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Updated December 24, 2016

The photos on the pages of the links below have been put back on the site again.

Albert Mills 1,2
Albion Mills 1,2,3,4
Albion Works (see Victoria Mill)
Alexandra Mill
Alma Mills
Asia Mill (carter st mill)
Astley Bridge Mill (see John Holden's Mill)
Atlas / Walmsley's Forge
Atlas Mills 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
B and F Carters
Bankfield Mill
Bark St Mills (flax mill)
Barrow Bridge Mills
Bayley Mill (see Persian Mill)
Beddows Mill (see Clyde Mill)
Bee Hive Mill see Tootals)
Bee Hive Mills (great lever)
Beehive Mill (lostock)
Bee Hive Works
Belmont Bleachworks
Benjamin Reason's, Chemical Works
Black Horse Mill
Black Horse St Mill
Blair and Sumner's Bleachworks
Blinkhorns Chemical Works
Bolling's Mill (bradshawgate mill, carlisle's cotton mill)
Bolton Gate Company
Bolton Ropery
Bolton Royal Infirmary
Bolton Union Mills (union, vernon, hebden mills)
Borough Mills
Bow St Mill (cullen's mill, old stone mill/factory)
Bradford Mill
Bradshaw Hall Colliery
Bradshawfield Mill
Bradshawgate Mill (see Bolling's Mill)
Bradshawgate Saw Mills
Bradshaw Works
Breightmet Bleachworks
Breightmet Mill
Bridge St Mill Bridge St
Bridge St Mill Bark St
Bridgeman Place Machine Works
Bridson's Bleachworks
Britannia Mill (cobden st mill, hill mill)
Britannia Mill (canning st)
Brook Mill
Brookfield Brick Works
Brookfield Mill (dow lings mill)
Brookfield Mill
Brownlow Fold Brick Works
Brownlow Fold Mills 1,2,3
Brunswick Mill
Bullfield Mill
Bullock St Mill
Burnden Bleach Works
Burnden Colliery
Burton Factory (see Peakes Place Cotton Works, halliwell clothing works)
Calcutta Mill
Canning St Mills 1,2,3,4 (see North End Mill No1)
Cannon St Mill
Carlisle's Cotton Mill (see Bolling's Mill)
Carter St Mill (see Asia Mill)
Chew Moor Mill (holland mills)
Churchgate Mill
Clarendon Mills
Clyde Mill (Beddows mill)
Cobden Mill
Cobden St Mill (hill mill, see Britannia Mill)
Coloumbia Mills
Coronation Mill
Croal Mill
Croft Mills
Crooks Mill (see Deane Rd Mill)
Crown Brewery
Cullen's Mill (stone factory, see Bow St Mill)
Cunliffe St Mill
Cygnet Mills
Dam Side Mill (lever bridge mills)
Darley St Mills
Dart Mill
Daubhill Hosiery Works
Daubhill Mill
Daubhill Sack Works
Dean Mills
Deane Mill
Deane Shed
Deane Road Mill (crooks mill)
Delph Hill Mill
Denmark Mill
Denvale Mills (union mills, tonge mill)
Derby Iron Works
Derby Mill
Derby St Mill Hosiery Works
Derby St Mills
Destructor Works
Dobson and Barlow's
Dove / Dovedale Mill
Dow lings Mill (see Brookfield Mill)
Dunscar Bleachworks
Eagle Mill
Eagley Bleachworks
Eagley Mills
Egerton Mills
Egerton Dye Works
Egyptian Mills 1,2
Electric Works
Falcon Mill
Farmers Arms Mill
Ferns Water Works
Firwood Bleachworks
Flash Mill
Flash St Mills (pin, royal george, royal sovereign great moor st mills)
Flax Mill (see Bark St Mills)
Fletcher St Mill (mather st mill, martins mill)
French Mill (st paul's mill)
Folds Mill
Foundry St Weaving Shed
Four Factories (round hill mills,turton st new mill, peel mills 1,2,3,4)
Garfield Mill
Gaskell St Mill (see Nelson Mills 1, 2)
German Mill (Haslam Mill)
Gibralter Mill
Gilnow Rd Bleachworks
Gilnow Mill
Gladstone St Mills (perseverance mill)
Glebe St Mill
Globe Hosiery Works
Globe Ironworks
Globe Mills
Gower Mill
GPO Deansgate
GPO Tennyson St
Great Bridge Mill
Great Lever Bleachworks
Great Lever Mill / Hartford Tannery
Great Lever Spinning Mill (grecian new mill no4, settle st mill)
Great Moor St Mills (see Flash St Mills)
Great Moor St Station
Great Universal Stores
Grecian Mills
Grecian New Mill No4 (great lever spinning mill, settle st mill)
Hacken Mill
Halliwell Bleachworks
Halliwell Cotton Works (victory mills)
Halliwell Mills
Halliwell Rd Clothing Works (see Peakes Place Cotton Works, burton factory)
Hartford Mill
Hartford Tannery (see Great Lever Mill)
Harwood Vale Bleachworks
Haslam Mill (see German Mill)
Heatons Mill (picton st mill)
Hebdens Mill (see Bolton Union Mills)
Hesketh's Spinning Mills (new mills)
Hick Hargreaves
High St Mill
Hill Mill (cobden st mill, see Britannia mill)
Hillfold Mills
Hilton Mills
Holdsworth Mill (new stone mill)
Holland Mills (see Chew Moor Mill)
Holland St Mill (see New Mill)
Holly Mills
Holts Hosiery
Hope Brush Works (garside st)
Hope Mills (ainsworth lane)
Hope Mills (phoenix st)
Hopping Mill (whowells mill, salt pie mill)
Horrockses and Crewdson Mills (lorne st)
Horwich Loco Works
Howard Mill (see Rutland Mills)
Howell Croft Mill
J B and Co Ltd
Jackson's Buildings (mill)
John Booths Steel Works
John Holden's Mill (astley bridge mill)
Kershaw's Mill (previously knott's mill)
King St Factory (see John Booths)
Knott's Mill (later Kershaw's mill)
Ladyshore Colliery
Lancashire Safe and Lock Works
Lever Bridge Mills (see Dam Side Mill)
Lever St Mill (old robin hood mill)
Lincoln Mill
Little Bolton Bleachworks
Little Bridge Mill
Longworth New Mill
Lords Water Mill
Lorne St Mills
Lostock Junction Mills
Lower Bridgeman St Mill
Magee Marshall
Manor St Mill
Marsh Fold Mill (atlas mill no5)
Martins Mill (fletcher st mill, mather st mill)
Mather St Mill (martins mill, fletcher st mill)
Mawdsley St Mill
Melrose Mill
Merton Mill
Middle Brook Mill
Mill Hill Bleachworks
Mill Hill Mills
Milton Mills
Minerva Saw Mills
Mortfield Bleachworks
Moor Mills
Moorlands Mill (waterloo mill)
Moscrops Lion Oil Works
Moss Dye Works
Moss Lane Colliery
Mossfield Mill
Mount Pleasant Mill
Musgrave Mill
Nelsons Mills 1, 2 (gaskell st mill)
Nelson St Mills (stott hillock mill)
New Eagley Mills
New Mill (holland st mill)
New Mills (see Hesketh's Mills)
New Stone Mill (holdsworth mill)
Newton St Works
North Bridge Mill
North End Mill No1
North End Mill No2
Oakenbottom Mill
Ocean Mill
Old Stone Mill (cullen's mill, see Bow St Mill)
Orient Mill
Orlando Iron Works
Orlando Mill
Park Mill
Park Saw Mills
Parkfield Mill
Parrot St Mills
Peakes Place Cotton Works (burton factory, halliwell rd clothing works)
Peel Mills
Persian Mills (bayley mill)
Perseverance Mill (gladstone st mill)
Phoenix Mill
Picton St Mill (john heatons mill)
Pike Mill
Pikes Lane Mill
Pin Mill (flash st mills)
Pinfold Mill (victoria mills)
Platt St Works (weaving shed)
Prospect Mills
Queens Foundry
Raikes Lane Bleachworks
Red Bridge Mill (shed)
River St Mill
Riversdale Mill
Robin Hood Mills
Rose Hill Colliery
Rose Hill Mill
Rose Hill Tannery
Round Hill Mills
Royal George Mill (flash st mills)
Royal Sovereign Mill (flash st mills)
Royal Works
Rumworth Cotton Works
Rumworth Mill
Rutland Mills (howard mill)
Salt Pie Mill
Saville St Mill
Saville Mill
Sharples Bleachworks
Sharples Mill (vale mill)
Shifnall Mill
Shifnall St Mill
Shipton Mill (atlas mill no8)
Smithills Bleachworks
Solomon's Temple (temple mill)
Sovereign Mill
Spa Fields Gas Works
Spa Lane Mill / Spa Mill
Spa Rd Bleachworks
Spring Mill
Spring Gardens Mill
Springfield Bleachworks
Springfield Paper Mills
St Helena Mills
St Helens Rd Hosiery Works
St Paul's Mill (french mill)
Stanley Mills
Stone Factory (cullen's mill, see Bow St Mill)
Stott Hillock Mill
Sunnyside Mills (see Tootals)
Swan Lane Mills
Sweetloves Water Works
Taylor Field Mill
Taylor's Mill
Temple Bleachworks
Temple Mill (see Solomon's Temple)
Thomas Ryders
Thynne St Mill
Thynne St Works (weaving shed)
Tonge Fold Mill
Tonge Mill
Tootal Broadhurst and Lee and Co
Tootill Bridge Finishing Works
Tootill Bridge Paint Works
Top Croft Bleachworks
Townleys Hospital
Trinity St Station
Tuner Bridge Mill
Turton St New Mill
Twisse's Dye Works
Undershore Bleachworks
Union Mills (see Bolton Union Mills)
Vale Mill (Sharples Mill)
Vernon Mills (see Bolton Union Mills)
Victoria Foundry/Works
Victoria Mill (part Albion Works)
Victoria Mills
Victoria Mills (previously pinfold mill)
Victoria Mills (victoria st)
Victory Mills (see Halliwell Cotton Works
Victoria Works (garside st)
Walkers Tannery
Wallsuches Bleachworks
Waterloo Mill
Waters Meeting Bleachworks
Wellington Mills
Wellington New Mills
Wharf Foundry
Whewells Factory
Whowells Mill
Willow Mill
Worsted Mill
Woodside Mills
Wordsworth Mill (blue works)

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