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Updated December 20, 2016 5:05 PM

Prior to 1899 school leaving age was 10, In 1899 it was raised to 12, 1918 raised to 14, 1947 raised to 15
In 1952 St Marks became a primary school so leaving age was 11

These names below require Class years if they attended

W. Avenue
E. Cornwel
A. Eglin
E. France
M. France
L. Graham
A. Halliwell
R. Neill
S. Newton
J. Parkinson
W. Settle

Walker Avenue, Elizabeth Battersby, Nellie Bleakley, Kathleen Cornall, Edith Cornwell,
Denice Dixon, Sandra Dixon, Alan Eglin, Jack Elvidge, Hilda Fincham, Doreen Fitzsimmons,
Peter Fitzsimmons, Eric France, Marjorie France, Lily Graham, Sandra Greer,
Doreen Grimshaw, Brenda Grundy, Neville Guffog, Alice Halliwell, Kenneth Harrison, John Hill,
Marleen Hiltrician ?, Harry Lever, Derek Longworth, Ian Molloy, Roland Neill, Sylvia Newton,
J. Parkinson, Alan Rosthorn, Doreen Settle, William Settle, Rose Tomkinson, Christine Tyldsley,
Nellie Wood, Minnie Young,