much detail you have found on family members, their birth, baptism and marriages, even burial information.
You are a marvel thank you so much.
Anyone looking to research Family Trees need look no further.
Well Done.

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date abt. 1752
491 People
117 Marriages
130 Surnames
8 Generations



Oct 2011

Hi David,
My Family Tree is Absolutely Brilliant, My Parents are very shocked because what you have found (In a nice way)
My mum is more than my dad because she had never seen photos of her mum when she was a child. We will be printing it all of then we will sit and read through it properly.
You have done a super duper job, thank you

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date 9th Oct 1688
284 People
82 Marriages
76 Surnames
12 Generations

Julie required a digital version of her tree so she could print off at her leisure, this also did not include a framed chart or binder.


I can start to research and document your Family Tree, my specialist area is Lancashire although any area is fine.

Just give me as much information as you can, the further back the information you can supply, the easier it is for me.

The cost of the tree would be dependant on how the framework looks after an initial research.

Details that will be included if found are Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Census details, Occupations, Death, Cause of Death and Burial these details if found, for example those show on the main tree chart below and their children including their husbands/wives if marriage found and also their children (cousins).
If we come across any obstacles at the start or during the research, which is quite possible sometimes. and a birth or marriage certificate is required then details will be sent to you on the most inexpensive way on how to obtain the document or I can order on your behalf at the same cost, ordering certificates will be the last resort.

Any documents ordered or found will be forwarded on to you along with the completed tree.

The tree will consist of a A3 chart (in a frameless frame), chart example below and all details in a presentation folder that could consist of a few hundred pages

Chart from latest tree Oct 2016

Image has been altered for privacy resons

I can also provide a copy of an original Census form from 1841-1911 for any particular family or address at a very small cost dependant on how many census forms are required.

You never know what I may uncover about your long lost relatives.

Email Me For Details

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