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Updated March 20, 2018 6:02 PM

1966 photo
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Listed in date order by last received

I sometimes carry out a spell check on the website, please feel free to send any corrections by email, I usually leave the emails as received


Mar 2018

Dear David

I came across your name on the St Marks website. The reason I'm contacting you is that my grandfather served in France in WW1 alongside William Munro Hutchinson of 35 Platt Street Bolton. who sadly died in service on 16 September 1918 aged 24. Amongst my grandfathers's papers is a letter that he received in France from William's parents thanking my grand dad for the kindness that he had shown their son.

I would love to be able to share this letter with the family of William but have no way of contacting them. My sister has also visited Williams' grave in France and has a photo of it which she'd like to share.

If you would like me to forward a scan of the letter and a photo of the grave please let me know.

Many thanks

Sue Fuller

My Reply

Hello Sue

Thank you for your email to St Marks and your thoughtful gesture to share this document with William's descendants.

I will accept a scan of the letter and photo of William's grave for consideration to upload to the St Marks website, of course any private information in this letter that should only be for descendants eyes will be redacted.

I will also endeavor to find the descendants of William through my expertise in Genealogy but I cannot guarantee successful reply or being acknowledged.

Also since this year is the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 some of my contacts may also be interested in this document, as commemorations are being prepared for this event in Bolton.


Thank you for your response. Please see attached letter and photo.

Don't worry if you have no success with this, putting it on the website might be enough and I at least feel like it has been shared with someone!

Kind Regards

Sue Fuller

See CH142 and CH100 Roll of Honour


Jan 2018


My wife has recently aquired a St Marks Schools medal from an aged Aunt who lived a large part of her life in Edgeworth, near Bolton.
The medal appears to be for a match played in the 1904-5 season and was awarded to a J Wigham ( no relation to anyone in our family) and I presume was played at St Marks school.
The front of the medal has a Bolton creast and the reverse indicated it was made by Fattorini, Bolton and is hallmarked 1901.
We were wondering if it would be of any interest to your school?

Kind Regards
Marie and Bob Limb


My Reply

Hi Bob / Marie

The medal was for John Wigham born 14 Sep 1891, his parents were Cain Wigham and Alice Walsh who were married at St Bartholomews in 1887, this was Cain's second marriage, his first marriage was at St Marks in 1881 to Susan Hadfield.

John played for St Marks Football team and attended the school, his father Cain Higham also attended the school, Cain is mentioned in the school diaries on the website, although John is not mentioned in his class year, notes exist mentioning around 50 children without full forenames, J. Higham is listed so this name can now be added to the Class Years.

See SM144 the medal is now in the St Mark's collection, thanks to Bob and Marie


Dec 2017

Dear David,

I found your website quite by chance. My name is also David and I am adopted. I have been looking for my birth mother whose name is PAULINE HOWARTH. She lived on Tottington Road, Bury, Lancashire when I was born in 1968.
I noticed that there is a Pauline Howarth on your site listed in the Class of ’67.
Would you know if this would be the same person?.
Any help you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

David J. Platt

My Reply

Hi David
Sorry the Pauline Howarth from Class was only aged 11 in 1967 and went on to Westhoughton Parochial to finish her education and left school in 1972 age 15.

Dec 2017

Hi David

Many thanks for putting the names and memories of st marks on the net, I had a great time there and my memories are firmly in my head. Playing cricket with the wickets chalked on the gable end of the building, playing on the small steps at the side of the school and sitting in the hall or was it the gym listening to the wireless and making life long friends with mate John Bonney, thanks and hope you carry on the work and before I forget my name is Gerald Scholes.

Gerald Scholes Class of 1964


Nov 2017


Me and my family attended St Marks
Our family name is Uden. I went from about 1954 to 1961. My older brother a bit before that and my younger sisters later.
I now live in South Australia.

Best wishes

Best wishes Lillian Class of 1961


Nov 2017

Hi David

I have been looking through St Marks Web page and found my grandad Edmund Smethurst was in the class of 1932. This is about as much as I know about him. Do you know or know where I can find further information about his family?

Kind regards

Richard Smethurst

My Reply

Hi Richard
Edmund born # # 1918 Bolton, Birth date details from St Marks Leaving Register 1930-1937 reference ABS/07/02 (Available to view at Bolton Archives and Local Studies), It seems Edmund was living at 2 Tildsley St when he left school, birth date matches details from death reference.

The rest is what I have found on a Edmund Smethurst from the sparse details aforementioned.

Edmund Smethurst
Died # # 1988 Bolton
Cremated # # 1988 Bolton
Brother to Ethel Smethurst b1920 Bolton

Info below has not been verified from a second source

Parents Thomas Smethurst and Alice Barwise married St Philips Bolton 1914.

Wife Alice possibly died in 1926 with Thomas possibly re-marrying again in 1933 to Mabel Mann at St James Breightmet.

In 1939 a Thomas Smethurst was living at 2 Tildsley St with wife Mabel.

A Edmund Smethurst (a Soldier) with wife Phyllis Cathleen was again living at 2 Tildsley St in 1942 with daughter Alice Emmeline Smethurst born # # 1942.

Sorry that is all I have found in the limited time I have.


Hi David

Thank you so much for this. All this information does relate to my grandad. Really appreciate it and can not thank you enough.

Kind Regards

Some private details have been removed and replaced with #


Sep 2017

I don’t know if you provide this service but would be possible to have the baptism records of Brian William Lynch baptised 1950.
If there is a charge I will pay. I believe this is my late husbands baptism record although William does not appear on his birth certificate.
His parents would have been Joseph lynch and Norah Charlesworth Barlow

Thanks in Advance
Kind Regards
Janet Lynch

My Reply

Hi Janet

Thank you so much for your email regarding Brian's baptism.

I am so sorry to hear that Brian has died, as you say Brian is recorded as Brian William on my web site, this is actually incorrect, during the years of adding over 40,000 names on the St Marks site some errors inevitably happen of which this is one of them.

I am sending you Brian's baptism from images I took in 2008 as well as Brian's parents marriage copy.




Aug 2017

My sister Hilary southern is on one of ur photos u put on x

Debra Southern 1962


Jul 2017

Hi David
I have been looking through St Marks Web page and found my grandad Edmund Smethurst was in the class of 1932. This is about as much as I know about him. Do you know or know where I can find further information about his family?

Kind regards

Richard Smethurst

My Reply
Hi Richard
Thank you for contacting St Marks, I have just completed a family tree and at the present just started to research another commissioned family tree and will be unavailable to help you with your request for at least 3 months.
My spare time involves researching, compiling and printing/publishing commissioned family trees, in between these I research, write and publish St Marks which is funded by the aforementioned.
Please do not take offence with my reply and do contact me again around October and I shall be happy to check for you as I do have another family tree enquiry which may come to fruition around November/December.
Yours sincerley

Hi David

Thank you for the swift response. You've not offended me at all. I appreciate you are busy and will contact you in October.


SEE 285


Mar 2017

Dear David,
Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done.
I have been visiting St Marks site for some years now whilst doing my family history, my maiden name was Barrett and other family names were Fincham and Boardman.
My grandmother Hilda Boardman was born in 1905 whilst the family lived at 5 Broach St, she lived there after marrying Charles Robert Fincham and only left in the early 1980 to move near our family in Farnworth.
I managed to find my mother Eveline Fincham baptism along with her two brothers Robert and Raymond but nothing else until the week. I’ve found my baptism in 1955 and we lived at 4 Broach St until moving to 7 Glynne St.
My mother used to tell me a story that I was a Rose Bud and wore a sticking out dress with pantaloons and carried a basket, finally your site has a photo in 1960 and there are two with me on with the Rose Queen. My mother will be over the moon as we lost the vast majority of photos and only have about 10, this will make her day.
All I have to do now is find any very old photos of her time at Clarendon St school she was born in 1937.

Thank you so much.

Christine Severn nee Barrett 1955, Baptised 1955

My Reply

Hello Christine

Thank you for your kind words.

Unfortunately I do not work on the St Marks site as much as I did due to researching commissioned family trees, although I do have breaks from researching these now and again and I always answer emails and upload to the site and adding info to photos and such.

I shall add your email to the Guestbook on the next update, if you would care to give me the CH or SM numbers to which you refer (it just makes it easier for me to find on my PC software) as there are now over 800 pages and well over 1500 images I shall add your email to these photos as well, and if you have any other info to add to the photos I would be more than pleased to do so.

I'm glad people are still finding the site at its new web site address, the linkage site ( may stop working sometime soon as it was only used for a year until I found another address for the site so be sure to bookmark this is a Spanish server, which so far is free to use for me.

If you wish larger versions of the photos you mention and image of your baptism just let me know, as most private details are never shown on the site i.e. Birth dates etc



Feb 2017

Dear David.
I would like to say a big thankyou for all your hard work.
My maiden name is Wilkinson and i have found so much information from you and a photo of Nellie Wilkinson and her husband. I have also found the much needed info of Gilbert Wilkinson and his photo it is a pity the picture is not bigger but i am so grateful for all you have shared.
Many Thanks
Peta-Ann Frestle

My Reply

Hi Peta

Thank you for your email.
Regards photo of Gilbert Wilkinson, I should have a larger version in my collection from when I photographed the media.
I shall have a look next week.


Completed Oct 2016

Hi David

This is long overdue but I wanted to say a great big thank you for all the hard work you have done on completing my family tree, a huge task considering that my father was one of 19 !!!. Its been a real pleasure looking through the massive amounts of information and finding out about my heritage - I still havnt got through all of it - its quite amazing !!. It is all compiled and presented professionally too in a very handy leather folder.

Thank you so much once again for all your hard work ..
Kind regards

Sharon Lynn Beverley Ann Matthews (now Hanna) Class of 1971


Feb 2017

Hello-I am an Anglo-American tracing my family tree. My mother was Doris hall of great lever, Bolton and she married an American g.i.who was stationed in Lancashire with the usaaf in 1944. I was raised in the USA until I came back to England in 1969-I now live in altrincham, Cheshire. My grandparents, Dorothy prince and Thomas hall were married in st marks church on 11september1920. They are both dead, or I could get more information. Is the church accessible or closed like holy trinity where my parents were married?.

Thank you, Mrs Anne Olliver

My Reply

Hi Anne

Thank you for contacting St Marks.

Both St Marks and Holy Trinity records are available to view at Bolton Archives and Local Studies.

I attach your grandparents church copy of their marriage certificate in case you have not got it and your parents marriage details.

Good luck with your searching

Some private details have been removed


Dec 2016

Do u remember the southerns from school.
Debra Southern Class of 1974

My Reply

Hi Debra

Yes I remember the name Southern, Gillian Southern (your sister?) was in my class but she only stayed just over a year or so, but for some reason or other Valerie's name is more familiar, since your family moved to Westbourne Ave and I sometimes stayed at my grandparents at 39 Westbourne it maybe the reason why I remember the Southern's especially if they played on Great Lever Park where I am now a member of the Bowling Team.
I think you sent an email 4 years ago, I don't put peoples email addresses on the site (due to email spamming).
Unfortunately no one got back to me about remembering the Southern's.


Nov 2016

SUMNERS of Grecian St Bolton.
Jean Sumner born 1938 went to St Marks 1958 Moved to Aberkenfig South Wales has 3 children.
Eileen Sumner born 1941 attended St Marks moved to South has 4 children.
Thomas Sumner born 1945 attended St Marks, worked in Walmsleys Forge, has 3 children lives in Westhoughton.
David Sumner born 1949 attended St Marks, has 2 children has a fish and chip shop Bennetts Lane off Halliwell Rd, voted best chippy in Bolton 2016.
Barbara Sumner born 1957 has 2 children lives in Brynmenyn South Wales.
Their father Thomas summer Born 1915 worked in Walmesleys Forge till his death 1966. Drank and was a bookies runner in the nine house pub.
Margaret Sumner born 1915 -1984.
Barbara McCarthey nee Sumner.

My Reply

Hello Barbara

Thank you for contacting St Marks.
Only David's details were entered in the St Marks Register, as he only stayed at the school for 7 months, although most of the Sumners were baptised at St Marks I'm not sure why other siblings old enough were not listed as attending St Marks School.
I have added a photo of Nine House Lane Tavern where your father was a runner, the Nine House Lane link is on the Neighbours page or you can just click the link above.

I might just try David's chippy on my next visit to Bolton.

David 25/11/2016


Nov 2016

Dear David,
Thank you so much for adding my photos to your website.
I would love to have a copy of the church marriage certificate for my parents’ wedding which you mentioned.

I have a little more information about some of the photos.
CH128 with my godmother Elizabeth Croft.
CH132 Myself with my cousin Michael Godding and I think the other girl is Julia King who
lived in Coe Street.
CH138 Holding my Mother’s hand is my cousin Sandra Holden also baptised at St. Mark’s 13/12/1953. Sandra’s parents were also married at St. Marks 1/7/1950. They also lived in Holden Street. I noticed a mistake on Sandra’s baptism notice as the mother’s name is stated as Eva but in fact was Edna. (Edna Holden nee Unsworth was my mother’s sister.)
(The Rev Ronald Chapman mistakenly entered Eva and not Edna on the baptism record, this has now been corrected, David)
CH140 Wedding family group: On the left are George and Nellie Howells. On the right are my cousin Sandra Holden and my parents Nora and Albert Simms. The little girls are Nicola Payne (daughter of my cousin Marilyn Morris) and Deborah Powers.

We were a close knit family and all lived in the streets around the church. My Grandmother lived at 39 Holden Street (Mary Ann Unsworth). She was also grandmother to Michael and Christine Godding, who you mentioned in your email. They also lived in Holden Street.

I also had a another Aunt and Uncle (Gertrude and William Morris) who lived in Steele Street and one of their children was baptised at St. Marks’s, (Marilyn Morris 23/5/43)

My grandmother’s brother Fred (Tommy) Thompson lived in Slaterfield and fought in both world wars. He lived in Canada for many years.

As regards Eddy Godding, I met him when he came over in 2005?
I would like to get in touch with him again if you have a current email address for him, as I lost his details when I changed email providers. When I last saw him I was recently bereaved and he may not know that I re-married in 2012.

Another of the Godding family was Graham, baptised at St Mark’s 3/2/1946, a dear friend and cousin who sadly died suddenly whilst out walking. I think it was 2004.

Looking at your website has brought back memories of so many people, in particular Freema Taylor, Joan and Audrey Gallagher, and Brenda Rothwell who was baptised the same day as me. Brenda lived in Holden Street and used to run errands for my grandmother.

It has been a great pleasure for me looking back at the old days, and I hope I have not bored you with too much detail.

Many thanks and kind regards

Sharon nee Simms Class of 1960

My Reply

Hi Sharon
Graham died ##/##/2004.
Regards Sandra's baptism, that is what was in the book, photo attached but I will change on the web site as I know Edna to be correct.
Also attached is your parents marriage cert, not very good quality as I only took photos for the details contained, I have also attached your baptism.
No birth dates shall ever appear on the St Marks web site for data protection reasons.
Eddie Godding
Eddys email was ########## then he may have changed to ########## these are a few years old, so not sure if he still uses the latter.
Christine Godding
Christine's number was ########## or Mob ########## these are are also a few years old.
Kind Regards

# private details have been removed


Nov 2016

Dear David,
My name is Sharon Harmer nee Simms.

I lived at 9 Venture Street with my parents Albert and Nora Simms and attended St Marks Church and School.

My husband and I recently took a nostalgic tour of the area and searching on the internet discovered your wonderful site which brought back so many happy memories.

My parents were married at St Marks in 1936
I was baptised there in 1948
I was a bridesmaid there at the wedding of Harry Gregory and Jean Parker in 1953
I participated in various Sermons Sundays. The girls were “Singers” and we went to church 3 times on that day. In the photo I think the girl standing beside me is Julia King and the little boy is my cousin Michael Godding.
I attended St Marks nursery and school.
I was in the Rose Queen retinue in the 1950s
I was School Captain in the class of 1960
I was Rose Queen in July 1961
I married my first and now late husband Derek Howells at St Marks in 1967

I was fascinated to see my name in various places on your site, and am attaching some photos and wonder if you would be interested in putting them on your site?

Kind Regards

Sharon nee Simms Class of 1960

My Reply

Hi Sharon
The site has been updated with your photos, if you go to the Church Photos and click on any of the last 13 thumbnail photos these will take you to the relevant pages, I have also updated any info baptism, wedding, class with your photo.
Kind Regards


Apr 2016

Just looking at your wonderful site. My uncle Thomas Banks eldest of the family of nine attended St. Marks School and lived in Leach st. He died 1918 in Egypt horse driver of a gun carriage. My grandparents were married at St. Marks. Thomas Banks and Eliza Ann Kelly

Sheila Crook


Mar 2016

Dear Sir.

I was wondering if you have done any research on the Haslam Family(s) in the area of Bolton? From what I know there were a lot of Haslams.
My ancestor William Haslam born in Wigan, Bolton 1815 and was the son of James Haslam and Elizabeth Schooler. ( She of Cumberland)
James Haslam was born in either Tumore 1771-1778 or in Bolton @1780. (Could be the same person in these various records) I did find a James born to James and Jane Haslam 6 Feb. 1780 of Farnworth. This record located in the Bishop’s Transcripts Chapelry of Heywood Ramsbottom Deane.
James Haslam is buried in Blackburn, Astley Bridge Cemetery and I have a copy of that death certificate stating age at death 61 so the 1780 birth date matches. Of course ages were not necessarily accurate in that era. He died of Asthma and his occupation was supposedly a collier One family legend states he may have also worked at a brewery. (This is only a legend as far as I know.)
I also have a copy of the 1841 census taken after James died (in 1841) listing Betty (wife) and William with his wife Ann (France) with William’s occupation listed as a cotton spinner. They were living on Coronation St. Beyond that we are flummoxed as to where to turn next.

Please e-mail me with information as to your expertise in this area and rates charged for research.

The more I read about Bolton the more fascinating it is becoming. I told my husband we must visit this area.

I live in Cedar City, Utah USA. William Haslam immigrated to Utah in 1852 and I have a record of his immigration and that of his family in 1854.

Thanks for your consideration

Andrea S. Nelson

My Reply
Hi Andrea
Regarding the place names you mention in your email, I know it is difficult to know the districts when not acquainted with the country, But I know all these districts well.
Wigan is a separate place from Bolton in a different district (over 11 miles away).
The Tumore you mention I guess is actually Chew Moor which is just on the outskirts of Bolton near Westhoughton and Lostock on the way to Wigan.
Astley Bridge Cemetery is also on the outskirts of Bolton on the other side of Bolton but still well within the Borough, but this Cemetery only opened in 1884 so James cannot have been buried here, St Paul's is the closest graveyard that was used prior to the Cemetery opening and is usually used for the service
Here are some possible burials for James from the info you supplied:-
James Haslam Age 61 of Great Bolton (Bolton was namely split in two parts at the time Little and Great Bolton with only a small river dividing the two)
Buried 19 Jan 1841 at St Peter Bolton
James Haslam Age 61 of Harwood (a district of Bolton)
Buried 26 Feb 1841 at St Anne Turton (on its own at the time still came under the Borough of Bolton).
I hope this has helped in some sort of way, I don't mind helping or giving guidance but as far as research is concerned I only research Family Trees from the person whose tree it actually is then going backwards, as everything needs to be verified from two or more sources.

Mar 2016


Once's been 5 years since I last looked up your site, it's still mesmerising to recall everybody...... The class of 1961 would be 65 years old now, strange from being at primary school, through to Hayward School, now to retirement age...
I would like to wish everybody who is still with us congratulations reaching this time in life, Mick Gresty, who we grew up together and David Rawsthorn I still see both guys! It's a wonder we all survived!! Ah! Happy Days....I'm still working although the lads at work insist I have Wednesday's off now! And I just got remarried, to Katie, although she is 28 years younger, we still have a laugh! Happy Birthday too to Sheila she shared the same birthday as myself.....this is a lovely way to reminisce thanx again David

Bye for now.....Allan Matthews if anybody wants to call into the garage for a brew your more than welcome Holland St Motors Astley bridge....

Allan Matthews Class of 1962


Feb 2016

Hi David

I always love looking at this site. It was good to see that an old school mate of mine has been on-Jacqueline Orms-.

Just wanted to update my details: ##################

Sharon Lynn Beverley Ann Matthews (now Hanna) Class of 1971

Hi Sharon
I have made a note of your new email address.
As a precaution I have taken the contact page off the site to prevent spam email and ID theft, therefore anyone wishing to contact anyone else will have to go through me first, If you wish to contact Jacqueline I will need to email her first, a reply is not guaranteed as she may also have changed email address.
I have had emails from hackers pretending to be people I know, right clicking the email and viewing the message source will reveal who the email is actually from and it’s contents without actually opening it. Using a browser gmail will automatically show you the contents without having to open.

With gmail accounts adding the 2 step verification will help preventing anyone using your account, what this does if anyone from another PC or Device hacks yours gmail password they will be prevented from going any further, then an email will be sent to you via gmail asking you if this device is ok along with a code for you to use on that device if it was yourself, the code will only be used once to verify the device, if the code is not used then the hacker will be denied access.

I also advise you to change all passwords on all the sites you visit on a six monthly basis as Google, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal are always under attack, never use the same password for all accounts and strong passwords are advised for example ############## using upper/lower case and numerals, every hacker has access to every known email address.
AVG free edition (Anti virus is free from and can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Security Essentials (Anti malware free from Microsoft web site).

# private details have been removed


Feb 2016


We have just come to your site via browsing the internet for information about Wood st Bolton. I write on behalf of my dad John Morrison who was a pupil during 1943/46 ?. Dad lived in Reservoir st with his brothers and sisters who are mentioned Robert (Bob) Malcolm ( Mac) and ivy but neither him or his other sister betty are mentioned.

He has most enjoyed reminiscing and remembers the headmaster, Mr brickles and many of the other names especially the Parsissons who were relatives of dads mum!.

Dad would love it if anyone would like to contact him although not being computer savvy he would prefer a phone call. His number is 01204 ###### (number available on request by email to this site).

Many thanks
Olivia Lee ( daughter).

My reply

Hello Olivia

Thank you for your email.

Regards your Dad and Betty (Elizabeth), both were baptised at St Marks and are listed on the baptisms, it is not unusual that some names do not appear, it may be that they did not spend much time there as the records from that era are very good, they may have been missed, I have checked the register index again 'but no joy'. I have Elizabeth's date of birth as ##/##/#### so she would be in Class 1951 and your Dads as ##/##/#### your dad would have had to leave in 1952 if he had stayed as it changed from a leaving school to a primary then.

I have put your email on the Guestbook but removed the actual phone number as spammers trawl the sites on the net for these, but left a note saying it can be revealed to anyone relevant requesting it by email to this site.

I shall add your Dad and sister to the relevant Class years.

No personal details will ever be put on the St Marks website.

Regards David

St Marks web site creator, author, researcher, administrator and genealogist.

# private details have been removed


Nov 2015

Hi David

I am very much looking forward to seeing the magazine which contains the death announcement of James Sutton, my great grandfather. You kindly kindly copied it to me.

Do you have a date for the appearance of the magazine on your website.

Diane Greasley

My Reply

Hi Diane

The early ones have not been uploaded as they were all combined into one book as they did not have proper covers like the later ones, covering the years 1882-1900 and consists of 500 pages and may not be viable to to reduce smaller in file size and yet still readable.
So in the meantime I'm sending that months magazine (8 pages) which contains James Sutton's burial.

Dear David,

Thank you very much for the copy of the church magazine.

It is of particular interest to me as it was used to announce the death of my Great Grandfather James Sutton in December and the baptism of his youngest children Francis and James Henry in the January following.

Sadly my grandfather James Henry (named after his father) was born after the death of James the elder.

My great grandfather worked as an engineer at Hick Hargreaves and died from a disease, then called Febricula, at the young age of 34. At the time of his death he was living in Holden Street with his wife and three children His wife Hannah was expecting my grandfather James.

I have always thought that we do not know all the details of his final illness. From what I have read Febricula was unlikely to be life ending unless there were other complications. Our Family stories, unreliable as they frequently are, say that he had been traveling in connection with his work and that he died within days of coming home. Where he had been was not recorded and I cannot find information from passenger lists etc so I have to assume he was in Great Britain somewhere.

I am aware that there were outbreaks of typhoid in the Bolton area from time to time but it would be pure speculation that this was the real cause of death.

However the magazine adds another layer to the story of the families life in Bolton so thanks again.




Oct 2015


I have looked at and enjoyed your web site for many years. The detail and the number of images you have found is incredible! I have been researching the Bolton architect Richard Knill Freeman for several years and am developing a web site about him. The site is not "live" yet, but I would very much like to use a photograph from your site that mentions Marshall Robinson, a pupil of Freeman's. The draft page is here:

If you are at all unhappy with this I will remove it or change the acknowledgement if you wish.

Best wishes,

David French

My Reply
Hi David
Thank you for your email, yes of course you can use the photograph, with acknowledgment and link to St Marks as you have done so already.
I have mislaid the original photo or edited, reduced and saved over the original back in 2007, I have been meaning to take another at some point so you have prompted me to do so.
I shall visit one favourable day this or next week, so if you are willing to wait and in no rush I will send a copy soon after, so the inscription on the stone legible (that is if can go unnoticed or permission by the occupiers).
New photo taken 26/10/2015, site updated and also copy passed on to David.

Sep 2015


I was really interested to find baptisms for two of my Ancestors on your website:

24 10 1929
Joyce McCheyne?
Parents: Ernest McCheyne?, Motor Driver and Emma,
Address 94 Reservoir St
Baptised by: Harry George Moss

24 10 1929
Ronald Richardson
Parents: Samuel Richardson, Labourer and Ethel,
Address 94 Reservoir St
Baptised by: Harry George Moss

Is it possible to get a copy i.e. a photograph or scan of the actual record? It looks like the parents of Joyce McCheyne were difficult to read. If so, can you please let me know what your charges are.

Best Regards,

Gill Watson

My Reply

Hi Gill
Thank you for contacting St Marks Website.

No charges for the record, all I ask if you have any photos to share concerning St Marks, The Streets listed on the Neighbours section or photos of the people mentioned so they can be added to the web site.

St Marks Researcher, Author, Administrator, Genealogist

Hi David,

Thanks very much for your fast response and for the record. It's very generous of you.
I'm afraid I don't have any photos to share as I'm not from this area originally, but of course if I manage to get some I'll contact you again.
Thank you again for your time.

Best Regards,



Sep 2015

Hi David
Just spent the best lunch hour looking at the pictures.

I think I recognise myself on picture SM009. I am the one in the check shorts.i think the lad to me left in all black is Ian Kingston and maybe the tall girl is Hedy Jackson as I remember she was always a lot taller than the rest of us.
SM052 and SM057 The girl in the centre in white is Mary Davies who is my cousin.
SM012 the girl with the dark hair is Gillian and the other girl I think is James Smedleys sister. I think her name was Ruth

Jacqueline Ormes Class of 1971


Aug 2015

I went to St Marks 1965, looking for friends I know, Gary James that went there at the same time as me I would love to find him and any others from that time, my maiden name was Angela brown I lived in George St Bolton, hope you can help

Thank you

My Reply

Hello Angela

Sorry for the late reply, your email went to the old email address (not sure why)

Angela Brown.
DOB ##/##/###, Father #####.
Admitted 08/04/1964.
Register No 1187.
Address 43 George St then Hawker Avenue.
Left St Marks 06/05/1966 to attend Sunning Hill School.
Class of 1970.

(# private details withheld)


Jul 2015

"David Dixon's" meticulous researches have reached into my family history all the way back into the mid-18th Century, with results that are still fascinating myself, my brother and our children. He works fast, diligently and for extremely reasonable rates.
I cannot recommend his services highly enough."

Anthony Holden

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123 Probates / Wills


Jun 2015

Hi David
My Mum Arlene Dolan (nee Smith) was a pupil at St Marks from 1957 onwards and was also crowned the Centenery Queen. She was also Baptised there as well. I was wondering if anyone had anymore Rose Queen photos and also anymore photos of the Parssisson family who all attended St Marks and were Baptised and Married there too. Also the Fazackerly Family all attended St Marks too. I loved the photo of my Auntie Brenda Reeve (Parssison) My Grandma Mrs Doris Smith(nee Parssisson) Arlene,s Mum was also a pupil of St Marks and was also Baptised there as was my Grandad Mr William Smith. I Also loved the photo of My Auntie Alaina Fazackerly stood next to the bride in her girl guides uniform. My Grandma Mrs Doris Smith(nee Parssisson) will be 92 In July she talks so fondley of St Marks and I know she misses it very much. I would love to see lots more photos on the website. I will be showing my Mum Arlene Dolan ( nee Smith) this wonderful website dedicated to St Marks.
Kind Regards
Miss Ondina Dolan-Boaro (Doris Smith nee Parssisson's) Granddaughter.

My Reply

Hello Ondina

Thank you for your email.
All the photos I have collected over the years are already on the web site, I have still yet to put the photos of under the school (the cellar) I took a few years ago and a couple of magazines.

Ondina asked for a Family page to be created with photo's from the site added and enlarged,
Parsisson / Fazakerley


May 2015

Dear Mr Dixon,

I work in a Primary in (removed) and we are going to be looking at the Ladyshore Colliery. I have found some information from your website but I was wondering if you have anymore information or could advise me on anymore websites or where would be good to get more information.

Thanks for your time.

Donna Clare

(some details have been removed)

My Reply

Hi Donna

Ladyshore Colliery, originally named Back o' th Barn in Little Lever.
The colliery opened in the 1830s and mined several types of coal. It became infamous as a result of the owners stand against the use of safety lamps in the mines. Women and children worked in the mines, under poor conditions.
(Above is a very short version of the text sent to Donna) Links, Email Addresses and phone numbers were also sent.

Dear David,

Thank you so much all the information you have given me is super! I really appreciate it, it's incredible.
I only have one more question, we have log books from the 1800's at school and the headteacher talks about children leaving school at 11:15 to take dinner to their parents and also some children only attending school half days, others being too tired too do work at home etc. From what I've read it seems that the headteacher wasn't happy about the children doing this and I know the school inspector wasn't. Is there anything about the relationship between the mine owners and headteacher? I'm at (Removed) Primary School but it was a secondary one time as well.

Thanks again for all your help, it's very much appreciated.

My Reply

Hi Donna

The Headmasters did not really have a say in the matter, they could only complain if children were too tired at school as the scholars family needed the money and it also prepared them for when they did leave school (even though they had still a few years left to go) and they were deemed very lucky they even had a job.
Children working in the Mills, Factories and Mines wasn't against the law then, it was also a way of the Owners of these industries to keep wages low.
On my web site are similar to what you have said regarding the Log Books, on my web site they are called the Headmasters Diaries and many notes regarding children working (known as half timers) and some of their pay paid for schooling too, in the St Marks Diaries the Headmaster makes a note regarding a boy (named Alfred Ray) who was a half timer losing an arm at a mill on the 14th Nov 1885.

Below is a better explanation (although it is a big read) there are possibly some answers to your questions. if you have trouble reading 'as all the formatting has been removed' (just copy the following and paste it in your browser search bar).

(Above is a very short version of the text sent to Donna)



Apr 2015

Hi David,

Thank you for your quick response. Sorry for my delayed response. Once again you amaze me with how much information you are able to obtain even from the USA. I also appreciate the email addresses you forwarded in regards to my Father's service in the RAF. I plan to follow through with this research. Allow me to express my deepest gratitude for all your efforts, skill and attention to detail also your patience in the long haul of doing both sides of my Family. What a journey this has been, with some surprises, some humour. The detail is more than I ever expected, and something I will always cherish and pass down to my Family.

Best Regards,

Highly Recommended

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Mar 2015

Like yourself I am an active Family History Researcher for my family and friends etc.

The Rev Henry Richard Tomlinson was my 2nd cousin twice removed. He was vicar of St Marks and Asst Master at Farnworth High School between 1912 and 1917 before moving to Liscard in Cheshire. He died in Wallasey in March 1935.

I am particularly looking for any photo’s or documents that may exist.

Best Regards
Thomas Tomlinson

My Reply
Hi Thomas
Thank you for contacting St Marks
Unfortunately I have no further information on Rev Tomlinson only what is on the website already, although I do have some church magazines I acquired last year but not scanned and uploaded as yet.
I will of course keep you in mind if anything turns up in the magazines or from elsewhere, sorry I could not help at this present time.
St Marks Researcher, Designer, Author, Webmaster and Genealogist

Mar 2015

Hi David
Can I first congratulate you on a superb web site with absolutely tons of information.
This must of taken forever to put together as I know how time consuming geology can be in my own humble way looking at the Bowden family from south Lancashire.

The main reason in contacting you is to say that as a ex Boltonian living in Lincolnshire for the last forty years I find that there is very little on the internet about the cotton spinning mills of Bolton. To me this seems a little strange as cotton was responsible for much of the growth of Bolton and today it is this past history that has shaped the current climate and what Bolton has become.
It started by my trying to find out more information on the Hesketh family who had been wholesale grocers and tea dealers why they should suddenly diversify and start to build cotton spinning mills about 1860. The three mills built on Blackburn Road at Astley Bridge which were demolished in the early 1960's appears to be the start of their empire but other than the information on your site I can find very little else as to how they developed when exactly the mills were built who built them who was the architect and so on. I believe that the archives in Bolton hold some information about the mill i.e. plans of the mill dated 1882 but this is 20 years after it was built. There is also a link to the New mill at Astley Bridge built by John Stones and Co on Crompton Way I believe this to be Thomas Manley Hesketh's stepfather as Betty Hesketh married John Stones after Thomas her husband died.

Do you know of anyone that is researching the cotton mills of Bolton particularly looking at the detail rather than just skirting over the fact that it existed without any detail of the life of the mill.

Thanks in anticipation
Well done again for a superb site.
Keith Bowden

My Reply
Hi Keith
Thank you for your kind comments.
I did have a lot more information on the site regarding the mills, but trying to get copyright permission for photos and text was difficult and since this was only to give visitors information on the cotton industry where some of their ancestors may have worked I decided against going any further and removed much content.
Regards to your question about the cotton mills of Bolton, I do know of a very good book written by James H Longworth namely “The Cotton Mills of Bolton 1780 – 1985” although it may be only available in Lancashire libraries and maybe other very well stocked libraries in other areas.
Although this book will reveal the owner, build date, names of owners or firms through the years and condition as in 1985, it does reveal some history into the owners, with plenty of photos, diagrams, plans, etchings and drawings.
Since you show some fascination of this kind of history it would be a handy possession, it may help you with your research using the references and acknowledgments at the back of the book (if memory serves me correct) and although it is 30 years old now it still makes a very good read, if you have any problems acquiring the book please let me know.

Hi David

Thanks for your very prompt reply. I had realised that I needed a copy of this book and managed to track down a copy for sale which hopefully is on its way and due to arrive in the next day or so. You say that you had a lot more content on the mills on your site but decided to remove it owing to problems with copyright. Might this be still available and just needs working on to bring it up to date and comply with copyright laws. If this is the case then I would be quite happy to try to take it forward for you if you are willing to share what you have so far. I have no personal desire to progress this further for my personal benefit but would like to put anything I find in the public domain if possible for future use.

Best Regards

My Reply
Hi Keith
Unfortunately my website backs up and deletes to my server anything older than six months and since it is many years since writing the workplaces section of the site this information is no longer available.
I am sure there is info you require, it is just knowing where to look, although the Internet is a valuable source any info still needs to be transcribed into a digital format by someone interested in doing so.
Before I began the St Marks Web site there was no information at all on the Web for St Marks, I still have much info to transcribe and upload, but time is shared between my site and researching family trees.
St Marks Researcher, Designer, Author, Webmaster and Genealogist

Feb 2015

Hi there

I just wanted to say thank you for having put together a fascinating site which also helped me with my research.

I have a Victorian wax doll which dates from 1860 - 70, and upon undressing it found a rubber stamp mark for S and Co Little Bolton Bleach Works on its cotton body. It provided some really interesting reading-up on the cotton mill industry and how this related to the golden era of English poured wax doll manufacture of the period centred in London, which used the cotton for the cloth bodies. Where the cloth came from is largely undocumented, so to actually pinpoint a supplier in the chain is wonderful.

To be able to see the photo of the actual Slater and Co building on your website was amazing and I wonder if I may have your kind permission to include your photo in my article/doll book? Do you happen to know if the building is still vacant now, having been declared empty in 2008?

Thank you one again


My Reply

Hi Claire

I just happened upon your email when I was updating my server, apparently I didn't receive it in the usual way in my inbox (I don’t know why as yet).

I have not been down Slater St since I took the photo in 2008, but I think the building still exists, I’am sending you a larger version of my photo for your research and updating the one that is currently on the website with a larger version also.

You have my permission to use the photo in any way you wish.

I hope this helps you in your research, If I can help in any other way please do not hesitate to ask

St Marks Researcher, Designer, Author, Webmaster and Genealogist


Jan 2015

My mother's eldest brother went to St. Mark's School. The family lived in Leach St. at the time. His name Thomas Banks. He died in Egypt Nov. 1918. He was in the ASC and was a horse driver of a gun carriage. Buried at Gaza - Deir El Belah War Cemetery

sent by Sheila Crook

My Reply

Hi Sheila

Thank you for contacting St Marks.

Can you please supply more info regarding Thomas, were your parents named Thomas Banks and Eliza Ann nee Kelly by any chance, if this is so I can supply more info on the family, if not please give some more details.



Dec 2014

Dear David.

Thank you so much for my "Family "Tree. I was so excited to receive it and every time I open it, I find something new, sometimes happy, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. I now feel I know my ancestors.
Thanks again for your hard work, and attention to detail.
Our very best for the festive season to you and Anne.

Our Best Regards.
Janet and Walt.

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Dec 2014

And all the very best to you, yours and all on the St Marks web site.
A special thank you to David (I don't know how he does It Dixon) for the work he has done on both Janet and my family trees.

Walt Bond


Dec 2014

To whom it may concern,

My late father went to this school, early 60's. But, I'm not quite sure of any more details than that I'm afraid. Any pics, info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Antony Standish


My Reply
Hi Antony

Thank you for contacting St Marks

According to the records your father ##### was born ## ### 1952, he was admitted to St Marks School 17 July 1962 after leaving Pikes Lane School, his admission number was 1075 and was at the time living at 99 Mason Yard, he may have also have lived in Fletcher St but cannot be confirmed , he left unknown date but from his date of birth should have been 1963, when he left he went on to attend Emmanuel School.
I’am afraid no other details are available, all photos are already on the St Marks website.


Hi David,

Do you have any idea about his parents? This may sound daft but my dad was a closed book, just trying to find out more about him.

Thanks again

Mr A Standish

My Reply

Hi Antony

It is annoying sometimes when one wishes they had asked more questions when the family were with us, I’am sorry I can only give details that I have researched for St Marks and that I have at hand, any other family details I can only research on commissioned Family Trees.
I don’t in any way mean to be abrupt or disrespectful, but similar requests that are not related to St Marks do take some considerable amount of time.

I do hope you find what you seek.

Some private details have been removed or edited from the above

Nov 2014

Hi David,

Thank you very much for the detailed Family Tree with many family members and relations I didn't know I had a very interesting history.
I'm still reading through it all at the moment and been to many locations mentioned, I'm still looking to see if I can find my Grandfathers Military Records as he signed up at Silverwell Street Barracks according to my Mother who I took on a tour of her past relations abodes, 'which made her day!.

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Nov 2014

Hello again David (hello Anne!),

Thank you again for your uplifting reply and the welcome inspiration!

I haven't managed to find any statues, municipal buildings or even streets that are named after my lot!! There is a street lamp manufacturer by the name of Ward whose stencil mark adorns some back lanes in Burnley, but safest is to say that a high percentage of the humble dwellings of my lineage, were disposed of in some sort of scorched-earth policy under the 1940's Housing Improvement Act!

For your web-page - please spare 5 minutes lol - whilst I outline a few of the many, many adventures that my ancestry has taken me on. You will recognise a familiar "ring" to it all, I am sure. Otherwise, just a mental stimulation for others to pick up their (David produced) files... and to "get out there"...!!

Newspaper cuttings:
1. Finding Grandfather in 1922, having being fined £6 for driving his charabanc at a breakneck 16mph through Preston. It would probably have been closer to £4 if he hadn't wasted the courts time contesting the method by which the two police constables at either end, had synchronised their pocket watches and white handkerchief waving... a difference to him of some 30 seconds!

2. Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather's (a Gamekeeper) 1820's court appearance in Lancaster assizes, as a witness following an overnight search, for the culprits' in a murder case involving the death of a neighbouring gamekeeper's assistant? After reading the complete transcript of the court case, I was waiting to see how my ancestor played his courageous part..... however, according to his statement in court he "heard nowt, saw nowt and knew nowt". Somehow, that figures.

3. Discovering the 1924 newspaper announcement that my Gr-Grand-Aunt and her husband were retiring and handing over the Stewardship of the town's Liberal Club after twenty-two years in the job. The announcement included Joseph's role in the canvassing for the local Liberal MP's successful election - and also the fact that Joseph was a renowned bass soloist in the town choir. I still have some difficulty erasing the 'picture-thought' of Gr-Grand-Aunt Mary Jane scrubbing Gr-Grand-Uncle Joseph's back in their tin bath, by a roaring fire,.... whilst he growls out "The Land" (song) in his deep bass voice!

4. Various BMandD announcements from nineteenth-century newspapers of your ancestors. Much the same as now, they read those final hours as a choice (if you had one at all?) of having "died peacefully", "died suddenly", "fell asleep" - or having just "passed away". Not much has changed lol.

Church Graveyards
1. Discovering an 1880's gravestone of an ancestor, with a verse carved upon it that signifies mournfully the grief at his wife's passing. The verse could not be traced as a biblical source or to any recognisable poem or borrowed lament, and thus seemed to be "home made" and therefore yet all the more poignant? As explained to Jan... my romantic streak comes from "somewhere"... but I haven't noticed her acknowledgment yet!!

2. Finding a barely readable, and strangely unrecorded, 1870's ancestry headstone, leaning badly and covered in lichen and algae moss, in a Rocester graveyard for two (Ward) sons aged 21 and 17.. It read for the first son "In Affectionate Memory Of" (which, by itself inflicts a distant and remote tone) but the mystery is more pronounced to find the younger of the two "who was accidentally killed at Langley, Derbyshire (date). Age 17". The dates are given on the headstone. No church records for the first son mentioned and no records of local mining, tunnelling or mill workers (etc) accidental deaths around Langley, at that time! It turns out that the first son is very, very likely buried in an army grave in India, having died of dysentry there.... and the accidental death (via his death certificate) shows the younger son was run down by a coal merchant's horse and cart on the Langley Turnpike road, dying almost instantly (my sister, following the current trend for historical court cases,... wonders if we can perhaps "do" the cart driver for speeding?)

3. Three ancestors - father, mother and youngest son - sharing one grave and all dying at comparatively early ages. Curiosity, morbid perhaps, and the fact they all lived in and operated the same town public house, lends you to believe that Tetleys'Ales were partly responsible (!) only to discover that the father died of a heart problem leading to high blood pressure, the son similar but related to low blood pressure... and mother died having fallen off her stepladder. In the last case, perhaps Tetleys did play a part!!

4. A (Xmas) wreath-style ornament placed on an ancestors grave. That seems to signify that there is someone "out there" related, in some way, to yourself for sure!! I found them and the story that went with it.

5. Pre-census dated gravestones that, quite unexpectedly, list the spouses and other family members in the same grave. What an absolute "treasure" of a find! Then the proof-photos, and the rush home to get those "gaps" in the files filled in!

1. Discovering that an ex-Blacksmith's home and external forge, now a private dwelling and former listed building, that you once harboured with a view to purchasing..... (we got gazzumped) ..... is exactly the same one that is in your ancestry record!! To think that you stood in it. To realise that the blacksmith was your Gr-Grand-Uncle? Priceless! And ever so hauntingly "eerie" too!!

2. Discovering that your family ancestors lived in a house - brand new in 1898, as the date stone above the window shows - that is three doors down, from your now living relatives! And trying to imagine what it must have been like in there, with Thomas and Alice and their eight kids, in that two-up / two down?

3. Standing in the town's cobbled street-ways. Being aware that your Gr-Gr-Grandfather (and later his son) was the Council Foreman Pavior, and who would have shared some responsibility in the laying of those very cobblestones? The church and the school that the family will have attended? The chip shop on the corner that was functioning at the same time? Hmmm.

4. "Google Earth" doesn't get everywhere; and so on a visit to a particular address to get a photo of the house, the current owner invited me in and, having delved under their bed for the house deeds, showed me where Gr-Grand-Uncle George had signed the building's very first mortgage document. £280 for a three-bedroomed, end-of-terrace, in 1889. Strewth.

1. The wryness of discovering an ancestor who joined up to fight in WW1. This one, a former insurance agent who was unable to continue as a cotton weaver because of his terribly poor eyesight - was placed as a gunner in the Royal Artillery. Realising eventually that his jam-jar spectacles were more of a hindrance than any benefit in displacing the Kaiser, the army - in their wisdom - placed him instead under a new service number in the Pioneer Corps. Noticing that his military record showed him receiving a disability and a one-off annuity, I wondered what part of the Somme or Paschendale offensive he was wounded in... it turned out to be a hernia. Still, .... he did his bit?

There are countless other tales... more no doubt as the search widens. Thank you again!




Nov 2014

Hello David,

... just to let you know that my gedcom files have been received and have been uploaded to Ancestry.... 'private' as you suggested .... brill!!.... and to say thank you very much for the sending!

So far, since yourself and Jan compiled my ancestry, I have been having "one hell-uva / whale-ovva time". Wherever I discover a fact that authenticates completely (such as headstone details, social-history type newspaper items, marriage and other certificates; and so on) I add them to the existing genealogy files and annotate them (in a red colour) to show that they are my own additions .... and this is working well.

I have also found - as you will of course be well aware - the huge satisfaction that comes from searching for and discovering an important family grave marker, a memorial or more often a churchyard headstone? What a tremendously unique find! Apart from filling-in the finer details of the holders demise, they many times have taken me on a journey of introduction to the departed person's wives, sons and daughters that share the same headstone and grave site. Quite often we expect a single name on a memorial stone - if it at all exists - instead of which they often"capture" whole generations.

I found my grandmothers grave the same way, having learnt (after sending for the death and marriage certificates) that she died a mere two days after giving birth to my father, at a (local-to-Bury) address, that I have known for decades. It sounds rather mordant to describe a headstone as bringing someone "back to life: but that is exactly how it felt to see my previously unknown "grandmother"'s name carved into a generous slate and granite edifice! I have attached a picture by example... but I now have a collection of gravestone photo's the envy of any Burke and Hare fan!!

Knitting the stories together and linking find, upon find, upon find.... is perhaps less a source of what we might sardonically call outright pleasure, but is certainly at least an entertaining amusement - and at best a complete genealogical eye-opener!

Thank you once again David. I can assure you that my journey continues!

With best regards,


My Reply
Hello Allen
I am immensely proud of your diligent and dogged research, you remind me of myself when I first started compiling my family tree, my mother was very unforgiving in passing any details of her family to me in the years before she died, I would go far as to say she tried her utmost to skip around any events before 1981
It took me to seeking out family members, by knocking on doors ‘as I would say’ and introducing myself, this took me on a journey that would eventually make me realise how proud she should have been, if it was not for her unwillingness to divulge or involve me in her past.
So I too have a connection with you even though it may be in a different way ‘so to speak’ I eventually found many of my ancestors were of some local importance and helped form part of a town, of which some parts are named after, many of the ancestors were also involved in the building of many of the town of which some are still named after, but taking this aspect away from my research I found myself doing exactly as you yourself doing, visiting old graves, connecting with my ancestors, it is this what inspired me to researching family trees as a hobby, if someone else got just half the same pleasure that I get from my research then my job is done.
Your words always inspire me and are very welcome, and also hope you aspire in your goal.
If I can help at any time do not hesitate to ask. to ask costs nothing ‘as they say’ as long I can post your question and my reply on my site to help others.
Best Wishes
David and Anne

Hello David

Several years ago I believe I was in contact with you regarding St. Mark's Roll of Honour. At that time it appeared to be 'Lost' having been stored at Fletcher St. Barracks.
Yesterday,after a long absence, I returned to St. Mark's web page and was delighted to see the Roll of Honour.
A problem though.
I have researched the name CALDERLEY extensively and to my knowledge, no John Calderley died in WW1.
There was a Joseph Calderley and this is what I have for him: Bolton Journal and Guardian Friday, 8th December, 1916. Pte. Jos. Calderley, L.N.L. Reg. is officially reported to have perished in Gallipoli. though nothing definite as to his actual fate has been heard since August, 1915, when he was posted missing. Previous to enlisting at the outbreak of war, he resided with his mother at 36 Reservoir Street, Bolton and worked at Messrs. Walmsley's forge. Aged 23, he is on the Rolls of Honour at Christ Church and St. Mark's. There is also Henry Calderley: Bolton Journal 15th November 1918
"Private Harry Calderley (24) L.N.L. Regiment enlisted in January 1915 and went to the front the same year. News has just reached his brothers and sisters who reside at 57 Settle Street that he was killed on September 2nd. He formerly worked for Messrs. J. Kippax and Son Ltd., Cannon Street."
Henry's parents were married at St. Mark's and several of his siblings were baptized there. [I think Henry got missed as his mum was so busy with loads of kids!]
I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Regards from Ottawa, Canada

Joan Bridges

My Reply

Hello Joan

Nice to hear from you.
Yes you are most likely correct as I too have found errors on the Roll, unfortunately I have only spent a little time researching the names on the Roll as I’am a little busy researching Family Trees, I work on St Marks when not researching Family Trees or when I have time.

I have lots to update on St Marks for example
Listing details of all on the Roll
Photographing and uploading the pages of the Head’s Diaries, so they can be viewed as they were written.
Photographing Church Magazines and uploading.
I now have lots more space to upload images instead of having to type the information out so it will be more easier on the keyboard from now on.

Anyway I digress, I would think your details on Joseph is the John Calderley on the Roll and I shall update the site soon with these details.
Someone once said to me it was highly unlikely for the Rolls of WW1 to be incorrect but I have found this statement to incorrect in itself, as you know yourself the name Calderley is known in many variations Colderley, Caulderley etc and can even change in one family this being dependant on who is writing the information and their interpretation on spelling.

I also wait for a convenient time to take proper photos of the Roll as at the time of taking the photographs years ago It did not seem to me how important some of the photographs were, it was only 18 months or so later that I was going through the photos (taken in Mar 2012) looking for a name in a Family Tree that a couple of the names stood out, it is then I knew I had already found the St Marks Roll, this was also after a very short self tutorial on Latin as I was transcribing some documents 6 moths previous.

Since I transcribe the names from the Roll as they were sign written at the time I also add my own modifications or thoughts, and this is what I will do with John/Joseph I will also add your kind email, just researching one name could take a few days so you can imagine how long it will be before I have a full account of the names.
If you have any other details I will be more than pleased to update.

Thank you once again Joan


Sep 2014

Dear Sir / Madam

I have noticed from your site that the Roll of Honour for the armed services contains George Vincent Borrino 1948 R.S.M. Could you possibly tell me more about him and as to why he appears on your site as my information indicates nothing regarding him and the Bolton area. Thanking your for any help.

Frank Borrino

My Reply
Hi Frank
The page you refer too is not the St Marks Roll of Honour page but the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force page whose names are taken from all St Marks records, George Vincent Borrino’s son Alexander Frederick Peter Borrino was baptised at St Marks in 1948 the family were stationed at Derby St Barracks Fletcher St at that time, Stanley Peter Borrino was also a God Parent to Alexander.
Hope this information helps.
St Marks Researcher, Publisher and Genealogist

Sep 2014

Hi David
Thank you for my "Family Tree" I was amazed at how much detail you have put in it was not only a great pleasure to open it and start reading about my ancestors it was as though they had come back to life both Janet and I were more than delighted with it we both got quite emotional reading the information some of it quite amazing and surprising.
Once again thank you for the hard work that you must have put into this, Janet cant wait for her very own "Family Tree".
Best Regards
From both of us.
Janet and Walt

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16 Probates / Wills

Jul 2014
Hi Dennis

George most likely lied about his age when he joined up. Sent you some attachments for your collection


Hello David many thanks for what you have sent me I have his birth date as 5/11/1897 and also we had his address as South Street most of the family lived in South Street at different numbers, here is the picture of George Turner as promised George is on the right my grandmother Mary Jane Turner is next to him then his sister Maude Turner then his younger brother Edward who died aged 14 years the youngster on the chair is unknown I also have his medals and his bible in it he gives his address as 33 South Street and the last date in it for pay in field was made on 18/09/1918.

Thanks Dennis
Dennis Pilling


Jun 2014

Hi David,

What can I say ...........absolutely wonderful, I now know people who were Dads relations, and who I had no idea about before, which gives a whole new concept to the Thompson family.

We looked at it over the weekend, and feelings ranged from amazement, to laughter, particularly about the sailor lol, and his 'problem'.

Its fantastic David, and once again I cant give enough thanks, for all the hard work, It has set off another trail of gravestone searching, and the suitcase with the old pics in has got to be gone through, as I can put pics to quite a few of the people, excitement all round, and cant wait to take it further.

We will keep sending bits and bobs that we find, if thats ok.

Many Many thanks for an amazing tree,

Warm regards Jan.

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Earliest birth date before 1748
822 People
183 Baptisms
213 Marriages
220 Deaths
5 Burials/Cremations
25 Wills/Probate
178 Surnames
7 Generations



Feb 2014

Dear David

My Family tree that you have just completed is far beyond what i expected, i never imagined you would find so many people and going back to the 1700's.
The detail is more than i ever expected, its something i will treasure and be able to pass down to my children.
For me its about remembering all those people that once lived, they mattered then and still do now, and i can see who they where and the relationship they are to me.
The framed family Tree, that i have on my wall to the leather Book with all my relatives in it, 604 people in total, even cousins and where family is buried, is amazing.
I felt that my Dad ( who died when i was 24yrs ) would have wanted me to have found out where he came from, especially as I'd never met my Grandparents, his Mother and Father.
Your help in finding their grave was so kind of you, and i now see i have lots of family buried at the same cemetery.
You did both sides, my Mother and Father's side.
Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated,

Kind Regards
Melanie and Peter

Some Tree Statistics
Earliest birth date before 1770
604 People
189 Baptisms
170 Marriages
192 Deaths
128 Burials/Cremations
12 Wills/Probate
142 Surnames
7 Generations



Dec 2013

Just to let you know that I am cousin to Lilian Kearns,MBE [ nee Shrigley ].
Found your site extremely useful for a descendant in USA of Lorna Shrigley (b1929-d2016).
He was pleased as punch.

Joan Harrison

Dec 2013
Please allow me to express my deep appreciation for the Allen Ward family tree compiled and presented by yourself.
With the little information Janet managed to wheedle, coax and glean from me, due to my only having the sparest contact with a mother whom I only met occasionally during my RN leave periods, and thereafter from a less than forthcoming aunt and an uncle, I think it is truly remarkable how a family ancestral line has been navigated from such sparse initial information. My father I never met, and the only grandparent was a tired and very quiet grandfather (who simultaneously aroused my wonder and inquisitiveness, but eluded all explanation or comprehension) and who went and died in 1967 in a bed behind the downstairs sofa at my aunt's!
Needless to say it has force-fed my own deep interest in the social and working history of the textile-industrial north; first formed from once living in, and patently studying the full deeds, life history's and certificates of, a 17th Weavers' Cottage at Guide, near Blackburn. I hope it comes of interest to yourself (as much as a complete mystery to me) upon discovering that on finally returning north from a naval career - one similar property in Padiham (my first ever visit to this typical mill town) that I was drawn to, actually stood in, and attempted to purchase, (I got gazumped) - happens to be a dwelling originally used by a Blacksmith family in the tree. And they say that strange things happen at sea?
Similarly, a step-relation is living three doors from another family tree address, now, in our town of Darwen. With her being born (white) in Nairobi and having a childhood in Sussex and Cornwall she is no longer feeling herself the "misplaced refugee" amongst her dialect-ridden terrace - as my ancestral relations were one of the first to move into the terrace in 1899. Most of her neighbours have now been appropriately informed: northern humour to the fore! To yourself probably another of many such responsive surprises, but ones I expect you are able to appreciate considering how amazing things can result from your genealogy searches.
With my gratitude, it will come as no surprise to yourself I feel sure, that with a new "past" there are now numerous enough old family addresses, northern landmarks and of course cemeteries in which to indulge myself further. And what a pleasantly warm feeling to be descended from fairly-sound-appearing, working-class grafters! Janet knows how much I value the attractive presentation case and document file that now takes pride of place on the bookshelf. Thank you once again - from us both - for the effort, the long haul, the patience and understanding and most of all: your skill.
With all best regards,
Allen Ward
Dec 2013
Hi I have recently completed my family tree ( with a lot of help ) and found out my grandmother`s sister Maude Turner married Robert Morris on 3 April 1920 at All Souls church I have attached two picture`s one that show`s Sapper R Morris and contains some information about him, in part of the information it says he is on the Roll of Honour at St. Mark`s School can you confirm this and if he is is it possible to see it or a picture of it.
The other picture shows Both Robert and Maud I do not know if they were married when this picture was taken but as you can see he is in his army uniform This all I know about Robert and Maude but I would add that of the other six brother`s and sister`s that my grandmother had Maud is the only one I can not find any death details about her I look forward to hearing from you and must say you have a wonderful web site here
Many thanks Dennis



Sapper Robert Morris

My Reply

Hi Dennis

Thank you for contacting St Marks.

Unfortunately the St Marks Roll of Honour was last seen in the 1970s at Fletcher St Barracks, I have made enquiries in the last few years but it’s location is still unknown, it was not included in the list of items that were moved to various churches over Lancashire at the time of it’s closure.

Regards to Maud Turner I have her as born in Bolton bet Apr-Jun 1892 (mothers maiden name was Kay) I do know of a death of a Maud Morris but this was in St Helens Abt Sep 1935 age 43 and a possible burial at Heaton Cemetery on the 21st Sep 1935, whether this death and the burial are of the same person I can’t be sure and this is assuming she died as Morris.

On the other hand Robert Morris I have him as the son of John William Morris and Mary Elizabeth Smith who married in 1891 St Bartholomew Bolton, Robert was baptised on the 28th Mar 1894 at St Marks Bolton.
A person named Robert Morris died 29th Feb 1976 Bolton (birth date 17th Feb 1894) and was cremated at Overdale 5th Mar 1976.

I shall include Roberts name and photo on St Marks Roll of Honour on the site and your email on the Guestbook soon.

All the details above are best to my knowledge and should be cross checked and verified from other sources.

Best Wishes


Maud Turner - Robert Morris

Hello David

Many thanks for the information you have given me of which my brothers Norman and Roland and I are very grateful I will follow up what you have told me and I will also do my best and more to track down St Mark`s Roll of Honour one thing is certain David it must be somewhere believe me I will try.

Best wishes


Dec 2013

I am trying to find out where my Dad lived back in 1951, I think this street is no longer there, I came across your web site and wondered if you could help.
My Dad is not alive any more but he lived in this street when he was in his twenties he lived with his mother, and she died in 1951 and was called Bertha Bailey, my Dad was called Ronald Bailey.
As my grandma died in 1951 and i was born in 1965 I never met her and would love to find out where she's buried and have just got her death certificate, it says on there the address of Reservoir St Bolton, NO 63.
I can't find any information on where this house was, hope you can help, there are no relatives left to ask, thank you very much

Melanie Hall

My Reply

Hi Melanie

Unfortunately Reservoir St was demolished many years ago, I am sending you two maps one showing 63 Reservoir St and another showing where it would be if still standing, I also attach a newspaper cutting showing a little of Reservoir St.
Bertha moved to No63 when the Horrocks Family left during WWI so if she died in 1951 she would have been lived there during two world wars.
Many of her children were baptised and married at St Marks Church but I can find no record of any going to St Marks School, was your father born 25 November 1925 by any chance.
Bolton Archives hold burial records and since you know the date you would need to visit, Bertha could have been cremated and many of these were at Overdale or she could be in a family grave elsewhere, but the Archives would be my best bet, and the staff are very helpful and will point you in the right direction.

Did your grandmother die in Jan 1951 by any chance.

Best Wishes

Hi David,
Thank you so much for getting back to me, I can't tell you how important this is to me, I got the death certificate today for Bertha Bailey my Grandma, yes she died Jan 25th 1951.
and yes my Dad, Ronald was born 24th Nov 1925.
I was on your web site earlier, I think i've found a relative, someone called Haydyn Smith, only last month he asked you about his grandma, oh my goodness I think its the same person.
Please can I share with you why this is all so important to me, my dad Ronald died 23 yrs ago, its so important to find my roots, my past is so important to me.
I think the person who you helped with clarifying a marriage certificate might be my cousin, thank you David for all your help,

My Reply

Hi Melanie

I can tell you your grandmother Bertha was buried at Tonge Cemetery 30 Jan 1951
I research family trees as my hobby for other people, you may have noticed on a the Family Research section, but I do charge a fee for a full family tree including a framed chart and all details in a leatherette binder etc, I’am not trying to sell you one I just thought you would like to know.
Good luck with your search

Best Wishes


Dec 2013


Hi, I'm sure that the sulky lad on SM008 at the back is me.

Enjoyed looking through the web site brings back a few memories.
I went on to Bishop Bridgeman, with Mick Barlow, Lee Bonney, Lance Kitchen, Stephen True, Andrew Davenport, the only girl I remember is Maxine Platt, it might be because her dad had the chippy on lever street!
Once they began to demolish all the terraced housing in 1977 we moved up Halliwell.
Is there not a final school photograph before the closure?
It would be good to hear from anyone from our class. Cheers Chris
Nov 2013
How accurate is the information you provide on marriages at the church ? My parents were married there in 1954. Eric smith and mavis brockhouse. However it is stated that her Christian name is morris ! ! I shall be pleased if you can amend this to the correct name . Many thanks .

Haydn Smith

My Reply
Hello Haydn
Thank you for contacting St Marks.
At on time on some of the marriages I used a piece of software that would transcribes names for me, this program I stopped using in 2010 when I noticed some faults, it seems I missed some faulty readings and apparently your parents marriage seems to be one of them.
I must apologise for this oversight and quality of the part of the image I’m sending of the original church record.
Please once again accept my apologies.
"Image of marriage certificate attached to email"
Hi David
Many thanks in replying to my email so promptly.I hope it shall not be too much trouble in correcting my request. The original church copy isn't very clear and I can see how the mistake was made.
Furthermore, I shall be interested in looking at the original church document of the marriage between Minnie Sinclair ( my grandmother ) and Walter Bailey, married at the church in 1923.
Once again thank you.


My Reply
Hi Haydn
Here are the details you requested.
May I ask if it is ok to place your emails and replies on the St Marks Guestbook.


Hi David Once again a big thank you for the information requested.I am pleased to inform you that your request of displaying my emails on the guest book shall be fine . I shall look look forward to communicating with you in the future if the occasion arises. Haydn

Sep 2013

Hi David

Love it...It is brilliant, I can't tell you how pleased I am It is certainly a thorough account of my Father's Family.

A Big Heartfelt Thank You David.

Vivienne Quinn, Seattle USA

Some Tree Statistics
Earlist birth date before 1701
364 People
123 Baptisms
100 Marriages
93 Deaths
32 Burials
13 Wills/Probate
87 Surnames
8 Generations



Jul 2013

Dear David

Here are some pictures of my Chadwick's box I would just like to know how old it is, what its original use was (ie for customers or was it used by sales reps?) and really anything else you can deduce from the photos. Others I have seen on-line are plain box shapes but mine has shaped sides. It is 11cm by 6.5cm by 5cm high and has pretty patterned (? thin brass) hinges and clasp. The wood is dark-stained and the picture (a lithograph?) is of a little boy carrying a crop and wearing a riding hat, and he has a little terrier at his feet.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your help in this.
Liz Haworth

Jun 2013

I revisited your site tonight in search of info about Gregson Field and found a link to a photo of same, however on viewing the photo I have to inform you that the photo was in fact taken from Gregson Field and is not a picture of it.

The street in the picture is in fact Glynn Street, the shop on the right hand side was owned by the Taylor family and was situated at the junction of Moore St/Glynn St. The building at the centre top of the picture is High St baths. I lived in the street until the age of eleven so knew the area well.

I hope this information is of use to you.

I find the site very useful and hope you don’t mind me contacting you

Paul Sanders

p.s. The pupils listed did live in Gregson Field as recorded, I knew all of the Bailey’s listed

My Reply

Hello Paul

Thank you for your email.

Yes sorry the photo is of course Glynn St as you say and taken from Gregson Field as it stood then, my articles text is a little confusing I must say.
What I really meant to say was all the land that streets were built upon ie the ones in the photo and Gregson Field were once called Gregson Field before development, I didn't have a photo of Gregson Field houses so I used a photo showing the area that was once called Gregson Field, I shall double check what I have just written in this email as it was a while ago since I uploaded the article for Gregson Field.
I shall check my old maps before the houses were built to be sure what I say is correct.
When I adjust the page I will add your email and an old map before development and a map showing the houses (hopefully yours will be on it) and enlarge the photo already on.
If you by chance any photos of the surrounding area (St Marks/St Philips) I would more than happy to publish

Thank you for your time and trouble keeping me on the ball


St Marks Researcher/Writer/Publisher/Site Administrator
Jun 2013
Hi David
Reading the "Guestbook" recently I noticed the note from Simon regarding the above gentleman. I don't know if its connected but a Daniel Wheatley and his wife -name not known- lived in Platt St opposite the Methodist church.They lived in the end house where it met Hobson St and I think were members of the church opposite.
When I was a little boy about 10 years old Mr Wheatley would I guess be in his sixties so the date ties in with Simons note.
It's a great pity Lloyd Egerton is still not with us as he would have further information because his house was only four or five doors away.
Hope the above helps.
Thanks again for tending the website.

Hindle Gregory Class of 1952

May 2013

Hi David
I would just like to say a big thank you for all the hard work you did on my family tree.
When I contacted you I was really stuck and the information you have found is fantastic, there are names I didn't recognise but you got back to 1701 and I couldn't believe it.
I was also impressed at how its presented in the beautiful folder.
Greatly appreciated and many thanks

Christine Bailey
Highly recommended

Some Tree Statistics
Earlist birth date 1701
990 People
219 Baptisms
201 Marriages
175 Surnames
10 Generations


May 2013
Today I was looking through the contents of a small varnished wooden box which is about 5 1/2 by 41/2 x by 3 1/2 inches which my great aunt gave me. On the inside of the hinged lid was a label "James Chadwick and Bros. Bolton. It also mentioned Chadwick's super six cord sewing cotton. It probably contained spools of sewing cotton and sewing supplies.
My great aunt had lived in Harbour Grace Newfoundland in the middle of the 1800's.
I did a search with Google and found "http:www.stmarksbolton.webspace" etc. which led me your message.
There is nothing you cannot find with modern computers! Can you estimate it's age?
D. A.Stevenson
26 Cherrywood Drive
K2H 6G7
My Reply
Hi Dave

The article was made circa 1894, the numerals 50 are for the number of years that the Chadwick Super Six Cord had been in existence, I have a newspaper cutting from 3 Sep 1884 with the numerals 40 similar to the label inside the lid,
In 1896 the company became a ‘Limited Company’ and the letters Ltd do not appear on your label.
So you now have the age of your box which is 117 years old.


Mar 2013

Dear school
I would like to inform you SM025 that the girl with 2 plaits looking at the camera is myself. My name was Vanita Tailor.
I really enjoyed being at the school and was delighted to find this picture. I now live in Leicester.
Kind regards

Vanita Jivanji

My Reply

Hello Vanita

Thank you for contacting St Marks, I have updated St Marks web site with your email and enlarged the photo (which I also send for you).

Below is information taken from the school register book, please forgive any spelling errors in your name as the handwriting in the book is hard to read if there are any mistakes please send the proper spellings.

Register Entry: 1464
Name: Vanitaben ########### ########## Tailor
DOB: ## ### ####
Admitted to St Marks: 7 January 1969
Left St Marks: 30 July 1971 to Hayward Lever
Parent: ########## ######### Tailor
Addresses: Nine House Lane, ## Rigby St, ##Crowther St

Your younger sister J####### ######### was admitted the same day entry number 1463, she left St Marks 11 Feb 1972 to go to Bishop Bridgeman.

Best Wishes
St Marks Researcher/Author/Web Site Administrator

Some private details have been removed or edited from the above

Dear David
Thank you for the quick response. I cannot remember that picture being taken. However it was a delight to find a picture of me when I was young so thanks to St Marks and the website. The information you have about my sister and myself is accurate. I enjoyed my time at St Marks and when I visit Bolton I try to visit the area and show my children the school I attended.

Kind regards


Jan 2013
Hello there,
I have been looking at your site with great interest as it mentions my ancestors several times. One thing in paticular I would love your help with if possible is a picture SM099 that is a school picture. The girl on the extreme left back row of your picture is my grandmother Helen Wheatley. I have half of the original picture and there is another girl to the left of Helen. I have attached a copy of the half I have and a picture of my grandmother on her own. I would like to know would it be possible to obtain a copy of the original as obviously the one I have is damaged. I would be pleased to pay any printing costs.
The other family members that are mentioned on your site through baptisms etc. are other Wheatleys, Annie bap. 1893 and Joseph Bap.1905. They are brother and sister to my great grandfather Daniel Wheatley. Their parents were Daniel Wheatley and Eliza (Nee prince whom I have a picture of). Do the original documents or records still exist and if so is it possible to view them?
Annie and her husband emigrated to california in the 50's. Their daughter is still alive and lives there today, although a ripe age.
I hope you can help and if there is any more I can help with I would be only to pleased to as my family roots for generations stems from Bolton area. My father remembers it very well.
Thank you in anticipation of your reply.
Regards Simon
My Reply
Hello Simon
Thank you for contacting St Marks, The photo SM099 was sent to me a few years ago I didn't realise it was not complete, I have attached the one that was sent to me for your records this has not been re-touched so is as received.
Regards records for St Marks Baptisms and Marriages they are held at Bolton Archives and Local Studies on microfilm in cabinet ‘A’ drawer ‘5’ boxes 19-22 (1866-1971).
I have photographed many of the Baptisms and Marriages, but unfortunately when I originally started I typed them into my laptop while viewing the microfilm, it was only later that I took my camera with me so at the moment I only have Joseph’s at hand which I also attach, I shall be continuing to photograph the marriages and baptisms this year and add many more of the same to St Marks Web Site as well as updating the Headmasters Diaries etc.
Did Daniel Wheatley and Eliza Prince marry at Christ Church in Tunstall, Staffordshire in 1881.
I shall add your email and info to SM099 in the coming days and also enlarge the photo on the site, I have also attempted to contact the source of the photo, I shall inform you if and when I receive the full version.

St Marks Researcher/Author/Web Site Administrator

Full version recieved and passed on to Simon
Jan 2013

Hi David
I was checking out your site and thought perhaps you could help me to find a friend whom I have not seen in forty years.
I have been told that the person I am looking for had passed away a few years ago, This however has not been confirmed.
I grew up in Little Hulton and left England in the early 70s, I now live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I still visit the Manchester and Bolton areas when I have the chance.
The person I am looking for was born in 1949 and grew up at #65 Plover street, Great lever, Bolton, Her name was Jacqueline Banks, I know she got married in the early 70s but I don't know her married name, Her fathers name was Thomas Banks, I don't remember her mothers name but I do know that she died in the mid to late 60s.
Jacqueline worked as a hairdresser in Bolton.
Any information would be appreciated
Thank you
Roy Baxter, Alberta, Canad

My Reply
Hello Roy thank you for contacting St Marks
A Thomas Banks married a Mildred Warburton in 1947 at St Bartholomews Church, Nelson St, Bolton they had a daughter Jacqueline between October-December 1949 in the Bolton Borough. Mildred Banks died in 1968
A Jacqueline Banks married a Stephen T Fletcher at Bolton Registry Office in 1974.
A death was recorded of a Jacqueline Fletcher age 55 who was born on the 22nd October 1949 her death was registered between 22nd October- 31st December 2004 in Bolton.

The above information may be Jacqueline but I cannot be 100% but if the marriage is correct then it is very much a possibility.

St Marks Researcher/Author/Web Site Administrator
Hi David thank you so much for your help, I am sure that the Jacqueline Fletcher who died in 2004 and the Jacqueline Banks I am looking for are the same person, Not the outcome I wanted but it was expected.
Thank you again for all your help
Roy Baxter

Dec 2012

I am looking into a family member and found that his mother was living in Norman Street when she married. Having found your interesting site, I see that the information you have on Norman Street relates to a Peter Boardman who made bowl sets. The lady mentioned above was Eva Boardman who married Charles Rigby in 1882. Her father was John Boardman. She lived at 19 Norman Street and her brother, Peter, lived at 21 at the time of the 1881 census.
Would it be possible for you to let me know if this is the family who were still working with wood in the 1940s? I am helping my 9 year old nephew write a booklet about Eva's oldest son and would appreciate any information to give him an idea of the type of family he came from.

Funnily enough I also do research for St Mark's Church, but in Exeter! Ours was consecrated 75 years ago so doesn't have the type of information yours has. It was built a a missionary chapel originally so the local school still comes under the 'Mother' parish.

Alison Styles

My Reply

Hi Alison

Thank you for your email

Eva’s brother Peter was in fact The Mr Boardman mentioned as Bowl Maker in the 1940s although the 100 years mentioned as being in operation is probably a little exaggerated as John Boardman was not living in Norman St in 1851 he was living with his new brides parents in Gregson Field (around half a mile away).

Peter Boardman the Bowl Maker b1884 married Emma Tuck in 1908
Father Peter Boardman b1856 married Rachel Bradshaw in 1879
Grandfather John Boardman b1830 married Alice Swithenby in 1851
Great Grandfather Peter Boardman b1784 married Eleanor Boardman in 1810
Great Great Grandfather Matthew Boardman b1753 married Alice Bradley in 1784
Great Great Great Grandfather William Boardman b1721 married Martha Lumb in 1748
Great Great Great Great Grandfather Robert Boardman b1697 married Ann Hilton 1720

The above Ancestry will need to be verified from third party sources.
Hope this information will help you and your nephew in the writing of your booklet

Best Wishes
St Marks Researcher/Author/Web Site Administrator

Thank you David
The information confirms what I have managed to gather.
I think I remember someone saying that Eva's son James played for St Mark's football team. We all thought that was a bit strange. My grandfather and great uncles played for St Marks Exeter! James would be the generation before so I couldn't quite work out how he could play with my other family members. James moved to Exeter pre WW1 to play for Exeter City FC. He was injured in 1923 and his career ended. Therefore if he had played for the Exeter team, it would have been after his injury. Now I know that his mother's family had a close link with your St Marks Church it makes a bit more sense!
While you may have heard of Exeter born Dick Pym - the goalkeeper for Bolton in 1923, you should feel proud to know that Jimmy was captain of ECFC when they travelled to Argentina and Brazil in 1914. This was a ground breaking tour as they were the first to play a Brazilian national team.

The funniest thing I've found about Jimmy and his link with St Mark's was where he lived when he was baptised. The Rigby's were living in Grecian Street in 1883. ECFC are called the Grecians.

Thank you for all the family information, I will make sure that Jimmy's side of the family know.


Dec 2012

To anybody who remembers me, Julie Fazakerley. were are u now, do u remember. the southerns. if so get in touch
Debra Southern Class of 1974
(if St Marks had stayed open)

Nov 2012
Hi I recognized myself on the photos on your site, but I am afraid I cant help much because I vaguely remember attending this school as a child.
My name is Dean Allan Etchells.
But what I do remember is the first day I attended this school. I do remember that I was very upset because my mother was leaving me at this school for the very first time. I also remember playing with sand in a sand pit, on the photo SM008 I am the boy in the center of the photo with the striped top with my hand on my hip. I also have this photo.
I lived in hewit street at this time with my mother father and sister, who is named on your site, her name is Dawn Helen Etchells
she also attended st marks as you already know.
I also noticed that I am on photo numbers: SM028-SM031. I do not have these photos I don't think my mother purchased copies of these at the time
Sorry I can't be of any more help to you and your site, please feel free to contact me if needed.
Thank you
Dean A Etchells Class of 1978 (if St Marks had stayed open)
Oct 2012
The photograph is Ken Barlow. he got killed in the second world war, his mother used to have Barlows paper shop on Lever Street.
William Barlow
Aug 2012
Dear Friends,
I am trying to establish whether there are any surviving members of the Critchley family of Bolton; according to the history section of your website, Mary N Critchley became a teacher at St Mark School in 1940. I believe this may have been the same person as the widow of Sergeant Edward Critchley, Royal Air Force, who was lost at the Battle of Anzio on 24 May 1944. He was navigator to my uncle, Flight Sergeant Michael A Zollo, Royal Air Force; their Beaufighter was shot down over the Mediterranean by another RAF plane in a case of mistaken identity.
My wife and I visited the Critchley family grave yesterday in Heaton Cemetery, having travelled from home in Devon for a wedding in Knutsford on Friday.
Although your website lists Mary N Critchley as 'Miss', I suspect that this was because women teachers were commonly known as 'Miss' even if married. In particular, I am trying to find out whether Edward and Mary Critchley had any children; my understanding is that they did. Having been named after my uncle, being the first male child born to his family after World War 2, in 1948, I'd love to be able to contact any surviving relatives of his best friend, Ed Critchley. If you are able to help in any way, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Best Wishes.

Mike Zollo

My Reply
Hi Mike

According to my records Mary N Critchley was her married name, below is possible information relating to Edward and Mary, this information should not be taken as fact.
Mary’s maiden name could possibly have been Marshall with Edward and Mary marrying at All Souls Church Bolton in 1939, if this marriage is correct then a possible child could be Michael S Critchley b1944 Bolton, if the details so far are correct then their son Michael could have married a Susan Howard at St Johns Farnworth in 1968.

I’m sorry I could not be of any further assistance.


Jul 2012

Good Afternoon
I have discovered that Joseph Stanley Leatherbarrow is my husband's second cousin. I understand that he went onto The Cathedral in Manchester and then moved to Worcestershire where he died in 1989. I wonder do you have any photographs or more information about him please?
Great Website by the way - congratulations to whoever does all the work!
Thank you

Pamela Simmons

My Reply

Hi Pamela

Sorry I have not done much research on Cannon Leatherbarrow 1937-1944, the only information I have is he was at Prestwich Church and as far as I'm aware the author of many books, I contacted Prestwich Church a few years ago in case they had a photo, I had reply saying my request for details had been passed on to another member who would be in touch, but I never heard again.
I think this is one of his books that is signed by himself is on sale. (now no longer available from this site, )reviewed 2016)

Sorry I could not assist any further Pamela but if I do acquire anymore details or photos they will be added to the site.

St Marks School and Church Researcher/Author/Web Site Administrator


Jul 2012

Hi David
My name is Melanie Young, I am the daughter of Karen McClusky - Beckwith. I saw your message about David Richardson trying to get hold of a McClusky.
My email is


Melanie Young

My Reply

Hi Melanie

I have forwarded your email to David Richardson.
Thank you for getting in touch, I’m sure David will be in touch soon

David (St Marks)

Some private details have been removed or edited from the above

Jul 2012
Hi, I have looked at your contact list and there is a Kevin McClusky who has a sister Karen. I was born in Bolton and left for Australia with my Dad in 1967.
I have tried the link for Kevin’s email and cannot get through. If you have an updated email address or if you could contact him and forward this email that would be great.

Thanks from

David Richardson.

My Reply

Hi David
I too have tried Kevin's email address, it is no longer valid, I shall post your email on the site in the hope he will see it and contacts St Marks for more info.


Some private details have been removed or edited from the above
Jul 2012

Hi I'm currently researching a branch of my family tree (the Higginsons) who lived at various houses on Grecian Street but I can't seem to find where Grecian Street is/was. Would you be able to help me locate Grecian Street in relation to any existing areas of present day Bolton Thanks very much
Kind Regards

Dene Fisher

My Reply
Hi Dene
Sending you maps of the area from past to present showing what happened to Grecian St.

Hi David, Thanks very much for you help, I'd sort of assumed that Grecian Street must have been around there somewhere. Am I right in thinking that many of the occuppants of Grecian Street would have worked at Grecian Mill? Thanks again
Kind Regards

Dene Fisher

My Reply
Hi Dene
There were many diverse occupational opportunities in this area Cotton Mills, Industrial Factories, Tanning and Bleaching ,Steel Works not forgetting the Railway Station and Goods Yard, this area was very active up to the mid 1960s, with this area being built upon from the 1850s to 1880s the need for a Mill or Factory to be the landlord was not necessary although a few streets I do know were named after local Mill owners, I would assume that very early in the Mills years they would prefer the workers to be as local as possible and could have possibly have been involved with the streets occupants but this was usually only when a Mill or Factory was not close to housing, so then a Mill would build houses nearby and be holders of the property for example Eagley Mills, they even built there own school.

Jun 2012


First can i say THANKYOU!
i stumbled accross your site quite by accident, but i have found so much through your site!!
I have found a brother for my great grandma that i had no information for (knew there was one but had nothing). I have an age for her sister and confirmation that she was at the school.
But.....there is no school record for the brother, no baptism for the sister....
i know there would be no marriage for the parents as they married at register office 3 months before my Ggrandmother was born.
I had an address as the biggest peice of information, my nanna never forgot where she was born and grew up "29 back nile street" (said in a heavy bolton accent lol).

Since my nanna passed last year, i have LOTS of old photos that are probably from that area of bolton.

I was wondering if you would possibly help me with the tree, and with maybe tracing these photos and either giving them to the families, or archiving them somehow.

hope to hear from you soon.
thanks xx


Link to the photos supplied by Laura PHOTOS


May 2012

Hi David
I was born March 1950 name Marilyn Mangnall and lived firstly on Sydney St with my mother and grandparents, mother Gladys Mangnall (nee Milner), father James was a guardsman in the Coldstreams. Grandparents William and Annie Milner. I believe my grandparents were both actors as I once saw a photo in Looking Back that had been submitted by Howard Gaskell (Canada) and they were both named as part of the cast sometime in the 1920's. Howard Gaskell was my mother's cousin I think. We then moved to 42 Holden St., neighbours were Frank and Brenda Rothwell, children of Annie and Frank Rothwell. I Think Frank junior emigrated. The other side were the Princes, Norman and Carol, Norman became the singer in the Houghton Weavers and Carol a school teacher. If I am correct they both went to the Catholic school. I remember going to Swan Lane Nursery before school. Awful place where we had to go to sleep on camp beds every afternoon. I stayed at the nursery and was taken to St Marks school by bus. We moved to Westhoughton around 1958 so I wouldn't have been there long but I remember the school and the dinner rooms. My mother had a sister Joyce m Leonard Hart and two brothers William moved to Birmingham area and James m Jean Timms. My mother lives with me and will be 88 next birthday, only one brother still alive (Billy). I don't know if anyone from the area will remember them but I have recognised a lot of names on the wedding lists of friends who I have heard my mother talk about. I also remember a family called Bond who may have lived in Grecian St area and Tattersalls.
A family used to mind me after school who lived on Sydney St during the time that one side was being compulsory purchased and the occupants re-housed. I can't remember the name of this family. I also had relations on Hobson St - Holdens and an Aunty Florrie maiden name would have been Vickers m Joe Fisher, both deceased.
Anyone out there remember anything?

Marilyn (Postlewaite) Class of 1961

My Reply

Hi Marilyn

Thank you for contacting St Marks.
Reading through your email I recognised nearly every name you mention, and some names I know have their photos on the site already too.
My uncle married a Florence Vickers (must also be related in some way to Florence Vickers-Fisher), there were many Bonds and Vickers
Maybe the Bonds you mention were the same family as on Grecian St (click on Grecian St, on the Neighbours link it will show all people who lived in the street and were associated with St Marks in some way).

I'm sending you your St Marks Baptism details and Admission details to St Marks School.


Thank you for your prompt reply and the details that you have sent. Florence was my grandmother's sister and her husband was Joe Fisher. They had no children. She died many years ago but he has only died sometime within the last 10-11 years. My Auntie Joyce looked after him until he died. Unfortunately she died last July. Houses that I can remember they lived in was originally a street near Holden St., going towards Bobby Heywoods Park, then onto Jubilee St on Daubhill and then onto a street off High St near the old baths. It would be a coincidence if she was the same person who married your Uncle. The Bonds did live on Grecian St., I knew them because my Aunty Joyce and Uncle Leonard (Hart) lived on the same St., I would think that Jennifer Bond would have been one of their children although she was older than me but I do have some recollection of her. I think the web site is excellent and very interesting.
Good Job.



Jul 2012

Hi David
I am really happy with my tree, I was going round in circles and getting stuck and hadn't got any time to try and sort it out. I love the binder and the finish of my tree its really professional and has been well worth the cost.
Thank you

Karen Green

Some Tree Statistics
Earlist birth date abt. 1750
520 People
124 Marriages
103 Surnames
10 Generations



Apr 2012

Hi David,
I noticed a mention in one of your articles about John Sharples, Donkey Stone Maker, of Shaw Street Bolton. John Sharples was my Great Grandad (father to Fanny Booth nee Sharples my grandma),
If you are interested, I have attached a photo of him and some of his family in the back yard of Shaw Street where he made the donkey stones.
Kind regards

Mrs Linda Evans (nee Booth)
PS. What a fantastic website you have. Keep up the good work.

My Reply

Hi Linda

Thank you for your email, what a great photo, I have put it on the Guestbook page and on Shaw St (under Neighbours link), I have also just added a map showing where the Sharples family lived (number 17).
Any other photos or memories of the area would be most welcome.



Apr 2012

Hi David,
Hope you dont mind me emailing you, but do you know where I could find any photos from sunday school parades from children at Hollins Cottage Childrens Homes.
My dad was there from 1942 he used to live on Plodder Lane and his sister was killed with a tram, I am trying to find anyone who was there at that time or to find some photos that he may have been on for him.
Many thanks

Susan Fanshawe

My Reply

Hi Susan

Thank you for your email, I’m sorry I don’t off hand, but you can try Bolton Archives (just click on the link and use in your email) and ask them if they have any photos or references of Hollins that may point to newspapers on microfilm there.

I have put your email on the Guestbook page, you never know someone out there may have information.



Mar 2012

Hi David
I am absolutely thrilled with the finished tree and the professional finish to the whole file, I am amazed at how much detail you have found on family members, their birth, baptism and marriages, even burial information.
You are a marvel thank you so much.
Anyone looking to research Family Trees need look no further.
Well Done.

June Ashcroft

Some Tree Statistics
Earlist birth date abt. 1752
491 People
117 Marriages
130 Surnames
8 Generations


Feb 2012

Hi David,
Hope you are well. I was wondering if you could advise/point me in the right direction as to finding out when all the streets of Great Lever were built, including local pubs etc. I am thinking of Reservoir Street and surrounding streets including Heywood Park.
Also would it be possible to view detailed building plans with info. I know your website shows street layouts inc Reservoir street, however there are no details of when these streets were created. ( I suppose poss mid 1800's )
Please don't go to any trouble as I can get things moving via my computer. its just that I don't know where to start, I have put keywords in Google, such as old Bolton street names, old street maps of Bolton etc and so on, however I have had no joy hence my appeal. Where would you suggest my first port of call be?
Many thanks.


My Reply
Hi DerrickThanks for your email (Bobby) Heywood Park was named after Robert Heywood an ex Mayor of Bolton, he made a gift of a free recreation ground on the 23 October 1862.
In 1850 very few houses and streets were in what was to be St Mark’s Parish, Fletcher St had around 20-30 houses at top end (where the Cinema was)
Slaterfield again the top end around 30 houses in total on both sides of the street with the Park Hotel pub on Bridgeman St.
Although Coe St, Sidney St and York St were well established they were not complete to the extent they would eventually be.
By the 1880s all of the streets you remember around St Marks had already been built, you can find out more at Bolton Archives and Local Studies.
If you want to view maps of the areas through the centuries online, then visit this site
I Hope this information has been helpful to you.

Hi David,
You are a smasher! thanks very much for the info. By the way interestingly, I had relatives the (Fishwick's) who lived next door but one to your old No 39 residence in Whittaker Street.

During the war years my relatives lived at No 33, they then moved out about 1954 i'sh into council property in the Breightmet area.

By the way thanks for helping my sister ( Lorraine) in her quest for more family history. I have informed her that if she wants a detailed family tree from you then she must pay a fee for all the work involved.

Once again many thanks,

Take care



Jan 2012

Hello David,
Please can you help me? I am looking for birth record of my father James Hogan, born May 30th, 1909 in Bolton. I am trying to find out who was my Fathers's father. His mother and father where never married.
My mothers's maiden name was Florence Fishwick.
Thank you.

Lorraine Newton-Crane (formerly Hogan).
Vonore, Tennessee USA

My Reply

Hi Lorraine

Thank you for your email

I attach a sheet with some info.
Also on the sheet is a line titled my observations, this info should help obtain the original marriage certificate (sometime details are recorded in the margins of the church record books that would not be on the official marriage certificate).


Hi David,

Thank you for the information on my father. I never knew he had a second name and his brother was name is Thomas - you made my day!
Happy New Year from Tennessee!
P.S. Just for your information, my brother Derrick Hogan gave me your link and has corresponded with you in the past!

Oct 2012
Dear David
Thanks for discovering the copy of St Marks Magazine, I don't know if it seems ungracious to say that the edition that I was looking for was the February 1948 as it contained a eulogy on my great grandfather who died the month before and I am very interested to see what my father said about my mother's grandfather on his demise.
However the copy you sent me contains a storehouse of detail which taken together give an astonishing insight on things like church attendance and collection. I expect that you know it but the Vicar was traditionally given the collections on Easter Day as part of his stipend. I was left thinking that, after taking upwards of five services on a sunday and services for the Faithful, often more than one on every day of the week, then you realise how much churchgoing was a part of peoples' lives in post-war Britain.
But I reserve my heart-felt gratitude for the publication of my father's pastoral service, and how like the monastic life it must have been for him. I now understand ho w it was that I saw so little of him. A thousand thanks for letting me hear his voice after all these years.
On another topic I noticed that you have been taking photographs of ST Ann, Belfield and wonder what led you there. Perhaps you knew that this is the parish to which my father repaired after his work at St Mark's was over? I'd be especially keen to know.
And if I have not communicated my eternal thanks for your dogged pursuit of history-then that is not fair to you for all you have done to revitalise the demography of the area in a way that is honourable, disciplined and imaginative

with kindest regards

Paul J A Hadfield son of Rev John Collingwood Hadfield 1944-1951

Oct 2011

You have some photos of Coe St (1924 and 1926) on the site which I sent a while ago, also a list of residents.
I didn't know my Dad's (Stanley Walmsley) house number when I sent the pics, but I now know he lived at No 32 Coe St at that time.
Thank you very much for maintaining this site. It is a marvellous source of information and interest. I have just discovered that my husband's parents were married here in 1937. I will see if I have any more info or pictures you might like to have.

Thanks again


My Reply

Hi Glennis
Thank you for your email
I will update Stanley’s address

Your husband's parent's Robert Oswald Aston Age 25 a Bachelor and Motor Driver married Eva Lonsdale age 23 a Spinster and Weaver on the 26th June 1937, their addresses were 142 Oxford Grove and 103 Clarendon St respectively, Robert’s father was Edward Aston a Warehouseman, no father was recorded for Eva, the witnesses at the wedding were John and Annie Foote, The marriage was performed by Rev Harry George Moss.

More photos will be added to the site later today with your update and email.


Oct 2011
Dear David,
I inherited a collection of photos from my cousins Marjory Hill Nuttall and Albert Hartley and I have been sorting through them. A number relate to St Marks. The first one CH087 is a walk in the 1950s, my cousin is carrying the cross, he was scout master at St Marks too - Albert Hartley.
The other three are of productions at St Marks in the 1950s, some are already on the site, but I don’t see these three. In the top SM119 photo Marjory is second from left at front, Albert at the back third from left. In the middle SM120 photo Albert is in the stag costume at front, Marjory next to him on the right sat down. In the third photo SM121 Marjory is behind the little girl in front, I think Albert is second from left. Maybe others can recognise family members.

Hope they help,
Best wishes.

Julian Hill

Aug 2011

My name was Lynn Ashley I was In Mr Caldwells class. Do you remember what a great teacher he was, can anyone remember the play a Christmas carol, which we all took part in,
I was one of the 2 women who robbed Scrooges home along with Joan Socket who tragically died in an accident whilst at St.Marks. Does anyone remember going into assembly later that usual one morning to be told the headmaster had died, not sure if it was Mr Abbott, everyone in assembly was crying.

Love to hear all the old stories, offering to Polish the church brasses to get out of lessons, does that ring a bell to anyone !!!!!

I could go on and on


Lynn Ashley Class of 1969


Sep 2011

Hi David,
You have some pictures I sent on the web site (which is great)
Rev G F Eyes lived in Rishton Lane with his 2 sisters. he had a BA from Durham University. Later MA
His younger sister Mary Ellen taught at the school from 1895-6 untill her marriage. She had been a pupil teacher at Ripley's Hospital, Lancaster
before she came to Bolton. Both she and George had been educated their as orphans after their Father had died.
I think I recognise their older sister, Lucinda Ann Eyes as one of the Sunday School teachers on the 1899 photo.
You say on the site that GF Eyes was an Uncle of my husband which is incorrect. He is My great Uncle (Paddy Taylor / Hayward).
I found my Father's Baptism (George Hayward) and that his brother (Frederick Hayward) in the Church Records. They came back to Bolton from London and Leigh for GFEyes to Baptise them.
Do you know if there is a list anywhere of people who contributed to the church tower? In the parish records /chest e.g.
Would this be at Bolton Archives? Where is that situated?
Many Thanks.

Paddy Taylor nee Hayward (Mrs)


Oct 2011

Hi David,

My Family Tree is Absolutely Brilliant, My Parents are very shocked because what you have found (In a nice way)
My mum is more than my dad because she had never seen photos of her mum when she was a child. We will be printing it all of then we will sit and read through it properly.
You have done a super duper job, thank you
Julie Couperthwaite

Some Tree Statistics
Earlist birth date 9th Oct 1688
284 People
82 Marriages
76 Surnames
12 Generations



Jul 2011

Hi David,
Just been reading the site on someone looking for photos of Plover Street, used to play there a lot, this is the only photo I have taken in 1972 before they pulled it down. This photo is taken at the top end of Plover Street near Burlington Street you can see the end of Bull Lane at the bottom right corner.
Hope this helps out, let me know if you get anymore


Edward Godding Former Victoria School Pupil (Canada)

My Reply
Good one Eddy, I see you still visit the site, nice one
Thanks for the photo I shall send it to Darren.
Will do if I get anymore
Hi Darren

My friend in Canada sent this for you.
It shows from the top Plover St, you can just see the start of Bull Lane at the bottom right of the photo.

Lost for words express my thanks to Eddy for sending me that pic,
Just sat here last nite and I was remembering where I grow up, and even the church and school when I saw it give me a tear in my eyes I loved the school and church and the places and the street all around plover st.

Once again many thanks

June 2011

Can you help me I lived with my mum Pat Moss and my dad Ken Moss at 131 Plover St. and I was sat here thinking about when I was little I loved where I lived in Plover St, now I am 45, my name is Darren Moss, I didn't go to the school, but when I typed in Plover St. this is what came up, I was born in 1965 in the family home, and lived there till 1977 when we moved to Roxalina St
this is where I hope you may help me, have you any pictures of Plover St would be great to see if anyone has got any that they may have to scan and send ?
I hope that am not being cheeky just don't know what else to do
many many thanks

Darren Moss

My Reply

Sorry Darren I have not got a Photo of Plover St, but I will put your email on the site on the next update, maybe someone else might have a photo.

But I do have a map showing the houses, one thing that I have not put on the site is sometime between September 1899 and January 1900 Brick St was renamed to Plover St.
One thing you could try, if you still live near Bolton go to the Archive and Local Studies in the main library, they have on microfilm all the old newspapers maybe when the street name change it was mentioned in the paper along with a photo, you could then ask a member of staff to scan for you. It’s worth a try, if you get a photo this way send it to me too.
Hope you are successful in your search
Hi David,
Thank you for your prompt reply, forgot to mention that I lived at 84 Sidney St, my mother was Annie, and I had a stepbrother Edward Kennedy, a brother Derek and two sisters Margaret and Barbara.

Kind Regards

Albert Holt Class of 1954 June 2011


Albert Holt who lived in sidney street was in class of 54 and then went on to Heywood, also listed in the baptisms at St Marks. in 1943

Albert Holt Class of 1954 June 2011

My Reply

Hi Albert Thank you for contacting St Marks
The site has been amended on the following pages for you, Class of 1954, Sidney St, Surname List,
My Name is Wayne Anthony Gilman (Kaye), I am looking for some old photos of the pupils of this year and also for my Brother Shaun Gilman (Kaye) form 1974.
Or any information that relates to the history of the school at this time, we moved onto Bishop Bridgeman, but I would be intrigued to see some detail.
Your Help would be very much appreciated

Kind Regards

Wayne Gilman Class of 1977 May 2011

My Reply

Hi Wayne

All the photos I have are already on the site including the History of the school to its closure.

These families also resided at your old address 19 Mooney St, The Cromptons in the 1880s, The Courts in the 1890s and the Bennetts in the early 1900s

I attach copies of you and your brothers 1967/1970 details from the original St Marks Admission/Leaving Register, the first column is the register entry number, then the date of admission, name d.o.b. address, fathers name, date of leaving, name of next school.

I hope you find the information useful


Hello David
I do not know whether you can help with the following.
My Mother, Lily Colderley, was employed at the Total Broadhurst Lee Mills in 1926 and while working in the Mill, attended the Lee's Continuation School provided by the company (image attached). Whilst doing research on the Mill I came across your interesting web site On there, I found a page "St Marks School Fletcher St Bolton Tootal Broadhurst and Lee" which you seem to have removed (at least, I cannot locate it again).
I took a snapshot of the page at the time so I can replicate the text which was on it. However, I have been unable to find images to match the text and would be most grateful if you would be good enough to email copies of the following if they are still available:

I hope you feel able to help with this request.
Best regards

Tom Lever son of Lily Colderley (Baptism entry 1909)

My Reply
Hi Tom

The pages you refer to have been removed from the site to create space for updates and any new material, when more space is provided by my ISP I hope to upload the Workplace pages again, however in the meantime I send you my full size versions of the photos and some other bits and bats of the mill.
Thanks for the 1926 photo.
If I can help any further in your research please do not hesitate to ask.

Warmest regards
Hello David,
Thank you so much for sending not only the images for your web page as I requested but also the very interesting and informative pages on the Sunnyside Mills. To see the extent of the mill complex in its prime is truly awsome.
The photograph of Lee's school 1926 that I sent you shows my Mother Lily Colderley standing on the extreme left of the back row (looking at the photograph)..
She was born in 1909 in Holden Street, Bolton and would have been seventeen at the time the photograph was taken. Unfortunately I have no further information about any others in the photograph.
Once again, thank you for taking so much time with my request and for all the information you have provided.

Best regards.

Tom Lever Mar 2011


Just had a look at the e mails listed at the site and noticed that it says my e mail address is no longer valid. It is as above if you wish to amend it as I know the Egertons were a part of St Marks through the years and we seem to be losing more and more lately with Lloyd and Gordon both now gone :(

Chris Egerton Mar 2011


I would like to join St Marks forum. I am Sheila Glazebrook born in February 1941 and would like to get in contact with pupils who were in my year at school. I lived in 34 York Street, then moved to 16 Burnmoor Road, Breightmet. Bolton. If anyone knows me, please can contact me,
Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Sheila Glazebrook Class of 1952 Feb 2011

My Reply

Hi Sheila.
I have added you to , York St, Surnames and the Class of 1952, this would have been the year you would have left St Marks age 11.


Hi David. Xpupil 1973. lalji devraj karsan (halai)
Great St Marks web site. brings back memories .Please continue with your excellent services..
.We use to live at 64 Bull Lane. I attended the school untill it closed in 1973. we were transferd to newly built Bishop Bridgeman C of E. Rupert st, some to Clarendon school and pikes lane. Known class mates , hitesh vegad, mukesh vegad (plover St) padma patel, rajesh vanker, beverly marshall,Karen Fazerkly, Belinda Whittle, jaswanti Tailor, i think Paul Mendez ( Bully) who kept chasing asian pupils all time, I Remember playing British Bulldog on front play ground, there were few injuries as i recall, ground was hard. We had a wonderfull young blonde or brunett teacher, i think she was miss burns or miss brunel ,i think she got married with one off the teachers in school. My favourite time in class was at reading time, i would sit in front of teacher (who always sit on chair) on floor right in front of her for a good reason (view to die for, get my message!)
I still reside in bolton as this day, and my business is only 5minutes away from St Marks, X St Bartholomews school or church, Nelson St. also used to be bakery i think in 1980s.

Lalji Devraj Karsan Class of 1973 Feb 2011

Hi David
Alan Varley here just wanted to let you know my new email address
just saw two names from the past on the site allan mathews and david rawsthorne. david allan and i were all in the church choir together along with davids brother alan. alan rawsthorne and i spent a lot of our time swapping superman and batman comics.
I also remember the day gerald mathews got knocked outside the lodge bank tavern he was very lucky not to be killed my blood runs cold at the thought.Anyway thats all for now see you david.

Alan Varley Class of 1966 Jan 2011


Hi David,
Just got told about your site by another of St Marks Pupils David Rawsthorn, even though my sisters contribute too. Scrolling through, it was a nice reminder to see some of the Guys and Gals who attended St Marks and some who lived in Venture Street. I’m listed as “Glen” Matthews, however my real name is ALLAN ! don’t know where they got that from but after all these years it doesn’t really matter. Our family lived at Number 14 Venture St, and we used to hang about on “Bobby Hayward’s Park”, and the “Shed”... Venture St faced the Atlas foundry, I remember we had visitors from Yorkshire 1 weekend and they couldn’t sleep because the whole street used to vibrate from the heavy steam hammers flattening the steel, we never felt a thing!...myself and Mick Gresty said we was gorna pinch the Atlas off the foundry when it was being demolished, didn’t know it was that big! It’s nice to see it again at the end of St Peters Way, if you look very close you can still make out our initials scraped on it!
I have a Garage now in Astley Bridge, behind the Chemists, and buy all my stationary from the Printers who work from St Marks! Yeh, I’m still that softie!.
Thanx for the site from, I’m sure, everybody....if anybody wants to contact me, feel free to use the email address... Any way Thanx again better go before all good and bad memories flood back....some of the class of 1961 will be coming up to 60 years old now, Mick ! happy birthday if you read this for Dec wishes................
Allan (not Glen) Matthews- 14 Venture Street + class of about 1961-ish and David were in the Church Quire at the same time, he was Head Quire boy ...Allan

Allan Matthews Class of 1962 Dec 2010

Thank you so much for such a fantastic site.
My Mother went to school at St Marks, Winifred Feeney born 18 Nov 1919, (still living), I wasn't able to find her Baptism, but I did find her Mothers. Mums parents were Deborah Singleton and John Edward Feeney.
Deborah Singleton born 1 June 1895.
Baptism 31 July 1895.
I know not all records have been indexed yet but if it is possible to to check I would be very grateful.
Attached is photo of Mum taken at her 90th birthday last year.

Thanks again for a great site.

Trish Bolton (Australia) Dec 2010

My Reply

Hi Patricia
Thank you for contacting St Marks.
I shall add your mum to the site and Class 1933, and your email on the next update.
The baptisms I have not yet indexed in the 1910s are 1910-1914 and the missing ones in the 1920s are mid 1922-1924, so unless your mum was baptised between 1922-1924 it would mean she was baptised elsewhere, maybe your mum was baptised at the same church your grandparents married ( All Saints 1917 ) I shall have a look at this church from Nov 1919-1921 for you in January


Hi David
Thanks for getting back to me so promptly.
You could be right re Mums Christening, as she doesn't fall within your missing years, Mum looked to be about 3-4 months old on her Christening photo.

Thanks again

Deborah Singleton-Feeney and daughter Winifred


Hi fantastic site, I have enjoyed looking at all the photos of the school, my name is Stewart Taberner and was at the school with my two younger brothers Brian and Mark when the school closed, we then went on to bishop bridgeman. the photo 037 looks like it could be me laying down the cards and the boy opposite looks familiar although I could be wrong.
We lived at grecian crescent and I still live in bolton in little lever.
Keep up the good work, lots of fond memories thanks.

Stewart Taberner Class of 1973 Oct 2010


My sisters and Brother, Lillian, Constance, Brian and Brenda Ross all went to St Marks, Lillian was born in 1927 and is fit and well, Constance died in 1935 when she was 5yrs, Brian was born in 1934 and Brenda in 1941, they are fine and still living in Bolton and Farnworth. My Uncle Edward Grant born 1925 also went to St Marks, he lives in Adlington and my Cousin Alan Hardy went there in the war years because he was evacuated from London, I was Baptised at St Marks but we moved house before I started school so Brenda moved to St Bedes and I started School there. if anyone remembers us please get in touch

Shirley Leeson nee Ross Sep 2010

Hi Derrick
I sent Carrie an email and put your email on the site, she has not responded yet, her email seemed to work as it was not returned to me as not working, she could be on holiday or she may have changed internet providers, sometimes email addresses work for years without no one to read them.

Hi David,
Thanks for the update. A similar situation like this has happened to me with respect to my attempts (through your website) in contacting Walter Cummins, (class of 1951). Of course as I remarked at the time we are all getting on and it could be that Walter is not computer aware, or, is no longer with us!....!
I am 73 years today, yet one of the nice effects of reading ( almost daily ) your very interesting website is: I feel a lot younger, as though those times were only yesterday.
In recognition of all your hard work, and any costs incurred re the website, I was wondering if there is a way in which your readers could have the opportunity of expressing their appreciation by way of offering a small donation to help take up the strain.
Once again, many thanks

Derrick Hogan ex pupil of Clarendon St School Jul 2010


My Reply
Hi Derrick,
Thank you very much for the offer of donation.
The St Marks web site started off as a hobby and still is, although I have spent many many hours researching, writing, publishing and updating the site, I still enjoy keeping it up to date, most of the hard work has been done although their is still a little to do on the baptisms, but mostly I prefer payment in people visiting, emailing memories and sending photos etc.
The only problem I have is web space, Virgin only gives me 55 mb although they have been promising for 12 month now to update to 200 mb, I'm still waiting and I refuse to pay for something that new customers get for free, so until then some photos have been removed (from workplaces) to enable the site to be updated with fresh info until I get more space.
Thank you again for your generosity

Hi David,
Could you please pass on a little information re the Connolly family who at one time lived in Woodvale Grove, Lever Edge Lane Estate Bolton
It would seem Carrie Earnshaw is seeking some information regarding members of this family.
During the 50's our gardens backed onto each others and of course I knew some of the younger members, Derek was one, however there was another brother who quite by chance I met many years later. I cannot remember his name but he was younger than Derek, he was (at that time) the proprietor of an outdoor licence/ sweet and grocery shop on Tonge Moor Road Bolton.
Maybe this will help Carrie in her quest for more information on this family.
Keep up the good work,
Kind regards Derrick

Derrick Hogan ex pupil of Clarendon St School Jul 2010
Super site

I was at this school for two years from 68 to 69, I came over from Kenya to start a new life in UK.
Mr Cordwell was my teacher , Jean Lorraine Lean, Judith Ann Hardman, Lorraine Egerton, Neil Stuart Entwistle all joined me at the Hayward base after the leaving st marks.
I think Jean Lorraine Lean, Judith Ann Hardman both joined the Central Library after leaving the Hayward base secondary school.
I was hoping to find Karen Cornwall in your list but she is not there
I remember Neil Stuart Entwistle was always getting on the wrong side of Mr Cordwell.
Zainab Bibi Soorma joined the class towards the end of the last term.
Very good.

Naran Patel Class of 1969 Jul 2010

My Reply Hi Naran
Thank you for your email.
I'm not sure about your teacher Mr Cordwell but Mr Porter who was the Head Teacher in 1968-1971 died early 2008, I missed contacting him by only a few months.
I attach your original admission record taken from the Registers, sometimes the dates were not entered correctly, especially during the later years

Hi David. Since I wrote I have managed to find out more information. My grandmother Mary Alice Bailey was born in 1903 and in the 1911 census was living in Back Hobson St in Horwich. they moved to 34 Bull Lane some time after this. Lily Bailey was my grandmother's sister. I am not sure what relationship John Bailey is to either of them. I know my grandmother had a brother Benjamin (he is in the 1911 census) and he died as young child. Irene and Thomas Horrocks of 34 Bull Lane were the children of my grandmother's first marriage. They lived with their grandparents at 34 bull Lane. My father, Charles O'Connell and his full siblings lived at 81 Bull Lane all went to St Peter and Paul's school.
The medal was for my great grandfather Thomas Moss Bailey and he was awarded the medal in 1919.
I would be interested in the details you have for the Baileys and the Shrigleys. I have not been particularly interested in family history but this is proving to be very interesting.

Eileen Wyatt.

My Reply

John and Lily were brother and sister.
Here is the Bailey family.
Father Thomas Moss Bailey (Labourer then a Surface Layer).
Mother Mary Jane.
Thomas M Bailey and Mary Jane Sumner Married 1898 at St Marks.
Hannah DOB unknown, Baptised at St Marks 01.09.1901 Residence 23 Reservoir St
Thomas DOB ##.##.1905, Baptised at St Marks 25.01.1905 Residence 23 Reservoir St
William DOB ##.##.1908, Baptised at St Marks 04.03.1908 Residence 23 Reservoir St
John DOB ##.##.1921, Baptised at St Marks 07.08.1921 Residence 34 Bull Lane
Lily DOB ##.##.1919, Baptised at St Marks 11.05.1919 Residence 34 Bull Lane,
Most if not all the children probably went to St Marks School
Mary Alice Shuttleworth married Wilfred Bailey 1921 St Simon and Judes
The Shrigleys living at 39 Roxalina St (in the 1930s)
Father Wilfred, mother ?
Children Dorothy 1923, Ethel 1925, Frances 1926, (Twins Harry and Lorna 1929)
Lorna married Charles Russell Snyder in 1951 at St Marks.

The Shrigleys.
Dorothy DOB ##.##.1923
Ethel DOB ##.##.1925 left St Marks 23.12.1939
Frances DOB ##.##.1926 left St Marks 02.01.1941
Harry and Lorna (Twins) DOB ##.##.1929 left St Marks 22.04.1943. both originally
came from Holy Trinity School on the 22.07.1935
Other Shrigley members lived in Pitt St and Back York St.

I hope this info helps a little, but since I'm not familiar with the
families and just done a quick search I hope they are all correctly

David - Thank you the information is fascinating. The details for the Bailey parents Thomas Moss and Mary Jane is correct he was a Surface Layer and they certainly had Lilian around 1919 in Bull Lane. However, military records and the 1911 census show them at a different address!!
I am not sure who Wilfred Bailey is or what relationship he has to the family. If I can find out any further information about the family that is pertinent to your research I will let you know.
As for the Shrigley's, Wilfred was married to Lilian and there first child was Lilian born approximately 1921 (she later in life lived in the council estate behind Moss Bank Park and was awarded an MBE for her work in the Voluntary sector).

Eileen Wyatt.


I came across your website when I was researching a medal. Recently going through the possessions of my late parents I came across a medal. It was apparently awarded to my grandmother's relative in WWI. It is a round medal on a blue and dark red striped ribbon with the King's head on one side and "for distinguished conduct in the field". My grandmother (Mary Alice Bailey b. approx 1902) and her family lived in Bull Lane and she went to St Mark's.Do you know what this medal is?
My mother (Frances Shrigley, Rose Street) also attended to St Mark's sometime in the mid-late 1930s.
I think your website is wonderful - well done.

Eileen Wyatt.


Hi David - It was my 2nd cousin, Lloyd Egerton, who actually managed to obtain the bell. He used to go to St Marks too but has sadly passed away now. At the time the school changed use he simply went along to see what was going on, if only to pick up some memorabilia. He came away with the playtime bell !!

Andrew Egerton Class of 1973 Jun 2010


Hi, I was just wondering the photo on your website with the title '1934 Std V11' is it the class who would have left in 1948? As I noticed it says a boy named William Kerfoot is in the photo and I looked at the register page and he was in the same class as my grandad Matthew Walton?

Thanks, Becky. Mar 2010

My Reply

Hi Becky
Thank you for contacting St Marks.
You have just pointed some mistakes of mine.
Firstly the photo is of the 1934 Class (leaving year 1934)
The photo of William Kirfoot is correct, but the surnames page should have two William Kirfoot's one from Class 1934 and one from Class 1948.
I have not entered the William Kirfoot from Class 1934 on, and the photo should belong to him and not the William from 1948.
The Class photo would not show your Grandad 'sorry'
But I can give you some details.
Your great grandad was called Albert, he and his family in 1936 were living at number 12 Whittaker St.
His daughter Alice (Mathews sister) was born on the ##/##/1928, she started school at St Marks on the 20th April 1936, (she came to St Marks from Holy Trinity School).
Alice left St Marks in 1942 her address at the time was 112 Lever St, her enrolment number at St Marks was 329 in the 1930-1952 Register.
Your Grandad Mathew was born on the ##/##/1933, he started at St Marks on the 25th July 1938, his enrolment number was 539, his address at this time was 112 Lever St.
Maybe some more info might turn up at a later date i.e. Baptism etc, as I have only completed a few decades of those.
Any photos relating to persons or places on the site would be most welcome.

Hi David,
Thank you for the information I wasn't sure about the dates and addresses but I'm glad that I know now. My grandad was born in 1933 and passed away ##/##/99 although Alice is still alive.
My mum, Sandra Walton was baptised at St Marks church on Sunday 2nd May 1965, her parents where Matthew and Agnes, he was a textile warehouseman at the time and they lived at 188 Fletcher street.
My other grandad, Harry Treppas was also a pupil at St Marks (class of 1946), I was just wondering if you have any details of when he started?
Thank you very much, Becky

My Reply

Hi Becky
Thank you for the details, I shall update my database with your info.
Here is what I have on Harry.
Harry born ##/##/1932, he was the son of John James Trepass.
Harry's first school was St Marks, he started on the 5th April 1937, his enrolment number was 370, his address at the time was 72 Coe St, and was only a few streets away from St Marks, And lucky for you there are pictures of Coe St, it is featured on the site and the link to it is on the Neighbours page.
Harry did not continue his education at St Marks, he was removed by his parents on the 11th March 1938 (no reason given) his name appears in the Class of 1946 as that would approximately be the year he would have left if he had stayed.
Fortunately 72a which would be the same house (probably shared) is mentioned on Coe St page.


I never knew that he was only at the school for one year, I asked him yesterday and he said after St Marks he went on to Emmanuel church of England school.
Thank you for all the information on both of my grandads :)

Becky Treppas

Some contents of this communication has been edited removing private information.


I was looking at your st marks school website, and my sisters names margorie and patricia hilton are on foundry street list, I was in mr hodson's class in 1952 but my name is not on the foundry street list. my name is hugh hilton. I really enjoyed your site was good looking back at the photos and reading the letters people had sent in. I will keep looking through the website to see if any new pictures or letters appear.

Hugh Hilton Mar 2010

My Reply

Hi HughThank you for your email, I shall add you to Foundry St, let me know what year you left, I assume it was 1952 when the school changed to a primary.
The classes are compiled on what year pupils should have left from their birth date, no matter what year they actually left St Marks
Age 10 up to 1899
Age 12 up to 1918
Age 14 up to 1947
Age 15 up to 1952
Age 11 after 1952 (the school changed to a primary)
You should recognise some of your classmates on the Registers page.
I will await your reply before I add you to your Class and Name List.


I have been enjoying your wonderful and informative website.
I am researching Albert William Openshaw, who I think is the son of the Albert Openshaw baptised in your parish in 1889. AW Openshaw had his BA from Manchester, studied in France and was head of language department at the Price School in the 1960s-1970s.
Would you perhaps have any suggestions where I could look further, as I have some old letters from WWII which his descendents may be interested in.
Kind regards

M. Fotis
Lexington, MA USA
Mar 2010

My Reply

Hello Mary
Firstly thank you for contacting the St Marks web site.
The Albert Openshaw you refer to, who was born and baptised at St Marks in 1889 unfortunately he died at birth or not very long after, it was a private baptism held on Tuesday the 5th of March.
Death reference GB/7/339 and Register Vol 8c Page 290.
Was the Albert William you refer to born on the ##### in Salford, occupation a schoolteacher, died in 2003 in Warwickshire.
Wife called Joan (nee Isherwood) born on the #####, died in 2005. Children daughters Jean and Hazel.
All were living at 7 Crosshill Rd, Blackburn.
The family spent two periods in Africa in the 1950s, I send two documents relating to their travels. with more information on the daughters details to help with the search for the family.

Well, you have certainly found more details for me! I think I should now narrow it down to this person. What a shame that he is deceased and cannot review his old letters. However, perhaps I can locate his daughters and share the letters with them.
I very much appreciate your very helpful assistance in locating this information.
He seemed like such a interesting man---intelligent, articulate, humorous. It seems a shame not to share these letters. In addition, there are many observations on the beginning of the war in 1939. I am glad he survived. All those young students planned to reunite in Paris after the war, which I think they did not conceive would be so prolonged and arduous.
Thank you again for all your help.
Mary Ned

Some contents of this communication has been edited removing private information.


Hello Mr. Dixon

I may be asking the wrong person, but here goes –
I am searching for information on Sydney Poole who attended St. Mark’s School, Manchester between mid-1875 and February 1880. He was born 7 June 1875 and his parents were John and Rosa Poole; John being a tailor. His birth date and time of attendance would indicate he was anywhere from an infant to just under 5 years of age while he was at St. Luke’s. His 2 older sister’s Janet Rosetta and Maude may have attended, as well. Janet may have had the surname Palmer or Poole and her given name could have been spelled Janet, Janett or Janette.
I am particularly interested to know where the family was residing at the time of Sydney’s attendance and any information on Sydney, Janet and Maude that the records may reveal.
I checked the ‘Classes’ section of your website for the 1880s but found no Poole or Palmer. The people list produced on 2 Poole, neither of which I have as related.
Thank you for any assistance you can provide. It is greatly appreciated.

Ms. Leslie G. Poole
Camden, ME 04843 U.S.A.
Mar 2010

My Reply

Hi Leslie
There are a few St Marks Schools in and around Manchester, this St Marks lies 12 miles outside of Manchester in the town of Bolton.
Was John Poole called John Henry Poole who was married to Sarah whose first child was called Edith born 1870, then John went on to marry his second wife Rose.
If I'm correct then John Henry and his wife with 5 children were in Birmingham up to around 1880 then they moved to Gorton, Manchester where Harry was born then they moved to Derby, the St Marks you would need to contact would be in Glossop Dale, Derby or if earlier than 1880 in Birmingham.




Just want to know if there is a list of burials from St Marks. My grandparents were married there in 1900, there first child was baptized there before coming to US. I'm looking for family that may be buried in the area. Surname would be Atherton.

Thanks Linda Hendrickson Mar 2010

My Reply

Hi Linda
Although St Marks Vicars did perform burial services over the years and at different locations I have not found any literature in the archives except for the occasional reference in a newspaper.
I'm sorry I could not help on this occasion.



Can you tell me if there is a W.W.1 memorial for St. Mark's School. I am trying to determine whether my mother's eldest brother went to St. Mark's School. I have noticed some of the family are on the Baptism Registers and my grandparents married there in 1893. The surname was BANKS and my uncle was Thomas Banks died Palestine 4th Nov 1918. The family lived in Leach St. from 1893 to 1906 Thomas was born 1894 There is a Thomas Banks on the memorial in Clarendon St School but it is the wrong Thomas Banks.

Sheila Crook Mar 2010

My Reply

Hi Sheila
Unfortunately we have not been able to find the St Marks Memorial (see Can You Help email No 21).
I have found that a Thomas Banks private 246019 born in Bolton and enlisted in Bolton died on the same date in Egypt he was a driver for the Royal Army Service Corps, his family is recorded as living in Bury at the time of his death, if so his name would have been on a memorial in Bury.
I suggest you start with contacting Bury Archives Tel 0161 253 6782 to see if they hold newspapers on microfilm for the period if they do, it may show like the photo attachment I send.


Dear David,

Just a small query: when my father was vicar at St Marks , he produced a monthly magazine which largely documented church services but occasionally contained items of more general interest. I think I mentioned this before but the magazine for February 1948 had an obituary for my great grandfather, Robert Lewis that I would be keen to read. If anyone has collected this particular artifact, it must be you. Alternatively, would you know if the Diocese or the Local Records Office have them.
I should be obliged if you could help

Paul J A Hadfield Feb 2010

My replyHi Paul
As far as I know everything (Literature wise) eventually ended up at the Archives, they do hold some Parish Magazines but they are from the late 1800s and early 1900s, which I have only briefly looked at, I do intend to study these more closely in the future, I doubt if the Diocese would have received them or even still have them after all this time.
As far as contacting the Diocese which I have tried in the past but with either no response or a standard general reply, I doubt they would be interested, they may be too busy trying to hold on to what they currently have.
I'm sorry I can't help any further but I will post your email on the web site in case others may be able to help.

As a PhD student with the University of Manchester researching into Anglican churches built between the years 1847 and 1902 in the Deanery of Manchester, I am wondering if you have any information you could pass on - or tell me where I can find it - on the founding history of St. Mark's church.
In particular, do you know anything of a benefactor of the church called Abraham Brierley?
Thank you

Meriel Boyd Feb 2010

My reply

Hi Meriel
Everything I have about St Marks is already on the site on the Church page and History page, although some more info will be put on in the future when my ISP provides me with some more space.
Regarding Abraham Brierley, I have not come across the name as yet but there are some documents that I have not yet accessed which are only Church Magazines from around 1894-1900 held at Bolton Archives..
There would have been many benefactors to the Church, but I would have thought I would have come across his name already, most of the History of St Marks I have has come from Headmasters Diaries and Microfilms.
I'm sorry I could not be of any assistance at this time, but I shall put your email on the St Marks site, and if I come across his name in the near future I shall email you.
If you find any info that may be of interest for visitors to the site I would be grateful if you would pass on to me.

Thank you so much, David, for your friendly reply. In fact shortly after I'd sent you the message I found the history you allude to - and very helpful it is, too.

With many thanks, Meriel


Thank you so much - I have just come across your site, my dad is going to love it.
I have found a baptism on your records of Thomas Davies 1909 and wonder if you may know where he would be buried. He was born, baptised and died in March 1909. Did St Marks have a churchyard?
I look forward to spending far more time looking through the photos. I had just got hold of my Nanna's (Harriet Davies) marriage cert (1937) and found Harry G Moss's photo who married them!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

Lesley Jan 2010

My reply

Hi Lesley
Thank you for contacting the St Marks web site
St Marks Church did not have a graveyard.
Since you already know the year of death, then Bolton Archives have deaths registers and burials on Microfilm or Fiche, that would give you which graveyard they were buried at, then you can contact the administrators of the graveyard for a map showing the plot, just in case the grave is not marked.
If your family have anything to add to the St Marks site, photo's, comments, memories etc, they would be most welcome.



Hi Sheila
The marriage certificate attached is only a copy from the microfilm but I hope it will suffice your needs for your research, also Thomas's baptism record

Oh That's wonderful !
Thank you so much, I just phoned me Mum to tell her the good news.
I'll look into the Parish church now, bye for now
kind regards Sheila

Sheila Arkwright Dec 2009


Nov 2009

I'm trying to find some information on James Edward Couperthwaite He died in August 1952 he was married to Hannah Elizabeth she died in 1933 this is all i've got to go on.

Julie Couperthwaite

My reply

Hi Julie
Attached are details of his person, his war record, his medals awarded,
his wife, his children, his marriage, and his addresses.
Happy hunting.

Julie's reply

Hi David,

Julie Couperthwaite Nov2009


Hi David
I stumbled upon your website, as I am looking for any news of the Wermershum family, My grandmothers (Gladys) maiden name they came from Bolton, and all we know is,
there was Gladys, who married Edward Salisbury ( her sister Esther who married Birchenough) and there was a brother who dies 12 yrs old called Thomas
I would be grateful for any help

Sheila Arkwright Nov 2009

My reply

Hi Sheila

Thank you for your email, as far as the baptisms I have not finished researching from the 1910s onwards maybe some might turn up at a later date, regarding Sarah Wermershum's marriage I can send you the marriage certificate after my next transcribing session if you like.
Here are some links that you might find useful, that is unless you have already visited the sites.


Sheila's reply

Thank you so much I really appreciate this info, as Wermershum is such an unusual name, My mum will be thrilled as it's her mothers maiden name, I would love the marraige cert if possible, I recognise some of the christian names from my childhood, I am so pleased thank you

kind regards


Sheila Arkwright Nov 2009


Hi There,
Please could you help me, I am trying to trace my family tree.
The Name Is Couperthwaite the was 14 of them I can only name three of them James, John and Alfred couperthwaite.
This all I know Sidney was baptised at this church and John got married at this church to Emma Warburton.
Please Please Can You Help Me Thanks Julie Couperthwaite.
These Will Be My Great Uncles and James was my Great Grandfather.
Thanks For Your Help

My Reply

Hi Julie
I dont envy your task since their are so many ways people have spelt or misspelt or changed the spelling of your surname over the years
Some of these below are already on the site and one or two not been added to the site as yet, I'm sure more of your family will be added over the coming months after I have researched more.
Thomas Cowperthwaite born 1891 marries Annie Morris 1921, Fathers John William Cowperthwaite and Joseph Morris
1909 John W Couperthwaite marries Emma Warburton (Fathers not on database yet)
John William Couperthwaite Bap 30.06.1909 born ##.##.1909 Father John William, Mother Emma
Alfred Cooperthwaite born 1911 married 1931 to Doris Ryan, Father James Edward Cooperthwaite, Mother (possibly) Lillie
Sidney Alfred Couperthwaite bap 20.04.1933 born ##.##.1933 Father Alfred, Mother Doris
Angela Cooperthwaite born ##.##.1953 Class of 1964 Father Sydney
June Cooperthwaite born ##.##.1957 Class of 1968 Father Sydney
Hope the info helps


Hi David,
Thank you very much, no wonder I kept hitting a brick wall.
Thank you so much for the information, now I’ve got something to go on now
Thanks Julie

Julie Couperthwaite Oct 2009

Some contents of this communication has been edited removing private information.


Dear David,
I cannot find the words to explain how your site moved me to tears, it brought back my shocking childhood, but for my wonderful granny I do not think I would have got as far in the world today.
I have been on the site and found so many names that I knew so long ago.I left England when I was 29 I am now 70 I had two sons but one was murdered
16 years remaining son has two sons both have just finished university, they live in Empangeni which is in Zululand
I have only been back to England twice my husbands family live in Switzerland.
When my mother died{she was Ethel Connolly} my father who was George Grimshaw came out to visit with us every year until he died six years ago.
I hope to come to England soon so that I can go through my parents things, hope to let you have some photos.
I have a sister Bolton and lots of cousins from the Connollys and Grimshaws. My other sister lives in Perth Australia.
I will write again when I find any more details, also the Lythgoes were related to us May Connolly married Jim lythgoe.
YOURS faithfully,

Margaret Grimshaw now Kommer Class of 1953 July2009


Congratulations on a super website.
I love nostalgia and whilst browsing your site I came across Reservoir Street, and the name Walter Cummins. (ref 093)
Although Walter was a little older than me, he, and his mum were always very kind in passing onto me his old comics. The Cummins lived ,( Circa 1945-50 )about three doors away from me and I would like to contact him if possible.
If you could add my name to the list, Reservoir Street, and school attended ( Clarendon Street ) and indicate to anyone who may be interested that I can be contacted via email, I would appreciate it
Of course I realise time goes on and that Walter may no longer be with us, however at least I have tried.
Once again my sincere thanks

Derrick Hogan ex pupil of Clarendon St School Jul 2009


Hello David
Was just reminiscing my childhood and found your Website. My grandparents James and Alice Dunn lived at 24 Grecian Cres which was also attached to the "Barbers Shop" on the corner of the laneway. I looked through some of the pages on your site and also found the entry for my parents wedding, Wilfred Platt and Barbara Dunn 1955. Unfortunately all have passed away now but it was nice to see their name listed.
I spent many happy times in Grecian Crescent at my grandparents until we emigrated to Australia in 1968.
I also found the names of neighbours on your site the Cockers from No7 Kathleen of whom I have only just recently been in touch with after 40years.
Keep up the good work was great to look back
Best Regards

Sheila Trask (nee Platt) Melton South Victoria Australia Jul 2009


Just to let you know my new e-mail address, (sse Contact page) keep up the good work. i wish my mum and dad were alive as they would have loved your site. keep up the good work !!!

Vivienne Oates nee Davies Class of 1952 Jun 2009


Hi David
You may remember that I contacted you some months ago about my Mum, Doreen Gill. Please could you tell me when you are next available to come over to Bolton. My Mum has found more pictures of her childhood. She was born in 1935, you have her baptism registered on 26/09/1935 to Arthur Barr and Ethel Mary, also her marriage on 31st March to my beloved Dad George Hickman. The black and white photos are amazing and she can name all the people from the surrounding area on a group photo she also has within their wedding album.
She would like to get into contact with a few people, I know she remembers Ellen Greenwood who was one of her bridesmaids. What is worrying is that her sister Kathleen Gill does not appear in any of the records, a few of both of their relatives do however. A name that does appear is Dennis Lane 05/01/1936 baptized at St Marks of Dennis and Emma Alma from 56 Slaterfield he went into the Guards some years ago, and, she would like to know what happened to him.
Hope to hear from you soon and hope you understand the delay.....

Carol Murray (nee Hickman) Apr 2009


Hi David
My husband and I really enjoyed going through the site, it brought back a lot of memories, I left St Mark's when Iwas 14, and went to work at the Robin Hood Mills, at that time we lived in Orlando St, I remember living in Pitt St when Iwas little.
I also worked at Ormrods Mill at the bottom of DerbySt and Toothills Mills Daubhill.
When I got married we lived in Foundry St.
I'm sorry to say I don't have any pictures of when I went to St Mark's.
I guess I'll end my letter, once again thank you, my husband and I really enjoyed it all.

Barbara Martin nee Guffog Class of 1941 Apr 2009


Hi David, Sorry for not getting in touch sooner, My son Roy gave me your address and said you went to St Marks School too. I'm not one for going on my computor too much I just got it so I could get in touch with my daughter and grand daughter over there quicker.
Thanks for the picture of the school, I remember I finished there when I was 14 to start work.
My husband and I came out here in 1968 with 3 of our children, It was hard at first to get used too, we have been here for 40 years now and don't regret it at all.
Well all for now

Barbara Martin nee Guffog Class of 1941 Apr 2009


I wonder if you would be able to help me. My name is Melanie Weatherley (nee Tinsley), daughter of John Harold and granddaughter of Alfred. I noticed on the website that you have a number of contributions from Peter Birch but his e-mail address is private.
I have not visited Bolton for a number of years and have lost touch with Peter. Would you be able to forward this message to him please.
Thank you for a wonderful website

Melanie Weatherley nee Tinsley Apr 2009

Message has been passed on to Peter


I was looking for my mothers name but I did not see it listed?, you have her two brothers listed Neville and Terence Guffog
If you would list my mothers name she would be thrilled, her name is Barbara Guffog class of 1941
Thank you so much

Roy Martin Mar 2009

My Reply Hi Roy
Your mum has been added to all the relevant pages and your email on the Guestbook page.
Any photos or your mums memories of the school or church would be nice too for the site.

Just came across your St Mark's site and some fascinating information there.
There are three Briscoes listed, I can identify the one from the 1874 but the ones from 1932 and 1961 have got me puzzled especially the 1932 one who is more likely to be connected with my family.

Martin Briscoe Jan 2009

My Reply Hi
Henry Griffiths Briscoe b1949c address 1960 # Manor Cottages, Kearsley, father John Briscoe
John Briscoe b#.#.1918 possible father of above address in 1924 # Knights St
Amanda Beatrice Briscoe baptised 12.04.1874 address in 1874 9 Whittaker St
William (a carder) and Sarah, parents of the above.

Some contents of this communication has been edited removing private information.

Hi David,
David you are right my Mum was born in 1923, thank you so much for the Jackson weddings, these are the brothers and sisters of my Grandmother Harriet, and of course my mother's Aunts and Uncles, I had no idea what had happened to any of them except for Elizabeth and husband Rowland Bains who was the soldier, Elizabeth was the only one I can remember my Mother always kept in touch with. There was only two children listed with George William Jackson and Margaret Entwistle on the 1901 Census, and of course I knew Elizabeth, so the news of these marriages is fantastic, what can I say (you are a Diamond Geezer,)
I have a whole new family on my Mother's Jackson side evolving, I am sure David I will be able to trace some living relatives from these Marriages, who just may remember, and live in hope one day I may find a photo of my Mum in her much younger days.
Of course I shall visit St Marks site regular now, it gives such a in-site in to how people lived and coped in the early 1900, I loved all the old photos, especially the one of Slaterfield, it's where my mum lived, so I must enquire to buy one.
I to hope something may materialise from my email, thank you for such a swift reply and placing me in the guest book.
I will keep in touch.

Laraine Donovan Jan 2009

Some contents of this communication has been edited removing private information.


Hi David,
I am hoping yourself and other people having ties in some way with St Marks can help or point me in the right direction, my mother was born in 1922, 52 Slaterfield Bolton, and was brought up by her Grandparents till her marriage in 1942, 52 Slaterfield Bolton.
It is only now while doing family research I realise how little I knew of my Mothers life (20yrs) before her marriage, I have found her Grandparents on the 1901 Census, their names are (George W Jackson and Margaret Jackson (Formally Entwistle,) living in St Marks diocese Bolton, I was pleased my Mothers Birth and Marriage Certificate were both of Slaterfield, which has helped to narrow my search, and it was just a guess to enter St Marks, Bolton Lancs in Yahoo, to my surprise up came your site, a much bigger and heart warming surprise was to find my Mothers name (Hilda K Jackson,) in 1937, and in the Street Index for Slaterfield, I have no stories or photos of her passed down through family, so this information from your site makes me feel overwhelmed yet full of joy. My Mothers Uncle, Rowland Bains (Soldier) is also listed this was great to see, my Mother told me he was captured by Japanese and imprisoned in a concentration camp for quite some years before the war ended, so it is good we do not forget.
I would be so grateful for any information or help now you can give me, would St Marks hold records of all the years my Mother attended the school, or photos from the school of individual classes maybe in Archive somewhere, I cannot help thinking she may be amongst the photos on your web site, perhaps the names above may ring a bell with the people who visit your site, I am hoping somebody somewhere remembers her and has a story to tell me.
I found it a remarkable site, thank you.

Laraine Donovan Jan 2009

My Reply

Hi Laraine
Thank you for your kind comments
Material regarding St Marks School and Church I have in my possession and around 90% is on the site, their are just some baptisms, diaries entries and church magazines which should be completed this year, these are the details I have so far relating to 52 Slaterfield.
Weddings - 1921 George Jackson age 21 a Carter son of George William Jackson a Carter marries Alice Bryan age 20 a Spinner 22 Hobson St daughter of Joseph A Carter.
1925 Mary Jane Jackson age 21 daughter of ^ is married to Richard Whirton? age 25 a of 16 Holden St.
1934 Henry Jackson age 29 a Piecer son of ^ marries Grace Hampson age 30 a Cardroom Worker of 22 Holden St daughter of William a Carter.
1935 Elizabeth Jackson a Mill Operative daughter of ^ is married to Rowland Bains age 20 a Soldier of 52 John St son of James a Roller Turner.
Some of the details above are not yet complete and maybe more names will be added in the near future.
Hilda K Jackson although leaving St Marks in 1937 was not entered in the St Marks School Register SLB/60/03 so this info is taken from the Bolton Leaving Register ABS/07/02.
Thank you once again, keep in touch and I hope something comes forth from your email.


Some contents of this communication has been edited removing private information.


I have been reading your school log books with great interest and you have now entered the period during which my grandfather may have been at St Marks School.
If you come cross any reference to James Sutton or any other member of the Sutton family I would love to hear about it.

Diane Greasley Jan 2009

My Reply

Hi Diane
I will if I see anything, its a hard read, the hand writing is somewhat exaggerated and it pains the eyes after a while.



Hi David
My name is elizabeth burrows and I live in Queensland Australia. My fathers name was Ronald with many brothers and sisters living in Farnworth lane Bolton I was trying to find any information on them, I do believe that dad may have played in a rugby union team associated with this school. I don't have much information only that dad was in the navy in the early 40ties and joined when he was 17 years of age. His mothers maiden name was Moss. Only brothers name I have are Fred, William, Ernest (died in the war) and sisters Elizabeth (lived in south africa) and Brenda their was 13 children in all. If you have any information it would be greatly received.
By the way this is one of the best sites I've visited.
Many Thanks

Liz Burrows Jan 2009

My Reply

Hi Elizabeth
Thank you for your kind email
I have not yet researched all the baptisms yet especially the last quarter of 1924 when your fathers was born.
Are these some of his brothers and sisters Henry born 1914, Ivy born 1915, Elizabeth born 1916, Ernest born 1919, William born 1922, Fred born 1927.
I doubt if any of the family were baptised or married at St Marks but I may come across something relating to the rugby team sometime, or your email on the Guestbook page might prompt someone to write with more info.



Hi David
Could you update my e-mail address
PS: Keep up the good work, it is appreciated more than you know.

Kevin McClusky Class of 1970 (South Africa) Jan 2009


My name is Hannah Earp and I am 16 years old. I was recently looking on the internet for a picture of my granddad, Ronald Earp which I had seen in the paper a few years ago of him from when he was a teacher. He was in an article the Bolton Evening News looking back section recently as he was a PE teacher at Hayward school. I was searching the internet when I came across the St Marks School web site. Myself and my grandma were surprised to find pictures of Ron and also his 2 brothers Frank and Ernest as well as a sentence about my grandma Jean who was a teacher there in 1965. I would love to hear of anymore information or pictures which you may have of any of my family members. Sadly my granddad passed away when I was little and I never met his brothers. I am very close to my grandma and she was amazed at your web site and had a massive smile on her face when she saw some of the pictures.
Thank you

[X] Hannah [X] Grand Daughter of Ronald Earp Class of 1937 Dec 2008

My Reply

Hello Hannah
Thank you for your email, I am so glad that the site made your grandma smile, that is what the site is all about, and to let all generations see what their mums, dads, grandmas and grandads got up to when they were young and at school.
I have updated the site with your email on the Guestbook page and SM036 and updated your aunty Jean's name too
I am sending you a printable large photo of your grandad in his football kit (SM036)



Hi David
Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and 2009 I would like to say a special thank you personally for all your attention and commitment to answer any enquiries made through the St Marks web site, we are indebted to you, you do a wonderful job. I visit almost daily.
Kindest Regards.
Yours June Gill (nee Ashcroft)

June Gill nee Ashcroft Class of 1952 Dec 2008


Hi David
I am Sending a photo of myself as a child, could you add it to year 1952.
I visit the site almost daily 'I love it' it has settled a minor dispute this week.
As I remember my brother John being baptised at St Marks in 1951 but he insisted it was St Simon but he is listed in the St Marks Baptisms.
Many Thanks

June Gill nee Ashcroft Class of 1952 Nov 2008

Junes full photo can be seen on SM113 on the School Photos page.


Hi David
I am writing to tell you that (I examined the site again and also read your article on the Bolton streets which was terrific) the work you have done is terrific and I have derived enormous pleasure out of recalling the names and faces that were part of my youth. And once the thing is in place it is there to be added to. It may be that I have overlooked it but I see no reference to Leslie Halliwell who attended St Marks Church, and dare I say, would become one of its most eminent parishioners. Leslie got on well with my father (he often came round to the vicarage and was affectionately known by us as “Chinny”. I have no doubt that my father (himself a first Class Cambridge graduate) encouraged him to Cambridge and in his subsequent career as a film buff. I don’t know how much this information is useful to you.
See the following URL :

Paul J A Hadfield Class of 1952 Nov 2008


What a wonderful insight to my Mum's past and her parent's past!
I picked up on my Mum and Dad's wedding date in 1956. Unfortunately my Dad died nearly 5 years ago. He was always interested in ancestry but never had the chance to get used to the new technology of today to trace his roots. My Mum has wonderful black and white photos of her marriage at St Marks within her wedding album. It is fantastic and I would never get tired of looking at them. My Mum lived at 50 Bull Lane, I believe my Grandma, who I sadly never met called Ethel used to clean at St Marks, unfortunately she died suddenly when my Mum was 18, from what my Mum tells me she was a very religious person with a strong code of discipline and ethics. My Mum's maiden name was Doreen Gill, she was married at St Marks to my Dad George Hickman her sister was Kathleen Gill (now Hardman). Arthur Bar Gill and Ethel Templeman can be seen as an earlier marriage. I have names of my Mum's closest friends and bridesmaids on her photos, they were all from the same area. If anyone remembers please give me an e-mail

Carol Murray (nee Hickman) Nov 2008


Hi David
Could you please update my entry on your web site with my new e-mail address. I have just found his parents wedding on your site, I didn't even know that they were married at St Marks but thought it worth a look and there they were in 1926 ! Also I notice that you have got a Forces page now , well Bert (Albert) was in the army, the Lancashire Fusiliers from 1960 to 1965 .The site has certainly grown its very impressive you have worked hard on it. I was having trouble trying to contact you through the site, I think its because I've changed internet providers but am still on the AOL one till I've moved all my info and it kept breaking in. I was trying to E-mail Edward Godding as I see from the site that he lived in Platt Street and I'm sure that's where the Riley's lived, just wondered if he had any memories of them. Maybe I'll get through when my PC is sorted.

Jennifer Riley wife of Albert Class of 1952 Oct 2008


Hi David
I have just had another good read of the web site and its just getting better and better. Keep it going for all our sakes.
Going back to "Booths Shop" I am now convinced I was wrong. It was on Fletcher St. I was getting confused with "Bates Shop" on Venture St the back yard gate of which was opposite the back yard gate of my house -No 65 Platt St. A "Senior Moment" sorry.
Regarding Mr Hayes's nickname of "Gabby" I think this originated from the Roy Rogers movies. Roy's wife was called Dale, his horse was Trigger and his sidekick was an old guy with a bushy beard called Gabby Hayes who never stopped talking. I also remember that Mr Hayes drove a sports car.
Looking through "Weddings", I was surprised to find my Grandparents were married in 1899, (Joseph Gregory to Priscilla). I say surprised because the eldest child was born 20-10-1899. It sounds like a shotgun wedding unless my aunt was born out of wedlock. I always thought the my mum (Elsie Gregory) -she never married -and her sisters Sarah Alice and Priscilla plus their brother Hindle attended St Mark's and were baptised there but I can't find them listed so they must have been baptised, educated and married (except my mum) elsewhere. I was originally baptised at Slaterfield Methodist Church which in actual fact was in Platt St (No 59 I think) just one house (No 63-Foster then Ball families) and one corner shop away (No 61 Phillips family). Later when I started to attend St Mark's Church I had to be baptised again prior to being confirmed. I don't know the dates of either so I shall just keep watching the web site
Finally but unconnected to St Marks I wonder if you can give me some pointers as to how to find out who lived at No 28 Calder Road on the 13th of June 1936. My mum's brother Hindle (after whom I am named) was married on that date at ???? Church to Emily Edwards and we the family always thought he lived with his parents at 65 Platt St but, on their wedding certificate it gives his address as 28 Calder Road, and this is the first time this address has ever cropped up. Can you help please?
Hope Anne and yourself are keeping well

Hindle and Gillian Sept 2008

My Reply

I gave Hindle the information he required on the residents of 28 Calder Rd in 1936


Hi I'm trying to find out as much as possible about the CONNOLLY family who attended St Marks.
The land marks Ihave for the family were ALICE (class 1943), ANNIE (class 1937) AND CLARICE (class 1945) CONNOLLY and FRANK (class 1970) who lived at 184 FLETCHER STREET, and later SUSAN CONNOLLY (class 1962) who lived at 6 WOODVALE GROVE.
I would be most grateful for any information on the family, and what happened to them all. Thank you.

Carrie Earnshaw Sept 2008


I came across your site by accident. I am the daughter of Keith Hayes who worked at St Marks from about 1947 going into the 1950's. he used to tell me some of the stories of St Marks with affection. He has since passed on.
My mother is Joan Hayes, apparently she worked there for some time, first as a supply teacher and then becoming a permanent staff member in the early 50's. She remembers dad working in the prefab (Kathryn Lough message) and the stove with one of the lads having to stoke it each morning. She also remembers Cynthia Popplewell and how dad was proud that she was the 1st pupil to go to the Grammar School since (?) 1936 and her friend Myra Kirfoot.
Thanks, I have enjoyed looking at a site and putting a place to my dad's stories.
P. S. Why was he called Gabby - apart from the obvious - he could talk...!!!

Cheers Sue Curtis (nee Hayes) daughter of teachers Keith and Joan Hayes Sept 2008

My reply

Hi Sue
Thank you for your email. I started at the school in the early 60s so I won't have known your dad, also not sure about the 'Gabby'.
Its a shame your dad couldn't see the site, if you have any other memories of your dads you wish to share they are most welcome, also if you have any photos of your dad for the site they would be welcome too.
I have added your mum to the Staff page.



Hi David,
Could you possibly do me a favour, and post an apology on your web site for me, to anyone that sent emails to me, and didn't get a reply, or got spurious emails and things they did not want, this problem has been going on for a very long time, and is continuing, I take my machine to the shop at least twice a year to have everything removed, and reset

Paul J Sands Class of 1965 (Chiang Mai, Thailand) Aug 2008


Would you have a record of a Thomas Collinge, son of Matthew and Jane Collinge baptized at St. Marks in 1862 or 1863?
I know there are other Collinge's baptized there around that time limit including Ellen. Can you tell me of others?

Donna Collinge Martens Aug 2008

My reply

Hi Donna, St Marks was consecrated in 1872 although it had a place of worship from 1866 and performed baptisms from that year, so Thomas would have been baptised elsewhere in 1862-1863 but he may have married at St Marks in 1886 to Sarah A Clough I do not have full details yet on this marriage although I have some Collinge baptism and marriage details as shown below.
Baptism 22 04 1869 James Collinge son of Matthew and Jane address 48 Venture St. Baptism 10 09 1872 Hannah Collinge daughter of Margaret Hannah address 15 Rishton Lane. Baptism 10 09 1872 Henry Collinge son of Matthew and Jane address 15 Rishton Lane. Baptism 05 07 1876 Ellen Collinge daughter of Matthew and Jane address 15 Rishton Lane. Marriage 1873 Margaret Hannah Collinge and Thomas fletcher (Margaret also has a daughter above). Baptism 29.09.1886 Elizabeth Collinge daughter of Thomas and Margaret address 438 Halliwell Rd. Baptism 29.09.1886 James Collinge son of Thomas and Margaret address 438 Halliwell Rd. Marriage 1879 William (Lee/Barrow?) and Ann Collinge. Marriage 1886 Thomas Collinge and Sarah a Clough.
Hope the above information is helpful, the database I have is not yet complete and will take some considerable time until it is, the St Marks site is updated every week. If you have any photos of the above that can be copied they would be most appreciated for the site



I had a look on your (very interesting) site and saw that you have a list of weddings 1871-1971. Unfortunately for me, there is a big gap after 1872 until 1895. I was hoping you might be able to give me the information from the marriage record of William DAVIES and Mary BOOTH who were married in St Marks Oct-Dec 1874 (by combining information from the GRO and Lancs BMD sites).
Their ages would be very helpful in identifying how likely it is to be the record I'm really looking for. In addition, any other details, such as occupations, addresses, parents' names, witnesses names, would be very useful.
many thanks

Mary Benedict Aug 2008

My reply

I'm concentrating on the Baptisms for the remainder of the year but give me 7 days and I shall give you the info you require, I photograph the microfilm so it will be no problem, I will send you a jpg photo of that particular section.



Just had a look on the site and found a list of people who lived on Broach Street
My mums family lived at number 5, originally her Grandparents the Fincham's, then her mother lived there Hilda Fincham and then her family Eveline, Robert (Bob) and Raymond (Ray).
Mum left there when she married in 1955 but her mother lived there for many years after that until around 1980's.

Christine Severn Former Clarendon St School Pupil and daughter of Eveline Fincham July 2008


Hello David,
I am Jeffrey Stewart's dad, Jeff was a student at St Marks from 1967 to 1972, also my daughter Gillian was at St Marks from 1970 to 1972. At that time I lived with my family In Heywood Park View.
I must congratulate you on your excellent web site, which I often visit, and an article from the site interested me and it is because of this that I am contacting you.
The article to which I refer is from Lloyd Egerton class 52, Venture street photos and comment, particularly about "Herbert's Chippy". I went to Bolton Technical College on Manchester road from 1953 to 1955, and the boy that I sat next to in class was the son from that chippy, Tommy Herbert. We became the best of pals, and I used to see him on occasion, but not lately. Possibly Lloyd Egerton would have known him as he would be probably the same age as Tommy, although Tommy didn't go to St Marks because he was a Roman catholic.
Once again, congratulations on a great web site, I will tell my son and daughter of it, I'm sure they will find it very interesting, and probably will contribute with some history.
Best regards,

Roy Stewart Father of Ex Pupils Jeffrey Stewart Class of 1972 and Gillian Stewart Class of 1976 July 2008


After school we would have a kick about with a few mates in the square at the front of the school and had to climb up the downspouts in our turns to retrieve the ball from the roof. then Harry Scot who lived in lever st opposite Tommy Taylor's mill would take us down their cellar to see the coffins being made by his father. always tried to get next to Harry when in double file we marched to High St baths for the weekly swimming lesson past one of his aunts in Platt St who furtively always gave us a biscuit. I remember the big adventure when we would nip across Fletcher St dodging Mr Smiths playtime patrol and the trams to Dysons toffee shop.
We often had a competition throwing a tennis ball over the church tower. there were balls stuck in the slits at the top for years. well David that's all for now and many thanks for the great deal of trouble you have gone to making a great web

Leonard Bellis Class of 1935 July 2008


My Great Uncle was a Curate at St. Mark’s Church Bolton in 1892. George Frederick Eyes.
He officiated at the marriage of my Grand father, Albert Harris Hayward, and my Grandmother, Mary Ellen Eyes on September 3rd. 1895. Here is a picture of the wedding, with George standing on the left.
I enjoyed visiting the site, and finding out more about St. Marks.
Best wishes, Paddy Taylor

David Taylor June 2008

see CH073 and Weddings page for larger photos


I started at St Marks in September 1925, aged 4 years.
My first teacher was Miss Peake - a bit of a terror we were all afraid of her!, Each day she would distribute the small bottles of milk in the kitchen at playtime and insisted we all drank some before going out to the schoolyard toilets for a wee.
One day unfortunately my bladder couldn't make it and the result was a rather large pool on the kitchen floor, Peaky was horrified and called me some charming names and made me mop it up.
I can't recall which teacher took which class but I do remember their names. Mr Smith our Headmaster always wore the same brown Harris Tweed suit every day which gave off a faint aroma of stale tobacco, he always took the singing lessons, personally looking back I am convinced he served in the Royal Navy during the first world war, as our repertoire consisted of various sea shanties such as " Rolling Down To Rio" "Nelson's Fearless name" "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor" with an occasional song such as the one you sang at your Musical Evening "Cuckoo" if you were unfortunate enough to be on the front row you were showered with a fountain of spit as he silently mouthed the words of the song, Charming!
Miss Mitchell played the piano and taught Standard 6, the final class before you left school, Its funny how you can recall little things like the time she holidayed every year in Keswick and every year she brought back these lovely green coloured pencils (H.B, S.B etc) priced 2d each, and we were expected to buy one for our class work. She lived on Bridgeman St in a house with a Bay Window which we all thought was very posh indeed!
Miss Phillips - Oh! in my eyes she was young and beautiful, lovely brown eyes and dark wavy hair and a lovely slim figure.
Mr Bonser a handsome young chap who was the sports teacher, I really was in love with him.
Mr Brickles was a very quiet man but very efficient and I believe he succeeded Mr smith as Headmaster after I left.
Our Headmistress Miss Ashworth (I think she was called) was always there ready to organise events, Every year the school celebrated Empire day in the small schoolyard at the front of the building and we used to sing "So wave the flag, the bonny flag of red white and blue" in front of a cheering crowd of doting mothers.
I was chosen to be a snowflake at one of the Christmas parties and mum smothered me in a dress and a hat of cotton wool, it did keep me warm.
I loved my time at St Mark's and was sad to leave in 1932 when I was 11, having won a scholarship to the Bolton Municipal Secondary School in Great Moor St.
Some of the pupils names at St Mark's. Marjorie Ashton, Ivy and Gladys Lucas, Laureen Samson, Laura greenhalgh, Arthur Tomlinson, Eric Rostron.

Lilian Dale Class of 1932 Jun 2008


Dear David
I contacted you last year about my mother and father at St Mark's (EMILY HODSON and STANLEY WALMSLEY).
I have recently discovered that my mothers's cousin 'Lilian Dale' (see 142 above) was also at St Mark's, 1925 to 1932. She has written a few pages of memories, and I wonder if i could send them to you by post.
She was delighted when I showed her the web site when she visited us recently
keep up the good work
best wishes

Glennis Aston daughter of Stanley Walmsley and Emily Hodson Class of 1934 Jun 2008


Hi David,
Hope all is well with you David and keep up the good work on this site PLEASE!! I just found the names of my twin brothers today baptized at ST Mark's in 1944. I knew that they were two boys but never knew their names! Now THANKS to you now I know, does our Michael know about this??
Also David to let you know I also was baptized at St Mark's in 1948.
Thanks again and keep up the good work

Edward Godding Former Victoria School Pupil. (Canada) Jun 2008


Hi David,
Wilf is on holiday till the end of May, I will tell him to contact you ok,
I'm his daughter Julie and it's my sister Carol and late brother Alan on the st marks web site, you've done a great job of the web site, I've visited it often.
Kind regards

Julie Bayley Class of 1975 (if St Marks had not closed) May 2008


Hi David,
My brother Bill was amazed by the St Marks site when I told him about it. It would be nice if you could send all the information of us all at 41 Plover st.

Pamela Johnston Class of 1971 May 2008

My reply
Sent Pamela all her families details from the Register



Dear Mr Dixon
I am conducting some research into the old family estates of the Earls of Bradford.
From my investigations, I believe the Earl of Bradford of the time donated the land to the St Mark's Parish for the construction of St Mark's School.
I was going to contact the Manchester Diocese concerning information to further illuminate my studies on the Bolton Estate.
Having seen your web site, I thought you may be able to provide me with a swifter reply.
1. Could you tell me whether the School is listed building?
2. Is the School still owned by the Church or is it now in private
Yours sincerely,

Alexander Newport Apr 2008

My reply Hello Alexander

Thank you for your enquiry
Mr Piggott purchased the land that the School and Church was built upon
The Earl of Bradford 'Orlando George Charles Bridgeman' gave £200 towards the £3,255 it would cost to build and fit the School, it was designed by a Bolton Architect Mr C Holt
The School was built in 1861 but was named Lever St Holy Trinity National School, in 1867 it was renamed St Marks.
St Marks Parish was formed in 1866 and the Church was consecrated in 1872.
The School is not a listed building, on my next visit to the School I shall enquire with the occupiers as to the current owner/s.
The full history of the Church and School can be found on the web site under the heading History at the top of any page and SM078 from the School Photos page.



just wondering if Vera Nicholson has any memory of William Bibby.

Sue Lloyd Australia Apr 2008

My Reply
Hi Sue
I have just phoned mum she does remember William, she was not sure if he lived in Bull Lane or Grecian St, but according to my records he did once live in Whittaker St.
My dad also remembers him as I asked him a couple of years ago when Stephen Bibby contacted the site, (see Can You Help Page article No14, also a copy on Guestbook Page March 2006 No 82)
Take a look at SM035 from the School Photos Page, On the footnote under the photo, could be Williams dad or a relative from Class of 1919.


Hi david,
I remember going to the lake district and Hythe on another occasion with the school. I don't know if anyone else remembers. I wonder if you remember my brother Billy, as he was called then.

Pamela Johnston Class of 1971 Mar 2008

Michael King, Class of 1962 in the customary dress of 1954, so many memories, first kiss 'Heather'
Michael King Class of 1962 Feb. 2008

I wonder if you can help.
I have been researching my Grandfather's family and have found a record of his Baptism on your web site.
James Henry Sutton. Baptised 25 January 1882 Son of James and Hannah Sutton. Hold en Street Bolton. Father's Occupation, Engineer. I know that his sister Frances was baptised on the same day.
My G. grandfather had tragically died about two months earlier and is buried in Tonge Cemetery. He was an engineer at Hick Hargreaves.
Will there be more information to be found in the Church records?. Would it be possible to see an enlargement of the 1901 congregation?
If anyone you know is also researching this family I have information
to share but I do not want my e mail made publicly available. We have a painting of James Henry senior.
I have greatly enjoyed looking at your web site. Many thanks

Di Greasley Jan 2008


Dear David
I am sending my very best wishes to you and your family for a happy christmas,all the best for 2008 many thanks for your excellent work and information throughout 2007. Yours with kindest regards

June Gill nee Ashcroft Class of 1952 Dec 2007


Hi David
Thanks for the Xmas Greetings which are fully reciprocated to you, have a very Happy New Year.

Susan Chapman Former Church Rd School Pupil Dec 2007


Have a Happy Christmas!!

Mary Eileen Matthews (now Pearce) Class of 1953 Dec 2007


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a great New Year

Geoff Wright Former St Bartholomew Pupil (Sydney Australia) Dec 2007


Thanks David
Have a good christmas, speak soon.

Linda Dagnall (now Oldham) daughter of Oswald Dagnall Class of 1935 Dec 2007


Hi David
Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a healthy and happy 2008. Thank you for keeping in touch and all the good work you do re St Marks

Joyce Taylor Class of 1952 and Former Victoria CP Pupil Dec 2007


Hi David,
Just to let you know of our visits (two) to see Paul Hadfield (Class of 1952)
For the last six years, at the end of September, we have been to stay with a friend south of Oban and when Paul told me where he lived I checked the map to discover we drive through his village. So we arranged to pop in for a cuppa on our way up on Saturday. What a wonderful house - in the grounds of an old gunpowder mill. We were made very welcome with his partner, Lynda, and her sister Andy greeted us with hot scones and chocolate cream cake. Lynda had designed a brochure for a walk around the village, so we called back after doing the walk on Tuesday along with our friend and Alison's sister Brenda and husband Tony who were both at Bolton School when Paul was there - although a few years ahead. So an added dimension to our holiday for all to talk of old times and re-new friendships. All due to your hard work on the web - your efforts are very much appreciated - thanks.
Hope you are both well.
Kind regards

Peter Birch Class of 1952 Dec 2007


Dear David,
I am related to Rev Edwin Wolfe who was connected to your school between 1900 and 1912. We believe he was our grandfather, father of Charles Cuthbert Wolfe (born 8 July 1902 at St Marks vicarage, High Street). We are trying to get information on our father's sister (or her family) Mary Joyce Wolfe who we believe married a Lockwood in March 1922 in Ashton.
I have two brothers Edwin Charles Monckton Wolfe (born 1941) and Peter Hilary Wolfe (born 1943), and myself Elizabeth Jean Litchfield (nee Wolfe, born 1955). A further brother Stephen John (born 1950, died 1969).
Thank you, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Wolf (now Litchfield) Dec 2007


Dear David,
Can you add me to the St Marks website ? I also have a twin brother Jack Scott who was in the same class as me the whole time l attended St Marks. l started at the age of 3 (1943 ?) and l left in 1952.
l remember sitting next to June Ashcroft in Standard 3 when she had just had an operation on her ear !
l remember Miss Booth being horrible and other teachers who were nice, Mr Heyes who they used to call 'Gabby Heyes'.
l was very friendly with Jean Popplewell.
l had an elder brother called Frank Scott who attended and later left for the technical college. My younger brother Roy Scott attended 10 years after me.
I lived in Minorca street until l was 10, then l moved to Platt street.

Sheila Scott Class of 1952 Nov 2007


HI David
My Name is June Gill formally Ashcroft I was born at 53 Division St in 1939. I went to St Marks School because my grandmother who lived in Coe St looked after my sister and I while my mother worked and dad was in the army. St Marks was the nearest school to us. I went from 3 years to 13 years when it became a primary school in 1952
I loved St marks and have wonderful memories. the tiny beds we had to have a sleep every afternoon, the tiny toilets, the small coat hooks with an animal motif. I particularly remember all lining up to be given a spoonful of cod liver oil followed by a spoonful of concentrated orange juice I'm sure they used the same spoon down the line, Mr Brickles the head was strict but fair I remember Miss Booth later Mrs Scrogg
Mr Hodson, Mr Heyes and so many girls and boys all through the years I have seen on some occasions and often think where are they now and how life has faired for them. i myself have been married for 50 years just a few weeks ago and have two daughters and five grandchildren all grown up and it all seems like only yesterday
Its thanks to you David and all your hard work that we can visit the site and recall all those names of past friends and events that have happened in our childhood, I will visit again soon

Kindest regards June Ashcroft (now Gill) class of 1952 Nov 2007


Hi David
I'm trying to contact Paula Jayne Timms or Lillian Maude Heney, Paula's Grandfather was my uncle and Lillian Maude Heney was my mother and the other Heney's listed on the St Marks web site were my uncles. Many thanks

J. Williams Nov 2007


Dear David
With reference to SM036, the football team of 1934/35. My dad Leonard Bellis is on the photo and he is able to remember most of the names - not bad for an 85 year old!
Could I just add that my dad who has just bought his first computer and gone online, is thoroughly enjoying visiting your website. It is opening up lots of memories for him.
Your hard work in maintaining the site is much appreciated.

Anne Booth nee Bellis daughter of ex pupil Leonard Bellis Oct 2007


Hi David
Thanks for your address. I have really enjoyed looking at the web site you have worked so hard to do, it's brill I must admit I can't remember a lot of girls and boys names, but when I looked at the Registers they all came flooding back to me, what happy times we had.

Audrey May Gallagher now Price Class of 1958 Oct 2007

David's reply by text
The photos have arrived, I shall scan them and to make sure they return safely I shall pop them through your letter box when I'm in Bolton next, Thank you


Hello David,
I have enjoyed exploring your website and wonder if you would like to include these photos of scouts from St. Marks 11th Bolton troop. They were both taken around 1959/60.
The one indoors SM105 includes - Back row left to right, Melvyn Nash, Albert Hartley who was the scout master and David Platt. Front row left to right, Raymond Glancy, Joe Kearns (assistant scout master) and myself David Booth.
The second SM104 photo was taken on Bridgeman Street on sermons day, with the Atlas Forge in the background (now demolished).
Raymond Glancy is front left, Melvyn Nash carried the flag and David Booth on his right. I can't put a name to the other scout walking behind with Albert Hartley.
Myself, Melvyn Nash, Raymond Glancy and Roy Pemberton all became Queens Scouts around this time. Hindle Gregory who contributes to your site was also a member of the troop. Hope these photos create some interest with past members.
I am still in regular contact with Raymond Glancy but have lost touch with the rest.
Keep up the good work

David and Anne Booth Anne is the daughter of Leonard Bellis's Class of 1935 Oct 2007


Hi, I was just looking at the school photo's and noted a picture of me. You asked if anyone recognises themselves to email My name is Diane Cook I was only at the school a year before it closed, so I can't remember much
SM028 The photo was taken 1971 I don't recognise the two boys
SM027 was also taken at the same time I can just see myself 2nd girl on the left. I also have a similar photo playing in the play yard SM103
I have enjoyed looking at your web site thanks

Diane Cook (now Nixon) Class of 1979 (if St Marks had stayed open) Sept 2007

David's reply
Sent Diane all details of her Brothers and sister including herself from the St Marks Register


I was looking up my past and found details of both myself and my brother. Imyitaz Bobat and Mehboob Mahmed Bobat, can you advise if you have any records or pictures of ours. Also please advise how we can contribute.

Imyitaz Bobat Class of 1977 (if St Marks had stayed open) Sept 2007

David's reply
Sent Imyitaz all details of his brother including himself from the St Marks Register.

Hi David
Just browsing your website and thought that I would add a few shops that I remember Ben Brown Grocer – on the corner of Sidney Street and Lever Street, facing Shaw’s Bakery; Lever Street had – Lightbrowns Sweets shop and next door was the newspaper shop (sorry can’t remember the name) but my sister Ann delivered the morning newspapers. Next door to the newspaper shop was the Ironmongers and also the Nightingale Pub at the end of the row, I also thought Edna Booth’s shop was on Fletcher Street??; and I can remember Taylor’s Butchers and going every Saturday morning with my mother and sister . Thanks and I hope this may help you

Mary Eileen Matthews (now Pearce) Class of 1953 Sept 2007

David's reply
Hindle is losing so far 2-1 regarding Edna Booth's shop, I may have to ref this one and investigate on my next visit to the archives


My dad is on the 1934/35 football photo. His name was Oswald Dagnall and he's on the middle row far right. He's also in another photo of the 1934 team, front row second from the right.My dad is in this photo. His name was Oswald Dagnall and he's on the middle row far right. He's also in another photo of the 1934 team, front row second from the right.

Linda Dagnall (now Oldham) daughter of Oswald Dagnall Class of 1935 Sept 2007


Hi David
I've just been having a browse through the website.Your still doing a grand job. I bet when you started you didn't imagine that it would get 20773 hits!!
I've nothing new to report but I am sad to read that Ann Matthews is dead as I remember her well from being in my class.
Regarding the guestbook memories of Edna Booth I remember her shop being in Venture St back to back with my house in Platt St not on Fletcher St as the guestbook writer suggests . I can't remember a cooked meat shop on Fletcher St and the only bakers I recall was Powters directly facing the old school.
The workplace section of the site is very interesting. It seems a lifetime ago that I worked at Bolton Gate Co ( In reality 20 Years )
Thanks for the memories
Hope you are both keeping well

Hindle Gregory Class of 1952 Aug 2007


Just been made aware of your site by my sister Joy Hollick nee Openshaw.
On photo CH055 second row standing behind the un-named boy is our great aunt Margaret Openshaw. She was Edna Booth's aunt who is standing behind her. Margaret Openshaw had no connection with St Mark's and would only have been there as a guest going on the outing with Edna Booth.

David Openshaw Aug 2007


I found your website after seeing a photo in the Bolton News.My father's cousin was Miss Edna Booth who worshipped at St Mark's. She ran a bakery and grocery shop on Fletcher Street which was started by her parents, Joe and Polly Booth.She used to invite us for Sermon's Sundays and Harvest Festivals and I remember going to a show in the 1950's put on in the church hall. I have seen her photo on two pictures on your website.

Joy Hollick(nee Openshaw) Aug 2007


Hi David,
Along with my sisters Ann Matthews (Class of 1951) (deceased) and Georgina Matthews (Class of 1962).We all lived in Sidney Street until we had to move for re-development.
Our mother, Ann Whittaker (deceased), also attended St Marks school as a pupil and left in 1934.
After leaving in 1953 I attended Hayward School for 12 months and passed my exams to gain entry to Bolton College of Art. Following secondary school I attended Bolton College of Art for 2 years and pursued a career in hairdressing. I then had a newsagents business with my husband (Ernie) for several years.
I had my only son in 1962 - David. David is married to Anita and I have one lovely granddaughter - Danielle.
I also remember many names already listed on the registers and I hope they are all doing well.

Mary Eileen Pearce nee Matthews Class of 1953 Aug 2007


Hi David
I have just been looking at your website as a result of today's 'Looking Back' in the Bolton News. It's quite fascinating. My mother and father met in the first class at St Marks, when he was 5 and she was 6. He asked her to be his girlfriend and she said 'yes'. They were married during the war at Emmanuel Church. I was born in 1946, an only child.
Sadly, both my parents died many years ago.
I am sending you 4 pictures from the family album.

Glennis Aston daughter of Stanley Walmsley and Emily Hodson Class of 1934 Aug 2007


Hi David
Very pleased and excited to discover that this resource is available, thanks to your prodigious effort. It is a thoughtful and selfless act. I spent all last evening going through it and was delighted to connect with the school as I remember it. Hindle Gregory of course was one of my contemporaries although I left St Mark's before he did. Both I and my elder brother Christopher went on to Bolton School. which is why we "disappear". My father was ,as you know, the Vicar of St Marks at the time. If I can find it I have a photograph of my sister's baptism (she is now a Professor of Law at Essex University). I see that the Tilsleys are well represented. Are they related to you? I recall that that Lily Tilsley lived in High Street, opposite Wadsworth Lifts and they got a pup from our Irish Terrier, Patsy. I'll write again but must get this off to you before I get distracted.

Paul J A Hadfield Class of 1952 July 2007


I still go on your site every so often, you have done a very good job with it and helped a lot of people to remember and get in touch with each other, keep up the excellent work.
Cheers Ron

Ron Knott Class of 1951 July 2007

Hi David,
Just had a few minutes to browse the photos on the website and my memory must have improved so the details I remember are -
CH022 On the far left I think is Alice Halliwell, next to me on the from row is Connie Williams and then on the other side of the Queen I think is Sylvia Newton.
CH025 On the other side of the queen to me is Connie Williams
CH030 -Connie again on far left - can't think who the girl is that is being asked about - know why though I should know her!
CH031 On the queen's left are Barbara Walker and Joan Thompson.
CH032 Queen standing is Janet Smith - who I think became Gent - Miss Booth/Mrs Scrogg is talking to her - she must have been crowning the Rose Queen that year.
CH035 The woman crowning me is Mrs Brickles - wife of the ex headmaster of school that is photographed elsewhere.
SM053 This is Mildred Tattersall's wedding - she had been Tawny Owl at Brownies - looking over the girls on the left of the picture is Nora Marsden - Brown Owl. next to me on the right is Joan Gallagher. front row on right - Kathryn Forshaw and then Lynne Crompton. next to bride - Alaina Fazakerley I think - but it could be one of her sisters. second left from the groom is Barbara Hardman
SM063 - I think that the girl on the stage is Sylvia Newton
Hope that's helpful - maybe other names will come as time goes on!
Keep up the good work

Freema Taylor Class of 1961 Jul 2007


Hi! to anyone who went to St Marks between 1958-1966. John Edge gave me the web site so I had a glance and traveled way back to school and Alan Bretherton, Ste Hardy now an Aussie Boy, Mick Godding, John Bonney, Dave Austin and oh so many memories. I will be trying to get in touch with Ste Hardy in Aussie, Will keep checking on the site for more info, So glad I checked it out nice one Dave. (it meant a lot then still duz) love to you all love from cocker mwha!.

Peter Cocker Class of 1965 Jun 2007

My name is Vivienne Oates / nee Davies. I went to St Marks infants in the early 1940's
My parents had a newsagents at 194 Fletcher St Next door at 192 were 3 sisters and 1 brother, none of them ever married, Their surname was Alston, they were such kind people,always giving to people in need,even though they didn't have much themselves. I called them Auntie and Uncle, they helped my mum a lot, I remember saying all my nursery rhymes in their house, when my mum was busy in the shop. from late 1930s to around 1945/6, We then came to live in the Isle of Man. I remember going to St Marks and sleeping on green (I think) canvas beds. any info or pictures would be great.
Hope to hear from you .

Vivienne Oates nee Davies Class of 1952 Jun 2007


Thanks to your excellent website and to Google, I see that one Mary Goodhead was a pupil at St Mark's in 1933. This was my mother's married name, and thus merely a striking coincidence. One assumes that there is but a faint chance of a family connection. Nevertheless, as a proud member of the Goodhead clan myself, I would be interested to know if any further information about her might be available. In addition, as a former member of HM Inspectorate of Schools (1981-2004), I am naturally also interested in all schools and their histories. May I therefore offer the school and all connected with it my very best wishes?

Clive Goodhead Jun 2007

Hi David
I saw Marks Memories in Bolton News. Site looking really good thanks to your excellent efforts, enjoyed the registers thanks.

Christine Moxon now Schofield Class of 1966 Jun 2007

Hi Hindle
Thanks to you and Peter for the names in some of the photos, I know it must have taken you a long time, Much appreciated.

Hi David
Your thanks should all be directed to Peter Birch. He did all the work. I have neither the memory or the brains.
I have seen Saturdays Bolton News, Congratulations on a good article and superb photos.
Off on holiday now. Speak to you / see you soon.

Hindle Gregory Class of 1952 Jun 2007

Hi David. Great feature in the BEN on Saturday evening. it is brilliant to read so much of our history and to see the old photographs
You do a great job

June Gill nee Ashcroft Class of 1952 Jun 2007


Hi David
fantastic site!!! It has really brought some good memories back to me. I recognise 2 chaps in photo 77--Gary James I think is the one leaning on the table, the first boy --(anatomical right ) not the one sat right up.The boy next to gary looks like Trevor Crossland?
I was at St marks with my sister Marlene and brothers Alan and Gerald. We lived in venture street .I was in class 1970, although seem to recognise many names from a lot of the classes. I thinks it is amazing what you have done--Thank you.
I have a 3 piece tea set --made of copper which I bought my mother from a rummage sale at St marks about 40 years ago!!!
I am now a GP living in Australia-- I came to skippy land!!!
Regards --You are now one of my favourites!!!!

Sharon Lynn Beverley Ann Matthews (now Hanna) Class of 1971 Jun 2007


Hi David.
My name is June Ashcroft now Gill I was born in 1939 I attended St Marks school from 1942 to 1952 it was wonderful to visit your site I remember so many of the names of pupils, teachers, + head Mr Brickles My sister Sylvia cousins Brian, Doreen, and Peter Fitzsimmons also attended St Marks I left to go on to Haywood Great Lever as did lots of others of my friends KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DAVID I will visit again soon.

June Gill nee Ashcroft Class of 1952 May 2007


I just found your website and noticed with great excitement the large list of heney's that you have listed, My maternal grandfather was John Heney who unfortunately died in or around 1952 and myself and my mother Lillian are trying to trace any members of the family or at least find out about the family from anyone.
So if you know or know of any person who knew any of the heneys (gilbert,frank john and so on ) we would really appreciate the contact.
T hank you in advance

Paula and Lillian (Heney family members) May 2007


Hi David,
I have had the following response regarding the church cloth from a Vicar’s wife in Sedgley, Staffs.
“Any chance this cloth could have been a pall, for placing over a coffin during a funeral service? Dimensions are only roughly appropriate. Coffins are about 12" to 18" high and 18" wide, which would give width of 4' 6" and a bit extra to hang over the edges or for larger coffins; a 6' coffin (possible) would only have a few inches to cover the ends, though, if the measurement is 7' exactly. The flowery decorations on either side of the church depiction would fall rather nicely along the sides of a coffin.
While it's unlikely to have been an altar cloth for use during services, it might have been placed on the altar when it wasn't in use, to protect from dirt, etc. As you say, the picture wouldn't have been easily seen, though, and a bit wasted.
You could try asking ecclesiastical suppliers such as Wippels or Hayes and Finch, still in existence and quite high church, if they've any ideas about uses a century ago, or old catalogues. Or libraries might have catalogues of local fabric manufacturers. Not sure whether this would be called Jacquard weaving, or damask, or what. My mum had similar tablecloths, vintage first half of last century. (It's not quite the kind of thing Cash's produced as woven pictures, in silk, in Coventry.)”

Sounds as though this might possibly be the function of this cloth.

Valerie Lirakis May 2007 Valerie Lirakis Great Grand-daughter of Elizabeth Booth (St Marks Teacher)


Hi David
David I have some photos which I will send you when I have a free minute to download them on to the computer.
Take Care

Sulwyn Mann (nee Roberts) May 2007


Hi David,
Nice to hear from you again, have just had a browse of your webpage again and found a booboo. On the 'Pupils Surname List' you have me down as Derek Robert Brockhouse. It's just Derek. My big brother is John ROBERT Brockhouse and you have him down as John Brockhouse. I was always envious that he had a middle name and I didn't.
I was in contact with a classmate, Colin Anforth, whom I haven't seen or heard from since leaving St. Marks and we had a lengthy chat about the old days. He brought back a lot of names and memories that I had long forgotten. It was just like reliving my happy childhood again. Without all your hard work that wouldn't have been possible.
Many thanks

Derek Brockhouse Class of 1960 May 2007

Hi david
Long time no see, came across your website by chance you've put so much work into it I'm very impressed.
So many long forgotten names and half forgotten memories. I think that the last time we saw each other was at college in 1972 up to then I thought you were still in Australia.
By the way regarding St Marks Church do you remember that my father bob was the Caretaker there until his retirement and subsequent death in 1968 .
Thanks for the memories.

Alan Varley Class of 1966 Apr 2007

Hi David,
Brian Mills suggested that I contact you regarding the Roll of Honour for St. Mark's. I know the church was demolished a number of years ago but it seems the Roll of Honour is 'lost.'
I have contacted Bolton Archives and the Museum, but no luck there.
I am working on my Family Tree and 2 of my ancestors are/where on St. Mark's Roll of Honour. Do you know if it is 'Lost'?
Regards from Ottawa, Canada.

Joan Bridges nee Colderley Apr 2007


I have just found your site my grandma was Ellen (Nellie) Roberts and lived on Slaterfield her daughter was Lucy Roberts and my late father was James Kirby Roberts, Lucy's brother.
I also think that John Kirby Roberts was my great grandfathers name.
I myself was christened at St Marks.
yours sincerely

Sulwyn Mann nee Roberts Mar 2007


Hi David
My name is Marlene (nee Matthews) Veevers.
I was just browsing through the internet and discovered your web site on St Marks School. I was originally trying to trace Venture Street and photos when I come across your site. I attended St Marks leaving in 1969 and had fantastic memories of that school. I had been reading some of the inserts by various x pupils and glancing through the photos, which I recognised on photo SM022 in the background as Geoffrey Stewart. I noticed and was overwhelmed when I saw the statement from Karen Ashley regarding the girlies meeting always round the toilets which had mentioned my name there. Its some good years ago at the age of 11years now 48years and only seems just a couple of years ago.
My Mum lives not far from the school and I still have a good stare when I pass, remembering the times when we use to pair up in two's holding hands and walk to the dinner centre.
One of the plays I remember being a part of was pipe piper what a laugh that was.
My Sister Sharon Matthews also attended St Marks, she left after me I think around 1970/71. She is now married with one little boy of 7 years. She has emigrated to Australia she is a Doctor out there.
Now I have found your Web site I'll look forward to looking at it. Fantastic memories,love it
Your Web site is super and is great to be able to see old colleagues and track their history.
I left St Marks in 1969 and went on to Hayward Secondary Modern. Now working in the Ambulance Service in Stretford and have lived in Daisy Hill with three Grown up children, well now all adults
look forward to future viewing's on your web site.

Marlene Matthews Class on 1969 Jan 2007


Hi David brilliant site. It really brought back childhood memories long forgotten. I lived on Plover Street and was amazed to find old school colleagues who attended St Marks. Old land marks that had receded with the passage of time returned anew. I was double amazed to find a picture of myself SM29 in Miss Brookes class 1968, looking studios. I spent most of my days outside Mr 'Abbot' and then Mr Porters office. My brother John Todd is the little lad having a fantastic time engrossed in the water play SM38 1968. I belonged to the class of 1972 but actually left in 1970 to live in Manchester. If any one remembers me get in touch. I remember Miss Eaton as my reception class teacher. Does anyone from Plover street or nearby remember the Greyer's? They didn't attend st marks.

Hilma (Zebbie) Todd Class of 1972 Jan 2007


I was looking at the St. Marks website and discovered myself on the Class V and VI photo of 1932. I am the little chap on the extreme right of the front row.
My name is Arthur Tomkinson and I now live in Wembley. I moved from Bolton at 17 years of age. My elder sister, Phyllis, sister Rose and brother Fred were also educated at St. Marks. I was also a Wolf Cub, in the St Marks Scouts and was a member of the church choir, for a couple of years. As a reward for being in the choir, Mr Moss, the vicar, used to take us for an annual day out, to Southport, giving us all a slap up meal, in a posh restaurant.
I couldn't find my name on the register. This was probably because I then went on to White Bank Central School, for my remaining 3 school years.
Could I be your oldest remaining St. Marks scholar?
Best Regards.

Arthur Tomkinson Class of 1933 Nov 2006

I'm not sure if you can help me but I am trying to trace back to my Great Grandfather and Great Uncles. I know that they originate from the north . My Great Grandmother was called Mary (Molly) Dryden and my Great Grandfather was called John (Jack) Robert Haydock. They married circa 1908 and had four sons Les, Norman, George and Joseph, Joseph was my grandfather.
I know this is an absolute long shot but if there is any family connection in anyway my father and I would be extremely grateful of any information that you could give us. I believe that George moved down south as did Joseph but that Les and Norman stayed in the north.

Sue Brown nee Haydock Oct 2006.

I have asked Sue to contact William Humphries since the Haydocks are cousins of William.


I am trying to do a family tree for my daughter, and coming across the web site by chance noticed "The Riley's" who went to St. Marks School, In the early 1940's. Jack, Annie,Lilian, Robert and Albert. I am Roberts Daughter-in-law. Robert(Bob) sadly passed away in 1997 and his wife in 1998. So if any one has any information about any of the above names, I would be very grateful.
Thank you for an interesting web site.

Julie Riley Sept 2006


My name is David Hendry and my older brother is John Owen Hendry and (surprised though I was) we appear on the St Marks web site.
We did not stay very long because we were moved to Atherton in 1960 (I think) but I do remember a few things from that time - having a nap in the afternoon on little camp beds and hearing the "Just So" stories.
I remember starting school at St. Marks in Bolton. I don’t recall a lot (give me a break – I was only likkle). We would draw and paint and do exercises but what I remember most were the stories.
Each day – just after lunch I think – the teacher would tell us stories. Br’er rabbit and Br’er Fox and the tar baby – the “Just So” stories – how the Tiger got its stripes and how the elephant got its trunk etc. I was riveted to the spot – my mind making all the pictures I needed to fit the words – I was there and it was in colour. I lived in my mind anyway and I’d always been a great thinker of my own thoughts and here was someone feeding the machine. After the story we went for a sleep in a series of cots or camp beds – I never wanted to go but always fell asleep immediately dreaming of stripy tigers or tar babies.

Best Regards.

David Hendry Class of 1965 Sept 2006

Hello David,
Many thanks for your kind thoughts regarding the Plodder Lane School photo and tracking down some of the unknowns.
I visited your excellent web site and spent quite a time browsing. Unfortunately, to date, I have not been able to locate missing persons, but I will revisit the site and have another search.
Congratulations on all your hard work which, judging by the response from former pupils, is obviously very much appreciated.
Kindest regards.

Alan Burrows Former Plodder Lane Pupil Aug 2006

Hi David
Congratulations on such a well researched site about St Mark's School.
I would be grateful if you could add a link to the new(ish) Bolton Remembers the War site.
I've just corrected the spelling of two members of the St Mark's teaching staff thanks to the information on your pages!
St Mark's is mentioned by one of the interviewees - Audrey Cole nee Miller. I think her brother appears on your registers but she doesn't figure, curiously!
Anyway. Thank you for your time.
Best wishes

Brian Mills July 2006
Bolton Remembers the War project
PS there is also - My personal labour of love.
No-one on from St Mark's yet but I would welcome suggestions.


Below is some information regarding the Morris Shield that St Marks won in 1944.
The match was played at St Thomas' Holy Harbour in April or May 1944. The team as far as I know was as follows.
Jimmy Clarkson, Reginald Timms, Ernest Orrell, Frank Coward, Alan Woodcock, Wilfred Shuker, Ronald Brookes, Derek Evans, Frank Horrocks and Brian Hales.
Hope the above is of interest.

Roy Woodcock Class of 1953 April 2006

Hi there
My name is Stephen Bibby my father Bill Bibby attended St Marks school he was born in 1933 and lived in Whittaker St unfortunately he died in 1988 and he never used to talk about his family or the past.
Myself and my family would love to hear if anyone knew him his wife is Barbara nee Golding we now live in Melbourne Australia. thanks.

Stephen Bibby Mar 2006 Son of William Bibby Class of 1947 and Former Victoria CP Pupil

Hello David,
I am very impressed with your site, and delighted with the fact that it has extended my knowledge of my great grandmother.
I shall certainly add your web site to my Links page, and wonder if you would do me the courtesy of adding mine to yours. My web site is being run as an accessory to my mailing list, ENG-LAN-BOLTON sponsored by Rootsweb, which was borne out of a pressing need to be able to display photos and other material that my listers couldn't identify. However, I am now adding other material that I feel could help my listers in their family history research. There are a number of photos, postcards, etc. that haven't as yet been identified, and I would be grateful if you could take a look at these and add any advice you can.
Best regards,

Valerie Lirakis Feb 2006 Valerie Lirakis Great Grand-daughter of Elizabeth Booth (St Marks Teacher)


Hi David
Hope all well with you, just to let you know I have forwarded details of your web site to a Family History List that I belong to as there have been questions raised about St Marks.
You may get contacts from people as a result of this.
They found the site of great interest, well done.

Susan Chapman Former Church Rd School Pupil Feb 2006


Hi David
Just had another enjoyable meander through the site. It's brilliant. Please keep up the good work
Perhaps you can pass on the following to Jennifer Riley in response to her request for info about her husband Albert.
My name is Hindle Gregory and i have just read your message on the St Marks Web site.
I certainly remember the Riley family and in particular your husband Albert. I lived at No 65 Platt St and the Riley's lived more or less opposite my house.We were never great friends but there were lots of kids about the same age who lived in the street and we all used to play in the street together. Names that come to mind were :- Reggie Phillips, Bernard Foster Kathleen Campbell Lillian Hunt and Victor Forshaw.
After the Riley family left the street the house in which they lived was bought by a man named Winrow who turned it into a Joiners shop.
Nothing was heard about the Riley family for ages then one day there was a knock on our door and who should it be but Albert.He was i seem to remember home on leave from the Army and had came to see us, At the time my mother and myself were in the process of decorating our front room and Albert after having a brew took his coat off and for the rest of the day helped us decorate.Ater a late tea he put his coat back on said goodbye and we never heard from him or the family again.What happened to him? Do let me know.
I also remember Bob (Robert) who was a tall quietly spoken young man a bit older than me -I'm 65 in March 2006 - I am sorry to hear he has passed away. I cant remember the girls to well.

Hindle Gregory Class of 1952 Feb 2006

Hi David. Yes I've been onto Google Earth and its amazing.
Saw roof at old house in Lowther St plus back garden."Square Field", as it was known to side of house where we used to pretend speedway on push bikes. Have no idea how we survived!.
Good view of Great Lever Park etc--a really brilliant site.
Best Wishes -Geoff

Geoff Wright Former St Bartholomew Pupil (Sydney Australia) Jan 2006

Hi David how are things going as far as getting a school reunion going, just make sure it’s during the football season, I will be able to see the Wanderers. It’s a bit of a journey from Australia so I will have to make the most of it.
I will be working at swimming at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in March, I have been lucky enough to score the same job as I had at the Olympic Games in Sydney. My position is a pool deck controller (sounds a bit Thomas the Tank engine stuff) but I get to be poolside for all the heats and finals. I control who is allowed on the field of play (poolside) so I have one of the best seats in the house to watch all the swimming and as you know Aussie's are pretty darn good when it comes to swimming.
Keep up the good work with the web page, you have done a terrific job.

Steve Hardy Class of 1965 Jan 2006

Hi David
Thank you so much for thinking of me, it was a lovely surprise to receive your card. Hope 2005 has been a good year for you and that you and your family have a lovely Christmas.
Good luck and good health for the New Year.
Take care
Regards Kath

Kathryn Lough (now Whittle) Class of 1953 Xmas 2005


I remember Mr Brickles, he had ginger hairs growing out of his nose and ears. He was a kind man. Now belatedly I realise he must have been one of those pre war university graduates who had toured Germany or Austria. I can now recall a few details of what he told me. I recall Mrs Holt our teacher once sent me to him for punishment because I kept getting covered with ink and that horrible blue ink powder. I had a fascination for it. There was some rumour going around that Mr Brickles liked using the cane, which was rubbish. He basically told me to behave. I don't believe that, that man could hurt anyone. However he did have a cane. I remember Mrs Holt retiring suddenly in 1959? She used to read us Rudyard Kipling stories and taught us arithmetic. She told us she wanted to go to South Africa and see Table Mountain again. She showed us a cameo broach, I think it was from her daughter in Capetown. One day while reading she said, Now I can only see the world through rose coloured spectacles , I think she was telling us that she had gone blind. We then had Mr Brickles standing in until a new teacher took over. Not long after we had a 1960 leaving do combined with some kind of bring and buy sale Amazingly Mr Brickles played a tune on the piano for the first time, it was called Katzeneller Bogan by the Sea . He also tried to sing it . I think Mr Brickles was also saying goodbye to St Marks in 1960. Most of us were in tears well before the end. Apart from Mr Brickles, I remember a teacher who took an interest in me. She was a young lady who didn't stay long at St Marks. This must have been in about 1959. I remember her saying that she pretended not to be able to play the piano because she didn't want the overtime for life. I think it was she who first brought a radio into the hall , she had us jumping about pretending to be trees and doing all kinds of amazing exercises to the music of the BBC. Before that we were all taught about darning socks . She once felt hungry and sent me to the shop across the road for a Kit-Kat bar. She then gave me half of it. Such behaviour from a teacher was unheard of then. I think the old school teachers took a dislike to her and I was gutted when she left.
Have a happy Christmas, all the best from Colin and Family.

Colin Anforth Class of 1960 Xmas 2005


Hi David
Thanks for your card and good wishes. The same to Anne and yourself for Christmas with good health and happiness in 2006.
Best regards
Alison and Peter

Peter Birch Class of 1952 Xmas 2005


Hi Anne and David
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Just had another enjoyable meander through the site.It's brilliant. Please keep up the good work
Gillian and Hindle

Hindle Gregory Class of 1952 Xmas 2005

Hi there,
Going home at morning break on the first day. Well, there's always somebody at every school who had done it.
At St Marks it was ME. My Mum marched me back - probably in a state of total embarrassment.
I don't remember much about our lessons, except that one of them (History) was usually spent in a dark, miserable classroom on the Church side of the school, copying out textbooks, to save our teacher having to bother talking to us. We'd turn up at a lesson and be told to carry on copying from where we'd left off. I certainly hated History lessons until I changed schools.
Here's hoping that you have an excellent Christmas! Take care
Ian E

Ian Anthony Edmundson Class of 1970 Xmas 2005


Hi David
Just to congratulate you - had another look at the web site, its brill, didn't realise so much more was on there
Will look on a more regular basis. Well done.

Susan Chapman Former Church Rd School Pupil Dec 2005


I was never at St Marks but I lived in Peel St near the brewery.
I would be happy to add to the site your memories or recollections of the surrounding area of St Mark's.
I have loads but I was at Clarendon St , we probably hated u lot at St Marks!.

Steve Kearney Former Clarendon St Pupil Dec 2005


Hello, I was surfing the web and went onto and typed in my name and got your address, as there seems to be an Andrew leece listed on your site so I thought I would send him greetings from myself in South Africa.
My grandfather, Abraham Bell Leece, born in Cumberland, came to South Africa in the 1920's, I would imagine. My father Kenneth Cunningham Leece was born here in 1930. He married my mother, of Dutch decent and they had 5 children.
I am 40 years old, a former Paratrooper and have traveled a bit to London and the USA. Hoping to hear from Andrew soon.
Best regards.

Andrew Kenneth Leece (Benini South Africa) Nov 2005

Hello David

I've remembered some other names, Arnold Winder, Albert Waring (he was my boyfriend ah!) he wrote me some really lovely letters, wished I'd kept them.
One of my strongest memories is of singing in the choir in the church and getting to sing solo,another singer, Brian Fletcher (from the bottom of Plover Street) sang solo for the boys. I may have got it wrong, but unless I've dreamt it, I remember hearing mine and Brian's voice soar, the acoustics were brilliant. I remember assembly in the big hall in the centre of the school, I think it was partitioned off and used for classrooms afterwards. I remember walking to school in the awful winter of 1947?? and it being so cold and snowy that I lost a shoe and didn't know until I got to school, I then had to retrace my steps back along Bull Lane and thankfully found it in a doorway, where I'd stopped to shelter from the wind and snow. No boots in those days,second hand shoes and thin little socks, we were poor as most were then, Ah! get the violins out. Keep up the good work, it was nice to hear from someone from school.
Regards Joyce

Joyce Taylor Class of 1952 and Former Victoria CP Pupil Nov 2005


Hello David
This is picture of my sister Jean as she was before coming to Australia. Someone may recognise her. Also someone asked if I knew a guy called Harry Cleworth who is trying to contact a girl called Violet. Cannot recall last name. I believe he lived Weston street. It's a long shot but worth a try I guess. Hope all OK. Regards to your Mum and Dad

Geoff Wright Former St Bartholomew Pupil (Sydney Australia) Oct 2005

Hi, Great work on the site, Those pictures brought back a lot of memories. I was at St Marks from 1963/4-1970. We lived in Plover Street ( next to the betting shop ) until 1968 when we moved to School Hill. I didn't want to leave St Marks, and had to catch 2 buses to get there. My sister Karen was also at St Marks. Among my friends at school were Graham Corristine, Hasmukhal Chauhan, Victor Makin and Paul Urion. I have great memories of the school trips that we went on with Mr Porter in 1969 (Isle of Wight) and 1970 (Kent). We emigrated to South Africa in December 1970, and lost touch with everyone. Currently married and working as an IT manager at a construction company. If anyone wants to e-mail me, feel free. Maybe we can jog each others memories.
Keep up the good work!.

Kevin McClusky Class of 1970 (South Africa) Oct 2005

Hi, I've just been looking through your site and it's great! I'm only 20 so I have no recollection whatsoever of St . Marks, but my parents, Janet (Smith) and Stephen Gent, have always spoken about it and everyone there. It's great to be able to put faces to all the people they've spoken about many times! I'm sure they'll have more pics to add to.

Hannah Gent Oct 2005


I recall Joyce Taylor having a wart on her finger and having a bit of fun she touched my face saying you will get a wart now, and I did!!! I had it for two years, my mum used to wet a matchstick and rub it on the wart. And I've still got a small mark to this day where the wart was.

Lloyd Egerton Class of 1952 Aug 2005

I came across your web-site quite by chance, and was delighted to find four members of my late husband's family . . . Jack Riley 1941, Annie Riley 1943, Lilian Riley 1947 and Robert Riley 1949. Sadly, Jack,Annie and Robert are no longer with us. My husband was Albert, he's not on your site but I think he went to the school but not till leaving age because the family moved to Montserrat Road. He was next to the youngest in the family. I wonder if anyone remembers them.
Great site, I wish there was one like it for my school.
Best wishes.

Jennifer Riley wife of Albert Class of 1952 Aug 2005


It was good to remember some of the kids and teachers when I was at the school. I remember Mr Brickles in particular the Head. I vividly remember the top class teacher Mr Hodgson he had the nickname Tricky Dicky. He was a member of the Royal Airforce during the war a pilot I think. He was wounded during this time and had a limp.

Ron Knott Class of 1951 Aug 2005

Whilst surfing came across your web page and found same family name, possibly cousins born around the same time or later, I was born in 1954
Look forward to hearing from someone.

Cheryl Gregson May 2005


The photos are great as is the whole web site, as a Family Historian I have found it really useful. From about 1884 till 1935 my Barlow and Ashley ancestors were married and baptised at the church and lived in the area.
I have noticed that there are Ashley's named on the web site - I wonder if we have any share ancestors.
Keep up the brilliant work
Just been browsing your site, I have the same name as your dog!!!!!
So from now on please call me Susan
Susan Ex Sue

Susan Chapman Former Church Rd School Pupil May 2005


First time I have looked since last year - congratulations - you have done a wonderful job.

Peter Birch Class of 1952 May 2005

I have just by accident found the web page for St Marks I lived in Bolton up to the age of 6 and went to Clarendon Street School but my mother kept mentioning how I was a rosebud at St Marks. We lost a lot of photographs from Bolton when we moved to Farnworth and it would be marvelous if someone somewhere had some, I was born in 1955 and left Bolton in 1961. Looking at the site photographs I can remember St Marks Church as I often walked past to go to my grandmothers on Beech St on the other side of the park. It seems such a shame that both the school and the church have gone as with a lot of the things I remember from my past.

Christine Severn Former Clarendon St School Pupil and daughter of Eveline Fincham Feb 2005


Your web site is fantastic, brings back lots of happy memories. I have a few extra names from my year. Valerie Fletcher, Lloyd Egerton, George Murray (Cannock) and his sister Marlene, Twins Albert and Margaret Oldbury, Ann Blackledge and Nathan Crook. I also found my brother Bill Kirfoot in the photo SM 011(Std V111) He is on the back row, 3rd from left. Also my brother Jack in the school Cricket team. Photo SM 020.
Thank-you for all your hard work.

Myra Kirfoot Class of 1953 Feb 2005


I never attended your school but was fascinated with your site ...excellent.

Adele Former St Mary's / Deane High Pupil Jan 2005


Hi David was good to see you again. I hope Mrs Platt's photos can be of some use.
I remember there was a very important football match and it was important that Gordon Egerton played, but he and either Ernie Matthews or Jimmy Jackson had misbehaved and got on the wrong side of Mr Hodgson, who made them stay in school and make ink for the inkwells instead of playing football. We lost the match.
I would be interested if a reunion was organised and would be happy to help in any way. I have had another good look at the web site and it gets more impressive each time.

Hindle Gregory Class of 1952 Dec 2004

I think your site is a really good example of what a community should be like; I am afraid I have moved around so much, both as a child and an adult, that I completely lost touch with my background.

Trevor Gidman Dec 2004

Trevor has a web site for the Gidman name


Lovely to get the greetings card. Your site is so good. I've just spent quite some time going through just part of the files, so much to look at. I do hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. Incidentally we hope to be coming over to the U.K. and Europe next year, just in case any reunion plans are next on the menu!!!!.

Kathryn Lough (now Whittle) Class of 1953 (Australia) Dec 2004

I have taken great pleasure in studying your web site and associated links of the Bolton area.
William Cunliffe (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) Nov 2004

Hi David the site is really really good now, managed to spend a week with Christine Godding in August and we still ring each other twice a week, she hasn't changed a bit, and our getting together was all down to you. thanks again. Keep up the excellent work.

Karen Ashley Class of 1969 Nov 2004


We were very grateful to find your site.

Bill and Maggie Whelan Nov 2004

I congratulate you on such a great job, it is user friendly, interesting and informative. must be great for past pupils, wish i had more information and contacts from my school. cloghogue NS, Sligo rep of ireland.

Joan Former Cloghogue National School (Rep of Ireland) Nov 2004


Great site, well done.

Colin Anforth Class of 1960 Nov 2004

I really enjoyed looking at the St . Marks web site. I saw lots of names I remember and even my cousin on a photo. I must have started at school in 1950 and enjoyed every minute. I remember Miss Warhurst, Mr Brickles, Mr Snape and his adam's apple and of course Gordon Halliwell he once gave me the strap on my hand, I think it was for talking I still liked him.
Do any of you remember the line you had to stand on in the small hall where you stood if you had done something wrong and I stood there one day, (probably for talking that time as well)
My Mum's name is on St Marks Staff list for 1960's Mrs Isherwood, she was the cleaner, along with Bert Griffiths the Caretaker. I had left by then but I would go with my Mum on Saturday mornings to mop the two rooms of the nursery, the one with the little tables and chairs and the big playroom where they used to put the little beds in the afternoon for their naps.
I also went to Sunday School and Church. I was in Sunday School concerts and was a Rose Queen attendant. I remember walking in the sermons processions and being a singer. I also remember going to Church on Tuesday nights during lent when we had slide shows.
I would love to hear from any one who remembers me.

Marion Almond (Nee Isherwood) Class of 1956 Nov 2004


I was amazed at the detail on the site, you have done a fantastic job, I would be very pleased to hear from any of school friends from St Marks.

Stephen Hardy Class of 1965 and Former Victoria CP (Sydney Australia) Nov 2004

I wonder if anyone remembers the long weekend trip to Ilkley, Yorkshire, with Mr Mundy,and Miss P Isherwood, I had a great time, I can't remember the name of the place we stayed at, but it was a bit Wuthering Heights, just my kind of trip, as my interests, even then as a 10/11year old was history and antiques. I think your site is superb, and if I can contribute in anyway I will do so, it was fascinating that our paths crossed on some occasions.
I will be only to pleased to hear from former school friends, or any ex St Mark's pupils or staff.
Also my mother (Irene), and her brothers ( Albert, Jack/John, Robert, Harry), attended St Mark's as did many Colderley's before them, well done David.

Paul J Sands Class of 1965 (Chiang Mai, Thailand) Oct 2004


I think the site is great i'm now looking for old photographs.

Maureen Sharples Class of 1952 Sept 2004


Early in 1939 the cellar of St Marks was made into an Air Raid Shelter. There was four passages running parallel with Fletcher St , with three linking passages at St Marks St , and Lever St , ends and one at the centre.
The entrance was down steps in the girls yard. The four passages were divided with solid brick walls three to four feet thick, these were the foundations that held up the centre of the school. These walls were lined either side with wooden slatted seats, the passages being about five feet wide. At the St Marks St end was a sink and a water heater and a large storeroom. One day I remember a large van arriving loaded with dozens of very shiny one gallon tins and some flat tins. We unloaded the van by human chain, passing the tins from boy to boy, from St Marks St , through the yard and down into the shelter. I was with Mr Brickles in the shelter storeroom stacking the tins. He told me some of the tins contained concentrated orange juice and others cod liver oil and the flat tins Horlicks tablets.
The shelter was used during school hours by the pupils and the rest of the time by the general public.
Sometimes when there was a raid on and we had been down the shelter a long time, the teachers would hand around the Horlicks tablets, these were always well received.
I spent many nights down in the shelter, from christmas week 1940 when the bombing started on Manchester and Liverpool, the German bombers used to fly over Bolton, you could hear the engines droning, people would say "he's got a full load on somebody is going to catch it tonight." But by about May 1941 people got used to it and gave over using the shelter and just stopped in bed.
In 1946 I met Jimmy Grant the local ragman pushing his cart up Lever St , on the cart was about 10 very rusty tins. He called me over saying "just look at these" he opened one of the tins, inside it was all shiny and full of cod liver oil. jimmy stuck his finger into the can then put it in his mouth sucked it and said "lovely stuff" he said there's loads of these down in the school shelter. Mr Brickles said I can them all if I will shift them.Ii asked him what he was going to do with them, he said he was going to see the Chemist at the corner of Holden St , he might give me a few shillings for them. If not I'll bottle it and give it to my customers, I never saw Jimmy again but I often wonder if he sold or bottled it.You have done a great job on the web site David

Brian Grundy Class of 1943 Sept 2004

Hi Dave, just like to thank you for making it possible to contact someone close thru' your contact page.
Also there was a "knock on" effect and I am in touch with someone with whom I worked in the mid 50's.

Geoff Wright Former St Bartholomew Pupil (Sydney Australia) Sept 2004

Wow good site well done.

Jackie Former Hayward Bilateral / Deane Grammar / Gaskell St Pupil Sept 2004


Great site by the way, can't believe I even found my granddads name and his brothers and sisters from the 30's who are all dead now unfortunately. I myself am only 26 so didn't get to see the school running but have heard all the stories from my family. I have just passed the address on to them all so any stories or pictures, i'll let you know.

Christopher Egerton relative of the many Egerton's who attended St Marks Sept 2004


Someone got in touch with me after reading your site. Turns out to be someone who used to live back to back with our family when I was young! it's been great e-mailing her. Thanks so much David for putting my name on your site. Hope to chat soon. love..Sue

Susan Smith (now Moran) Former Sunninghill Pupil July 2004


A lad called Shaun Kinley and I were in the toilets one day and had just got a packet of cigarettes (Embassy No10s) and we decided to light one up Shaun was sat in one of the cubicles with his cigarette and while he was puffin away and going on what he would do if the Head caught us and I was just about to take a drag but who else to our horror popped his head round and said I'll have one too I felt the blood run out of my face and Shaun nearly swallowed his cig, well he marched us off to his office but on the way Shaun put the cigs in the rubbish bin.
Back inside he sat us down and disappeared for a couple of minutes and on his return he offered us a cigarette and we refused, when we told our parents what he had done they went mad and there was a big argument and we was sent back to class and every time we asked to go to the toilet we was asked "was it for a smoke".
But I must say the headmaster Mr Porter was in all honesty one of the best, he was firm but fair I used to see him for a while after I had left school and we always laughed at this story.
God bless you Mr Porter wherever you are.

Stephen George Robinson Class of 1971 July 2004


Thanks for all your hard work, I appreciate it.

Joyce Taylor Class of 1952 and Former Victoria CP May 2004


I have just had a look at your updated site and was amazed at the amount of work you have done on it!! Its just great!! Well done for doing such a wonderful job. I almost wish I had gone to your school now just so I could be traveling down memory lane with you all!! As far as I know, no one has done anything on my school yet. Maybe that speaks volumes! lol.

Susan Smith (now Moran) Former Sunninghill Pupil May 2004


The web site is looking real good enjoy reading about everything.

Ellen Flynn (now Campbell) Class of 1969 May 2004


Enjoyed reading the web site maybe someone can find out how rest of 68 class are doing.

John Tetlow Class of 1968 April 2004

It has certainly brought back a few memories reading the Class of 1958 - seems only like yesterday.

June Jolley Class of 1958 (Australia) April 2004


Hi David just been on your web site, and I must say I am very impressed I even found on there some of my old flames (lol). I like the new additions that you have put on and will be adding to them soon must say though it's a joy to go on your site thank you it must have taken a lot of time. I say that I really appreciate the work you have done.

Stephen George Robinson Class of 1971 April 2004

Had a look at your web site I think its fantastic you have put a lot of work into it and it shows well done, have you thought of a reunion I will be more than happy to give you a hand have a think about it and let me know I arranged one for the school I went to and we had a fantastic time and even raised money for charity in the process.

Dawn Hill (now Morris) daughter of John Hill Class of ? April 2004

I've had a look at your updated much bigger AND BETTER web site. It's great Keep up the good work.
Hindle Gregory Class of 1952 April 2004

Hi David Wow, just had a look on your web site, such a lot to see, so many memories. Don't know where you find the time, but good on you, thanks for all your hard work, we're so lucky to have you.

Joyce Taylor Class of 1952 and Former Victoria CP Mar 2004

Hi David I found your site by chance, when I entered my mother's name in "Google" search engine.
Hope all is well in Bolton. I have a married cousin in Edgeworth, whom I visit on my infrequent trips over there.
William Donkin son of Teacher Jessie Donkin nee Abram from the 30s and 40s Mar 2004

So good to look back on my primary school years.

Lynn Fazakerley Class of 1965 Mar 2004

Roy Worsley always seemed so neat and tidy and his stockings were never around his ankles. He wore a blazer but most of us had just a jersey.

A Poem about St Marks by Norman Wilson.

Norman Wilson Class of 1939 Mar 2004

Great web site. My mum was the cleaner at the church 1960 till 1963 about. I remember my friend Christine Godding we often got into trouble together. I never saw here again when I left in 1968 aged 10 to live in Horwich. The thing I remember at school is the little beds they used to make us have a nap on in the afternoons, I also remember a dinner lady making me eat custard then when I was sick all over the dinner table she sent me to the head, she said I forced myself to be sick, I still can't eat custard.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me to help me piece together my younger days.

Ellen Flynn (now Campbell) Class of 1969 Mar 2004


This site is really turning into a world of memories for me. The photo on Bridgeman St shows the back of the houses on Platt St , my mother lived on Platt St when I left to go to Canada in 1958. Keep up the good work!!!.

Edward Godding Former Victoria School Pupil. (Canada) Mar 2004


A rumour went round the school that you could make yourself faint but it took two people to make it happen. Me and Christine and the Roper sisters, Marlene Matthews and Carol Britton, all used to hang around the girls toilets (god knows why) And we thought that we would give this fainting a try (before start of school in the morning). What you had to do was hold your breath stare at one point on the wall and someone would hold you from the back round your waist and basically do the heimlich manoeuvre. To our dismay it didn't work, although some pretended to faint. we then went into assembly and started singing, Next thing I knew my sister Lynn started to sway and fainted, then kids started dropping like bricks there must have been about six kids fainting at the same time, None of them had taken part in our experiment, no one could understand why (and neither could we) we never gave up on trying to faint and most days we would be trying to perfect the act in the girls toilets.
I found the Friends Reunited site through your site 'St Marks' I stayed on for ages, really like the St Marks site now it's come on a lot in a short time, keep up the good work, if I can help in anyway please get in touch.

Karen Ashley Class of 1969 Mar 2004


You are doing a tremendous job on the site, it's looking great.

Brian Grundy Class of 1943 Feb 2004

Hello David just been having a look at all the photos now on site, they are terrific. Took me back I can tell you. At the time I don't suppose we appreciated our school being such an old building, but you look back now and feel quite proud to have been part of it all.
I sat at the back with Cynthia Popplewell: Myra Kirfoot: Josephine Cornwell I remember my class teacher Mr Hayes and we had one of the prefabs as our classroom which was freezing. The church was between the prefabs and the main school building. There was a coal merchants beside the main school if I remember right. Mr Snape used to take us for singing, he had an enormous adams apple, which was something I noticed about him. Mr Brickles was the head, he seemed very old to me, but I guess he wasn't really.

Kathryn Lough (now Whittle) Class of 1953 (Australia) Feb 2004


Your site is looking better every time I bring it up, good work David. I'm off to watch Bolton at Cardiff on Sunday with my son, lets hope they win, it would mean Bolton in Europe for the first time.

Ron Knott Class of 1951 Feb 2004

Hi David the web site is really looking good,been looking at the photo's me and Edward Godding think that one of the pic's is of me and Christine Godding when we were in Mr Caldwell's class circa 1968-69.
Anyone thought of a reunion yet? if you get a few past pupils talking together they tend to start remembering. Keep up the good work.

Karen Ashley Class of 1969 Feb 2004


I did not go to St Marks but to St Bartholomew's just down the road. I also recall taking part in a boxing tournament at the barracks in Fletcher street. This was during the Festival Of Britain I think and before I realised that I was not very good. I'm sure our schools must have competed at sports. St . Bartholomew's appears to have vanished without trace. I was there in the late forties as was my sister Jean. I am Geoff Wright. Do not let St Marks vanish.

Geoff Wright Former St Bartholomew Pupil (Sydney Australia) Feb 2004

Hi David I stumbled across the St Marks site quite by accident and was amazed! I was born in 1949 and attended the old school between 1954-59. Looking through the site a lot of names came back to me and I thought how interesting it would be to meet some of my old class mates again. How about putting together some e-mail addresses or phone numbers.

Derek Brockhouse Class of 1960 Feb 2004

Hello David congratulations - you've done an excellent job with the St Marks site. I hope that now the site is available more past students will come on board and further information may come to hand. Who knows, maybe a reunion may happen in the future.

Kathryn Lough (now Whittle) Class of 1953 (Australia) Jan 2004


Hi David congratulations on the web page.

Roy Woodcock Class of 1953 Jan 2004

Hello David I congratulate you on your web site I was born and brought up in Bolton, so anything about the home town interests me. I went to St Patrick's school in the 1930s, at that time living on Bradshawgate.From 1943 until 1947 I lived on Rishton Lane.!950/51 My husband and myself moved to Brum (just for a couple of years!!) and have been here ever since. Keep it going as you will get great pleasure from it.

Mary Moran (now Whittle) Former St Patrick's Pupil Jan 2004


Keep up the good work its a treat to see your site.

Stephen George Robinson Class of 1971 Jan 2004

Went on your web site as soon as I turned on the computer, its come on really well . Saw some names of people I had forgotten. I remember the girls from St Marks where made to clean the church on Fridays.

Karen Ashley Class of 1969 Jan 2004


Your site has been very helpful in finding a photo of St Marks church were I was christened. I personally did not go to St Marks but I lived on Bull Lane and went to Victoria School just up the road on Grecian Crescent and played many hours in the school yard at St Marks. My brothers and sister went to St Marks since I moved to Canada in 1958 but visit Bolton very often my last visit was in May 2003 and was pleased to see that an old part of Fletcher Street is still there.

Edward Godding Former Victoria School Pupil (Canada) Jan 2004


David it was pleasing to see Mary Whittles comments. As you know about my contacts with Mary and her Husband Peter. Hope you continue to obtain further information. It will give all former pupils who have access to the web great satisfaction.

Richard Scott Former St Joseph's Pupil Jan 2004


Hi David
Happy to hear about the new additions to your website. I'll check them out!, I had a good Christmas and I hope you did too.
We are all enjoying the New Year.

Christine Moxon Class of 1966 Jan 2004


Just had another look at the web site. It's great - keep up the good work

Brian Grundy Class of 1943 Dec 2003


You seem to be doing a great job, can't be easy getting all the info on St Mark's.

Kathryn Lough (now Whittle) Class of 1953 (Australia) Dec 2003


I have just been on your site and I was very pleased with what you had done, A well constructive and informative site to see, more power to your elbow Thanks.

Ron Knott Class of 1951 Dec 2003


Had a wonderful evening browsing your web site, seeing the names of friends and relative's brought back many happy memories .Thanks David for all your excellent work.

Brian Grundy Class of 1943 Dec 2003


I love your web site, I wished someone would do that from the school I used to go to.

Susan Smith (now Moran) Former Sunninghill Pupil Aug 2003


Your site is coming on a treat I was looking at it this afternoon.

Stephen George Robinson Class of 1971 Aug 2003


Much appreciation for all your hard work.

Joyce Taylor Class of 1952 and Former Victoria CP Aug 2003


Great web site.

Karen Ashley Class of 1969 July 2003

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