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St Marks Staff

Updated December 11, 2017 5:49 PM

Lever St Sunday School 1857-1861

The Rev Joseph Lowe of the Holy Trinity Church 1856-1869
Mr Thomas Hall Arrowsmith. Mr James Bentley. Mr James Booth. Mr F. Dutton.
Mr Alderman Finney Mr R. Harrison. Mr John Barber Knight. Mr Richard Morris.
Mr Squire Openshaw Mr Thomas Rogerson. Mr Richard Seddon. Dr Joseph E. Scowcroft.

Lever St / St Mark's School and Church Staff

Due the shortage of qualified teachers in the early years and because teaching was not regarded as a profession, so began a system that employed Pupil Teachers, they were usually from the same school and began teaching at age 13 and their apprenticeship would last for 4 to 5 years. They would be taught by the master before school commenced and then the same would go on to teach a class of there own what they had learnt, this practice continued up to around 1906.

This rest of this page contains the names of
Committee Members / Head Teachers / Reverends / Teachers / Student Teachers
Pupil Teachers Monitors / Assistants / Clerks / Caretakers / Dinner Staff
Cleaners and Organists from St Mark's School and Church

Memories of St Marks Staff from ex pupils are under the relative decades

Head Teachers


C. Howarth.

1861 - Mrs Rachael Norris - 1866
1866 - Miss E. Millington - 1869
1869 - Miss M. Smith - 1872
1872 - Miss E. Marewell - 1873
1873 - Miss Selina Greaves - 1887
1887 - Miss M. Holmes - 1893
1893 - Miss Field - 1894
1894 - Miss Laura Leatham - 1914
1914 - Miss Eveline Taylor - 1925
1925 - Miss Clarice Howarth - 1935
The Infants from 1935 is joined with the rest of the school

Head Teachers


1861 - Mrs E. Bentley - 1866
1866 - Miss E. Pye - 1867
1867 - Miss E. Carter - 1870
1870 - Miss E. Beswick - 1878
1878 - Miss Sarah Catherine Hindley - 1882
1882 - Miss Betsy Fellows - 1892
1892 - Miss Alice Duckworth - 1892
The Girls from 1892 is amalgamated with the Boys School (Mixed)

Head Teachers


1861 - Mr John H. Norris - 1866
1866 - Mr William Webster - 1892

Head Teachers


J. Darricotte
T. Smith
H. Brickles
A. Porter

 1892 - Mr Jabez Darricotte - 1903 (b1865-d1959)
1903 - Mr Frank Smith - 1911
1911 - Mr Thomas Smith - 1938
1938 - Mr Harry Brickles - 1958
1958 - Mr H. Boscow - 196?
1965 - Mr Thomas Abbot - 1968
1968 - Mr John Michael Mundy - 1968
1968 - Mr Alan Porter - 1971
1971 - Mrs Y. Roberts - 1972

Mr Smith our Headmaster always wore the same brown Harris Tweed suit every day which gave off a faint aroma of stale tobacco, he always took the singing lessons, personally looking back I am convinced he served in the Royal Navy during the first world war, as our repertoire consisted of various sea shanties such as 'Rolling Down To Rio' 'Nelson's Fearless name' 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor' with an occasional song such as the one you sang at your Musical Evening 'Cuckoo' if you were unfortunate enough to be on the front row you were showered with a fountain of spit as he silently mouthed the words of the song, Charming!
Lilian Dale Class of 1932 Jun 2008

Mr Mundy was the headmaster when I was there and we all lived in morbid fear of him. He was known to give us kids something called 'the whack' for misbehaviour. 'The whack' was this mystical and terrifying thing that was the best form of social control possible, until someone got a dose of it and promptly told us what it was. The playground crime rate soared. however, when I was leaving in 1970 to move to Harwood and a new school, I was mortified at the idea of telling him, as instructed by my Mum, that I didn't bother. I imagined him chasing our removal van as we moved house, but he never appeared. Phone calls had to be made when I arrived at my new school, to let them know I'd left.
Ian Anthony Edmundson Class of 1970

Teachers / Student Teachers / Pupil Teachers
Assistant Teachers / Monitors / Clerks / Supply Teachers / Other Staff etc

Children who misbehaved in the 1800s could have been fastened together with what was called a YOKE. this piece of apparatus was made of wood and fitted round the neck and usually accommodated two pupils, and they were made to walk round the school (usually backwards).


Miss Emily Barlow. Mrs E. Bentley. Miss E. Beswick. Miss Alice Booth. Miss Elizabeth Booth.
Mr William Charles Brown. Miss E. Carter. Rev John George Doman (b1831-d1900). Mr Goulding.
Mr Joseph Hayes. Rev Joseph Lowe. Miss E. Millington. Miss L. Millington. Mr Richard Morris.
Mr Thomas Morris. Mr John H. Norris. Mrs Rachael Norris.
Miss/Mrs Alice Pickvance - Piggot (Sunday School Teacher). Miss E. Pye.
Dr Joseph E. Scowcroft. Miss Mary Alice Seddon. Miss Martha Shippobottom. Miss M. Smith.
Mr Jesse Taylor, Mr Edment Thorn. Mr Thornley. Mr Edward Triffitt. Mr William Webster.

Depending on the offence school punishments ranged considerably, from wearing a card around the pupils neck telling of the offence perpetrated, wearing of a Dunce cap, Naughty Corners, Tied up in sacks and put in corner, to being put in a basket which was hauled way up to the ceiling. Beatings were on the increase after 1850 with Caning being the most popular.


Miss E. Beswick. Mrs Birnie. Mr William Charles Brown. Mr William Robert Buckley.
Miss E. Carter. Miss Lily Catterall. J. J. Cowden Cole (Curate). Crompton (Cleaner).
Rev John George Doman (b1831-d1900). Mr John Fell. Mr Goulding. Miss Selina Greaves. Mr James Gregory.
Mr William Hardie. Mr Joseph Hayes. Mr George Hayhurst. Miss Sarah Catherine Hindley.
Mr J. Kemp. Mr John Lewis (Curate). Mr Gordon McPherson. Miss E. Marewell.
Mr Jonathan E. Parr. Alice Pickvance-Piggot (Sunday School Teacher). Miss Restrick.
Mr T. Robinson Mr Anderson Rushworth. Mr Shippard. Miss M. Smith. Mr John Thomas Spencer.
Mr Jesse Taylor, Mr Dorothy Thompson. Mr J. Webster. Mr William Webster. Mr Evelyn Wilson.
Mr George William Wilson


Curate, G. F. Eyes
M. E. Eyes
Mr William Hurst Albinson. Mr Ralph Ashcroft. Mr William Beesley. Mr Joseph Causey.
Rev John George Doman (b1831-d1900). Curate George Frederick Eyes. Miss Mary Ellen Eyes.
Mr Robert Fairclough. Mr John Fell. Miss Betsy Fallows. Mr Charles Herbert Field.
Mr Robert Foulds. Miss ? Forshaw. Miss Selina Greaves. Mr James Gregory. Mr Robert Hall.
Mr George Fred Haslam. Mr James Higson (Church Committe / Choirmaster).
Miss Sarah Catherine Hindley. Miss M. Holmes. Miss Ellen Jackson. Mr John Lewis (Curate).
Mr Makinson (Superintendant). Alice Pickvance-Piggot (Sunday School Teacher).
Mr Albert Rushton. Mr Anderson Rushworth. Mr W. Scofield. Mr Miles Shepherd.
Mr John Thomas Spencer. Mr Sidney Stott. Mr Jesse Taylor. Mr Noah Tong. Mr John Waywell.
Head Mr William Webster. Mr Joseph Whalley. Mr Thomas Wild. Mr Edward Wilson.
Mr George William Wilson. J. Wilson (Curate).


The only name known on this photo is Curate Edwin Wolf centre, the Rev John George Doman is ill at the time this photo was taken.

Below are the names of the Heads and Teachers that attended St Marks in the 1890s some will be on the photo's above

J. Darricotte
G. F. Eyes.
M. E. Eyes.
Rev E. Wolfe.

Mr Alfred Ainscough. Mr Ralph Ashcroft. Miss Annie Pattinson Barwise. Mr Joseph Bell.
Miss Amy Bury. Miss Cheetham. Miss Mary Ellen Crook. Head Mr Jabez Darricotte (b1865-d1959).
Miss Sarah E. Dickinson. Rev John George Doman (b1831-d1900). Miss Alice Duckworth. Miss Elgin.
Curate George Frederick Eyes. Mary Ellen Eyes. Miss Betsy Fallows. Mr Charles Herbert Field.
Miss Field. Miss Elizabeth Gratrix. Mr George Grant. Miss Catherine Hamer.
Mr William Henry Hatton. Mr William Hodgkiss. Miss Ada J. Holden. Miss M. Holmes.
Miss Margaret Kirkman. Miss Naomi Lawton. Miss Florence Leach Miss Laura Leatham.
Mr William Leivesley. Miss Florence Mary Leyland. Mr Makinson (Superintendant).
Mr John William McCann. Miss Annie Mitchell. Mr William Richard Owen.
Mr William Peacock. Miss Mary Ann Richardson, Mr Anderson Rushworth. Miss Agnes Simm.
Mr Jesse Smith. Mr Thomas Smith. Miss Southern. Mr James Tattersall.
Miss Maude Ellen Taylor. Miss Jane Vose. Mr William Webster. Miss Welsh.
Edwin Wolfe (Curate). Miss Mary Yates.

From 1900 Punishment books were kept, prior to this it was usually the parent that requested their children to be punished after hearing they had misbehaved.


J. Darricotte
Rev G. F. Eyes.
C. Howarth.
A. Tinsley
Rev E. Wolfe.

Miss Abbatt. Miss Ares. Miss Alice Aves. Miss Mildred Bagot.
Miss Annie Pattinson Barwise. Miss/Mrs Hannah Bentley - Pollard. Miss Florence Broom.
Miss Amy Bury. Miss Lydia Cornall. Miss Mary Ellen Crook. Head Mr Jabez Darricotte (b1865-d1959).
Mr Dickenson. Mr Charles Dickinson. Rev John George Doman (b1831-d1900). Miss Marie Donnelly.
Mr Robert Dunlop. Miss Elizabeth Mary Eccles. Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle.
Miss Margaret T. Entwistle. Curate George Frederick Eyes. Miss Edith Fallows. Miss Fox.
Miss Elizabeth Gratrix. Miss Catherine Hamer. Miss Violet Haslam. Miss Haslam.
Mr William Hellaby. Miss Margaret Hoan. Mr William Hodgkiss. Miss Clarice Howarth.
Miss Margaret Kirkman. Miss Laura Leatham. Mr William Leivesley Miss Elizabeth Lewis.
J. W. Marsh (Curate). Mr John William McCann. Miss Annie Mitchell.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Nuttall. Miss Ellen Occleshaw. Miss Annie Parkinson.
Miss Emily Helen Peeks. Miss Mary Ann Richardson. Miss Kathleen B. Rothwell.
Mr Anderson Rushworth. Miss Francis Sewarl. Miss Agnes Simm. Mr Frank Smith.
Miss/Mrs Mabel Jane Staveley - Darby. Mr J. H. Stott. Miss Mary Stuart. Mr Alfred Tinsley.
Miss Alice Walker. Miss Margaret Woan. Miss Anne Wrigley. Rev Edwin Wolfe. Miss Mary Yates.


T. Smith,
A. Tinsley
Rev. E. Wolfe

Miss Mildred Bagot. Rev Viner George Ballance. Mr Herbert Baxendale.
Miss Helen May Bignell. Joseph Binns (Curate). Miss/Mrs Bertha Dyson - Bishop.
Miss Ethel Blakeley. Miss Bond. Miss Florence Broom. Miss Amy Bury.
Miss Lucy A. Cheetham. Miss Doris Coleman. Rev H. A. Coleman. Miss Lydia Cornall.
Miss Annie Crompton. Mr James Crook. Miss Elizabeth Alice Thompson Cunliffe.
Mr Stanley Cunliffe (Sunday School b1889-d1916) , Miss Francis A. Davies. Miss Helen May Dignell.
Miss Doris Eatough. Miss Hilda Eatough. Miss Elizabeth Eccles. Miss Mabel Eckersley. Miss Doris Edge.
Miss Sarah J. Dickinson. Miss Margaret Dilworth Entwistle. Miss B. Falk. Mr Albert Edith Fallows.
Miss Dorothy E. Fletcher. Miss Mary Foote. Miss Elizabeth Greenhalgh.
Miss Margaret Alice Grisdale (Student Teacher). Mr Walter Grisdale. Mr John Grundy.
Miss Gladys Minnie Hall. Miss Catherine Hamer. Mr Francis Hardman (Sunday School).
Mrs M. Harrison. Miss Violet Haslam. Miss Haslaw. Miss A. Heap. Miss Dorothy Heywood.
Miss Doris Catherine Elizabeth Hibbert. Mr William Hodgkiss. Miss Gladys Holding.
Miss Harriet Horrocks. Miss Jones. Mr Fred Kay. Mr. John E. Kent. Miss Nora Kenyon.
Miss E. Kirkman. Miss Naomi Lawton. Miss Margaret Kirkman. Miss Doris Knowles.
John E. Lang (Curate). Miss Mary Martin-Lawson. Miss Laura Leatham. Mr William Leivesley.
Miss Hilda Martin. Mr John William McCann. Miss Annie Mitchell. Miss Ellen Occleshaw.
Miss. C. Penny. Miss Eveline Phillips (Student Teacher). Miss Mary Ann Richardson.
Miss May. Rushton. Mr Anderson Rushworth.Miss Ada Mary Salt. Miss Martha Annie Scholes.
Miss Francis Sewarl. Miss Constance Sim. Miss Agnes Simm. Mr Frank Smith.
Miss Margaret Ella Smith. Mr Thomas Smith. Mrs Mabel Jane Staveley - Darby.
Miss May Stringfellows. Miss Edith Whiteside Taylor. Miss Eveline Taylor. Mr Alfred Tinsley.
Rev Henry Richard Tomlinson. Mr Harry Thomas Tonge. Miss Annie Waddington.
Miss Alice Walker. Mr William Weaver. Miss L. Westbrook. Miss Ethel Williams.
Miss Margaret Woan. Rev Edwin Wolfe. Miss Evelyn Wood. Miss Sarah Alice Woods.


S. Boardman
H. Bonser.
H. Brickles.
E. Eatough.
C. Howarth.
H. Moss.
M. Peaples.
T. Smith.
A. Tinsley.

Miss Clara Anderton. Miss Mildred Bagot. Mrs Mary Barlow. Miss Mary Bentley.
Miss Helen May Bignell. Miss Alice Blackledge. Mr Stanley Boardman. Mr Harold S. D. Bonser.
Mr Harry Brickles. Miss Edna Buck (Student Teacher). Mr John G. D. Close (Student Teacher).
Rev H. A. Coleman. Miss/Mrs Hannah Coop - Rigby. Miss Annie Crompton.
Miss Eleanora Eatough. Miss Mabel Eckersley. Miss Mary Farrar. Miss Mary Foote.
Miss/Mrs Betsy Fallows Shippobottom - Glaister. Miss Gladys Minnie Hall.
Miss Nellie Hampson (Student Teacher). Mr William Hodgkiss. Mr A. Hodkinson.
Miss Elsie G. Hodson (Student Teacher). Miss Clarice Howarth. Miss Annie Kenyon.
Miss Nora Kenyon. Mr James Mason. Miss Edna McCann. Mr John William McCann.
Miss Annie Mitchell. Rev Harry G. Moss. Miss/Mrs May Olive - Foster. Miss May Peaples.
Miss Emily H. Peeks. Miss/Mrs Eveline Phillips - Coop. Miss Mary W. Pye (Student Teacher).
Miss Mary Ann Richardson. Miss Eleanor Buchanan Riding. Miss Martha Annie Scholes.
Miss Bertha Shepley. Miss Constance Sim. F. S. Sinker. Head Mr Thomas Smith.
Miss Mary Strickland. Miss May Stringfellows. Miss Eveline Taylor. Mr Taylor.
Miss Elizabeth Thornber. Mr Alfred Tinsley. Mr Harry Thomas Tonge. Miss Dorothy Tootell.
Miss Grace H. Tyson. Miss Alice Walker.

Miss Phillips - Oh! in my eyes she was young and beautiful, lovely brown eyes and dark wavy hair and a lovely slim figure.
Lilian Dale Class of 1932 Jun 2008


E. Barrow.
H. Bonser.
D. Booth.
H. Brickles.
E. Eatough.
J. Gilbert.
R. Hodgson.
K. Lucas.
H. Moss.
F. Owens.
M. Peaples.
T. Smith.
A. Tinsley.

Miss Abrahams. Miss/Mrs Jessie Abram - Donkin. Miss J. Baker. Miss Edna May Barrow.
Mr Norman Benn. Miss Mary Bentley. Miss/Mrs Cissie Blundell - Hindley.
Mr Harold S. D. Bonser. Miss Doris Booth-Scrogg. Mr Harry Brickles. Miss Pauline Bromiley.
Miss Eleanora Eatough. Miss M. J. Ellison. Mr J. Fox. Joseph Gilbert (Curate).
Miss Dorothy Higginbottom. Miss Margaret A. Hilton. Mr Richard Hodgson.
Miss Clarice Howarth. Miss Edith Kefford. Miss/Mrs Ethel Keighley - Williams.
Miss Susan Kirkman. Mr J. F. Kitchen. Miss/Mrs Olive Lawton - Ratcliffe.
Rev Joseph Stanley Leatherbarrow. Kenneth Ashley Lucas (Sunday School Teacher).
Miss Marjorie J. Marsden. Mrs M. McCartney. Miss Annie Mitchell.
Mr William Edward Molyneux. Rev Harry G. Moss. Miss Marjorie Enderley Ormrod.
Miss V. Orton. Miss Florence Owens. Miss May Peaples. Miss Emily H. Peeks.
Miss Avis Lilian Powell. Miss Ethel Powell. Mrs H. Rawlings. Miss Ruth Rimmer.
Miss B. K. Rothwell. Miss Bertha Shepley. F. S. Sinker. Head Mr Thomas Smith.
Miss Constance Stirling. Mr Taylor. Mr Alfred Tinsley. John Gregson Wake.

My first teacher was Miss Peake - a bit of a terror we were all afraid of her!, Each day she would distribute the small bottles of milk in the kitchen at playtime and insisted we all drank some before going out to the schoolyard toilets for a wee.
One day unfortunately my bladder couldn't make it and the result was a rather large pool on the kitchen floor, Peaky was horrified and called me some charming names and made me mop it up.
Lilian Dale Class of 1932 Jun 2008

The only story I have about my mother's (Jessie Abram - Donkin) time at the school was that during the war, all St Marks Staff were expected to spend some time at the school at night, I think in pairs, as look-outs for air-raids.
She told me that she was pretty much terrified at the time, and only found out later that the Headmaster had been there, unknown to her to keep an eye on these young ladies.
William Donkin


D. Booth.
H. Brickles.
D. Cunliffe.
J. Hadfield.
K. Hayes.
R. Hodgson.
J. Rees-Hayes
A. Tinsley.

Miss Abrahams. Miss/Mrs Jessie Abram - Donkin. Miss Margaret Armstrong. Mrs Aspinall.
Mr Bagshaw. Miss Dorothy Barker. Miss Nellie Battle. Miss/Mrs Cissie Blundell - Hindley.
Miss Doris Booth-Scrogg. Head Mr Harry Brickles. Mrs Joan Bromiley. Miss Pauline Bromiley.
Mrs Mary Brown. Miss Norma Brown. Miss Norwenna J. Burton. Miss Jean Camm.
Miss M. R. Church Mrs Constance. Mr A. Cree. Mrs Mary N. Critchley. Mr Donald Cunliffe.
Mr Roy Dewhurst. Mrs Amy Dickenson. Miss Alice Eagles. Miss Edgerly. Miss D. L. Evridge.
Miss Fooks. Miss Joan Garside. Mrs Grant. Miss Dorothy Hadfield.
Rev John Collingwood Hadfield. Miss Margaret Hall. Miss Hancock. Mrs Elsie Harris.
Miss Constance M. Hayes. Mr Keith Hayes. Miss Betty Hodgson. Mr Richard Hodgson.
Miss Margaret Jean Hodkinson. Miss Hook. Miss Horridge. Mr Charles A. Howard.
Mr G. L. Humphrey. Miss Christine Hutchinson. Miss Johnson. Mr Arthur B. Jones.
Miss G. B. Jones. Mr Ernest A. Kilner. Rev Joseph Stanley Leatherbarrow. Miss Livingstone.
Miss Lomax. Mr Edward Lowe. Miss Mangnall. Miss Gertrude B. Marsden. Miss June Marshall.
Miss Annie Mitchell. Mr Ronald Mitchell. Mr William Edward Molyneaux. Mr Frank Nelson.
Mr Cecil Partington. Miss Emily H. Peeks. Mrs Joan Rees-Hayes. Miss Ruth Rimmer.
Miss Margaret Risbin. Mr Edwin Rolph. Mr Albert Ruston. Mr I. Seddon. Mrs M. A. Shanks.
Mrs E. A. Smith. Miss Jean Alwen Smith. Miss Jeanne Smith. Mr William Smith.
Miss Nancy Southern. Mr Alfred Tinsley. Mrs Sarah J. Turner. Mrs Clarice Vernon.
Miss Elizabeth Warhurst. Miss Wilkinson. Miss Minnie Williams.

Mr Brickles was a very quiet man but very efficient and I believe he succeeded Mr Smith as Headmaster after I left.
Lilian Dale Class of 1932 Jun 2008

I went to school at the little school round the corner, which was St Mark's. It was a church school, the church was at the side, and it was a small school. It's still there and the headmaster was called Mr Brickles, and one of my favourite teachers was a lady called Miss Peeks - a petite lady, stout, very genteel looking but dealt with a rod of iron. Everybody liked her and, if you were good she would fetch you a treat, apples from her garden but she didn't tell us they were crab apples you see! There were more children with belly ache than anything but, it was the getting of the apples what was there.
Audrey Cole nee Miller ex St Marks Pupil.
An Extract from Bolton Remembers the War with permission

I remember when Mr Smith entered the schoolyard mornings and afternoons, the boys would run to the school door, that led to his office, the first boy there would open the door then stand to attention by it. Mr Smith would tap the boy on the chest a couple of times with his shiny black silver handled walking stick and say ''Very sound, very smart, thank you'' it was considered an honour to open the door for Mr Smith.
Brian Grundy Class of 1943


D. Booth.
H. Brickles.
E. Chapman.
D. Cunliffe.
K. Dixon.
J. Hadfield
G. Halliwell.
A. Hartley.
J. Hayes.
K. Hayes.
R. Hodgson.
N. Marsden
V. Matthews
K. Pollitt.
J. Rees-Hayes

Mrs E. Ascroft (Church Warden). Miss Eileen J. Barratt. Miss M. Booth.
Miss Doris Booth-Scrogg. Miss E. O. Booth (Treasurer). Mr H. Boscow Miss Dorothy Margaret Breaks. Head Mr Harry Brickles. Mr J. Cairns (Scouts) Mr W. Caldwell.
Rev Eric Ronald Chapman. Miss Constance. Miss Mary Crawshaw. Mr A. Cree. Miss A. Crook.
Mr Kenneth Dixon. Mr Donald Cunliffe. Mrs C. Farr. Miss Margaret J. German.
Mr Herbert Griffiths. Rev John Collingwood Hadfield. Mr Gordon Halliwell. Mrs Elsie Harris.
Mr Albert Hartley (Scouts). Mrs Joan Hayes. Mr Keith Hayes (Gabby). Miss A. L. Heelis.
Mr Richard Hodgson. Mrs Gladys Holt. Miss Christine Hutchinson. Mr Arthur B. Jones.
Miss Dorothy C. Jones. Mr Nora Marsden (Brown Owl). Vernon Matthews (Church Warden).
Mr S. Metcalfe (Organist) Mrs E. Monks. Miss Edris Audrey Moss. Mrs M. H. Nuttall (Cubs).
Mr Kenneth Pollitt (Church Warden / Treasurer). Mrs Joan Ress-Hayes. Mr Edwin Rolph.
Mrs Albert Rushton. Mrs E. A. Smith. Mr D. R. Snape. Mrs Edna Lilian Souther-Rushton.
Mr Philip F. Stephenson. Miss Dorothy A. Taylor. Mrs Sarah J. Turner. Mrs Turner.
Miss Twigley (Rangers / Girl Guides). Mrs Urpe. Miss Muriel E. Vear. Miss Elizabeth Warhurst.
Mr Jack Whittaker. Rev Cyril A. Winters.

I remember Mr Brickles was very strict and we as kids didn't like anyone that was strict, but he was a very nice man especially to anyone that was ill
Doreen Gill Class of 1950 July 2009

Mum did recognise some of the names who had mentioned dad, this included William (Billy) Settle, partly because he called my dad a "bl**dy s*d" and she taught him...
Sue Curtis nee Hayes daughter of ex teachers Mr Keith and Joan Hayes Sepy 2008

l remember sitting next to June Ashcroft in Standard 3 when she had just had an operation on her ear !, also remember Miss Booth being horrible and other teachers who were nice, Mr Hayes who they used to call 'Gabby Hayes'.
l was very friendly with Jean Popplewell.
Sheila Scott Class of 1952 Nov 2007

Teacher Gordon Halliwell (second from right) did not teach in my time, but I knew him personally and he was a lovely man. He also went to St Mark's Church. Eventually he became headmaster at St John's School, Wingates Westhoughton, but has been retired many years. He lived in Leach St , near Clarendon St School.
I' am not sure if he is still alive, I've tried to trace him without success.
Hindle Gregory Class of 1952
I vividly remember the top class teacher a My Hodgson he had the nickname Tricky Dicky. He was a member of the Royal Airforce during the war a pilot I think. He was wounded during this time and had a limp. In winter he always wore his RAF greycoat. If you had to have the cane which I did a few times, he had a short piece of thin cane which he would shake vigorously just beyond your outstretched fingers and then gradually bring it closer until eventually just catching your fingertips I don't know which was worse 'the waiting or the pain when it caught you'. He was a good teacher and a very fair man I remember him with affection.
Ron Knott Class of 1951


D. Booth-Scrogg.
K. Pollitt.
N. Marsden
A. Porter.

Head Mr Thomas Abbott. Mrs E. Ascroft (Church Warden). Mr Frank Astley.
Miss Doris Booth-Scrogg. Miss M. Booth. Head Mr H. Boscow. Mr W. Caldwell. Mr W. Cann.
Miss Barbara Clarke. Miss Joyce Collier. Miss Collier. Miss Mary Crawshaw. Mrs Jean Earp.
Mrs E. Entwistle. Mrs C. Farr. Miss S. Farrimond. Mr W. Glover Mrs B. Green. Miss Green.
Mr Herbert Griffiths. Miss Anita Hardcastle. Mrs Alice Harper (Dinner Lady). Mrs Harrison.
Mrs Gladys Holt. Mrs Horridge. Miss Anne Horrobin. Ms Janet Horrocks. Mrs F. Hudson.
Miss P. Isherwood. Mrs Isherwood. Mrs Betty Johnson. Miss B. Jones. Miss Dorothy C. Jones.
Miss Kenyon. Mrs Manning. Mr Nora Marsden (Brown Owl). Mr John Michael Mundy.
Mrs M. H. Nuttall (Cubs). Mrs Philbin. Mr Kenneth Pollitt (Church Warden / Treasurer).
Head Mr Alan Porter. Mrs Raby. Mrs Radcliffe. Mr David Rigby. Mrs Y. Roberts.
Mr Roger Roocroft. Mrs Rushton. Miss Sodergren. Miss N. E. Taylor. Mrs Turner.
Miss Twigley (Rangers / Girl Guides). Mrs Urpe. Mr Robert Varley (Church Caretaker).
Miss K. Waddington. Miss Wilkinson. Rev Cyril A. Winters. Rev John Norman Wood.


Headmaster Alan Porter.

Below are the names of the Head and teachers that attended St Marks in the 1970s and not necessary from the photo above

Miss Brookes. Mr W. Caldwell. Mrs Cooper. Mr W. Glover. Mrs Harrison. Miss Heaton.
Miss Anne Horrobin. Miss Jones. Head Mr Alan Porter. Headmistress Mrs Y. Roberts.
Miss/Mrs Lynda Elizabeth Ward - Hetherington. Rev John Norman Wood

Mr Alan Porter ex Headmaster who became a professional referee (1973-1981) and later President of the Referees Association died in 2008.

Anne Horrobin was one of my teachers. She was at the younger end of St Marks Staff and so was always nice to the kids and tried to occupy us with fun things to do. I remember little else about her except that I had a kid's crush on her. When I changed schools, the teachers at my new school knew her. A small world, isn't it?
Ian Edmundson Class of 1970
A lad called Shaun Kinley and I were in the toilets one day and had just got a packet of cigarettes (Embassy No10s) and we decided to light one up Shaun was sat in one of the cubicles with his cig and while he was puffin away and going on what he would do if the Head caught us and I was just about to take a drag but who else to our horror popped his head round and said I'll have one too I felt the blood run out of my face and Shaun nearly swallowed his cig, well he marched us off to his office but on the way Shaun put the cigs in the rubbish bin. Back inside he sat us down and disappeared for a couple of minutes and on his return he offered us a cigarette and we refused, when we told our parents what he had done they went mad and there was a big argument and we was sent back to class and every time we asked to go to the toilet we was asked "was it for a smoke". But I must say the headmaster Mr Porter was in all honesty one of the best, he was firm but fair I used to see him for a while after I had left school and we always laughed at this story. God bless you Mr Porter wherever you are
Stephen George Robinson Class of 1971

Please feel free to Email with any teachers or staff you remember and the decades they were at the school.
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