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Below are Streets/Roads etc with Photo's or Maps


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Updated December 13, 2016 2:27 PM

Some streets dont have their own pages yet, so the names of ex St Marks people who lived there are added on this page


Acton St

Ada St

Adam St

Ainsdale St
Jean Atkinson,

Alberta St

Alder St

Aldercroft Ave
Ronald Edward Walsh,

Alston St

Angle Bank

Apple St

Ardwick St

Argyle House
Brett Parker,

Arlington St

Artillery St

Astley St

Atkinson Ave

Auburn St

Augustus St

Back Coe St

Back Hobson St

Back John Taylor St
Ernest French, Jessie French, Moreen French, Kenneth Green, Doreen Knowles, Joseph Turner,
Irene Westall, Dorothy Wilson, Norman Wilson, Iris Wykes,

Back Lever St

Back Lupton St
Joseph Harrison,

Back Nile St
Lillian Howarth, Mary Howarth, Brenda Seddon, Brian Seddon, Eric Albert Smith,

Back Sidney St
Walter Longworth, Joan Rawlinson,

Back Slaterfield

Back Spring St

Back York St
Harold James Barker, Clifford Jones, John William Wykes,

Bamber St

Bank St

Barton St

Barrie Way
Clara Kovacs,

Beechwood St

Belcarres Rd, Aspull
Sharon Foster,

Bird St

Birkett St, Wigan
June Dawson,

Blackhorse St

Blackwood St

Bowness Rd

Brackley St, Farnworth

Bradford Rd

Bradford St

Bradmere Children's Home
Pamela Waring, Philip Waring,


Brick St
renamed Plover St in 1900)

Bridgeman Place

Bridgeman St

Briercliffe Rd

Brierley St

Buckthorpe St
Anne Cooper,

Broach St

Brook Hey Ave

Broomfield Rd

Bryce St

Bull Lane

Burlington St

Calvert Rd

Cecilia St

Cedar St
David Mather, Neil Mather, Stephen Mather,

Cemetery Rd, Kearsley
Ian Charles Atherton,

Cestrian St

Channing St

Charlesworth Ave

Charnock St
Irene Elizabeth Maloney,

Chip Hill Rd

Chorley Old Rd

Church St
Hasu Mati Tulsidas,

Clarendon St

Claverhouse St
Annie Riley, Jack Riley, Lilian Riley, Robert Riley,

Clover St
Harry Miller,

Cobham Ave

Cochrane St

Coe St

Colmore Grove
June Hillyard,

Cresent Rd

Croasdale St (Old Vulcan Inn)
Sharon Simms,

Crompton Ave
Alan Clarke, Susan Clarke,

Crook St

Crowther St

Curtis St

Davenport St

Deane Church Lane

Deane Walk
Karl Vincent Wright,


Derby St

Dickson St North
Dorothy Critchley,

Division St

Dobson St

Dorchester Ave
Doreen Clarkson,

Downham Ave

Dunsop Drive

East Meade

Egyptian St

Emmanuel St

Empress St

Essingdon St

Euxton St

Fairclough St

Ferrington Walk
Stephen Perry,

Finney St

Fletcher St

Fletcher St(Derby Barracks)

Fletcher St (Queen Elizabeth Hotel)

Flitcroft St

Floret St
Hiteshkumar Kanji Natha Vegad, Mukesh Chandra Vegad,

Forrester Hill Ave

Foundry St

Freshfield Ave

Gaskell St

Garstang Ave
Joan Sockett,

Gas St

George St

Gibbon St

Glen Ave

Grant St

Grecian Crescent

Grecian St

Green Ave

Greenroyd Ave
Clive Hardman,

Gregson Field

Hall Lane, Farnworth

Hamel St

Hawker Ave

Heap St

Hewitt St

Heywood Gardens
Paul Mendez,

Heywood Park View
Sandra Roper, Gillian Stewart, Jeffrey Stewart,

Higher Swan Lane

High St

Hobson St

Holden St

Hollins Cottage Homes (The Hollins)

Hollycroft Ave
Brenda Margaret Rothwell, Frank Rothwell,

Hopkins St
Colin Higson, David Higson,

Hulme St

James St

John Cross St

John Taylor St

Jones St
Susan Jones,

Kay St

Kirkhope Way
Karen Violet Leece,

Knight St

Laburnham Park, Bradshaw
Simon George Cooper,

Lakeside Ave

Leach St

Leicester St
Jacqueline Brown,

Leonard St

Lever Edge Lane

Leverhulme Ave

Lever St

Lightbounds Rd

Litchfield Ave
Gregory Blundell,

Litherland St
Anthony Kay,

Lobelia Ave
Margaret Rushton,

Lovat Rd, Breightmet
Marlene Olga Pollard,

Lowther St

Lynton Rd

Mabel Ave
David Austin, Philip Austin,

Manchester Rd

Mancroft Ave

Mason St

Mason Yard
Peter Standish,

Matthew St

Mckean St

Melville St

Meredith St

Merehall St

Middle St

Middle Fell St?
Mary J. Leach.

Minorca St

Moncrieffe St

Montserrat Rd

Mooney St

Moore St

Morris Green Lane

Morrison St

Nelson St

Netherfield Rd

New Rd, Preston
Glynis Bailey,

Nile St

Nine House Lane

Norden Court
Angela Georgina Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes,

Normanby St

Norman St

Nugent Rd
Linda Christine Cooper, Steven Cooper, David John Hales, Sharon Anne Hales,
Karen Jane McClusky,

Oldham St
Harry Tate,

Orlando St

Orlando St (Cattle Market Hotel)

Padbury Way
Jennifer Jean Bancks, Keith Clemence Bancks, Stanley Bancks,

Park Gate Drive
Eric Scowcroft,

Parkfield Rd

Parrot St

Paulhan St

Peabody St

Peel St

Pennington Rd

Percival St
Dora Handley,

Pike Rd

Pilkington St

Pitt St

Platt St

Plodder Lane

Plover St
(formerly Brick St)

Pool St

Providence St

Prosperous St
Harry Eaves,

Pump St
Herbert Gaunt, William Gaunt,

Queens Rd

Radcliffe Rd

Ramwell St

Rebate St

Reservoir St

Rigby St

Ripley St
Sandra Mason,

Rishton Ave

Rishton Lane

Rose Hill St

Rose St

Roxalina St

Rufford Drive
Barbara Pover, Margaret Pover,

Rupert St

Sandham St

Scholey St

School Hill

Scowcroft St
Arthur Tipping,

Settle St

Shaw St

Shelwith Ave
Martin Thomas Britton,

Sidney St

Simpson St
Nora Fazakerley,

Sindsley Grove
Doris Morris,


Snipe St

Spring St

St Bartholomew St

Steele St

St Helens Rd

St Marks St

St Marks Vicarage, High St

St Marks View

St Mark's Walk
Mark Thornber,

Stafford St
Anne Greenhalgh, Janet Greenhalgh, Saheed Ebrahim Noorgat,

Stanforth Ave
Josephine Wood,

Swan Lane

Tarbet Drive
Ian Longthorne,

Tavistock Rd,
Florence Mullineaux,

Teal St

Thompson St

Thornebank East
John Swindles,

Thynne St

Tildsley St

Tong St
Susan Horrocks,

Tonge Moor Rd

Usbridge St
Paresh Rasikbhai Patel, Sanjeev Rasikbhai Patel,

Venture St 1859 - 1972

View St

Viking St

Wagon Rd
Ian Ford, Jacqueline Ford,

Walker Ave

Waterloo St

Well St

Wellington Walk
Joanne Tillotson,

Wemsley Grove

Westbourne Ave

Westbrook St
Elsie Woods, Thomas Woods,

Westcourt Rd

West Meade

Weston St

Whalley Ave

Whittaker St

Willis St

Willows Lane

Withins Close
Jeanette Elaine Smiley,

Woodfield St

Woodgate St

Woodvale Grove

Wylde St
Albert Chorlton, Alice Chorlton, Henry Chorlton,

York St

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